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									                                     Public health

                               what it is and how it works
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             Public health is
   "the science and art of preventing
 disease, prolonging life and promoting
health through the organized efforts and
       informed choices of society,
    organizations, public and private,
      communities and individuals“

(C.-E. A. Winslow, “The Untilled Fields of Public Health,”
              Science, n.s. 51 (1920), p. 23)
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It is concerned with threats to the overall
      health of a community based on
         population health analysis.

  Public health is typically divided into
 epidemiology, biostatistics and health
    services. Environmental, social,
behavioral, and occupational health are
       other important subfields.
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The focus of public health intervention is
 to prevent rather than treat a disease
 through surveillance of cases and the
    promotion of healthy behaviors.

   The goal of public health is to improve
     lives through the prevention and
            treatment of disease.

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    The United Nations' World Health
Organization defines health as "a state of
  complete physical, mental and social
well-being and not merely the absence of
          disease or infirmity."

 (WHO Definition of Health Preamble to the
Constitution of the World Health Organization
   as adopted by the International Health
              Conference, 1946)
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   Overall, public health is concerned with
 protecting the health of entire populations.
These populations can be as small as a local
neighborhood, or as big as an entire country.

Public health professionals analyze the effect
on health of genetics, personal choice and the
 environment in order to develop programs
  that protect the health of your family and
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Public health professionals try to prevent problems
       from happening or re-occurring through
 implementing educational programs, developing
policies, administering services, regulating health
      systems and some health professions, and
      conducting research, in contrast to clinical
    professionals, such as doctors and nurses, who
  focus primarily on treating individuals after they
    become sick or injured. It is also a field that is
  concerned with limiting health disparities and a
   large part of public health is the fight for health
         care equity, quality, and accessibility.
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