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					           155 - SONG OF THANKS
Refrain: Alleluia (17)
1. Sing a merry song of thanks unto the Lord
   Throughout every age His mercy will endure
   Israel will shout let the story out
   House of Aaron take your rest in God secure

2. In my troubles all I go unto the Lord
   God is standing by me, what man will I fear?
   To the Lord we ran trusting not in man
   Trust in god my brothers, He will always hear

3. All surrounded when I struggled with my foe
   Awful raging fire they buzz like angry bees
   God then heard my call, saved me from my fall
   Saviour up on high has heard my lonely plea
           155 - SONG OF THANKS
4. Lord rejoicing let there be in every home
   God has come to help us strong and very brave
   Now I will not die, God has heard my cry
   After sending trouble He has come to save

5. Open up Your gates of glory, let me through
   I'll give thanks to God who saved my lonely life
   This day God has made revel in His aid
   We will prosper free of all our cares and strife
         155 - SONG OF THANKS

6. Blest are they who come in the name of the Lord
     God is Lord of all, His light on us has shone
       Let us play a horn dancing till the morn
      Merciful is God, He hears our every moan

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