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					Minute                                                                                       NHS Tayside

Tayside NHS Board


Minute of the above meeting held at 0930 hours on 10th May 2006 in the Seminar Room, Kings Cross,

Janet Dalzell, Breastfeeding Co-ordinator, Directorate of Public Health
Margaret Duncan, Dundee Health Visitors Representative
Stewart Forsyth, Consultant Paediatrician, NHS Tayside
Kim Fraser, Project Leader, Unmet Needs Breastfeeding Project, Directorate of Public Health
Gina Green, Health Visitor Rep, Perth City
Shirley Leslie, Sure Start Health Visitor, Angus
Lesley Mann, Health Visitor Rep, South Perthshire
Audrey McIntyre Miller, Parent Education, Perth Royal Infirmary
Sandra Murray, Project Manager, CHSS, Community Child Health
Rhona Pollock, Health Improvement Officer, Perth & Kinross Council
Janice Ramsay, Professional Development Midwife, Ninewells Hospital
Freda Stewart, Pubic Health Practitioner, Perth & Kinross CHP
Carol Sutherland, Infant Feeding Adviser, Ninewells Hospital,

Alison Findlay, Carole Robertson, Carrie Chmiel, Christine Crocker, Frances Shaw, Heather McGregor,
Jane Fleming, Joyce Thompson, Morag Martindale, Sheenagh Howard, Zelda Mathewson

Janet Dalzell/SForsyth in the Chair

 Since the last meeting there were a number of new members on the group. Janet welcomed new
 members to the group and asked everyone to introduce themselves and advise which service they
 were representing.

 2.            MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING – 8th February 2006
               Agreed to be correct by those present.

               Matters Arising;
               Breastfeeding Expert Group – following events in Dundee & Glasgow a report
               supporting Clinical Practice will be published in the Summer of 2006.

               NHS Direct Online Health Encyclopaedia Topic Breastfeeding – Following
               identification of inaccuracies in this information, we were given the opportunity to
               comment and these comments have now been submitted.

               Bumps & Babies/Baby Welcome
               Previously concern had been raised that the Directors of Baby Welcome and Global
               Baby Marketing Ltd. were one and the same. This has been confirmed through
               Company House. Belinda Phipps Chief Executive of NCT and UNICEF have
               confirmed that they have withdrawn their association with Baby Welcome. NCT are
               to continue to produce Bumps & Babies without Baby Welcome advertisement.
               From now on Bumps & Babies will be free from any advertisement conflict.

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13 July 2006
Minute                                                                                       NHS Tayside
               Audrey & Carol had copies of new literature that had arrived in hospitals in both
               Perth & Dundee. ‘Together we Care’ and ‘Mum Plus One’. Following discussion as
               to whether they should be given out/left around for people to help themselves, it was
               agreed NO new literature/magazines etc should be given out. It was suggested that a
               Guideline be produced with regard to how to deal with new information coming into
               hospitals/health centres etc.

               Carol/Audrey were to try and find out where these new magazines came from and           CS/AMM
               advise that we do not wish further stocks.

               Gina advised that in her practice (Caledonia Road) the Health Visitors and Practice
               Manager met regularly to vet what was to be left out in surgery, and it was suggested
               that Practice Managers should run all newly received literature by Health Visitors
               prior to leaving out in surgery.


               Zelda Mathewson had circulated a paper prior to the last meeting which highlighted
               differences in reported figures.

               Sandra Murray advised that with regard to the problems of filling in question on
               SIRS sheet, following management approval, these forms were now being sent back
               to be completed and information collated was better than before, but no figures were
               available as yet.

               With regard to the Breastfeeding question being moved to a more prominent position
               on the form, Sandra advised that it was unlikely this would happen, as there had been
               some resistance initially for it to be included.

               Sandra circulated a draft of the HV 1st report form with suggested changes to Feeding
               Question (including date stopped breastmilk along with a reason). Although this
               information was not to be used for collation, Health Visitors may find it of some use
               for themselves.

               Danka McLeod and Sandra were carrying out a pilot to compare data collection with
               the same population at the same time, to establish any discrepancies and where they
               are happening.

               Janet produced an article that had been printed in the Courier regarding Low
               Breastfeeding rates in Tayside. The ISD figures have now been released and were
               very encouraging. Janet advised that she was meeting with Marilyn Glen, MSP next
               week and would be taking the new release figures along.

 4.            STRATEGY & POLICY

               The final draft of the Tayside Breastfeeding Strategy will be tabled at the
               Improvement & Quality Committee meeting at the end of June 2006.

               Scottish Infant Feeding Strategy Consultation Document – although previously
               circulated widely, Janet was to send out a proforma of the recommendations to           JD
               members, and had asked that all comments be returned to her electronically BY 16TH
               JUNE 2006, so that she could collate a response of behalf of TIFSG, send to
               members for approval, and then forward by the deadline of 30th June.

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13 July 2006
Minute                                                                                     NHS Tayside
               Rhona Pollock advised that she is co-ordinating a response on behalf of P&K


           A UNICEF Planning Meeting has been arranged for 1st June which will be hosted by
           UNICEF Assessors. It was to begin with an introductory session and the afternoon
           would be spent developing an action plan for both Community & Ninewells Hospital.
           Janet advised that along with various representatives from the Maternity Unit at
           Ninewells and Community Nursing, the following practices had noted interest in

           Dundee:                       Ardler Surgery
                                         Grove Surgery, Broughty Ferry
                                         The Mill Practice
                                         Hawkhill Medical Practice
                                         Nethergate Health Centre
                                         Westgate Health Centre
                                         Whitfield Health Centre
                                         Brown Street Health Centre, Broughty Ferry

           Perth & Kinross:              Coupar Angus Practices I
                                         Coupar Angus Practice II
                                         Craiginvean Surgery, Dunkeld
                                         Crieff Medical Centre
                                         Taymount Surgery, Perth

           Angus:                        Monifieth Medical Practice

           Each interested practice had been given a Self-Appraisal Questionnaire to complete
           prior to the meeting, which would indicate strengths/weaknesses.

           It was noted as to the lack of interested practices in Angus and Janet advised that she
           had spoken to both Susan Wilson & Heather Goudie. Stewart Forsyth was to raise the        SF
           matter again with Susan Wilson. Shirley Leslie advised that she would bring this up at
           the next Angus Health Visitors Meeting.


           Kim Fraser advised that preliminary data was very encouraging and a paper outlining
           this was circulated to the group (copy attached).

           Kim and Janet had produced a paper, which they were taking to the Executive
           Committee meeting on 15th May.


           Work was now complete on a project working with most disadvantaged women in
           Dundee and this was to be the subject of a presentation at the Public Health Research &
           Development Seminar.

           It was advised that this would hopefully be taken to the Maternity Services Executive
           Team and the Maternity Services Liaison Committee.

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13 July 2006
    Minute                                                                                       NHS Tayside
               Stewart suggested that this be the subject of a presentation at the next TIFSG.            JD

     8.            BIG LOTTERY FUNDING

                   Deborah Gray had circulated information on opportunity to apply for Big Lottery
                   Funding (£248m available), of which 60% was available for funding peer support
                   initiatives. Joyce Thompson & Janet Dalzell had met to look at possibility of
                   producing a bid looking at Nutrition during Pregnancy, Peer Support, Breastfeeding
                   & Weaning. A short life working group would be convened for this purpose. Draft
                   ideas were to be with Deborah Gray within the next 2 weeks.


                   Prior to this meeting information from UNICEF/WHO was circulated. It was
                   advised that England & Wales would be using the charts and it was indicated that no
                   guidance would be issued for Scotland until end of the consultation on the Scottish
                   Infant Feeding Strategy, and we would have to wait for an announcement.

     10.           WELFARE FOODS

                   The group continues to meet. Evaluation of HS Phase 1 has been undertaken and
                   report is to be available by the end of May 2006. Rollout of HS Phase 2 has begun.

                   Locally, withdrawal of low income formula sales has now been implemented.

     11.           GLOBAL BABY MARKETING

                   Covered under Matters Arising

     12.           A.O.C.B

                   Education in Schools – Breastfeeding – Janet advised that the Breastfeeding in
                   Schools Information has been fully endorsed by School Advisers to be included in
                   the Health Education Programme. Plans are to deliver awareness sessions with
                   teachers using twilight sessions. School nurses have resources for both primary and
                   secondary education.

                   Shirley asked if it would be possible to include the Integrated Community School
                   Workers in the training sessions with education staff. Janet advised that this would
                   be actioned.

                   Margaret Duncan asked about pre-school education. Janet advised that so far
                   resources were targeted at primary and secondary education, but perhaps the next
                   challenge would be preschool.

     13.           DATE OF NEXT MEETING

                   The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 9th August 2006 at 9.30 a.m. in the
                   Seminar Room, Kings Cross Conference Suite, Dundee.

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    13 July 2006

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