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The satisfaction that accompanies successful completion of nay task would be incomplete without mentioning the people who made it possible, whose guidance and encouragement crowed one’s efforts with success. We consider our privilege to express our gratitude and respect to all those who guided us in the completion of our project. We express our deep sense of gratitude t our guide Prof.G.V.RAO sir for his guidance and assistance in every aspect of the project. We take immense pleasure in thanking him for the freedom of thought and action; we have enjoyed during the entire course our project work. We shall always cherish our association with him. We express our heartfelt thanks to our college for the constant encouragement and provision of excellent library facilities. Finally we would like to thank all the people who helped directly or indirectly, for the successful completion of our project.

DECLARATION We hereby declare that all the information that has been collected and analysed and known from this report is entirely an authentic possession of our project team. We would like to categorically mention that the work here is not purchased, nor acquired by any other unfair means. HoweverS for the purpose of this report the information already complied in many sources has been utilized.

Ann Susan Anila .L Sindhu Keerthi

Nishanka.P Prathibha.. A Shravani.K