Song by juanagao


									    English program grade One                      Weekly Parents news                               Themes Rain and weather        08:00-15:30         Week 09-08-2010
Objective Water evolution and uses Song: Rain rain go away
     The children will learn :     New words: Weather, water                                                                    English Mr. Yan Yan Lochtenberg
                                                                                                                        English teacher teacher: Lochtenberg
     1 about the water evolution Rain-drops, clouds, thunder,                                                           ThaiThai Ms. Prakaytawan
                                                                                               Thai teacher: Ue aree Tongpituk teacher:Uea aree Tongpituk
     2 weather changes cold/hot lightning, Fire-fighter, fire, New sentence: It is raining.                             Assistant: Mrs. Mai
     3 We all need water           leaves, fall, bubbles.      I am sorry.
                                                                                            Snack break/free       11:15
     Introduction and songs 8:30 Art/Drawing/Milk time 9:00English Learning Skills10:15 Playground/Lunchplay 11:15 English story and video 14:00Thai language/Culture 14:30

                                  Art: Free drawing
Mon Hi and bye. Mister golden Sun powder                     Introducing the alphabet    Playground activities      Story: Bubble Trouble         เล่าเรื่องราว “แม่ของฉัน”

Tue Hi and bye. Clouds make rain Basic computer lesson       Basic computer lesson       Playground activities      Story: The storm (Clifford)   นิทาน “พระคุณแม่”

Wed Mothers day activities. (children respect mama)          Reading books/Book corner. Playground activities       English video (Kango)         แบบฝึ กหัดทบทวน

Thu H.M. the Queen's Birthday (school closed)

 Fri Extended Holiday.
     there is free-play between each subject                                                                                                          Nap Time 12:00-14:00

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