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                                                              July 2006 - Volume 49 - Number 7

  Watermelon promotion draws more stores
              he number of retail                                                     sions represented more than 1,300        approximately 25,000 acres of water-
              grocery chains that partici-                                            stores. The chain ran Florida water-     melons. They received more than $67
              pated in the annual Florida                                             melon ads for 814 stores the week of     million in 2004 for their watermelon
              watermelon promotion dou-                                               May 7 and for 490 stores the week of     crop, ranking Florida third among
  bled over last year, Florida Agriculture                                            May 14.                                  watermelon-producing states.
  Commissioner Charles H. Bronson has                                                     Other retail grocery chains that         “Retail industry interest in this
  announced.                                                                          participated in the Florida water-       year’s watermelon promotion has
      Participating retailers from Flor-                                              melon promotion included AWI             been high, based partially on the
  ida to Canada advertised Florida wa-                                                Shurfine, Bozzuto’s, Hannaford           huge success of other spring produce
  termelons in their store circulars and                                              Bros., Harveys, Kash ‘N’ Karry,          promotions conducted in recent years
  increased the size of their produce                                                 Metro, Nash Finch, Price Chopper,        by our Department,” Bronson said.
  section displays from May 7 through                                                 Sobeys, and Spartan.The participat-          Marketing programs conducted
  June 25. Twelve grocery chains                                                      ing chains have stores in Connecti-      by the Florida Department of Agricul-
  with 4,100 retail stores joined the                                                 cut, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Michi-     ture and Consumer Services have in-
  promotion, an increase of 100 percent                                               gan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania,       creased sales of Florida-grown prod-
  over last year’s 2,050 stores.                                                      Virginia, and Quebec.                    ucts by more than $1 billion during
      The Florida Department of Agri-                                                     “Since our state’s farmers know      the past four years. The Department
  culture and Consumer Services con-                                                  we’re continually working to expand      continually conducts trade missions
  ducted the promotion in conjunction        million in additional retail sales.      markets for their products through       and events to develop and enhance
  with the Florida Watermelon Associa-            Kroger – which kicked off the       successful marketing campaigns,          business relationships that benefit
  tion, which represents approximately       watermelon promotion in early May        they can plant for the future with a     Florida agricultural producers.
  180 Florida growers. The association       – substantially increased their sales    degree of confidence,” Bronson said.         For more about healthy and
  funded this year’s campaign with           of watermelons this year. The retail-    “That increased agricultural produc-     delicious Florida watermelon, visit
  $50,000. Last year’s watermelon pro-       er’s Atlanta, Cincinnati, Great Lakes,   tion benefits our state’s economy.”
  motion generated approximately $9.5        Memphis, and Mid Atlantic divi-              Florida growers annually harvest     news/03-15-06.htm.

  Florida avocado season peaks in summer
       With their luscious, buttery tex-     great-tasting, healthful addition to a   cholesterol) and contributes to heart
                                                                                                                                 MAIL TO:
  ture and delicate, sweet nutty flavor,     well-balanced diet.”                     health.
  Florida avocados might seem just a              “Avocados are something you can         Florida avocados are actually
  little too good to be good for you. But    enjoy on a regular basis,” added Mary    lower in fat than other well-known
  not to worry – this is one delicious       Ostlund, director of marketing for       varieties. In fact, they contain about
  indulgence you don’t need to feel          Brooks Tropicals of Homestead, the       half the fat and two-thirds the calo-
  guilty about. The “alligator pear”         nation’s largest producer of tropical    ries of their California cousins. Ac-
  (or “butter pear,” as the avocado is       fruits and vegetables. “They’re very     cording to the University of Florida’s
  also known) is a treasure trove of vi-     healthy food, and they don’t have to     Institute of Food and Agricultural
  tamins, minerals, antioxidants, and        be reserved only for parties and spe-    Sciences, a quarter cup of Florida
  healthy fats.                              cial occasions.”                         avocado contains about 70 calories
       “Because avocados taste so rich            People are often reluctant to eat   and six grams of fat. Florida avo-
  and creamy, people have the mis-           avocados because of concern about        cados are generally considered to
  conception that they aren’t healthy,”      the fruit’s high fat content. Well,      be sweeter and lighter than most
  said Florida Agriculture Commis-           avocados do contain fat, that’s true,    popular West Coast varieties – and
  sioner Charles H. Bronson. “This           but it’s mostly the “good” kind of fat   to hold up better when cut.
  simply isn’t true. Florida avocados        – monounsaturated – the kind that            Both Florida and California avo-
  are packed with nutrients and are a        lowers LDL cholesterol (the “bad”                      See Avocado, page 2

   Florida AgLine 1-888-816-6854 or
July 2006
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                                                                                           July 6                                      August 3

                             Tomatoes                                                      Small Farm Living Clinic                    Small Farm Living Clinic

                                                                                           Farm Site Planning                          Farm Financial Planning
                                                                                           Ocala                                       Ocala
                                                                                           (352) 671-8400                              (352) 671-8400

                                                                                           July 15                                     September 7

                          Harvested          Production             Crop                   Meat Goat Auction                           Small Farm Living Clinic
            Year           Acreage           in cartons             Value*                 Old Town                                    Writing a Business Plan
                                                                                           (386) 935-4720 or (352) 221-0234            Ocala

                                                                                                                                       (352) 671-8400
        2003-04            42,000               60.48             $500.5                   July 19
                                                                                           9th Regional Hay Field Day                  October 21
        2002-03            43,000               56.16             $546.7

                                                                                           North Florida Research and                  Pioneer Day/Goat Day
                                                                                           Education Center                            Panhandle Pioneer Settlement
                                                                                           Live Oak                                    Blountstown
        2001-02            43,500               58.75             $474.3                   (386) 752-5384                              (850) 674-2777

                                                                                                3        12
        2000-01            43,800               60.15             $557.0

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       * Measured in millions                                                                                      Florida Market Bulletin
       Source: Florida Agricultural Statistics Service                                              Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

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                                                                                                                     or fax (850) 922-2189

    Avocado, from page 1                     second largest producer of avocados
                                             (California is the biggest). Most of
                                                                                              9       18
                                                                                         on your counter. Avocados mature on
                                                                                         the tree, but they won’t ripen until you
                                                                                                                                       dress up a burger. You can even spread
                                                                                                                                       mashed avocado on a bagel in place of

    cados are rich in vitamins C and E       the state’s commercial avocado acre-        pick them. Once a mature avocado is           the usual cream cheese.
    – two powerful antioxidants – and        age is found in Miami-Dade County,          picked, it will ripen pretty quickly.”             “Avocados are great on top of
    folate, which may play a role in         in the agricultural communities of                You can speed up the process by         sandwiches, or in fruit salads with
    preventing cardiovascular disease.       Homestead and the Redland, the hub          placing the avocado in a paper bag            melon and papaya,” Ostlund said.
    Ounce for ounce, avocados have 60        of Florida’s tropical fruit industry.       with a banana or an apple.                    “To make my favorite avocado salad,
    percent more potassium than ba-          Florida avocado season runs from                  When storing avocados, keep in          I buy some coleslaw mix at the super-
    nanas – another heart-friendly fea-      June through January and is at its          mind that they are tropical fruits and        market and add chopped firm avoca-
    ture. Studies show a potassium-rich      peak from June through September.           are susceptible to chilling injury.           do, some sesame oil, and a little hot
    diet may help maintain normal blood           When shopping for Florida avoca-             “You don’t want to keep them            sauce. It’s a great healthy alterna-
    pressure. Avocados are high in fiber,    dos, don’t be shy about picking them up;    too cold,” Ostlund said. “The ideal           tive to traditional coleslaw, and kids
    which can help with weight control       you’re looking for fruits that are heavy    temperature for storage is between            really love it.”
    and lower your risk for certain can-     for their size. The skin should be taut,    42 and 48 degrees. We don’t recom-                 Avocados work well in desserts
    cers, and they are cholesterol- and      shiny, and free of cuts and bruises.        mend storing them at temperatures             too. You can make moist, cinnamon-
    sodium-free.                                  “The skin should be bright             lower than 40 degrees.”                       spiked avocado bread, and creamy
         The avocado probably origi-         green,” Ostlund said. “That surpris-              To open an avocado, simply slice        avocado ice cream. There are recipes
    nated in Mexico and Central Amer-        es people. The Hass avocado from            in half lengthwise and remove the             for avocado milkshakes, avocado sor-
    ica, where it has been cultivated for    California turns dark, almost black,        seed by sticking it with a knife and          bets, and avocado cheesecakes.
    thousands of years. It was prized        when it’s ripe. But Florida avocados        twisting it so that it pops out. Take a            “I know an avocado grower who
    by the Aztecs and the Toltecs. The       are a beautiful green.”                     spoon to each half, place it under the        swears the very best key lime pie
    avocado was introduced to Florida in          A ripe avocado should yield            peel, and gently scoop out the flesh.         you’ve ever tasted has avocado in it,”
    1833 by Dr. Henry Perrine, a noted       slightly to gentle pressure, but if a       To prevent the flesh from browning            Ostlund said. “You make the key
    horticulturist and pioneer of tropical   soft squeeze leaves a dent in the fruit,    before it is eaten, sprinkle with lem-        lime pie just as you normally would,
    agriculture in the Sunshine State;       the avocado is overripe.                    on or lime juice.                             but then you fold in mashed avocado
    he planted avocados, mangos, agave,           “If you want to eat the avocado              Avocados are versatile and taste ter-   at the very end. I’ve tasted the pie.
    and other tropical crops on Indian       right away, look for fruit that gives       rific in everything from salads and dips      It really is wonderful.”
    Key before being killed during the       just a little,” Ostlund said. “But if you   to main dishes. Add avocado chunks to              For more “Fresh from Flor-
    Second Seminole War.                     don’t want to serve it for a day or two,    curries or fold them into omelets. Use        ida” cooking ideas, log onto
         Today, Florida is the nation’s      choose a firm avocado and let it ripen      them to stuff tacos and burritos or to

2                                                                                                                                           Septem                 July 2006
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  Biofuels conference set for Orlando
       Florida Agriculture Commis-
  sioner Charles H. Bronson is taking                       For more information visit:
  steps to promote alternative energy     
  and help position Florida as a leader
  in the field of biofuels. Bronson is       of ethanol and biodiesel a reality in       industry producing 25 percent of the
  hosting a conference to bring together     Florida,” Bronson said.                     energy consumed in the United States
  the various elements critical to suc-          Several companies have already          by the year 2025.
  cessful alternative energy programs.       announced plans to build ethanol plants          “Locating ethanol production
  The conference will be held August         in Florida, and a number of others have     facilities here will reduce our depen-
  31 through September 1 in Orlando.         expressed interest. In January, Bron-       dency on petroleum, offer a more eco-
  The event will serve as a forum for re-    son hosted a conference in Tallahassee      nomical alternative, and create jobs
  searchers, industry representatives,       where he discussed his department’s         and economic development,” Bronson
  and policymakers to discuss the pro-       Farm to Fuel Program. The Farm to           said. “In addition, this will expand
  duction, distribution, and use of biofu-   Fuel Program is designed to assist Flor-    markets for our agriculture indus-
  els, particularly ethanol, in Florida.     ida farmers and ranchers in producing       try in the form of energy crops and
       “With gas prices near record levels   biofuel crops to reduce the nation’s de-    productive use of agricultural waste
  and demand for cheaper and cleaner         pendency on foreign oil. At the Tallahas-   products.”                                islation, much of which is directed
  alternatives growing, we hope to           see conference, Bronson also discussed           The conference comes on the          toward promoting renewable energy
  bring together the necessary parties       the national “25 by ’25” program, which     heels of the Florida Legislature          and providing a number of grants
  to make production and distribution        seeks to have the nation’s agriculture      passing comprehensive energy leg-         and incentives programs.

  Include pets and livestock in your hurricane plans
      Florida Agriculture Commis-            a manual can opener; vaccination            to shelter animals in emergencies.            If it is not possible to evacuate
  sioner Charles H. Bronson is urg-          records, medications, and medical                People who own horses should         a horse, owners should make sure
  ing Florida residents to have a plan       records stored in a waterproof con-         also make advance arrangements to         each animal has durable and vis-
  ready for their pets and livestock in      tainer; written information on pets’        shelter the animals in an emergency       ible identification. Owners should
  the event of a hurricane.                  medical conditions and behavior             evacuation. They can contact their        reinforce the barn and outbuildings
      “An approaching hurricane              problems, and contact numbers for           local agricultural extension agent        with hurricane straps, and modify
  brings enough worries, and people          the veterinarian; sturdy leashes,           or emergency management authori-          fencing and open gates so that hors-
  should not wait until the last min-        harnesses, and carriers to trans-           ties to find out about shelters in the    es can move to high ground in the
  ute to have specific plans in place        port pets safely; and current photos        area.                                     event of a flood.
  to deal with their pets and live-          so the pets can be identified should             Horse owners should also put             People should have large con-
  stock in the event of an evacuation        they become separated from their            their animals’ Coggins tests, veteri-     tainers of water ready for animals,
  or even power outage,” Bronson             owners.                                     nary papers, identification photo-        enough to last at least a week after
  said. “The time to have the plan in            People should also find out in          graphs, and other vital information       the hurricane, and they should se-
  place is well before a storm is bear-      advance which hotels and motels             in a watertight container. They           cure anything that could become
  ing down.”                                 outside their immediate area will           should prepare a basic, portable first    blowing debris. Blowing debris can
      Pet owners should keep ID tags         accept pets; check with friends and         aid kit and have on hand a supply of      injure and kill animals.
  and vaccinations up to date. They          relatives to see if they would be           water, hay, feed, and medications,            The Division of Animal Indus-
  should also prepare a hurricane di-        able to shelter a pet if necessary;         enough to last several days for each      try has a list of pet-friendly motels
  saster kit for their pets. The kit         and make a list of boarding facili-         horse being evacuated. Make sure          and emergency storm shelters for
  should include: food and water for         ties and veterinary offices along an        all supplies are stored in waterproof     animals available on the web at
  at least three days for each pet, and      evacuation route that may be able           containers.                     

   New law protects Floridians against caller ID spoofing
      Florida Agriculture Commission-        the recipient’s caller ID display. In       personal or financial information. He     the phone book or on a statement and
  er Charles H. Bronson has announced        some cases it can even allow the caller     reminds people to refrain from giving     call back to ensure they are talking to
  that Governor Jeb Bush has signed          to change his or her voice – for example,   out social security numbers, banking      a legitimate company representative.
  into law legislation that prohibits        from male to female, or adult to child.     or credit card information, passwords,         Violators of the new anti-caller
  commercial telemarketers from using             “This is just one more use of mod-     or even birth dates. Spoofers have been   ID-spoofing law can face fines of up
  a new technology that disguises their      ern technology to take advantage of         known to use names and phone num-         to $10,000 per violation. Anyone who
  identity.                                  consumers by hiding one’s identity to       bers of legitimate businesses in order    wants to find out more or file a com-
      Bronson proposed the anti-caller       scam them or get access to consumers        to get people to provide this informa-    plaint can call the Department’s Con-
  ID-spoofing measure during the 2006        who otherwise might not answer the          tion, making them potential victims of    sumer Hotline at 1-800-HELPFLA
  legislative session and quickly won        phone,” Bronson said. “There is no          identity theft and credit card or bank    (1-800-435-7352) or, for Spanish
  unanimous support from lawmakers.          legitimate reason for a telemarketer        account fraud. Bronson recommends         speakers, 1-800-FL-AYUDA (1-800-
  ID spoofing is when a caller can pre-      to use this service.”                       that consumers no longer rely on caller   352-9832). You can log onto the De-
  tend to be someone else by falsifying           Bronson says consumers need to         ID. They should simply hang up and        partment’s Division of Consumer Ser-
  the number or name that appears on         be extremely cautious about giving out      look up the number of the company in      vices website at

July 2006                                                                                                                                                                    3
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                        Brings Buyers and Sellers Together
                                                             90’ John Deere 950, 2 WD tractor, 29 HP diesel w/ 4’      Farmall 140 w/ or w/o cultivators, planter, and         Lathe, Southbend 10K, excellent condition, on
    AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY                                   bush hog mower and like new auger and bit, like new       fertilizer distributor, quick start, good hydraulics,   cabinet, many extra parts, asking $1200: 407/323-
    No jeeps, trucks or automotive equipment will be         tires, ready to work $8000: 863/990-7158, K Ragan,        runs good:, 352/274-1718,        3763, W Padgett, 518 Dickson Ave, Osteen 32764
    eligible for publication. Listings for sale must be      6018 NW CR 661, Arcadia 34266 (De Soto)                   2750 NW 72nd Ct, Ocala 34482 (Marion)                   (Volusia)
    accompanied by the following signed statement: “This
    machinery has been used by me in an agricultural         ASV RC85 skid loader 2006, tracks, must sell, quit        1 set of 23x10:50x12 bar tires, mounted on              7950 Kubota tractor w/ cab, 444 actual hrs; Inter-
    endeavor, and is not offered for sale by an equipment    working: 352/250-5181, A Kelley, 29220 Corley             Gravely wheels, still got mold spikes, 1 mile use       national power unit w/ 4x5 pump; 8’ grove disc;
    dealer or commercial enterprise.”                        Island Rd, Leesburg 34748 (Lake)                          $200: 352/797-9234, J Allesi, 15180 Centralia Rd,       600 lb pull behind fertilizer sowright hopper; Isuzu
                                                                                                                       Brooksville 34614 (Hernando)                            55 HP power unit w/ clutch; Johnson 3 pt sprayer
                       FOR SALE                              Post hole digger, 3 pt hitch, 6” and 10” augers, like
                                                                                                                                                                               and tank w/ pump; Deutz 65 HP liquid cooled
    Krone bailer, cutter and hay rake, all in good working   new $550 obo:, 352/302-               17.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine $150; bottom
                                                                                                                                                                               turbo power unit: 863/421-6737, M Sistrunk, 440
    condition $14000/all obo: 352/625-3354, W Downs,         3362, B Lewis, 7956 S Baker Ave, Floral City              shaft, 8” steel pipe, black, #160 threads, 5 HP 3
                                                                                                                                                                               Winding Ln, Haines City 33844 (Polk)
    420 NE 142 Ave, Silver Springs 34488 (Marion)            34436 (Citrus)                                            phase sub pump, Red Jacket $300; 20 HP Gould
                                                                                                                       3 phase sub $300: 352/567-2631, J Sapp, 16413           New Holland square balers, 311 and 316, both in
    Remote hydraulic unit for MF 135 $50; hydraulic          7’ sickle bar mowers, 2 rear mounted Allis Chalmers       Hwy 301 N, Dade City 33523 (Pasco)                      excellent condition, must sell for health reasons:
    valve for Ford 4000 $25:,              No. 80R $1500: 407/348-2109, J Robbins, 2826
                                                                                                                                                                     , 386/752-3130, B Pet-
    813/973-1535, G Roberts, 31003 Satinleaf Ln,             Lloyd Ln, Kissimmee 34744 (Osceola)                       750 Woods backhoe, 3 pt hitch, 19” bucket, all
                                                                                                                                                                               tigrew, 409 NW Pettigrew Gln, Lake City 32055
    Wesley Chapel 33543 (Pasco)                                                                                        metal restored, controls need work, you load:
                                                             Bandsaw mill, 24” w/ extension, 10 new blades,                                                                    (Columbia)
                                                                                                                       863/735-0349, B Anderson, 1971 SR 66, Zolfo
    Massey Ferguson TO35 farm tractor, 3 pt hitch,           sharpener $3900; 18” Woodmaster planer $3500; all         Springs 33890 (Hardee)                                  John Deere model 48 backhoe for JD 4200-4600
    PTO, new paint, good tires, looks and runs great,        like new:, 321/266-3961, R Mowl,
                                                                                                                                                                               compact utility tractor, just removed from tractor
    bush hog, box blade:, 813/695-           1403 Eagle Trace, Rockledge 32955 (Brevard)               2 Planet IR planters, Sears planter, WW Grinder
                                                                                                                                                                               $1700: 813/783-8123, H Hinsz, 39730 Alston Ave,
    2016, R Holman, PO Box 1287, San Antonio                                                                           mulcher, Gravely w/ attachments, 2 discs, Troy bilt
                                                             1961 Ford tractor $3100; bush hog $350:                                                                           Zephyrhills 33542 (Pasco)
    33576 (Pasco)                                                                                                      Horse, water tanks and tank trailers, cane roller,
                                                   , 727/505-8084, J Dang,               seeder spreader, 3 pt hitch cement mixer, Yazoo         7000 Ford tractor, 86 HP, excellent condition, every-
    JD 430 round baler, great condition, new belts,          21933 Hardcastle Rd, Spring Hill 34610 (Pasco)            zeroturn; 1955 Farmall Cub w/ IH 1000 front end         thing works $7000: 352/466-3926, D Hall, 15411
    new tires, twin tie arms, barn kept $7500; NH 256        Older Bobcat, was running but has a bad                   loader plus accessories; Ford 601 tractor w/ bush       CR 325, Cross Creek 32640 (Alachua)
    side delivery rake $1500: 352/591-1796, R Myson,         cylinder, all hydraulics worked, make offer:              hog: 772/219-7862, R Ernst, PO Box 6047, Stuart
    19650 NW 123 Ct, Micanopy 32667 (Marion)                                                                           34997 (Martin)                                          John Deere Moco 916 hay cutter/conditioner w/
                                                   , 352/753-0520, J Shegas, PO
                                                                                                                                                                               hydraulic swing arm, like new, 1.5 y/o, asking
    NH 315 high volume square baler, rebuilt lift,           Box 728, Lady Lake 32158 (Lake)                           Sickle bar mower, self propelled w/ new extra           $15000:, 813/737-4845,
    ready to work $2500 obo:,             5’ mower, offset, International 211, extra blades and     cutter bar and belt, new condition, Troy bilt $450:     R Eckerfield, 5709 Luckasavage Rd, Plant City
    863/533-1383, J Day, 1860 Lakepoint Dr, Bartow           clutch plates, old but very good $325; grill guard,       850/997-1089, J Valolerrama, 322 Deer Haven Ln,         33567 (Hillsborough)
    33830 (Polk)                                             heavy $40: 407/339-7552, J Flavin, 2462 Falmouth          Monticello 32344 (Jefferson)
                                                                                                                                                                               John Deere 5010 tractor, excellent working condi-
    Troy Horse tiller, 8 HP Koehler, lots of accesso-        Rd, Maitland 32751 (Seminole)                             Convertible riding mower, 25 HP Kohler engine,          tion, 120 HP $7500: 352/588-3385, C Rinaldi, PO
    ries $1000 obo; Troy sickle bar mower $250 obo:          Zero turn Toro Lazer, 48” deck, Kawasaki en-              hydro zero turn, 61” cut, front deck, good on hills,    Box 532, San Antonio 33576 (Pasco)
    352/799-3586, J Teal, 129 Benes Rd, Masaryktown          gine, 600 hrs, excellent $3900: 352/797-9234,             50 hrs $5900: 352/629-6162, J Mack, 4189 NW
    34604 (Hernando)                                                                                                   110th Ave Rd, Ocala 34482 (Marion)                      BNO 40 Air Craft Tug (2N Ford tractor) for restoration
                                                             J Allesi, 15180 Centralia Rd, Brooksville 34614
                                                                                                                                                                               or parts $500 obo; horse drawn Cole planter $50
    Diesel gen transfer switch, 3 phase Onan $600:           (Hernando)                                                Gravity wagon $800; 8 row seeder, Whitefield            obo; Dearborn spg shank cultivator $150: 407/322-
    352/625-1168, J Ruelf, 14650 SE 24th St Rd,              1949 Oliver 70 farm tractor, in original condition,       type $350; bed roller $100; 5’ 3 pt hitch til-          7362, L Hirt, 260 3rd St, Osteen 32764 (Volusia)
    Ocklawaha 32179 (Marion)                                 good tin, lights etc, new manifold, new battery, deliv-   ler $1000; John Deere 2840 $9500; 5’ heavy
                                                                                                                       duty disc w/ new blades $650; 2 row cultiva-            10’ model 121 Woods mower; Ford 503 side de-
    5’ pine straw rake, 3/8 tine $150; two 3’                ery $2800: 863/675-4474, R Tracy, 980 Bonneville
                                                                                                                       tor $150; 4’ drop type fertilizer spreader $100:        livery rake; 25 gal fuel tank; 20’ flatbed gooseneck
    discs $75 ea; plow $25; all fit garden tractor:          St, LaBelle 33935 (Hendry)
                                                                                                             , 850/902-0160, M Davis,           trailer; plus more: 904/786-1670, G Ziervogel, 7855, 850/656-8615, N Carpenter,      2615 Bush-Hog batwing mower, all gear boxes               7097 Old River Rd, Baker 32531 (Okaloosa)               Gordean Rd, Jacksonville 32221 (Duval)
    9343 Rose Rd, Tallahassee 32311 (Leon)                   and u-joints good $1500; Gehl silage wagon, good
                                                                                                                       10 ton factory made arbor press w/o hydraulic           10’ x 6’ bin wagon, good condition, for bulk hauling
    1946 AN John Deere tractor, rebuilt engine,              condition $1500: 386/752-4597, R Dicks, 545 SE
                                                                                                                       jack, heavy duty steel frame in good condition,         or feed silage $575:,
    new paint, good tires $2000: 813/752-7409, C             Rodney Dicks Dr, Lake City 32025 (Columbia)
                                                                                                                       stands about 5’ tall $30:,         352/799-9996, F Brown, 456 Myers Rd, Brooksville
    Damron, 1711 S Forbes Rd, Plant City 33566               New Holland 852 round baler w/ autowrap; New              941/776-3284, J Tichenor, 11851 Darsey Rd, Par-         34602 (Hernando)
    (Hillsborough)                                           Holland 477 mower conditioner, extra blade bars           rish 34219 (Manatee)                                    International 240 tractor, like new tires & seat, very
                                                             and blades $1700 ea or $3000/both: 386/329-
                                                                                                                       John Deere backhoe #49, 3 y/o, used 3 hrs $5000         good condition, clean $3000; 580C Case loader/ex-
                                                             4051, W Pellicer, 132 Buffalo Bluff Rd, Palatka
                                                                                                                       firm:, 727/639-7639, B Donati, 1605     tendable backhoe, good working condition w/ 1 yd
                                                             32177 (Putnam)
                     Editorial                                                                                         Ridge Top Dr, Tarpon Springs 34688 (Pinellas)           front bucket $12500 obo: 863/709-8682, M Burch,
                    Leslie Kimel                             Landpride one pass seeding machine, tills, seeds                                                                  PO Box 6961, Lakeland 33807 (Polk)
                                                             and rolls 6’ width, cost over $8000 new, good             Kubota B6200 tractor, 4 wheel drive, shuttle shift
                                                                                                                       w/ front end loader $5500:,             NH 1411 discbine, excellent condition $10000:
                                                             condition $1400: 352/302-6925, J Korycki, 4780 E
              Layout and Design                                                                                        813/269-2730, D Critel, 15412 Manning Dr, Tampa         941/322-1051, R Anson, 40451 SR 706, Myakka
                                                             Stagecoach Tr, Floral City 34436 (Citrus)
                                                                                                                       33613 (Hillsborough)                                    City 34251 (Manatee)
                 Circulation                                 1968 Ford 2000 p/s, engine rebuilt, new sheet metal,
                                                                                                                                                                               Kubota L175, 17 HP, diesel, 3 pt lift PTO, mower
                Classified Ads                               new seat, str whl, and inst panel $3800; 1962 Ford        John Deere tractor, cab and air, 100 HP, 1399 hhrs,
                                                                                                                                                                               5’ Sitrex pull behind finish mower $3500 obo:
                                                             2000, 4 cylinder, gas, runs good, good metal, live pto    15’ Rhino Magnum, 32’ heavy duty dual tandem
                 Alana Faurot                                                                                          trailer $45000: 407/847-3956, J Miller, 2380 W, 352/817-5650, G Wat-
                                                             $2800:, 321/639-2424, D Berg,
                                                                                                                       Lyndell Dr, Kissimmee 34741 (Osceola)                   son, 4430 E Hwy 316, Citra 32113 (Marion)
    The Florida Market Bulletin (USPS 330-180)               4455 Alan Shepard Ave, Cocoa 32926 (Clay)
    is published once a month by the Florida                 New Holland haybine, good condition $1000:                NH311 square baler, very good condition $5500                               WANTED
    Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services,, 863/859-1161, R King,               obo; two 18.4-34 bar tread tires, on rims, off of       Wanted:        T r a c t o r t i r e s , 11 . 2 x 3 6 :
    Charles H. Bronson, Commissioner, 407 South              10260 Moore Rd, Lakeland 33809 (Polk)                     Ford 7840, make offer: 352/588-3878, L Neuhofer,, 239/567-2377, B McKissick,
    Calhoun Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-6555,                                                                        14328 Curley Rd, Dade City 33525 (Pasco)                38780 Still Ln, N Ft Myers 33917 (Charlotte)
    Telephone 850/487-8000. It is mailed free of             Rainbow irrigation pump, w/ diesel engine and spare
                                                             parts engine $6000; Rainbow hardhose irrigation reel      John Deere 1982-2640, very low hours, 70 HP, new        Wanted: Fenders, hood, and grill for L3750:
    charge to all Florida residents who request a                                                                      tires, 2 WD, 146 loader, fork lift, owners manual
                                                             $10000: 850/578-3176, E Sadler, 15660 Beach Rd,                                                                   941/627-6724, G Swindle, 21988 Cellini Ave, Port
    subscription.                                                                                                      $11500: 772/567-7402, S Shimer, 6955 69th St,
                                                             Perry 32348 (Taylor)                                                                                              Charlotte 33952 (Charlotte)
    Periodical postage paid at Tallahassee, FL., and                                                                   Vero Beach 32967 (Indian River)
    additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send             59 JD 430W, like new tires, lots of new parts,                                                                    Wanted: International tractors, running or not; 4
    address changes to Florida Market Bulletin, 407          runs good, 5 speed, 3 pt hitch, asking $4800:             Farmall 140 tractor, nice shape, runs good $2200:       wheel drive tractor, running, can be in rough condi-
    South Calhoun Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-6555., 352/394-4216, R Slack, 1140  , 863/701-9481, P Wom-           tion, cheap:, 352/753-0520, J
                                                             Magnolia St, Clermont 34711 (Lake)                        ble, PO Box 611, Highland City 33846 (Polk)             Shegas, PO Box 728, Lady Lake 32158 (Lake)


4                                                                                                                             Septem
                                         When submitting an ad, remember to include any required certification or signed statement.                                                                                     July 2006
               FLORIDA MARKET BULLETIN ADS online at

  Wanted: 3 pt hitch root rake in North Florida area,                          FOR SALE                             Reg polled Santa Gertrudis cattle, Premier Cham-          Black Brahma bull, born 2002, horned, good herd
  reasonably priced:,                                                                     pion bloodlines, outstanding conformation, EPD            bull, calves on premises $1000: 850/584-7348, J
                                                            Reg Angus cattle, bulls, cows, and heifers, will
  904/964-8890, W Spratlin, 5861 NW 216th St,                                                                       performance, and pedigree, certified free herd #853:      Whitehead, 9505 Carbur Ln, Perry 32348 (Taylor)
                                                            deliver:, 850/342-1760, L Rodriguez,
  Lawtey 32058 (Bradford)                                                                                           407/568-2351, F Dietrich, 10 Seminole Tr, Orlando
                                                            185 Omega Dr, Monticello 32344 (Jefferson)                                                                        2 y/o reg Beefmaster brown/paint bull $1000; reg
                                                                                                                    32833 (Orange)
  Wanted: 2 tractor tires and tubes, 11 x 28, must                                                                                                                            cows and calves, polled:,
                                                            Limousin bulls and heifers, heavy muscled,
  hold air, no dry rot:,                                                                   Reg Limousin Wulf Guardian bull, 2 y/o, red, polled,      352/279-6594, J Calabro, 16447 Trails End Rd,
                                                            WRC Punch bloodline, show quality, exception-
  352/344-2624, T Moore, 6755 Heidi Dr, Hernando                                                                    low birth weight and good EPDs, first calves due          Brooksville 34604 (Hernando)
                                                            ally gentle, daily attention, all vaccines, de-
  34442 (Citrus)                                                                                                    to drop in August:, 352/383-
                                                            wormed, vet checked, registered and certified:                                                                    3 y/o Jersey/Holstein milk cow, good for a family
                                                                                                                    3708, E Driver, 4180 Mountis Ln, Mt Dora 32757
  Wanted: Fenders, hood, grill, etc to fit 3750 Kubota:, 352/429-4925, D Talbot,                                                               cow, in milk, pregnant $1000:,
  941/627-6724, G Swindle, 21988 Cellini Ave, Port          6700 Lake Erie Rd, Groveland 34736 (Lake)                                                                         352/551-9629, P Lopez, 23110 S Dewey Robbins
  Charlotte 33952 (Charlotte)                                                                                       Reg Mini Dexter cattle, black and dun colors $500         Rd, Howey in the Hills 34737 (Lake)
                                                            Reg Black Angus, quality young bulls and heifers,
                                                                                                                    and up:, 850/547-2253, A
  Wanted: Canopy to fit John Deere tractor: 407/654-        sire by son of N Bar Emulation EXT, rated by The                                                                  Miniature Zebu bull calf, foundation pure and IMZA
                                                                                                                    Grinde, PO Box 1148, Bonifay 32425 (Holmes)
  0835, D Whittaker, 11600 Sadler Ct, Winter Garden         Angus Association #1 Angus Sire for 5 years in                                                                    registered, born March ’06, very gentle $400:
  34787 (Lake)                                              succession $1000-$2250:,             Angus cross heifers, will start calving as 3 year, 321/917-6498, J Paris, 1530
                                                            352/544-0006, D Barcia, 21251 Moore Rd, Brooks-         olds in September:,              Wichita Blvd, Palm Bay 32909 (Brevard)
  Wanted: One used bar tread tractor tire, size             ville 34604 (Hernando)                                  941/322-8258, B Mullet, 15700 Sugar Bowl Rd,
  11.2/10-28:, 352/324-                                                                    Myakka City 34251 (Manatee)                               Registered Black Angus cows, bred, also weaned
  4125, R Wells, 24614 Turkey Lake Rd, Howey in             Three 2.5-3 y/o PB Brahma heifers exposed to                                                                      bulls for herd improvement, excellent bloodlines:
  the Hills 34737 (Lake)                                    Aberdeen Angus bull: bull $800; heifers $750 ea:        Club calves, several steers and heifers, out of           850/722-6454, R Orme, 11204 County Line Rd,
                                                  , 321/288-1810, J Hilmer,         Maine/Angus cows and Checks in the Mail, Ali,             Fountain 32438 (Bay)
  Wanted: Looking for any Ford 700 or 4 cylinder            1109 Broken Well Ln, Fellsmere 32948 (Brevard)          and Godfather, born 9/05 and weight 450-600 lbs,
  row crop to restore or for parts, need not be run-                                                                halter broke:, 863/634-          Pinzgauer cow, young, gentle, halter broke, have reg
  ning but should be complete:,        Reg Zebu calves, call for more info:                                                                              papers $800 obo: 386/428-9974, M McMillon, 1313
                                                                                                                    3489, M Pearce, 2579 SW 28th St, Okeechobee
  321/480-6912, B Scott, 117 Highview Dr, Cocoa   , 863/207-2778, A Ulch, 343                                                                      S SR 415, New Smyrna 32168 (Volusia)
                                                                                                                    34974 (Okeechobee)
  32922 (Brevard)                                           Avenue C SW, Winter Haven 33880 (Polk)
                                                                                                                    Club calves, Black Limousin and Limousin cross            Beefmaster bull, dark red, polled, good bloodlines,
                                                            Reg Angus bull, 18 m/o, Traveler, Prompter,                                                                       14 m/o $1250; 3 younger bulls $700, also 3 heifers:
                                                                                                                    steers and heifers, vaccinated, weaned, on
              AQUACULTURE                                   New Design genetics, excellent EPDs, low birth
                                                                                                                    feed, call for appointment to come see them:              386/801-1327, M McMillon, PO Box 56, Orange
                                                            weight, high weaning and yearling weight $1800:                                                                   City 32774 (Volusia)
                     FOR SALE                                                                             , 352/258-5466, W Rogers, 3283
                                                  , 352/528-5908, B Winkle,
                                                                                                                    SW CR 778, Ft White 32038 (Columbia)                      PB Black Brangus bulls, 2-3 y/o, gentle, ready
  Port cichlids, great for aquariums or ponds $2:           14850 NE 20th St, Williston 32696 (Levy)
  813/920-5741, D Burns, 1606 Jam Ln, Odessa                                                                        2 y/o reg Red Limousin bull, out of national champion     to go to work breeding your cows, moms
                                                            2 Black Angus bulls, 3 y/o, easy to work with $1250                                                               and dad on site, all parents are registered:
  33556 (Pasco)                                                                                                     bloodlines, 2005 FL Premier Bull as a calf $2500:
                                                            ea:, 863/559-9707, L Tyre,                                                       , 863/439-8337, R Martin, PO
                                                                                                          , 386/804-5609, D Viers, 241
  Bass, bream, catfish, tilapia, koi, grass carp, pond      3995 E Gaskins Rd, Bartow 33830 (Polk)                                                                            Box 733, Lake Hamilton 33851 (Polk)
                                                                                                                    S Prevatt Ave, Lake Helen 32744 (Volusia)
  supplies, licensed, free delivery:,
                                                            Black Angus, registered, seed stock cattle, excellent                                                             Hereford/Charolais bull, 4 cow/calf combos, 1 y/o
  321/952-9176, Pondstocker, 1306 Malabar Rd,                                                                       Bull for sale or trade, stubby, excellent with other
                                                            bloodlines, call for directions to see for yourself                                                               steer, 2 due anytime and 2 due around September
  Palm Bay 32409 (Brevard)                                                                                          animals, loves horses, acts like gelding, tame, 2
                                                            $2000 ea:, 813/949-                                                                      $7000 obo:, 352/653-
                                                                                                                    y/o, under 45”, may trade for horse or pony $550:
                                                            0477, M Blackstone, 1532 Touchton Rd, Lutz 33549                                                                  8002, D Kehl, 15069 SE 73rd Ave, Summerfield
                                                                                                          , 352/516-4498, R Champlain,
       BEES AND EQUIPMENT                                   (Hillsborough)
                                                                                                                    25435 McBrady Ln, Eustis 32736 (Lake)                     34491 (Marion)
  State law requires that all beekeepers be registered      Reg Black Angus bulls, cows, calves, many AI                                                                      Certified Black Angus working age bulls, semen
  with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Con-                                                               40 bred crossbreed cows $800:
                                                            sired: 863/425-3845, L Watson, 4396 Turner Rd,                                                                    tested, forage raised, easy keepers, ready to service
  sumer Services. To register, contact the Bureau of                                                      , 863/634-2066, A
                                                            Mulberry 33860 (Polk)                                                                                             your herd: 813/996-2912, E Watson, 19815 SR 52,
  Apiary Inspection, Division of Plant Industry, P.O. Box                                                           Corona, 6830 SW 13 St, Okeechobee 34974
  147100, Gainesville, FL 32614 or call 352/372-3505.                                                               (Okeechobee)                                              Land O Lakes 34637 (Pasco)
                                                            Reg Murray Grey bull, born 1/27/05, sire Gene
  Beekeepers offering bees for sale in the Florida
                                                            Star, tested 3 out of 5 $1500 firm: 850/926-3943,                                                                 Reg Black Angus bull, 19 m/o $1300; Maine-Angus
  Market Bulletin must submit their registration number                                                             PB miniature Zebu calves, ready to wean, black
  with their ad. Beekeeping equipment that does not         L O’Shields, 230 Lost Creek Ln, Crawfordville                                                                     heifer, 7 m/o $900:, 386/749-4820,
                                                                                                                    heifers, very small, pretty, make great pets $950 ea:
  contain bees can be advertised without a registration     32327 (Wakulla)                                                                                                   O Lucas, PO Box 101, Astor 32102 (Volusia)
                                                                                                          , 352/793-8826, J Graves,
  number, however.
                                                            Small herd, 4 reg Limousin cows, 30 m/o w/ 4 PB         11469 SW 49th Plz, Webster 33597 (Sumter)                 Polled Hereford bulls, registered, 12-18 m/o, bred
                     FOR SALE                               calves, 6 m/o, gentle, wormed, healthy: 321/759-3879,                                                             for calving ease, growth, and carcass quality:
                                                                                                                    Jersey cow, approximately 12 y/o, regis-
                                                            R Porter, 5080 N US 1, Mims 32754 (Brevard)                                                             , 352/542-7135, R
  20 hives, bees plus supers, must go: 352/221-                                                                     tered, was 4-H heifer, consistently produc-
                                                                                                                    es fine calves and gives excellent milk $800:             Hodges, 551 SE 199th Ave, Old Town 32680
  0262, J Devlin, PO Box 351, Branford 32008                Bull calf, bottle fed, solid red, comes from very
                                                                                                          , 850/567-0245, A Keckler,        (Dixie)
  (Lafayette) FL0290600D                                    good stock, comes w/ bottle and formula $500 firm:
                                                  , 352/494-1028, T Williams,           415 Ames Barineau Rd, Havana 32333 (Gadsden)              Small herd of Angus and cross cows, all bred to
  Bee equipment, shallows, deeps, 3/4s, Bobcat 610          9867 NW 214th St, Starke 32091 (Bradford)
                                                                                                                    Miniature Zebu, Foundation Pure cows, calves and          calve in the fall, wormed, easy to handle, delivery
  and trailer, too much to list here, all must go, make
                                                                                                                    bulls for sale, small, top quality, reasonable prices;    available $6200:,
  offer for all; ND honey house, complete, 60’ x 100’       Mini Zebu, unreg calves, 2 pairs available $1100:
                                                                                                                    Texas Longhorn bull calves, beautiful, bright colors,     352/466-0870, B Hall, PO Box 115, Island Grove
  span metal building, concrete floor, drive semi right     239/693-8172, R Weems, 3191 River Grove Cir, Ft
                                                                                                                    big horns $600 ea:, 407/468-        32654 (Alachua)
  in, approx 2000 supers:,             Myers 33905 (Lee)
  352/636-8512, C Thornburg, 6950 Redwing Rd,                                                                       9002, R Bogle, 601 Sherwood Dr, Altamonte Springs         Quality replacement heifers, bred and
  Groveland 34736 (Lake)                                    Black Angus bull, 3 y/o, easy to work around $950;      32701 (Seminole)                                          open, vaccinated, wormed, gentle $850:
                                                            other reg cows and calves, many are AI bred, cutting
                                                                                                                    Club calf bull, 20 m/o, out of Fullflush and Woodhill, 352/318-7896, D Hall, 4230
  100 hives, 2 extractors, uncapper, bottling unit,         down herd size:, 352/867-8741, H
                                                                                                                    Supreme, sires fantastic club calves, very gentle, call   SW 77 St, Gainesville 32654 (Alachua)
  honey pump, Maxant melting tank, barrel truck,            Russell, 8402 NW 83 Pl, Ocala 34482 (Marion)
  bee blower, frames, jars, etc, looking to sell as                                                                 nights and weekends: 352/466-3307, J Shearer, 215         Beef calves, dewormed and vaccinated against
  a package deal: 941/371-8541, H Scott, 270                Reg Limousin bull, 2 y/o, black and polled, low         SW 179th Ave, Micanopy 32667 (Alachua)                    respiratory diseases, prizes, photos available,
  Bearded Oaks Dr, Sarasota 34232 (Sarasota)                birth weight and good EPDs, already has calves on
                                                                                                                    Bred Black Angus cow, approx 900 lbs $450:                slaughter and skin, delivery available $300-$400:
  FL0580604S                                                the ground:, 352/787-
                                                                                                          , 813/986-1597, S Clark,, 863/655-3947, H Garcia,
                                                            2231, A Campbell, 1329 Howard Rd, Leesburg
                                                                                                                    10631 CR 579, Thonotosassa 33592 (Hillsborough)           13815 Arbuckle Creek Rd, Sebring 33870 (Highlands)
  25+ hives of bees, Dakota Gunnes uncapper, 32             34748 (Lake)
  frame extractor, SS w/ timer control, plus lots of                                                                                                                          Show steers, January born for spring shows, Who
                                                            Reg speckled Brahman, all colors, from very             Reg Brangus bulls, good EPDs, good dispositions
  extra supers: 813/949-3557, J Lofley, 23637 Terrell                                                                                                                         Made Who bloodline, can halter break for you:
                                                            gentle herd of show or range quality Brahmans:          and conformation, all from AI dams and AI sires,
  Ln, Land O Lakes 34639 (Pasco) FL0510605L                                                                                                                                   850/948-3173, J Cone, 2599 NW Whippoorwill Dr,
                                                            863/670-6191, R Schultz, PO Box 1016, Webster           Brinks bloodlines: 352/669-0923, D Wilson, 10951
                                                                                                                    N Em En El Grove Rd, Umatilla 32784 (Lake)                Greenville 32331 (Madison)
  Bee hives, 1 brood chamber w/ 1 super $100 ea:            33597 (Sumter), 386/738-3788, L Downs, 1489                                                                                                                                Reg Angus bull calf, 6 m/o, Traveler, Alliance, and Everelda
                                                            Mini Zebu calves, males and females, one bull calf      65 head Hereford/Angus/Brangus, exposed to An-
  Clark Bay Rd, DeLand 32724 (Volusia)                                                                                                                                        Entense 023 background $900: 352/394-4883, C Davis,
                                                            is spotted (rare) $300 and up; 2 reg bull calves,       gus bulls since January, 2 reg Angus bulls, all for
                                                                                                                    $65000: 352/303-0407, G Collins, 5651 NE 48th             9935 Pine Island Rd, Clermont 34711 (Lake)
                                                            one is 18 m/o, make me an offer: 239/693-8172,
                      CATTLE                                B Weems, 3191 River Grove Cir, Ft Myers 33905           Dr, Wildwood 34785 (Sumter)                               Maine cross show steers, sired by Witch Doctor,
  Cattle owner’s names must appear in “Cattle for Sale”     (Lee)                                                                                                             WMW, and Mr. Dunk, all on feed, prices $600 and
                                                                                                                    Zebu, 2 bulls and cow w/ heifer calf, must sell,
  listings. Cattle moving within the state to farms,                                                                moving $2000: 352/483-0383, R Carter, 35149               up: 863/581-3229, C Black, 6958 N Socrum Loop
                                                            Bucking bull yearling, excellent genetics, red/
  markets or changing ownership no longer require a
                                                                                                                    Island Pond Ln, Eustis 32736 (Lake)                       Rd, Lakeland 33809 (Polk)
  brucellosis test. However, the Florida Department of      white paint, 14 m/o, grandson of Mossy Oak
  Agriculture and Consumer Services strongly recom-         Mudslinger, cows and heifers also available:                                                                      Herd of beef cows: bred cows $750 ea; cow/calf
                                                                                                                    PB Angus bull, registered, 7 m/o, excellent young
  mends all new herd additions be tested as a “best, 850/339-3805, B                                                                          pairs $1000 ea:, 352/493-
                                                                                                                    bull $650: 850/482-5747, R Heimbach, 2701 State
  management practice” for animal health.                   Summers, 7898 Bandits Run, Tallahassee 32309                                                                      9914, D Sharp, 11450 NW 10th Ave, Chiefland
                                                                                                                    Correctional Rd, Marianna 32448 (Jackson)
                                                            (Leon)                                                                                                            32626 (Levy)

July 2006                                       Be sure to check the requirements in the category heading before submitting an ad.                                                                                                           5
                   FLORIDA MARKET BULLETIN ADS online at

    Black Angus/Limousin cross calves, 2 bulls, 1 heifer,       20 acres, pasture, fenced, zoned agriculture, road             Wanted: Alligator farm or fish farm, preferably                Wanted: Someone who can graft persimmon trees:
    sired by registered Black Angus w/ TC Stockman              44A frontage $40000/acre: 407/862-1241, A Sanchez,             south of Tampa, other areas considered: 352/799-               863/357-2738, J Tootle, 711 NW 4 Ave, Okeechobee
    365 bloodlines, stocky, gentle, handled daily:              3305 Horseshoe Dr, Longwood 32779 (Seminole)                   8669, M Frewer, PO Box 1448, New Port Richey                   34972 (Okeechobee), 386/738-3788, L Downs, 1489                                                                               34656 (Pasco)
    Clark Bay Rd, De Land 32724 (Volusia)                       117 +/- acres on Sandy Grove Rd in Grand
                                                                Ridge, high, dry land, half farmland/half woods,               Wanted: Lease of 50 acres for cows and team pen-                 FARM HARVEST PRODUCTS
    Florida Cracker cattle, horned and hardy, calves            1/2 mile paved road frontage, easy access to                   ning operation, preferably Citrus or Sumter counties:          This category includes only the end products of farm
    and heifers, tested, help keep Florida’s first cattle       I-10, beautiful pond $10000/acre:                    , 352/341-3336, W Ketchum,                   harvest (i.e., vegetables, honey, fruit, hay, etc.) grown
    viable $350-$550: 352/796-8278, A Sevier, 21107   , 850/593-6008, C Linton, PO                  2702 E Possum Ct, Inverness 34452 (Citrus)                     or produced on the advertiser’s farm. To advertise
    Sevierville Blvd, Brooksville 34601 (Hernando)              Box 750, Sneads 32460 (Jackson)                                                                                               organic items, see the heading ORGANIC FARM HAR-
                                                                                                                               Wanted: 10-40 acres to lease or rent to own                    VEST PRODUCTS.
                         WANTED                                 20 acres, subdivided in 3 parcels, high and dry, roll-         in Polk or Highlands counties to raise goats,
    Wanted: Low price cattle as project for our
                                                                ing land, trees, 2 barns, well, electricity $30000/acre:       alpacas, meat rabbits, and veggies for family:                                     FOR SALE
                                                      , 352/634-0738, W McConnell,      , 863/667-3681, J Jenkins, 2521             Goat milk, raw, fresh, or frozen, pasteurized avail-
    daughter, will pick up:,
                                                                11390 S Istachatta Rd, Floral City 34436 (Citrus)              Dawn Heights Dr, Lakeland 33801 (Polk)                         able, CAE negative does, law states animal use
    904/505-8788, M Hays, 3028 Ruddy Ln, Middleburg
    32068 (Clay)                                                Central Florida acreage, block house and 4 stall horse barn,   Wanted: Need pasture to lease for cattle, Keystone             only, call for appointment, NE Brooksville $6/gal:
                                                                partially wooded, abundant game in area $12000/acre:           Heights, Starke, Palatka, Gainesville, or Hawthorne  , 352/799-8545, C Fowler,
    Wanted: Young Angus or Angus cross bull, reason-                                                                                                                                          26206 Willow St, Brooksville 34601 (Hernando)
                                                      , 305/322-7133, K Gustinger,               areas:, 352/275-
    able price, breeding age: 352/486-2309, B Owens,
                                                                20221 SW 318 St, Homestead 33030 (Hardee)                      1224, K Wilson, 7605 Melba Tr, Keystone Heights                On farm market produce, spring crop,
    PO Box 192, Gulf Hammock 32639 (Levy)
                                                                                                                               32656 (Clay)                                                   wholesale and retail, top quality:
                                                                Horse farm, 30 acres, 3 bedroom/2 bath home,
    Wanted: Bull or steer calf to 1 y/o, breed not                                                                                                                                  , 352/401-0888, T Harbi-
                                                                attached in-law suite, 7 pastures w/ large
    important, must be healthy and reasonably priced:
                                                                trees, barns, workshop and kennels $800000:                    FARM EMPLOYMENT/SERVICES                                       son, 4696 E Hwy 329, Anthony 32617 (Marion), 352/795-4075, B Rietsch, 11140
                                                      , 352/472-4282, K Boulos, 3201 NW                 Persons seeking farm labor must offer a specific job for       4-H project raw milk, not for human consumption,
    N Wahoo Tr, Dunnellon 34433 (Citrus)
                                                                202 St, Newberry 32669 (Alachua)                               employment with pay, i.e., farm manager. Housekeeping,         supply your own container, please call to schedule
    Wanted: Jersey cow or other small dairy cow:                                                                               nursing and domestic jobs are not acceptable. Ads of-          pickup $1.50/gal:, 352/472-
                                                                10 acres, 3/2 DWHM, large kitchen, large                       fering auctioneer services must include the auctioneer’s, 352/636-3821, M Graham,                                                                                                                                                4715, C Coleman, 8960 SE 71 St, Newberry
                                                                screened porch, chicken coop, 2 sheds,                         name and Florida license number.
    14803 Lake Yale Rd, Umatilla 32784 (Lake)                                                                                                                                                 32669 (Gilchrist)
                                                                fenced pastures, high and dry $149000:
    Wanted: Dun color Dexter cattle, reg only:        , 386/684-                   Bush hogging/tractor, will travel within 50 miles,
                                                                                                                                                                                              Coastal Bermuda hay, square bales, barn stored,, 850/547-2253, A Grinde, PO              9023, D Warner, 130 Patricia Ln, Hawthorne 32640               dirt delivery also available, call for free estimate:
                                                                                                                                                                                              well fertilized and weed free, delivery available
    Box 1148, Bonifay 32425 (Holmes)                            (Putnam)                                             , 352/302-8934, J Rogers,
                                                                                                                                                                                              $4/bale:, 386/454-7409,
                                                                                                                               40531 River Rd, Dade City 33525 (Pasco)
                                                                35 acre horse/cattle farm w/ beautiful 3/2.5                                                                                  D Baucom, 28010 NW 142nd Ave, High Springs
    Wanted: Heifers/calves, dairy and beef, any
                                                                home, huge 2 story hay/equipment barn, fenced,                 Agricultural auctioneer, 36 yrs exp, past state                32643 (Alachua)
    age, newborn to first time fresheners, will
    also raise replacement heifers by contract:                 cross fenced $1500000; may split into 20 acres:                champion, BS and MS degrees in agriculture:
                                                                                                                                                                                              Fresh cut hay, high quality Bermuda, square bales, 352/275-1224, K         , 352/540-9370, J Gilmour, 2484                407/568-2351, F Dietrich, 10 Seminole Tr, Orlando
                                                                                                                                                                                              $5, round bales $45: 386/804-2532, J Foster, 4225
    Wilson, 7605 Melba Tr, Keystone Heights 32656               Culbreath Rd, Brooksville 34602 (Hernando)                     32833 (Orange) AU122AB163
                                                                                                                                                                                              Marsh Rd, De Land 32724 (Volusia)
    (Clay)                                                                                                                     Bush hog mowing, box blade work, front loader,
                                                                19.07 acres, beautiful, improved pasture w/ beauti-                                                                           Fertilized Coastal Bermuda hay, barn stored,
    Wanted: Herd of cattle, will buy grown cows or year-        ful large scattered oaks in Levy county, the prop-             Polk and E Hillsborough counties, small acreage:
                                                                                                                                                                                              large round rolls, excellent quality $35/roll:
    lings:, 352/466-0870, B           erty is completely fenced, high and dry $275000:               863/853-5153, J Daugherty, 3521 Publix Rd, Lake-
                                                                                                                                                                                    , 352/215-1018, M Sullivan,
    Hall, PO Box 115, Island Grove 32654 (Alachua)    , 352/463-1790, R Horlocker,              land 33810 (Polk)
                                                                                                                                                                                              20638 NW 78th Ave, Alachua 32615 (Alachua)
                                                                871 NE 165th St, Trenton 32693 (Levy)
    Wanted: Braunvieh females, any ages,                                                                                       Light land clearing, grading, discing, seed-
                                                                                                                                                                                              Quality, fertilized, Coastal Bermuda, round and square
    must be fullblood and registered, bred to full              20 acres, gentle rolling pasture, 18 acres Tifton 9, 2         ing, property cleanup, and dump truck service:
                                                                                                                                                                                              bales; 30 acre watermelon field, for sale or for trucks
    Braunvieh bulls or registered Angus bulls:                  acres large oaks, fenced and cross fenced, high land , 813/713-6369, K Murphy,
                                                                                                                                                                                              in Columbia Co, near I-75 exit: 352/317-1326, C Mat-, 352/797-9489, W Suter,            $280000:, 386/963-1317, W                  14040 Jennifer Way, Dade City 33525 (Pasco)
                                                                                                                                                                                              tox, 6801 NW 214 St, Alachua 32615 (Alachua)
    25483 Hayman Rd, Brooksville 34602 (Hernando)               Hunt, 3789 172nd St, Wellborn 32094 (Suwannee)
                                                                                                                               Forestry and farm equipment repair, weld-
                                                                                                                                                                                              Coastal Bermuda hay, square bales and round rolls,
    Wanted:       Jersey cow or calf pair:                      10 acres cleared in gated horse community, 2nd                 ing, mechanical, pressure washing, servicing:
                                                                                                                                                                                              horse and cow quality, well fertilized, weed free, will, 352/302-3362, B Lewis, 7956            lot in, 40 x 35 steel metal building, 20 minutes     , 386/937-9737, T Glisson,
                                                                                                                                                                                              deliver: 386/755-0654, C Thomas, Rt 3 Box 281,
    S Baker Ave, Floral City 34436 (Citrus)                     from the beaches, seller is motivated and can do               163 Johns Rd, Palatka 32177 (Putnam)
                                                                                                                                                                                              Lake Butler 32054 (Union)
                                                                financing, asking $329000:,
                                                                                                                               30 years experience making Florida land work
                                                                386/566-3553, B Roney, 306 Roslyn Ave, New                                                                                    Rough sawn lumber, good for fencing or barns
                     FARMLAND                                   Smyrna Beach 32168 (Volusia)
                                                                                                                               for you, your way, ditching, diking, drainage, land
                                                                                                                                                                                              $0.30/board ft: 772/589-2407, P Jarkko, 432 Avo-
                                                                                                                               clearing, retention ponds, land management:
    All listings must offer 10 or more adjoining acres of                                                                                                                                     cado Ave, Sebastian 32958 (Indian River)
                                                                10 acres pinewoods, palmetto, citrus, natives, tropi-          239/633-6645, R Archer, 6161 Poling Ln, N Ft
    land which must be zoned for agriculture. Listings
                                                                cal fruits, new 30 x 40 metal building, dock height,           Myers 33917 (Lee)                                              Pine straw bales, 2-8 cubic feet covers +/- 45 square
    must be accompanied by the following owner-signed
    statement: “This property offered for sale is personally    certified honey processing, 3/2, pool, spa, pond:                                                                             feet at 1” deep, clean, compressed, hand gathered and
                                                                                                                               2 machines, 2 operators, all for 1 low price, quality
    owned by me, is zoned for agriculture and is not of-, 239/543-9910, R Singletary,                                                                                tied, delivery available locally: 352/465-0649, J Weber,
                                                                                                                               work at reasonable prices, ponds, cow wells, clearing,
    fered for sale or lease by a licensed real estate dealer,   6670 Chipper Ln, N Ft Myers 33917 (Lee)                                                                                       5019 W Stargazer Ln, Dunnellon 34433 (Citrus)
    broker or salesperson.”                                                                                                    all your needs:, 239/910-6869,
                                                                13.1 acres, fenced, 36 irrigated pecans, 50’ x 32’             S Stein, 20201 Lani Ln, N Ft Myers 33917 (Lee)                 Shelled corn $7/100 lbs, 500 lb minimum: 386/462-
                FOR SALE OR LEASE                               barn, 4” well, septic, 200 amp electric $12500/acre,
                                                                                                                               Fertilizer and lime application in De Soto
                                                                                                                                                                                              0433, J Rawls, 5610 NW 262nd Ave, Alachua
    20 fenced acres, corners on Suwannee River and              will divide: 386/362-4118, H Rogers, 9460 169th                                                                               32615 (Alachua)
                                                                                                                               and surrounding counties, 5 to 50 acres:
    Lafayette Co, very secluded, surrounded by SWMD             Rd, Live Oak 32060 (Suwannee)
                                                                                                                     , 863/491-8338, J Stein,                Tifton 44 hay, horse quality, round and square
    land, high and dry w/ power and well $340000:               38.4 acres, hardwoods, in Madison county,                      PO Box 1521, Arcadia 34265 (De Soto)                           bales: 352/793-3193, D Babcock, 1399 CR 753, 352/583-4509, T Davis, 34256               610 ft hard road frontage $6000/acre:                                                                                         N, Webster 33597 (Sumter)
    Belt Dr, Dade City 33523 (Hernando)                                                                                        Bush hog work, dirt work, light land clearing, exca-
                                                      , 407/873-3068, D Miller, 510
                                                                                                                               vating, Clay, Bradford, Putnam, Alachua counties,              Bahia seed, very high purity, 97% germi-
    2 adjoining lots totaling 12 acres +/- in subdivi-          Simpson Rd, Kissimmee 34744 (Osceola)
                                                                                                                               call for estimate:,               nation, excellent for pasture grass or lawn:
    sion in Polk City, mobile homes or site built               13 acre tree farm, land is subdivided and fenced,              352/275-1224, J Wilson, 7605 Melba Tr, Keystone      , 836/935-1810, R White, PO
    homes allowed, farm animals allowed, partially              huge inventory of woody ornamentals, wells, equip-             Heights 32656 (Clay)                                           Box 564, Branford 32008 (Suwannee)
    fenced, well, septic, electrical in place $100500:          ment and tree setups, very profitable $750000:, 863/984-9672, L Tolbert,                                                                          Fence installer, barbed wire, field fence, non-climb, board,   C o w h a y, l a r g e r o u n d r o l l s $ 1 5 - $ 2 0 :
                                                      , 352/628-3098, N
    3127 Appalachian Tr, Polk City 33868 (Polk)                                                                                cow pens, etc, will travel up to 250 miles, very reasonable, 352/466-0870, B Hall,
                                                                Moskes, 6675 S Eastern Ave, Homosassa 34446
                                                                                                                               rates:, 813/310-3495, G Doyen, 2806            PO Box 115, Island Grove 32654 (Alachua)
    20 acre farm/ranch in Darby, 2 homes, barn,                 (Citrus)
                                                                                                                               Medulla Rd, Plant City 33566 (Hillsborough)
    scattered grandfather oaks, small pond,                     80 acres in north Marion county, paved road frontage                                                                          Cattle hay $25; Tifton 44, outside kept $35: 813/494-
    fenced, 5 mins from I-75, high and dry:                                                                                    Custom hay baling and tractor work, round                      8036, P Ramcharan, 17340 Parrish Grove Rd, Dade
                                                                $17500/acre:, 352/817-5650,, 813/695-2016, R Holman, PO                                                                                rolls, baled silage, mow, bush hog, disc, roto-till:           City 33523 (Pasco)
                                                                G Watson, 4430 E Hwy 316, Citra 32113 (Marion)
    Box 1287, San Antonio 33576 (Pasco)                                                                              , 863/698-9647, J Waters,
                                                                                                                               1003 Avon Ave, Lakeland 33801 (Polk)                           Fresh cut hay, mixed Bahia grass $25/roll:
    10 acre income producing horse farm, 3/2 CBS
                                                                                      WANTED                                                                                        , 813/737-4845, R Eckerfield, 5709
    house, 2 barns, hay barn, boarders and lessons              Wanted: Lease land for cattle, preferably in Pasco,            AI breeding IFAS/UF trained, call for appointment:             Luckasavage Rd, Plant City 33567 (Hillsborough)
    wish to stay on $980000:,                Hernando, Sumter, Polk, or Hillsborough counties:    , 407/957-6662, B Attkisson, 4231
                                                      , 352/302-8934, J Rogers,                 Kissimmee Park Rd, St Cloud 34772 (Osceola)                    Rabbit manure, 60 lb bag $2.75, tractor scoop
    239/543-4008, C Rogalski, 8950 Nalle Grade Rd,
                                                                40531 River Rd, Dade City 33525 (Pasco)                                                                                       $5; Bahia cow hay or mulch hay, square bales
    N Ft Myers 33917 (Lee)                                                                                                     Wanted: Worker to help weed and mulch grove, can               $2.50, round rolls $20:,
                                                                                                                               work year round, you make your own hours, 5-15                 352/799-9996, F Brown, 456 Myers Rd, Brooksville
                                                                                                                               hrs a week:, 335/753-0520, J               34602 (Hernando)
                                                                                                                               Shegas, 5012 Lake Griffin St, Lake 32159 (Lake)

6                                                        Submitting an ad? First read the General Advertising Guidelines on page 7.                                                                   Septem                              July 2006
                                FLORIDA MARKET BULLETIN ADS online at

                   Honey, top quality, unprocessed, wild flower and          Wanted: Horse hay, round rolls, have 25’ flat trailer                                                                   Saanen X Nigerian buckling, snow white, blue
                   bakery honey, in bulk:, 772/286-         and can come and get it, will need lots of rolls, call                         GOATS                                    eyes, will be medium sized, CAE negative, very
                   6131, E Fielding, 103 SW Linden St, Stuart 34997          w/ price:, 321/264-9969,          All goats offered for sale or exhibition must be individu-     friendly, great herdsire, potential or will neuter for
                   (Martin)                                                  P Stadler, 4265 April Ln, Mims 32754 (Brevard)           ally identified with official USDA ear tags for the National   pet, disbudded $100:, 352/799-
                                                                                                                                      Scrapie Eradication Program. Breed registry tattoos            8545, C Fowler, 26206 Willow St, Brooksville 34601
                   Florida honey, pure, raw orange blossom, gallberry,       Wanted: Horse quality round rolls, have flatbed          may be used if accompanied by the breed registration           (Hernando)
                   palmetto, and wildflower, available in 12 oz to 5 gal:    trailer, will pick up:,           certificate. To obtain official USDA ear tags, the owner
         , 386/738-3788, L Downs, 1489              321/264-9969, P Stadler, 4265 April Ln, Mims             must first obtain a flock/herd identification number.          IBGA reg Boer goats, all ages, reasonable prices,
                   Clark Bay Rd, DeLand 32724 (Volusia)                      32754 (Brevard)                                          To obtain a flock/herd ID number, contact the USDA             clean, healthy herd:, 386/325-
                                                                                                                                      Veterinary Services Area Office at 352/333-3120.               9668, J Prince, 132 Mat Tr, Palatka 32177
                                       WANTED                                Wanted: Sugarcane for juicing and planting, will                                                                        (Putnam)
                                                                             pick up small quantity within 30 miles of Palm                                FOR SALE
                   Wanted: Key Limes, up to a bushel or more, no
                                                                             Beach Co:, 954/257-2934,                Boer goats, fullblood and percentage, healthy herd             Reg Nubian milk goats $200 and up:
                   green ones: 863/698-8200, S McCullough, 5090
                                                                             A Munroe, 16685 67 Ct N, Loxahatchee 33470               $75 and up: 352/473-2890, M Henderson, 5378          , 850/547-2253, A Grinde, PO
                   Genesee Pkwy, Bokeelia 33922 (Lee)
                                                                             (Palm Beach)                                             Painted Pony Ave, Melrose 32666 (Clay)                         Box 1148, Bonifay 32425 (Holmes)

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                 July 2006                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    7
                     FLORIDA MARKET BULLETIN ADS online at

    2 LaMancha bucklings, PB, dehorned, can                            Boer goats dispersal, registered, bred does, young            Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, championship bloodlines,      Yearling half Welsh buckskin gelding, sired by
    be registered, 3 mixed polled bucklings:                           bucks and does, 2 FB breeding bucks $100 and                  proven bucks and does, healthy babies; PB French          Rosmel’s Crème de Mint and out of a Dartmoor/, 352/874-4410, J                            up: 386/409-8664, T Greiber, 1670 SR 415, New                 Alpine buckling, bred for show and dairy qualities;       Welsh/Haflinger mare, Crème de Magic is a stunning
    Carpenter, 14531 SE 175th St, Weirsdale 32195                      Smyrna Beach 32168 (Volusia)                                  American Toggenburg buckling, medium brown w/             and correct gelding ready to be shown in halter, will
    (Marion)                                                                                                                         correct markings:, 386/208-        make a gorgeous hunter, should mature to 12.2 H:
                                                                       1 PB 100% Boer billy, classic coloring and                    0568, C Carter, 14691 129th Rd, Live Oak 32060  , 352/629-1867, C McBride,
    ABGA 100% SA Boer goats, show quality cham-                        great conformation, not registered, would                     (Suwannee)                                                1150 NE 105 Ln, Anthony 32617 (Marion)
    pion enobled bloodline, quality genetics, young                    make excellent commercial herd sire, 6 m/o,
    bucks, does and herd reduction, reasonable:                        will be ready for breeding season $125 firm:                  Baby PB Nubian, ADGA reg, cute, buck, born                Mini donkey gelding, rides and drives, loves people,, 727/389-0726, N Leclair, 15700           , 863/314-0238, M Hahn,                  5/24/06, dark chocolate coat, CAE nega-                   he is in your pocket all the time, does pony rides,
    Matis Rd, Hudson 34669 (Pasco)                                     9219 Morgan Path, Sebring 33875 (Highlands)                   tive, great milking, quiet lines $300 firm:               sweet, utd, clips, loads $800: 321/264-9969, P
                                                                                                                           , 352/246-7134,               Stadler, 4265 April Ln, Mims 32754 (Brevard)
    High percentage Boer goats, solids, belts, pintos,                 Nigerian Dwarf goats, very sweet and tame,                    M Horowitz, 2250 NW 165th St, Citra 32113
    redheads, nannies and billies, over 40 to choose                   great for pets and gentle w/ kids, starting at $75:           (Marion)                                                  2 beautiful Paso Fino mares, mother and daughter,
    from, all grown nannies bred back to 100% bil-           , 321/917-6498, J Paris, 1530                                                                      Olympia de Don Francisco and Sofia de Jaranero
    lies starting at $75:,                       Wichita Blvd, Palm Bay 32909 (Brevard)                                                                                  $3200 and $4200 obo: 813/792-0821, T Castillo,
    386/397-2947, C Gelinas, 14795 SE 95th St, White                                                                                     HORSES, MULES, PONIES                                 15010 Patterson Rd, Odessa 33556 (Hillsborough)
    Springs 32096 (Hamilton)                                           Reg 100%, percentages and commercial Boer
                                                                       goats, ennobled bloodlines, Kaptein, Eggsfile,                Ads for this category must be accompanied by the fol-     4 y/o gray horse mules, should finish out 16 H,
                                                                                                                                     lowing owner-signed statement: “This animal has had a
    Nigerian Dwarf babies, 2 bucks, 1 doe, can be sold                 excellent quality at reasonable prices, L&S Ranch:                                                                      fancy $6500: 850/638-2030, D Odom, 3226 Hwy
                                                                                                                                     negative Coggins test within the past 12 months.” The
    as a breeding pair, handled daily, very friendly $75     , 813/731-4407, L Gonza-               owner must supply the buyer with the original owner’s     77, Chipley 32428 (Washington)
    ea:, 321/258-2845, L An-                       lez, 18030 Benes Roush Rd, Masaryktown 34604                  copy or a laboratory certified copy of the negative
    drews, 1925 Flashy Ln, Malabar 32950 (Brevard)                     (Hernando)                                                                                                              AQHA mares and weanlings by Photon, Sonny
                                                                                                                                     Coggins test for change of ownership.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Deebar, 1977 stallion sire Deck of Stars, starting
    Reg dairy goat does, registered as experimental                    Nigerian and Pygmy Dwarf babies, males, fe-                                      FOR SALE                               $1500: 352/795-4585, J Swearingen, 9205 W Beth
    Nubian X Saanen, make super milkers, shown                         males, and wethers, some blue-eyed, small and                                                                           Ct, Crystal River 34428 (Citrus)
    successfully $150:,                     very friendly, all vaccinations and worming $75:              Appaloosa 2006, colts and fillies, registered,
    352/521-0301, K Nawlin, 9177 US Hwy 98, Dade             , 813/716-5948, J Frankow-              well bred, good conformation and priced to sell:          Mini horse, 32” tall, gray and white pinto, stallion,
    City 33525 (Pasco)                                                 iak, Plant City 33565 (Hillsborough)                , 863/422-1937, J Lake, 2400               3 y/o, must pick up $300:,
                                                                                                                                     Power Line Rd, Haines City 33844 (Polk)                   239/693-5346, J Bentel, 5121 Jackson Rd, Ft My-
    Doe and buckling, both very loving, need good                      6 wethers, 2 are FB Boer and 4 are mixed,                                                                               ers 33905 (Lee)
    home, they are pets, could be show, mother can                     2 are 6 m/o and 4 are 5 m/o, asking $75 ea:                   Reg QH, 5 y/o mare, 14.1 H, stout, sorrel, kind, does
    be milked, Angora/Nubian cross, mother 50%               , 904/879-0274, J Nantz, 14118               nothing bad:, 321/288-             Big dapple gray john mule, 8 y/o, rides West-
    Angora and 50% Nubian, buckling 75% Nubian                         Turkey Meadow Ln, Hilliard 32046 (Nassau)                     1810, J Hilmer, 1109 Broken Well Ln, Fellsmere            ern, hunter, great on trails; reg black 4 y/o,
    and 25% Angora:,                                                                                      32948 (Brevard)                                           15.1 H, Arabian mare, Western/hunter, trails:
    386/740-1611, J Fonseca, 1861 Ridgewood St,                        Nine goats, Nubian and Spanish mix, males and                                                                 , 352/793-8826, J Graves,
                                                                       females $50 ea:,                     8 y/o grey Arabian mare w/ bay filly, greenbroke,         11469 SW 49th Plz, Webster 33597 (Sumter)
    DeLand 32720 (Volusia)                                                                                                           current Coggins and vaccinations $1500/pair:
                                                                       954/931-5377, D Hassenplug, 1304 SW 160th Ave
    NPGA Pygmy goats, does, wethers, kids, discounts                   Suite 101, Sunrise 33326 (Broward)                  , 386/397-2947, C Ge-                14 y/o Arabian/pinto mare, bay w/ flaxen mane
    for 4-Hers and multiple purchases, Scrapie program                                                                               linas, 14795 SE 95th St, White Springs 32096              and tail, very loveable, must go to good home w/
    member, starting at $75; Boer goats, percentage                    Kiko goats, the low maintenance meat goat,                    (Hamilton)                                                experienced rider $900: 407/301-7333, T Everett,
    and pure, does and kids, excellent bloodlines,                     bucks and does available, also 3/4 Boer does,                                                                           5000 Disston Dr, St Cloud 34771 (Osceola)
                                                                       many to choose from, bred to Kiko buck $250:                  7 y/o Racking Horse mare, gaited, in -
    starting at $150:, 941/371-                                                                                 telligent, good mother, trailers, stands for far-         8 y/o mare, sorrel in color, 15.5 H, gentle, good ground
    3820, G Dixon, 1268 Wagon Wheel Dr, Sarasota             , 352/406-2742, L Krech,
                                                                       PO Box 446, Center Hill 33514 (Center Hill)                   rier, needs confident and consistent rider $2250:         manners $1500:, 386/937-9737,
    34240 (Sarasota)                                                                                                       , 813/244-0196, M Patter-       T Glisson, 163 Johns Rd, Palatka 32177 (Putnam)
    Pure LaMancha bucks, dehorned, also mixed                          Dwarf blue-eyed goats, colorful patterns, some                son, 36336 Christian Rd, Dade City 33523 (Pasco)
                                                                       spotted $75 and up:,                                                                            White molly mule, 11 y/o, trained to pull and ride $800
    LaMancha, Boer, and Nubians, some polled, all                                                                                    Reg Appaloosa mare, Lvr Chestnut Snowflake,               obo:, 407/348-8228, D Soule,
    are ready to go:,                           407/321-3951, R Meeker, 6860 Lemon Bluff Rd,
                                                                       Osteen 32764 (Volusia)                                        WP Trial Champ, Skips Bright Gold and Triangle            3450 Pilgrim Ct, Kissimmee 34744 (Osceola)
    352/874-4410, J Carpenter, 14531 SE 175th St,                                                                                    Travelon bred, awesome on the trail, very easy
    Weirsdale 32195 (Marion)                                           LaMancha buck, polled or dehorned: 352/542-                   keeper, utd on everything, 21 y/o $2000 obo:              AQHA horses, 2006 black colt $2000; red dun mare,
                                                                       8840, T Petropulos, 8286 NE 349 Hwy, Old Town       , 386/314-6229, L Lindell,        6 y/o, 14.2 H $2000; 2005 chestnut filly, sire is
    Pygmy, Nigerian Dwarf, and Nubian babies,                                                                                                                                                  “Shake Yur Cool Thing” $1500; will trade for horse
    reg and non-reg, for show or pets, all vac-                        32680 (Dixie)                                                 4631 Cow Creek Rd, Edgewater 32141 (Volusia)
                                                                                                                                                                                               trailer:, 352/568-9913, S Fifer,
    cinations, deworming, etc, can disbud, raised                      Boer nannies, Boer buck, born 2/06, all vaccina-              AQHA palomino colt, outstanding, short head, tall         1606 C-476 W, Bushnell 33513 (Sumter)
    with alpacas, mini donkeys, and LGDs:                              tions, dewormed $100:,                and correct $1500; bay gelding, 4 y/o, 16 H, good, 813/752-6100, B Ste-                      352/347-7620, D Smolenski, 12700 S US Hwy 441,                all around horse $1800: 863/843-0388, B McDaniel,         3 y/o Tennessee/QH cross, 14.2 H, bay gelding,
    phens, 4706 Sleepy Hollow Ln, Plant City 33565                     Belleview 34420 (Marion)                                      230 CR 731, Venus 33980 (Highlands)                       green broke, friendly and willing $1000; minia-
    (Hillsborough)                                                                                                                                                                             ture donkey stud, 35”, gray dun, 6 y/o $500:
                                                                       USBGA registeref full blood and purebred Boer                 Beautiful palomino gelding, 14.2 H, 4 y/o, quiet, 352/812-5860, A Lochte, 7302
    African Pygmy goats, bucks and does:                               bucks, approximately 8 m/o, 100% and 97%, several             enough for beginners, will go for kids who not a little   SE 180 Ave, Ocklawaha 32179 (Marion), 813/973-8063, A Sanchez, 6705                  lesser percentages:,               $2000, can deliver for $1/mile; 5 y/o mini donkey,
    Ravenwood St, Wesley Chapel 33544 (Pasco)                          352/799-0608, D Jones, 12432 Citrus Way, Brooks-              rides and drives, very sweet and loveable $1000           10 y/o mare $500 firm; older geld-
                                                                       ville 34601 (Hernando)                                        obo:, 321/264-9969, P              ing $400 firm; can make package deal
    Dairy kids, Nubian and Nubian/Saanen cross,                                                                                                                                                or trade for child safe horse, round pen:
    some exposed to buck, show quality, registered:                                                                                  Stadler, 4265 April Ln, Mims 32754 (Brevard)
                                                                       Goats for sale by graduating 4-H youth, 2 proven registered                                                   , 850/584-3553,, 352/394-0324, J Welton,                    Alpine bucks, registered recorded grade milker, 3 wethers     APHA and AQHA horses, black/white finished heeling        L Johnson, 1720 James Smith Rd, Perry 32347
    13400 Big Sky Tr, Clermont 34715 (Lake)                            for pets:, 904/692-1251, A Gray, 6015            horse, 7 weanlings, several others available, call for    (Taylor)
    Quality Boer goats at reasonable prices, breeding                  Winifred Masters Rd, St Johns 32033 (St Johns)                info:, 813/995-9218, J Kemp,
                                                                                                                                     9525 Ehren Cutoff, Land O Lakes 34639 (Pasco)             Barrel, cutting, reining weanlings by race-bred sire
    bucks, bred does, some kids, many to choose from,                  Champion bloodlines, registered Boer goats, color,                                                                      out of Foundation mares, all champion pedigrees:
    clean, healthy herd: 352/473-6757, G Craven, 6683                  paint, and correct:,                6 y/o miniature jack, leads, loads, great w/ kids,, 352/540-9370, J Gilmour, 2484
    CR 315-C, Keystone Heights 32656 (Clay)                            863/412-3583, J Bailey, 7700 Lake Buffum Rd N,                used in parades and parties, very small $500 obo:         Culbreath Rd, Brooksville 34602 (Hernando)
    Beautiful mixed breed female goats, Nubian crossed                 Ft Meade 33841 (Polk)                               , 850/570-8746, J Conner,
                                                                                                                                     385 N Mulberry St, Monticello 32344 (Jefferson)           Miniature horses, AMHA and WC, 3 mares, 1 stallion, 1
    dairy goats, Oberhasli, Saanen, Alpine, ready to                   NPGA registered Pygmy goats, black Agouti doe-                                                                          filly, 1 colt, 5 y/o and under, some great bloodlines, 30”
    travel, some adults, very reasonably priced: danc-                 lings $250; dark Agouti buckling $200; both have              Tennessee bred Mammoth Jennet, 2 y/o,                     and under $1500 and up: 386/649-1145, W Goodman,, 352/473-5133, K Wilson,                      been microchipped and are show or breeding                    gentle, leads, ready to start $1500; sorrel QH            233 E Main St, Pomona Park 32181 (Putnam)
    7605 Melba Tr, Keystone Heights 32656 (Clay)                       quality; dark gray Agouti wether, tattooed $100:              gelding, gentle, does it all, great trail horse:
                                                             , 352/245-8649, G Helgeland,         , 850/834-6062, R Davis, 16151        Jennies, standard size, gray or spotted:
    2 does, 2 y/o, never bred, PB Nubian $120, Nubian                                                                                                                                , 904/277-2399, W Burkett, 836
    cross $90:,                     150 SW 145th St, Ocala 34473 (Marion)                         US Hwy 331 N, Defuniak Springs 32433 (Walton)
                                                                                                                                                                                               Clements Rd, Fernandina 32034 (Nassau)
    386/684-9023, D Warner, 130 Patricia Ln, Hawthorne                 Excellent quality registered fullblood Boer does and          Companion colt and partially blind mare looking for
    32640 (Putnam)                                                     bucks, weanlings and adults, EGGS, Renoir, Pipeline,          good home: 863/843-0387, B McDaniel, 230 CR               Appaloosa foals available after weaning, 1 sorrel filly,
                                                                       Profile bloodlines $200-$950 package deals: breezyhi-         731, Venus 33980 (Highlands)                              chrome, blue eye, also 1 sorrel colt, chrome, APHC
    Goats available, beloved pets, dad hurt his                                                                                                                                                registered:, 850/524-6311, J
    back and can’t care for them, make offer:                , 386/963-3010, G Croxton, 16420
                                                                       35th Pl, Wellborn 32094 (Suwannee)                            AQHA 2 y/o gelding, greenbroke, cutting or rope           Papp, PO Box 383, Lloyd 32337 (Jefferson), 352/568-3424, J Arons,                                                                                   horse, bloodlines King, Doc Fitz, Bob Acre Doc
    PO Box 145, Center Hill 33514 (Sumter)                             Proven French Alpine bucks, gentle, excellent blood-          $2500 obo; APHA 2 y/o gelding, greenbroke, dam            2006 BS APHA filly, black, sire and dam both here,
                                                                       lines $150 ea; proven does available $200; yearlings          1D barrel horse, sire cutting horse, fast w/ great        dam is daughter of Peponita, sire is Hancock/Skip-
    Yo u n g B o e r b u c k s , e x c e l l e n t q u a l -                                                                                                                                   per/Two Eyed Jack $1500:,
    i t y, c h a m p i o n b l o o d l i n e s ( E n n o b l e d ) :   $150; doelings $125:,                mind $2500 obo; yearling babies also: 813/783-
                                                                       239/774-0885, S Kalinski, 2350 Sandy Ln, Naples               7593, B O’Connor, 7941 Hardcart Rd, Zephyrills            863/990-0469, D Cook, 3376 NE Earnest St, Arcadia, 863/984-6757, C Jones, 9925                                                                                                                                             34266 (De Soto)
    SR 33, Polk City 33868 (Polk)                                      34112 (Collier)                                               33544 (Pasco)

8                                                           Your ad will not run unless you include any required statement and certification.                                                          Septem                              July 2006
               FLORIDA MARKET BULLETIN ADS online at

  Outstanding new crop of foals along w/ yearlings         Reg 16 y/o bay Quarter Horse, 15.2 H, gentle,                                FOR SALE                              Windmill, Aermotor motor K702 Fiasa, tower T262,
  from last year, mainly foundation bred, several          shown, western, pleasure, great conformation                                                                       14’ high, motor needs some maintenance, includes
                                                                                                                     275 gal plastic tote w/ metal cage on pallet w/
  roans and buckskins, all bred and raised by owner:       and great w/ kids $1500; tack also available:                                                                      all anchor, platform, hardware:,
                                                                                                                     ball valve, great for storing water, diesel, liquid, 386/496-3688, P La-, 863/687-3663, T Toy, 5149                                                                     D Goodlett, 427 Wayman Cir, West Palm Beach
                                                                                                                     fertilizer $60 ea, quantity discount; used plastic
  gasse, Rt 2 Box 451, Lake Butler 32054 (Union)           Eagles Nest Dr, Lakeland 33810 (Polk)                                                                              33413 (Palm Beach)
                                                                                                                     egg flats, 2600 for $1000 or $0.45 ea; new
  Several Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain             Large 10 y/o pony gelding, 14.1 H, chestnut, flaxen       paper egg flats, 1800 for $360 or $0.25 ea:              Poultry house fans, original price $600,
  horses, all ages and colors including spotted and        mane and tail, white blaze, sweet boy, needs good, 352/303-0804, J Arons,           used less than 2 years $150 firm:
  chocolate/flax, breeding to spotted black and white      home $1000; Shetland pony mare, 9 y/o, 9 H, chestnut      PO Box 145, Center Hill 33514 (Sumter)         , 850/547-5044, G Foster,
  Walker/Spotted Mountain stallion available $250:         w/ flaxen mane and tail, has 15 m/o colt at her side,                                                              2822 Cane Mill Rd, Bonifay 32425 (Holmes)
                                                                                                                     2 horse trailer, tack compartment, steel, wood floor,, 386/935-1529, B               will separate:, 407/349-
                                                                                                                     tires 1 y/o, barely used, needs work $550 obo:           Eight 21’ x 142’ galvanized sawtooth greenhouses,
  Maurer, 2510 NW 57th Tr, Bell 32619 (Gilchrist)          0254, J Spitzer, 1660 Old Mims Rd, Geneva 32732
                                                                                                           , 863/581-7193, D Harris,             frames only, buyer responsible for disassembly,
  Miniature colt, yearling, registered AMHA, AMHR                                                                    PO Box 11, Alturas 33820 (Polk)                          removal, two sections damaged on end by hurricane
  pending, chestnut w/ star, strip, snip, Rowdy and        John mule, 15 H, 15 y/o, calm, gentle, good natured,                                                               $3000 obo:, 863/439-8145,
                                                                                                                     Trailer 44” x 8’, 14” wheel $350; 4’x 8’ trail-
  Blue Boy bloodlines $1500:,              natural horsemanship trained, sound and healthy                                                                    B Mixon, PO Box 848, Waverly 33877 (Polk)
                                                                                                                     er, 15” wheel $200; both have 1 7/8” ball:
  727/639-7639, B Donati, 1605 Ridge Top Dr, Tarpon        $4500: 352/669-7467, R Shockley, PO Box 765,
                                                                                                           , 850/656-8615, N Carpenter,      4-star BP aluminum 2-horse trailer, excellent condi-
  Springs 34688 (Pinellas)                                 Altoona 32702 (Lake)
                                                                                                                     9343 Rose Rd, Tallahassee 32311 (Leon)                   tion $5000 obo; Meadowbrook cart, 48.5” wheels,
  Spotted mini donkey jack, 6 m/o $700; gelded mini        Warmblood mare, 4 y/o Paint/Friesian, docile, smart,                                                               excellent condition $1000 obo; nylon draft harness
                                                                                                                     Gooseneck horse trailer, 3 horse slant, 2 axle, in the
  donkey 3 y/o $500; gelded standard donkey $500;          started under saddle, good driving, dressage or                                                                    w/ bridle, lines and padded back pad $250 obo:
                                                                                                                     process of being converted to a cattle trailer w/ no
  2 standard jacks, 6 m/o, one pure black $500+:           HJ prospect, solid bay, exceptional conformation                                                         , 850/722-1262, G Warrick,
                                                                                                                     top, make offer: 813/716-1403, D Reed, 4613 W, 321/917-6498, J Paris, 1530       $4000 obo: 352/569-0639, B Oliver, 8302 CR 635,                                                                    20626 Avant Ln, Fountain 32438 (Bay)
                                                                                                                     Sam Allen, Plant City 33565 (Hillsborough)
  Wichita Blvd, Palm Bay 32909 (Brevard)                   Bushnell 33513 (Sumter)
                                                                                                                                                                              Winch, Tulsa heavy duty $50:
                                                                                                                     6 x 4 surface pump w/ 3 phase 40 amp motor,
  AQHA, gorgeous, Hollywood Bill bloodlines: year-         Gorgeous 30”, 2 y/o red mare, blond tail drags                                                           , 813/924-5535, G Hales,
                                                                                                                     make offer: 813/763-9813, M Cotton, 4401 Pippin
  ling fillies, buckskin $1300; bay $800; chestnut w/      ground, perfect in every way $1100: 352/546-                                                                       17820 Dorman Rd, Lithia 33547 (Hillsborough)
                                                                                                                     Rd, Plant City 33567 (Hillsborough)
  flax mane $1300; 2 y/o buckskin stallion $1500:          1174, E Murray, 22810 NE 130th Ct Rd, Ft McCoy, 352/493-7727, C Prevatt,        32134 (Marion)                                                                                                     Brand new put together 17’ API Ladder stand w/ V-
                                                                                                                     Poultry equipment, 2 small incubators, 3 brood-
  10451 NW 45th St, Chiefland 32626 (Levy)                                                                                                                                    bar, stand has never been used, no less than $175:
                                                                                                                     ers, 3 growing cages, laying cages, quail laying
                                                           Miniature Shetland horses, Appaloosas, black and                                                         , 352/498-2738, E Watson, PO
                                                                                                                     cage, feeders, waterers, etc: 321/631-0972, E
  1 y/o colt, dark bay, halter trained, trailer trained,   whites, etc, AMHA and AMHR registered, also                                                                        Box 1616, Cross City 32628 (Dixie)
                                                                                                                     Richardson, 2230 Westminster Dr, Cocoa 32926
  and working on more, asking $1200 or will con-           foundation certified Shetlands, and Seth Thomas
                                                                                                                     (Brevard)                                                Gooseneck trailer, 20’6” long, 7’ wide w/ loading
  sider any reasonable offer:,            Foundation certified $500 and up: 386/364-4274, B
  909/545-8808, D Maddox, 8801 Ponderosa Pl,               Bair, PO Box 314, O’Brien 32071 (Suwannee)                                                                         ramps, light duty w/ 2 axles, good for hauling me-
                                                                                                                     Gooseneck trailer, 25’, 2 ton, flatbed self cleaning
  Bryceville 32009 (Nassau)                                                                                                                                                   dium size tractors or vehicles, all steel bed $1700:
                                                                                                                     dovetail; 16’ gooseneck cattle trailer: 772/460-
                                                           13.2 H red roan jack, breed mares and jennies,                                                           , 352/748-3102, R Light, 1265
                                                                                                                     5670, G Webb, 13351 Williams Rd, Port St. Lucie
  6 y/o registered QH mare, 14.2 H, all phas-              oaky to turn out w/ geldings, cattle, goats $100;                                                                  CR 245-A, Oxford 34484 (Sumter)
                                                                                                                     34987 (St Lucie)
  es of cow work, Peppy San Badger stock:                  loud spotted 13 H jack, breeds jennies, throws, 321/951-7428, J Hilmer,          color every time $500:,                                                                       6 x 12 enclosed trailer, bullet nose, 2002, used,
                                                                                                                     Nursery pots, used, 1 gal – 200 gal (few):
  1109 Broken Well Ln, Fellsmere 32948 (Brevard)           813/653-3441, M Mullins, 6217 Muck Pond Rd,                                                                        350 miles, rear is fold down ramp, side door
                                                                                                           , 727/686-3110, A Smith,
                                                           Seffner 33584 (Hillsborough)                                                                                       $2495: 352/797-9234, J Allesi, 15180 Centralia
                                                                                                                     7341 121st Ter N, Largo 33773 (Pinellas)
  AMHA minis, gorgeous fillies from national                                                                                                                                  Rd, Brooksville 34614 (Hernando)
  31” loud frame overo champion, show quality                                   WANTED                               Plastic tank, 725 gal w/ 3” valve $395 obo; cattle
  and small; black/white tovero, 28”, bomb proof                                                                                                                              Quail business, includes above-ground moveable
                                                                                                                     trailer, 16’ w/ center gate, kept inside, good floor,
                                                           Wanted: Looking for bombproof trail horse for new                                                                  pens, incubators, never used automatic waterers,
  mare, needs nonbreeding home $700 and up:                                                                          good condition, no rust $1700 obo; utility trailer,
                                                           timid rider, under $1000, will have excellent care:                                                                15 lb container feeders, have 8 jumbo Bob White, 407/321-3951, R Meeker,                                                                   16’ dovetail w/ ramps, good condition $900 obo:
                                                 , 321/264-9969, P Stadler,                                                                   quail $1000/all: 904/964-4971, D Godwin, 6900
  9608 Lemon Bluff Rd, Osteen 32764 (Volusia)                                                                        863/537-5811, H Wysock, 9145 Lake Buffum Rd,
                                                           4265 April Ln, Mims 32754 (Brevard)                                                                                SW CR 225, Starke 32091 (Bradford)
                                                                                                                     N Ft Meade (Polk)
  17 y/o gelding, perfect for trail riding $1200 obo:
                                                           Wanted: 10-20 y/o Paso Fino, mare or geld-, J Nehrboss, 1523 4th Ave
                                                           ing, gentle, bomb proof, sound and able to
  E, Bradenton 34208 (Manatee)
                                                           ride, horse is for disabled veteran w/ bad back,
  Paint gelding, 8 y/o, easy keeper, well trained, show    free or low cost, would go to loving home,
  or parade prospect, flashy, sell or trade $1500 obo:     would consider walker w/ above requirements:
  813/685-8280, N O’Connor, 2110 Hinson Rd, Dover, 863/314-0238, M Hahn,
  33527 (Hillsborough)                                     9219 Morgan Path, Sebring 33875 (Highlands)

  Minature donkeys: reg 33” jenny exposed to spotted       Wanted: Miniature mare, 32” or less, in good health,
  jack and yearling gray dun jenny, both very tame         18 y/o or less, for companion to 31 y/o mini stud:
  and gentle $900 ea: 239/732-7736, B Kornwolf,  , 904/284-9956, D Driggers, 1590-
  1470 25th St SW, Naples 34117 (Collier)                  28 Island Ln, Fleming Island 32009 (Clay)

  Gray gelding, 8 y/o, 16.3 H, English/Western $2500;      Wanted: Partnerships to breed Tiger hors-
  gray American warmblood filly yearling $1000; AQHA       es, will supply mares, stallion service, market-
  dun yearling colt $1000: 352/361-1444, P Robb, 1282      ing, fees for showing, 50/50 split foal sales:
  NW 105 Blvd, Wildwood 34785 (Sumter)           , 386/684-6577,
                                                           R WindSong, PO Box 1197, Interlachen 32148
  Palomino yearling filly, Belgian/QH cross, will mature   (Putnam)
  over 16 H, awesome dressage or jumper prospect
  $2000:, 904/879-5694, L Gates,       Wanted: Gaited mule, weanling or yearling that will
  45367 Bismark Rd, Callahan 32011 (Nassau)                mature to 14 or 15 H, excellent permanent home
                                                           guaranteed: 904/824-3085, C Knowles, 2161 Ryan
  At stud: 1997 AQHA palomino, Ultimate Justice,           Rd, St Augustine 32092 (St Johns)
  Two Eyed Jack, Poco Bueno, Skipper W bloodlines,
  foundation bred, 14.3 H $400 registered, $200 un-        Wanted: One 6 m/o jenny that is super sweet and
  registered, plus mare care: 813/684-2063, W Lohf,        super tame that has been raised and loved and is
  13239 Hwy 39 S, Lithia 33547 (Hillsborough)              very socialized: 941/729-4477, T Fanto, 5900 68
                                                           Dr E, Palmetto 34221 (Manatee)
  Appaloosa gelding, 11 y/o, 14.2 H, barrel and roping
  prospect, automatic lead changes, loves people and fun
  to ride $1500:, 352/468-2580,                MISCELLANEOUS
  K Shea, 3825 SW 298 St, Newberry 32669 (Alachua)         Advertisement will be accepted for this category if the
                                                           item does not fit under any other category and is not
  Draft X Mare, 1/4 Clydesdale, 3/4 Appaloosa; 8           otherwise prohibited. Examples of unacceptable ads:
  y/o ex-broodmare, gentle, good harness prospect:         Recreation, camping and sporting goods; crafts and, 850/524-6311, J Papp, PO              craft items; household pets; household appliances;
  Box 383, Lloyd 32337 (Jefferson)                         air conditioners; building supplies; commercial fenc-
                                                           ing material; books and documents; boats; guns;
  Donkeys, 2 jennies, 5 and 6 y/o, standard size,          commercial fertilizer; antiques; campers; and other
  medium gray w/ cross markings, super loving              personal items.
  and gentle pets, must stay together $1000/both
  obo: 941/927-1788, M Morgan, 7343 Palomino
  Tr, Sarasota 34241 (Sarasota)

July 2006                                  Placing an ad? Have you included all required statements and/or certification numbers?                                                                                                    9
                    FLORIDA MARKET BULLETIN ADS online at

     Incubator, totally automatic, 972 chicken eggs $1800;        Nursery pots, various sizes and propagation trays,         PB bantam Silver-laced Cochin hens, Standard            Beautiful India Blue peacocks, adult males, prefer to
     2 chick hatch boxes w/ automatic watering and heat           all good condition: 863/424-4412, R Harwell, 6911          Sultan Roo, Standard Light Brahma Roo, Standard         sell to good homes w/ land, no long confinement,
     $200 ea:, 386/658-1220, O Win-             Sweet Hill Rd, Polk City 33868 (Polk)                      Houdan Roo, Ameraucana hens, hatched 3/8/06             want them to have free range: 386/467-2290, Y
     jum, 20750 96th St, Live Oak 32060 (Suwannee)                                                                           $6.50:, 352/821-3767, J Dentici,      Barnett, 290 Georgetown Shortcut Rd, Crescent
                                                                  Horse hay ring, designed for horses to feed, holds         17171 SE 165th Ave, Weirsdale 32195 (Marion)            32112 (Putnam)
     Lumber, fix the barn, dry rough cut and mold-                a large roll of hay so horses can graze not waste,
     ings, new 1x2-1x8, 14’ and 16’ pieces $1/board:              pays for itself just in hay not strewn $200; synthetic     Ringneck dove pairs, Tangerine Pearled, Light Ash,      Bantams, Mille Fleur, Dutch, Cochins, gold and silver, 813/505-9086, M Garey, PO                  western horse saddle, black, good condition, also          Orange Pearled, Orange Whiteback, Sunkist $40;          Sebrights, 2006 hatch: 352/245-3655, B Scott, 9830
     Box 1367, Riverview 33568 (Hillsborough)                     bridle w/ Venezuelan braided reins and breast plate,       Orange $65; Violet Neck $45; will ship: 813/933-        SE 155 St, Summerfield 34491 (Marion)
                                                                  etc:, 352/246-3229, M Meyer-             4609, M Feliciano, 808 E Fairbank St, Tampa
     Pea sheller, Taylor County brand, like new $200:             son, PO Box 1594, Melrose 32666 (Putnam)                   33604 (Hillsborough)                                    Brown eggs $1.25/doz; duck eggs $2/doz; green
     813/626-7700, M Whorton, 3809 55th St, Tampa                                                                                                                                    eggs $1/doz; guinea keets $3; guinea eggs $12/doz:
     33619 (Hillsborough)                                                              WANTED                                Bobwhite quail, flight and weather conditioned,, 321/917-6498, J Paris, 1530
                                                                                                                             delivery available $2.50-$3:,        Wichita Blvd, Palm Bay 32909 (Brevard)
     275 gal chemical totes w/ cage and ball valve on             Wanted: Syrup or sugar kettle needed for making
                                                                                                                             904/259-8256, M Owens, PO Box 1424, MacClenny
     metal pallet, great for liquid fertilizer, diesel or water   syrup this fall, will pay fair price for any size; power                                                           Pair of Narragansett turkeys, 1 y/o; two 1 y/o
                                                                                                                             32063 (Baker)
     $60:, 352/568-3424, M                 cane mill needed for making syrup, large mill pre-                                                                 Texas Blue Scale quail hens; Pekin ducks:
     Arons, PO Box 145, Center Hill 33514 (Sumter)                ferred, any condition:,           Ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, chuckers, started, 386/397-2946, C Ge-
                                                                  618/426-1117, K Robinson, Kissling Loop, Tyndall           and laying hens, chicks, fertile eggs, ducklings,       linas, 14795 SE 95th St, White Springs 32096
     30 bows for greenhouse, 20’ wide, 5’ high, 1.5” square       AFB 32403 (Bay)                                            mini dwarf goats, tame and beautiful: 321/773-          (Hamilton)
     galvanized steel $20 ea: 352/245-8633, A Murray,                                                                        0188, M King, 9010 S Tropical Tr, Merritt Island
     14260 SE 80th Ave, Summerfield 34491 (Marion)                Wanted: Torn or pierced but not rotted pool                                                                        Ducks, 3 w/o and older $5-$10; geese, African
                                                                                                                             32952 (Brevard)
                                                                  liners, also pumps and filters for aquaculture ex-                                                                 and White Chinese, 3 w/o and older $10-$15:
     Soft foam sheets, use for waterproof insulation or           perimental project, within 20 miles of Brooksville:        Hens, young laying, green and brown layers, top, 352/591-0318, D Berkey, 15455
     matting in barns, stalls, trailers, coolers, freezers,, 352/796-5071, R Johnson,             shape and laying $9.50 ea: 352/372-8130, R Joiner,      NW 100th Ave Rd, Reddick 32686 (Marion)
     4x4 sheets $6: 352/793-9292, M White, 12364 SW               26079 Ash St, Brooksville 34601 (Hernando)                 222 SE 135 Ter, Gainesville 32641 (Alachua)
     52nd Dr, Webster 33597 (Sumter)                                                                                                                                                 Cockerels, Mottled Cochins, Gold Laced Cochins,
                                                                  Wanted: Small grain bin, cheap or free, will take          Sex link pullets, 16 w/o, blacks/reds, ex-              White Top Black Polish, Silkies, and a few bantams:
     Bluebird box, unpainted wood $6, painted $10;                down and move, will be used for syrup cooking shed:        pecting large brown eggs $5 ea:                         352/514-7329, C Welch, 15438 SW CR 346, Archer
     7’ steel pole, fasteners, and predator guard $6:   , 386/935-2352, R Pitts, 22050 , 321/443-6822, J Pe-              32618 (Alachua), 352/465-0649, J Weber,           CR 137, Lake City 32024 (Suwannee)                         gram, 14127 Delao Ln, Weeki Wachee 34614
     5019 W Stargazer Ln, Dunnellon 34433 (Citrus)                                                                           (Hernando)                                              Cochin and Silkie chickens, good quality $5 ea;
                                                                  Wanted: 1 HP milker for milking a family cow                                                                       peacocks in different colors, peachicks available:
     Used 7 gal nursery pots, approx 200 $0.75 ea:                w/ claw and necessities: nehrboss@earthlink.               Old English Game bantams and standards,       , 850/573-2199, W Hill, 2324 My, 407/396-0367, P Burns, 4610                net, 941/745-5630, J Nehrboss, 1523 4th Ave E,             several varieties, Shamo chicks, American               Way Farm Rd, Marianna 32448 (Jackson)
     Oren Brown Rd, Kissimmee 34746 (Osceola)                     Bradenton 34208 (Manatee)                                  games, pet and show quality, starting at $10:
                                                                                                                   , 352/583-8270, C Stefan,         Beautiful baby Muscovy ducklings, all colors, starting
     Consignment of tack/riding apparel/boots, any-               Wanted: 55 gal steel drum w/ removable top:                                                                        at $2 ea; also Fantail pigeons and Homing pigeons:
     thing to do w/ horses, proceeds go to our                                                                               21750 AD May Rd, Dade City 33523 (Pasco)
                                                        , 904/845-1163, R Sloan, PO                                                             , 386/684-6825, R Johnson,
     Equine Challengers (handicap riding center):                 Box 1139, Hilliard 32046 (Nassau)                          14 white quail, large size breed established by Tex-    233 Norman Ave, Interlachen 32148 (Putnam), 386/427-4701, R                                                                            as A&M, 1 y/o $42: 321/633-7350, E Richardson,
     Benishek, 935 Bay Dr, New Smyrna Beach 32168                 Wanted: Old barn relics, 40s, 50s, 60s:                                                                            Silver Laced Cochin, Partridge Cochin cockerels,
                                                                                                                             2230 Westminster Dr, Cocoa 32926 (Brevard)
     (Volusia)                                          , 352/796-3169, R Howell,                                                                     and a White Crested Polish cockerel, all full size
                                                                  15638 Mahoney Dr, Spring Hill 34610 (Pasco)                Araucana trio c/p/p $30; Silkies 2/bl/                  $3-$5 ea:, 352/514-
     Saddles, 15” Western w/ tooling $200; 15”                                                                               p/r/b, Sultan/Frizzles – Silkie/Sultan chicks           7329, C Welch, 15438 SW CR 346, Archer 32618
     like new Kessler, black dressage $600:                                                                                  $2, various chicks and young available:                 (Alachua), 727/856-2418, J Scaglione,                     POULTRY, FOWL, EGGS                        , 727/368-2166, C Harris,
     18114 Manteno Dr, Spring Hill 34610 (Pasco)                  The selling and purchasing of some poultry and fowl        5410 9th Ave N, St Petersburg 33710 (Pinellas)          1 pair of Chinese geese, 1 African goose, 1 pair
                                                                  requires the possession of a state license and/or a                                                                of Giant Blue Cochins, hatching eggs, Muscovy
     325 gal poly tank, excellent condition, perfect for          federal permit. It is the seller’s and purchaser’s re-     Old English Game bantams and Cuban Game                 and some chickens, also OEG roosters, differ-
     spraying:, 863/698-9647, J               sponsibility to have all required licenses and permits.    Fowl, can ship via USPS Express Mail, NPIP certi-       ent colors, email for lists available, pickup only:
     Waters, 1003 Avon Ave, Lakeland 33801 (Polk)                 For state license information, contact the Florida Fish    fied flock:, 813/973-8063, , 352/473-3204, M Smith,
                                                                  and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Farris Bryant
     Kawasaki mule, tilt bed, good motor, new clutch-                                                                        A Sanchez, 6705 Ravenwood St, Wesley Chapel             6687 Little Rain Lake Rd, Keystone Heights 32656
                                                                  Bldg, 620 Meridian Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600,
     es, new forward and reverse cable, forward                   telephone (850) 488-6253. For federal permit informa-
                                                                                                                             33544 (Pasco)                                           (Clay)
     and reverse shaft has to be replaced $3000:                  tion, contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, P.O.
                                                                                                                             Black Sex Link pullets and cockerels, 4 m/o $8 ea:      6 male Red Gold pheasants, 1 y/o $25 ea; many, 352/544-0006, D Barcia, 21251            Box 49208, Atlanta, GA 30359, telephone (404) 679-7070.
                                                                  No ads will be accepted for fighting birds of any type;
                                                                                                                   , 850/997-0420, M Cole,              babies, Golden pheasants, Royal Palm turkeys,
     Moore Rd, Brooksville 34604 (Hernando)                                                                                  5283 Ashville Hwy, Monticello 32344 (Jefferson)         guineas, peafowl, Indian Blue, African geese,
                                                                  pet birds, such as canaries and finches; or hawkbill
     2000 GN Sundowner Valu-lite horse trailer, 4-H               birds, such as parrots and macaws.                                                                                 Crested ducklings, chicks, Silkie, Polish, Red Pyle
                                                                                                                             Peafowl, 33 varieties, including Silver Pied, Bronze,   Games: 352/542-8840, T Petropulos, 8286 NE 349
     drop down windows, Dutch doors w/ ramp, 1                                                                               Emerald Spaulding, White, Cameo, Oaten, Bur-
     owner, excellent shape, well cared for $14000:                                   FOR SALE                                                                                       Hwy, Old Town 32680 (Dixie)
                                                                                                                             mese Green, Emerald Pied Spaulding, Blue India:, 352/473-3204, M Smith,                 Turkey poults, now hatching, Slate, Beltsville White,, 850/865-5812, J Nelson,          Chickens, McMurray Hatch, Buff Orpingtons,
     6687 Little Rain Lake Rd, Keystone Heights 32656             Standard Bronze, and Royal Palm varieties, day old         2652 Woodyard Rd, DeFuniak Springs 32435                Crested Golden Polish, Silver Laced Wyandottes,
     (Clay)                                                       $8 ea, hatching eggs $2 ea: 352/569-0639, B Oliver,        (Walton)                                                Aracaunas, Leghorns, mostly females $8 ea:
                                                                  8302 CR 635, Bushnell 33513 (Sumter)                                                                     , 407/473-5349, T Peterman,
     28” Rocking Table buzz saw w/ 10 HP electric start,                                                                     Free range RIR chickens, biddies and brown eggs,
     Kohler engine $500; 42” back blade for garden                American hatch show chickens and Spanish                                                                           1295 Hackney Rd, St Cloud 34771 (Osceola)
                                                                                                                             priced by age and quantity ordered: winjum@alltel.
     tractor $50; Onan 7000 watt motor home generator             chickens, large Muscovy ducks $10, babies $3:              net, 386/658-1220, O Winjum, 20750 96th St, Live        SQ rare breeds, Black/Blue/Spanish Jersey Giants,
     $1500: 352/748-2883, P Morrot, 3850 CR 511-A,                813/626-5690, C Delvalle, 2808 Locicero Dr, Tampa          Oak 32060 (Suwannee)                                    true Araucana bantams, Bearded Silkies $7-$75:
     Wildwood 34785 (Sumter)                                      33619 (Hillsborough)                                                                                     , 813/949-3002, B Porto,
                                                                                                                             Package, all chicks, quail, 6 varieties of Button,      1542 Piermaj Ln, Lutz 33549 (Hillsborough)
     First class four passenger buggy, custom made by             BB Red OEGBs, 3 very good pair available, also             Pharaoh, Bob White, cages, brooders, incubator,
     Amish, clear oak w/ real leather seats, hydraulic            have Black Sumatra standards, and Golden and               hatcher, accessories, eggs $2500 cash or trade:         Black swans, exceptional size and plumage, DNA
     brakes $3000: 407/847-3956, J Miller, 2380 W                 Silver Phoenix standards available:,, 352/795-3566, W              sexed $250; Black Shoulder peafowl from natural
     Lyndell Dr, Kissimmee 34741 (Osceola)                        904/269-3811, W Saunders, 3310 Rocky Branch Ln,            Jurgens, 14411 W Seashell Ct, Crystal River             mutation, beautiful, young $35; adults available:
                                                                  Orange Park 32065 (Clay)                                   34429 (Citrus)                                , 813/629-1794, R Michael, PO
     Wayne FMC chipper, Chrysler 318 V8 gas
     engine, 16” knives, 6” branch, tow hitch,                    Hundreds of pheasants, 4-5 w/o, will accept most                                                                   Box 244, Riverview 33568 (Hillsborough)
                                                                                                                             Chickens, self sustaining, extreme tempera-
     powerful machine, very good overall $4700:                   offers, asking $3 ea; also guineas, African goslings,      ture tolerant, low cholesterol egg layers, large        Australian Black swan, DNA sexed, DNA certificate, 305/335-5563, G Wilson,           pigeons, Silkies, lots more:,              breasted, extra moist birds, young birds $2:            and hatch certificate, single young male $200; adult
     166 NE 167 St, Miami 33162 (Dade)                            352/494-1028, T Williams, 9867 NW 214th St,      , 813/629-1794, R Michael,            ducks $10 ea:, 321/508-
                                                                  Starke 32091 (Bradford)                                    PO Box 244, Riverview 33568 (Hillsborough)              5344, T Wiglesworth, 3691 Kloss St, Mims 32754
     Horse drawn wagon on rugged steel fifth wheel
     chassis, shafts, pole, towbar, lights, benches, and          Pilgrim geese:, 352/489-7742, C                                                                    (Brevard)
                                                                                                                             African goslings $8-$10 ea; pheasants $2-$3 ea;
     seat cushions, seats approximately 12 $1500 obo:             Ellis, 13990 SE 120th St, Dunnellon 34431 (Levy)           Muscovy ducks $2.50 ea; guineas $3 ea; RP and           Beautiful Call ducks, white, gray, pastel, blue,, 352/466-9109, A Krietemeyer,                                                                           BB turkeys $10 ea; Mallard ducks $3-$5 ea; peafowl      snowy, buff $15 and up ea; show quality $50 and
     22051 NW 87 Ave Rd, Micanopy 32667 (Marion)                  Gold Laced Wyandotte bantam rooster $5; huge
                                                                  Black Jersey Giant rooster $15; bearded Silkie, Arau-      and quail also:, 352/494-            up ea; Mandarins, white $100/pr, regular $50/pr:
     Utility trailer, all aluminum, 16 x 6, electronic            cana, Cochin, and Ameraucana chicks, show lines:           1028, T Williams, 9867 NW 214th St, Lake Butler, 727/570-9928, L Morey,
     converter, 12v to 110v, 6 compartments $400:       , 813/949-8823, K Varga,               32054 (Bradford)                                        1411 Plaza Comercio NE, St Petersburg 33702, 863/655-3947, H                     2110 Wain Ranch Ln, Lutz 33549 (Hillsborough)                                                                      (Pinellas)
                                                                                                                             Roosters, white Silkies and black Australorps $1
     Garcia, 13825 Arbuckle Creek Rd, Sebring 33870                                                                          ea: 904/284-9348, L Driggers, 704 Decoy Rd,
     (Highlands)                                                                                                             Green Cove Springs 32043 (Clay)

10                                                                                                                                 Septem
                                                   Want to place an ad? Be sure to check the requirements under the category heading.                                                                                         July 2006
                FLORIDA MARKET BULLETIN ADS online at

  Silver pheasants, adults for sale by pair or trios, last       Flemish Giants (black and steel), Mini Rex                    Seeds: Red/yellow cattleya guava, pink/white guava, beau-   Viburnum 1 gal $1.99; ligustrum 1 gal $1.99; bro-
  and this year hatchings, cameo peacocks, 2 y/o by              (many colors), Lionheads (many colors), show                  tyberry, coral bean, loquat, dried grove pepper, coontie,   meliads 1 gal $1.25; roses 1 gal $1.99; Boston fern
  pair: 407/568-9897, A Medina, 18800 Washington                 and pet quality, and breeding stock $15 and up:               packet $1 w/ #10 SASE: 813/754-4959, C Halford, 2009        1 gal $0.99; loquat 1 gal $1.75: 386/532-7504, C
  Ave, Orlando 32820 (Pasco)                           , 863/314-0238, M Hahn,                  W Palmetto Ave, Plant City 33563 (Hillsborough)             Boyd, 1434 Summit Hill Dr, Deltona 32725 (Volusia)
                                                                 9219 Morgan Path, Sebring 33875 (Highlands)                                                                               #47227094
  OE bantams, red brown, ginger, blue, Mille Fleur                                                                             Seeds: red amaryllis, martin house gourd, pink rainlilly,
  chicks, Silver Sebright chicks, Red Shoulder Yo-               New Zealand, Mini Lop, and Mini Rex, breeders and             datil pepper, large sunflower $1/envelope + SASE            Seeds: Tabula tree, hollyhock, marigolds, society
  kohama hens, Jersey Black Giant hens: 727/207-                 babies, show, pet, and breeding stock available, New          included:, 904/964-4971, D            garlic, plumbago, dill, blanket flower, bachelors
  3515, J O’Brien, 18542 Alexson St, Spring Hill                 Zealands are red, many varieties of Mini Rex and              Godwin, 6900 SW CR 225, Starke 32091 (Bradford)             button, morning glory $1/pkg or 6/$5 + SASE:
  34610 (Pasco)                                                  Mini Lop:, 352/495-1346, S                                                                    , 863/984-8565, S Gorthy, 200
                                                                 Davis, 15423 SW 154 St, Archer 32618 (Alachua)                Live oak trees, 45 gal, 14’-16’ height, 3” caliper          LA Combee Dr, Polk City 33868 (Polk)
  NPIP Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, 5 young                                                                                      $135 ea; 30 gal, 10’-12’ height, 2” caliper $65
  hens and 1 young cock $30 ea p/u only:                         Meat rabbits, Altex $25 and New Zealand cross $10:            ea; 5’-6’ height, MIT $2 ea; licensed contractors           Viburnum, 1 gal $1.89; crotons, 1 gal $1.89, 3, 352/489-2516, S Nicolas,     , 352/489-1649, L Wettingfeld,              only; 7 gal queen palm, 6’-7’ height $15 ea:                gal $3.77; Boston fern, 1 gal $0.99; loquats, 1
  13111 SW 95th St, Dunnellon 34432 (Marion)                     13031 SE 127th Pl, Dunnellon 34431 (Levy)           , 407/396-0367, P Burns, 4610               gal $1.89, 3 gal $4.75; hibiscus, shade trees, and
                                                                                                                               Oren Brown Rd, Kissimmee 34746 (Osceola)                    palms: 813/626-7951, C Oliver, 7511 21st Ave E,
  White Pekin ducklings, 2 m/o, approx 6-7 lbs $6 ea:            Lionhead rabbits, pet quality starting at $15; breed-         #04722616                                                   Tampa 33619 (Hillsborough) #02746000, 352/799-9996, F Brown,                ing quality w/ pedigrees:,
  456 Myers Rd, Brooksville 34602 (Hernando)                     352/245-8649, G Helgeland, 150 SW 145th St,                   Tabebuias, pink and golden, 1 gal $2, 3 gal $6; Cycas       Blueberry plants: 6’ rabbit eye $3; high bush $4 and
                                                                 Ocala 34473 (Marion)                                          taitungensis, 1 gal $1.50; paurotis palm, 1 gal $2:         up: 352/468-2951, F Giambrone, 8910 E CR 225,
  Swans, adult Black Australian swan pairs $700/pair                                                                 , 407/359-6276, C Grieneisen,          Gainesville 32609 (Alachua) #04720141
  or will trade for a registered Babydoll ewe lamb or                                                                          PO Box 621689, Oviedo (Seminole) #47229447
  adult:, 407/349-9886, E Sher-                                    RATITES                                                                                              Rainbow eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta), 3 gal
  man, 220 Saunders Tr, Geneva 32732 (Seminole)                                                                                Pink tabebuia trees, yellow tabebuia trees,                 size, 24”+ tall, very healthy, limited quantities,
                                                                                      FOR SALE                                 white orchid, yellow poinciana, floss silk tree:            retail $50 ea:, 305/245-4333,
  Standard PB chickens, Sultans, Houdans, Brahma,                2 PR adult emus, buyer must load and transport      , 863/683-8711, R Burgess, 1111         L Garner, 429 SW 3rd Ave, Florida City 33034
  Orpington, Cochins, bantam Silver Cochins, all                 $100/pr obo: 352/528-5385, D Goodsell, PO Box                 Walker Circle W, Lakeland 33805 (Polk) #47235174            (Dade) #47236053
  hatched 3/08/06 $8 ea:,                      9, Morriston 32668 (Levy)
  352/821-3767, J Dentiei, 17171 SE 165 Ave,                                                                                   Large citrus trees, 15-30 gal $25-$75; mango, avocado,      Field grown live oaks, 14’-16’’ OA, 4”-5” caliper,
  Weirsdale 32195 (Marion)                                                                                                     large crapes $25; chinkapin oaks, pecans, loquats,          specimen, standard Rhaphiolepis, 30 gal, Tabebuia
                                                                        SEEDS, PLANTS, TREES                                   large magnolias: 813/929-0534, J Myers, 13930 US            impetiginosa, 2 1/2” pots:,
                        WANTED                                   It is a violation of Florida law to offer for sale plant      Hwy 41, Spring Hill 34610 (Pasco) #47228603                 813/754-7374, J Butts, 4321 Needle Palm Rd, Plant
  Wanted: Barhead, Andean, Ashy Headed, Ruddy                    material which has not been inspected for insects                                                                         City 33565 (Hillsborough) #47220216
                                                                                                                               Pineapple, dieffenbachia, banana in 3 gal pots $4
  Headed, Swan and Hawaiian geese; male Hartlaubs                and diseases. Ads for nursery stock (plants, trees,
                                                                 shrubs, vines, bulbs, cuttings, grafts, scions or buds)       ea; society garlic, crown of thorns in 1 gal pots $1;       Heirloom roses, blackberry plants, heirloom veg-
  duck or Siamese Fireback pheasant: 352/540-6106,
                                                                 for sale must include the state registration number as        no shipping: 305/247-1402, M Marvin, 16260 SW               etable and flower seed:,
  C Brandt, 6017 California St, Brooksville 34604
                                                                 it appears on the seller’s certificate of registration that   287 St, Homestead 33053 (Dade) #47219561                    813/376-6144, J Fritts, 1527 Wildwood Ln, Lutz
  (Hernando)                                                     has been obtained from the Department’s Division of                                                                       33558 (Pasco) #47230811
                                                                 Plant Industry, in accordance with Ch. 581.131, Florida       Gloriosa lily seed, ruffled edges 40/$2 + SASE:
  Wanted: White Silkies, females, beardless or
                                                                 Statutes, effective July 1, 1995. (Exempted from this         352/625-2238, M Yothers, PO Box 2394, Silver                Palms; ornamental grasses, Fakahatchee, muhly,
  bearded, pet quality or breeder quality, for pets only:        requirement are aquatic plants, seeds, lawn and pasture       Springs 34489 (Marion)                                      white and red fountain, and Aztec; moringa tree, 863/683-8711, J Esposito,                grasses, cut flowers, cut fern and cut foliage.) Ads                                                                      seedlings:, 941/815-
  5320 Sandra Way, Lakeland 33813 (Polk)                         for both plant material and seeds must include the            Four o’clock seeds, several colors, hummingbird             8334, K Sugrue, 9402 SW Jernigan St, Arcadia
                                                                 following signed statement: “These items are person-          and butterfly attractor, delightful fragrance, prolific     34269 (De Soto) #47237198
  Wanted: White China goose, mature, pref-                       ally grown on my land and have not been purchased             bloomer, fast-growing perennial tuber $1/pkg, 6/$5
  erably 2-3 y/o for gander, lost his mate:                      for resale.” For inspection information, contact the          + SASE: 352/753-2386, A Fussell, PO Box 551,                Giant liriope grass, 4” $0.25, 6” $0.50; 3 gal stock, 352/257-9515, R Oehm-                  Division of Plant Industry, P.O. Box 147100, Gainesville,
                                                                                                                               Lady Lake 32158 (Lake)                                      plants $1, 2500 4”, 2800 6”, 3000 10”, make offer
  ig, PO Box 3088, Crystal River 34423 (Citrus)                  FL 32614, telephone 352/372-3505. Ads for plants that
                                                                 have been deemed noxious or invasive by State of                                                                          for all: 352/394-3313, T Free, 18030 W Apshawa
                                                                                                                               Gourd seeds, Indonesian bottle, martin, penguin,            Rd, Clermont 34715 (Lake) #47225620
  Wa n t e d : A d u l t o r n e a r l y g r o w n c h i c k -   Florida will not be accepted.
                                                                                                                               dipper, apple, canteen, wren, loofa $1 ea variety,
  ens, pigeons, guineas at reasonable costs:
                                                                                                                               6/$5 + SASE: 352/753-2386, A Pease, 5604 Griffin            Cassia seeds, bright yellow, summer/fall blooming, 407/321-3951, R Meeker,                                    FOR SALE
                                                                                                                               View Dr, Lady Lake 32159 (Lake)                             bush/tree, butterfly favorite Cassia fistula (golden
  6860 Lemon Bluff Rd, Osteen 32764 (Volusia)                    Elaeagnus pungens (aka silverthorne, silverberry,                                                                         shower) or Cassia corymbosa (flowering senna),
                                                                 Russian olive) and viburnum, very large 3 gal plants          Seeds: Big orange and yellow papaya, pigeon                 15 seeds $2 + SASE:, 813/685-
  Wa n t e d : White-faced Spanish female:
                                                                 at $5.75 ea, no delivery: 727/869-2989, L Pitney,             peas, sapodilla, canistel $2/pack + double stamped          1515, S Blomquist, 310 Bracken Ln, Brandon 33511, 352/514-7329, C Welch,
                                                                 14803 Sheila Ann Dr, Hudson 34669 (Pasco)                     SASE: 941/922-2539, J Burns, 4654 Falcon Ridge              (Hillsborough)
  15438 SW CR 346, Archer 32618 (Alachua)
                                                                                                                               Dr, Sarasota 34233 (Sarasota)
                                                                 Sweet gum trees, 30 gal, 8’-9’ height, 2” caliper $65                                                                     Blueberry plants, 5000 total, Jewel, Star, Emerald,
  Wanted: 2 India Blue peahens, adult: 352/542-
                                                                 ea; Florida red maple, 30 gal, 8’-10’ height, 1-3/4”          Wildflowers, red sage, violet, blanket flower, black-       1 gal containers at $2.50 ea w/ minimum order of
  8840, T Petropulos, 8286 NE 349 Hwy, Old Town
                                                                 caliper $65 ea:, 407/396-0367,               eyed Susan, 1 gal 6” pot $1.50; 1 gal coontie $5; 3         500:, 352/799-0556, G Casey,
  32680 (Dixie)
                                                                 P Burns, 4610 Oren Brown Rd, Kissimmee 34746                  gal sabal palms and etonias $6; 3 gal maples and            17200 Wiscon Rd, Brooksville 34601 (Hernando)
  Wanted: Pair of Green Wing teals and pair of                   (Osceola) #04722616                                           laurel oaks $1/ft: 352/465-0649, J Weber, 5019 W            #47237179
  Cinnamon teals:,                                                                                     Stargazer Ln, Dunnellon 34433 (Citrus) #47227677
                                                                 18 laurel oaks, 3”-5” caliper, have been root pruned                                                                      Herbs in 4” pots, basil, oregano, plain and curled
  727/570-9928, L Morey, 1411 Plaza Comercio NE,
                                                                 and placed in wire basket w/ poly-liner: 813/486-             Live oaks, magnolia, crape myrtle, bald cy-                 leaf parsley, sage, miscellaneous mints, catnip $1.75
  St Petersburg 33702 (Pinellas)
                                                                 9975, J Reed, 5101 Bugg Rd, Plant City 33567                  press, Hollywood juniper, elm, river birch, 25 gal,         ea; also lots of impatiens, mixed colors 2/$1; white
  Wanted: Baby Mute swan pairs:,                  (Hillsborough) #47233160                                      up to 4” caliper, delivery within 150 miles:                flowering golden dewdrop shrubs, butterflies love
  850/342-1760, L Rodriguez, 185 Omega Dr, Mon-                                                                      , 850/902-0160, M Davis, 7097          them, no sprays, grown in composted soil $3 ea:
                                                                 Daylilies, assorted colors, bare root $50/100;                Old River Rd, Baker 32531 (Okaloosa) #47222779
  ticello 32344 (Jefferson)                                                                                                                                                      , 352/246-3229, M Meyerson, PO
                                                                 amaryllis bulbs, 1.5” $50/50; mondo grass, bareroot
                                                                 $50/100:, 850/973-4840, L                 Florida wildflower seed, Coreopsis basalis, these are       Box 1594, Melrose 32666 (Putnam) A124863
  Wanted: White male Mute swan, have widowed
  female that needs mate:,                     Stout, 1550 N SR 53, Madison 32340 (Madison)                  the yellow flowers that grow on roadsides in spring:
                                                                 #47227008                                           , 386/935-1416, E Roberts, PO                                WANTED
  678/525-8883, S Mesry, 3795 Regal Oaks Dr,
  Suwannee 33813 (Hillsborough)                                                                                                Box 184, O’Brien 32071 (Suwannee) #47236587                 Wanted: Encephalartos horridus, in pots or B&B,
                                                                 Clumping bamboo, Japanese arrow bamboo, Italian                                                                           no seedlings please:,
                                                                 olive tree (grafted), large pecan tree (grafted), large       Native seeds, dune sunflower, firebush, gaillardia,         305/883-5290, K Gulbrandsen, 700 Oriole Ave,
                       RABBITS                                   Ginkgo biloba, assorted citrus, tindora, Pandanus             ironweed, powderpuff, necklace pod, tropical sage,          Miami Springs 33166 (Dade)
                                                                 amaryllifolius, Michelia alba, Kaffir lime, galangal,         wild aster, varnish leaf, Mexican flamevine $1/pckg +
                       FOR SALE                                  turmeric, curry leaf, fig celeste, lemon grass,               SASE:, 239/543-9910, R Single-            Wanted: Will buy out small nursery, condition
  Holland Lops, Fuzzy Lops, and Netherland                       noni:, 727/686-3110, A                tary, 6670 Chipper Ln, N Ft Myers 33917 (Lee)               not important if price is right, will haul away if a
  Dwarfs, all ages and colors $25 ea w/ pedigrees:               Smith, 7341 121st Ter N, Largo 33773 (Pinellas)                                                                           reasonable distance:, 352/753-
                                                                                                                               Seeds, Mexican flamevine, Mexican sunflower,                0520, J Shegas, 5012 Lake Griffin Rd, Lady Lake, 386/418-1180, A Byers, 13703                  #47216958
                                                                                                                               roselle, false roselle, coral vine, confederate             32158 (Lake)
  NW CR 237, Alachua 32615 (Alachua)
                                                                 Black Magic/Runner elephant ear plants, wholesale,            rose, firebush, goldenrod, zinnias, blanket flower,
  Pedigree rabbits, double mane Lionheads, Holland               18”-24” tall, bare root $4 ea, 1 gal pots $5 ea,              rattle box, beach sunflower $1/pckg + SASE:                 Wanted: Seeds of long oriental, small eggplant;
  Lops, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Dwarf Hotots, show or               minimum 5 plants, pick up only:,     , 239/543-8078, J Single,             small amount of seed of hummingbird tree:
  pets, cages, water systems, pedigrees, feeders,                352/799-0663, O Israel, PO Box 9012, Brooksville              PO Box 2236, Ft Myers 33902 (Lee)                 , 954/923-3887, P Waite,
  some breeders:,                34604 (Hernando) #47235140                                                                                                2218 Roosevelt St, Hollywood 33020 (Broward)
                                                                                                                               Foxtail, hurricane/princess, 3 gal; red feather
  239/656-1148, C Barnett, 2939 Janet Dr, N Ft Myers                                                                                                                                       Wanted: Crape myrtle trees, must be small,
                                                                 Beautiful blooming crape myrtles, white,                      palms, 7 gal; cardboard palm, 3 gal; coontie, 1
  33903 (Lee)                                                                                                                                                                              1-2 ft, will pay shipping cost or pick up if local:
                                                                 pink, red, lavender, 25 gal $50 and up:                       and 3 gal; jackfruit, canistel, 3 gal; Florida thatch,
  Dutch and large Lops, all colors, 6 w/o $5 and up:   , 813/924-5535, G Hales,               1 gal:, 305/248-3528, J , 863/452-9862, J Pope, 148 E
  863/696-3790, G Register, 2857 Rosalie Lake Rd,                17820 Dorman Rd, Lithia 33547 (Hillsborough)                  Petersen, 22595 SW 252 St, Homestead 33031                  Camphor St, Avon Park 33825 (Highlands)
  Lake Wales 33898 (Polk)                                        #47224740                                                     (Dade) #A124594

July 2006                                   When submitting an ad, remember to include any required certification or signed statement.                                                                                                             11
                    FLORIDA MARKET BULLETIN ADS online at

     Wanted: African iris ‘Lemon Drop’, Dietes bicolor,         Babydoll sheep, 3 rare spotted adult ewes $900                                                                        BBQ pigs, out of season showpigs, Duroc cross
     plants to purchase or trade, Lemon Drop variety            ea, 2 black adult ewes $800 ea, and 3 ram lambs                                  SWINE                                along w/ a few Yorkshire, fast growth and excel-
     has creamy white petals w/ lemon yellow spots              $500 ea; bottle fed spotted ewe lamb, will sell a           All swine (including potbellied pigs) sold or offered     lent muscle: 772/597-4548, K Massey, 15900 SW
     in middle:, 352/799-               pair for $1200-$1300 ea: nmurchison2002@yahoo.              for sale or exhibition, except for slaughter, must have   Minute Maid Rd, Indiantown 34956 (Martin)
     0663, J Carter, 226 Benes Rd, Brooksville 34604            com, 850/656-4420, N Murchison, Chaires Cross,              evidence of a negative brucellosis test and a negative
     (Hernando)                                                 Tallahassee 32317 (Leon)                                    pseudorabies serologic test which has been conducted      2 large potbellied pigs, raised as pets, male is 150
                                                                                                                            within the previous 30 days, unless proof of exemption    lbs and neutered, female is 200 lbs and spayed,
     Wanted: Starts or cuttings of red oleander, Tithonia       Katahdin/Dorper cross ewes and rams, 6-12 m/o $150;         can be demonstrated. Breed registry tattoos may be        free to good home:,
     diversifolia, red blackberry lily, Allamanda cathartica,   also breeding rams: 813/494-8036, P Ramcharan,              used if accompanied by the breed registration cer-        352/465-0845, B Dillard, 5289 N Irving Park Ave,
                                                                                                                            tificate. To obtain official USDA ear tags, the owner
     Neomarica caerulea ‘Regina’, African iris (non             17340 Parrish Grove Rd, Dade City 33523 (Pasco)                                                                       Hernando 34442 (Citrus)
                                                                                                                            must first obtain a flock/herd identification number.
     white), Louisiana iris, daylily, papaya, fig: tropical-                                                                To obtain a flock/herd ID number, contact the USDA, 954/628-6787, C Reed, 1338             Ram lambs, ewe lambs, yearlings, mature ewes,                                                                         3 y/o Duroc sow, 850 lbs, 3 proven litters of show
                                                                                                                            Veterinary Services Area Office at 352/333-3120.
     Polk St, Hollywood 33019 (Charlotte)                       dog broke, healthy, starter flocks available $75 and                                                                  pigs produced, healthy animal w/ all vaccinations
                                                                up:, 941/322-0286, J Hurst,                                                                           utd, coming from state certified herd $400; show
     Wanted: 3000 wild persimmon seeds, this year’s             21802 61 Ave E, Bradenton 34211 (Manatee)
                                                                                                                                               FOR SALE                               pigs $60:, 904/879-0274, J
     crop: 863/357-2738, J Tootle, 711 NW 4 Ave,                                                                            Ossabaw Island hogs, rare breed, 1 gilt, 1 barrow, 1      Nantz, 14118 Turkey Meadow Ln, Hilliard 32046
     Okeechobee 34972 (Okeechobee)                              Katahdin lambs, will deliver:,               boar, 8 w/o, 1 mature boar, for pets and eating $50 ea:   (Nassau)
                                                                850/342-1760, L Rodriguez, 185 Omega Dr, Mon-     , 352/334-3288, K Devine,
     Wanted: Epiphyllum/orchid cactus (Epiphytic                ticello 32344 (Jefferson)                                   3540 E University Ave, Gainesville 32641 (Alachua)        Teacup size piggies, sweet pets, some w/ blue eyes,
     perennia), long flat straps, want other than                                                                                                                                     some spotted $100-$150 or trade for small goats:
     white bloomer, also native red mulberry starter:           2 young ewes, white sheep $60 ea:                           Limited supply of good show pigs starting at $75;, 407/321-3951, R Meeker,, 561/964-9811, W Hall,, 352/493-9914, D Sharp,                also reg Duroc gilt, Totally Wide Open X Red Ace:         689 Lemon Bluff Rd, Osteen 32764 (Volusia)
     6292 Dogwood Ln, Lantana 33462 (Palm Beach)                11450 NW 10th Ave, Chiefland 32626 (Levy)         , 904/879-4566, J Carroll,
                                                                                                                            33001 Pig Tr, Callahan 32011 (Nassau)                     Teacup potbelly pigs, will mature at about 40 lbs,
                                                                Katahdin ram lambs, excellent quality, mild                                                                           come see parents, certified herd $50 and up:
                          SHEEP                                 meat, born this year, all large and beautiful,              April & May show pigs, sired by champion        , 850/573-2199, W Hill, 2324 My
                                                                grain and pasture fed, no hormones or steroids              AI boars on premises, validated V-2314:                   Way Farm Rd, Marianna 32448 (Jackson)
     All sheep offered for sale or exhibition must be indi-     ever used, utd on all vaccines, enrolled in
     vidually identified with official USDA ear tags for the
                                                                                                                  , 904/334-6566, B Salis, 274000
                                                                Scrapie program, all colors, no horns $100 ea:              Murrhee Rd, Hilliard 32046 (Nassau)                       Show pigs, feeder pigs, and breeding stock avail-
     National Scrapie Eradication Program. Breed registry
     tattoos may be used if accompanied by the breed  , 352/799-5678,                                                                              able, including Hampshire, Yorkshire, and Duroc:
     registration certificate. To obtain official USDA ear      T Searson, PO Box 9042, Brooksville 34604                   Crossbreed piglets, 12-13 w/o males and females:, 352/485-1474, D Welch,
     tags, the owner must first obtain a flock/herd identi-     (Hernando)                                        , 352/796-3185, L Hypes, 14454           15723 SW 151st Ter, Brooker 32622 (Bradford)
     fication number. To obtain a flock/herd ID number,                                                                     Old Crystal River Rd, Brooksville 34601 (Hernando)
     contact the USDA Veterinary Services Area Office at                             WANTED                                                                                           Show pigs: Sired by Champion AI boars, numerous
     352/333-3120.                                                                                                          PB York boar, 17 m/o $150; feeder pigs and show pigs:     county champions, call early, also select breeding
                                                                Wanted: Registered Babydoll lamb, need ewes,      , D Conner, 26340           boars and gilts, references and delivery available,
                         FOR SALE                               white or black:, 407/349-                Dempsey Conner Rd, Hilliard 32046 (Nassau)                validated V-506: 386/752-8214, K Clyatt, 8882 NW
                                                                0104, E Sherman, 220 Saunders Tr, Geneva
     Katahdin hair sheep, bred for heat tolerance,                                                                                                                                    39th Pl, Lake Butler 32054 (Union)
                                                                32732 (Seminole)                                            Feeder pigs, Yorkshire and Hampshire, on concrete,
     meat production, and no shearing, wool sheds                                                                           grain fed, wormed, delivery available in groups:          Duroc/Yorkshire/Blue Butt cross, born 2/23/06:
     out, herd reduction, adult ewes $150 and up, ewe                                                                       352/485-1237, L Simmons, 2909 NE 156 Ave,       , 352/429-2673, L Putman,
     lambs $150, ram lambs $100:,                              STOCK DOGS                                   Gainesville 32609 (Alachua)                               13832 Equestrian Dr, Groveland 34736 (Lake)
     352/489-7742, C Ellis, 13990 SE 120th St, Dun-             Advertisement in this category is limited to bred,
     nellon 34431 (Levy)                                        trained farm stock dogs and the puppies of bred,
                                                                trained stock dogs; no ads for companion pets or
     Florida Native crosses, lambs, ewes, and rams:             hunting dogs will be accepted. Chapter 828.29, F.S.,
     386/437-3817, J Kern, 1420 CR 2009, Bunnell                requires that all dogs sold or offered for sale be at
     32110 (Flagler)                                            least eight weeks of age and have an Official Certificate
                                                                of Veterinary Inspection, a.k.a. a health certificate.
     Dorper/Katahdin cross hair sheep, no shearing,             The certificate must be issued by a Florida-licensed
     beautiful colors, healthy, wormed, large, ram lambs        veterinarian no more than 30 days before the sale.
     born this year $100:, 352/799-              Ads for dogs must be accompanied by the following
     0663, J Carter, 226 Benes Rd, Brooksville 34604            signed statement: “I certify that these dogs have been
                                                                bred and trained to work with farm stock animals or
                                                                are the puppies of bred, trained stock dogs. Each dog
     Southdown Babydoll, born end of May 06, little             is of legal age for sale and has an Official Certificate
                                                                of Veterinary Inspection.”
     white ewe, PB but no papers, parents on premises
     $300 firm; black Babydoll lambs, ewe and ram,
     born 6/5/06, also PB, no papers, ewe $350, ram
                                                                                    FOR SALE
     $200:, 386/427-                Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix puppies, both parents
     4701, R Benishek, 935 Bay Dr, New Smyrna Beach             work livestock, ready 6/21, health certificate, M/F
     32168 (Volusia)                                            $300 ea:, 813/995-9218,
                                                                J Kemp, 9525 Ehren Cutoff, Land O Lakes 34639
     Registered Katahdin rams, DNA tested, enrolled             (Pasco)
     in SFCP, superior individuals w/ excellent ge-
     netics, now taking orders for ’07 ewe lambs:               Catahoula Leopards, working cow dogs, very color-

                                                                                                                                                     Chilled Avocado Gazpacho, 386/397-4652, J Cannon,            ful, ready to start working for you, registration and
     PO Box 3674, Lake City 32056 (Columbia)                    health papers, must go now:,
                                                                352/258-5466, W Rogers, 3283 SW CR 778, Ft
     Olde English Babydoll Miniature Southdown twin white       White 32038 (Columbia)
     rams, born April 15, reg, vaccinated, and wormed $400
                                                                Great Pyrenees pups, registered, great conforma-
                                                                                                                                 5              small Florida                         3             cups chicken broth
     ea:, 321/917-6498, J Paris, 1530
     Wichita Blvd, Palm Bay 32909 (Brevard)                     tion, wonderful disposition, raised w/ goats, health                            avocados, peeled and                  1             cup half-and-half or
     Katahdin ram, beautiful, 3 m/o:
                                                                certificate, shots, M/F POP $400: 386/409-8664,                                 chopped                                             cream
                                                                T Greiber, 1670 SR 415, New Smyrna Beach, 813/731-4407, L Gonza-            32168 (Volusia)                                                  1              jalapeno, seeded and                  3/4           tsp salt
     lez, 18030 Benes Roush Rd, Masaryktown 34604                                                                                               minced                                1/2           tsp pepper
     (Hernando)                                                 Maremma flock dogs, 1 male, 3 females, born
                                                                2/6/06, raised w/ goats, shots and wormed $350:                  1              pinch crushed red                     1 1/2         Tbsp fresh Florida
     Miniature sheep, registered Babydoll white lamb,           904/509-2920, A Henderson, 5378 Painted Pony                                    pepper flakes                                       cilantro, chopped
     sweet, bottle raised ram $350; adult registered            Ave, Melrose 32666 (Clay)
     black ram, not sweet, will let go for $200: el-                                                                             1/3            cup fresh lime juice, 407/349-0104, E Sherman,                 Anatolian Shepherd puppies, all shots and
     220 Saunders Tr, Geneva 32732 (Seminole) Small             health certificates, good working dogs,                              Combine first 4 ingredients and 1 cup of broth in a food processor.
     ewe bred to very tiny Babydoll ram $125 or trade           born and raised w/ goats, starting at $300:                      Process until smooth. Transfer the mixture to a large bowl and whisk
                                                      , 352/406-2742, L
     for female tiny goat:,
     407/321-3951, R Meeker, 6050 Lemon Bluff Rd,               Krech, PO Box 446, Center Hill 33514 (Sumter)                    in cream, salt, pepper, cilantro, and 2 remaining cups of broth. Chill.
     Osteen 32764 (Volusia)                                                                                                      Serve garnished with shrimp and/or avocado slices.
                                                                Great Pyrenees puppies, registered, vet certified,
     Limited number of Jacob sheep, 2 horn and 4                shots and wormed, white, badger, and rare Lancier
     horn $75 and up; llamas and alpaca $200 and up:            markings $450-$500 or partial trade for goats/                                                                             Serves 4., 850/573-2199, W Hill, 2324 My           chickens:, 407/321-
     Way Farm Rd, Marianna 32448 (Jackson)                      3951, R Meeker, 6860 Lemon Bluff Rd, Osteen
                                                                32764 (Volusia)

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12                                                                                                                                                                                            Septem                         July 2006

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