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					Allen ISD Administrative Guidelines for Management of Cumulative Records
The following information is to serve as district guidelines regarding contents of district student cumulative folders. The folders should contain items noted, based on the campus category. As students progress through the district, additional contents should be added to the cumulative folders as listed below.

1. Cumulative Folders Contents (Elementary)
1.1 Report cards 1.2 Attendance records 1.3 Proof of identity1.3.1 copy of birth certificate 1.3.2 adoption records 1.3.3 church baptismal records 1.3.4 hospital birth records 1.3.5 passport 1.4 Copy of social security card 1.5 Standardized test scores 1.6 Competency test information (TAAS) 1.7 Home language survey 1.8 IPT testing, and ESL committee recommendation for placement (for ESL students only) 1.9 Withdrawal information 1.10 Records from other schools-appropriate for cumulative folders 1.11 Special medical information (vision/hearing tests, immunization records, etc.) 1.12 Legal documents

1.12.1 custody documents 1.12.2 name change 1.12.3 guardianship 1.12.4 questionnaire for minors living apart from guardian 1.12.5 power of attorney documents, etc. 1.13 Copies of accident reports 1.14 Copies of residency information & transfer requests 1.15 Gifted and talented campus selection committee recommendation form 1.16 Referral to regular education form

2. Cumulative Folders Contents (Middle School)
2.1 Previous contents plus: 2.1.1 Credit by exam information 2.1.2 Middle school advanced course information

3. Cumulative Folders Contents (High School)
3.1 Previous contents plus: 3.1.1 Permanent record cards 3.1.2 Credit check form in cum folders at the time of withdrawal or graduation

Transfer responsibilities
4. Elementary
4.1 Counselors--remove personal contents, i.e.. student work, personal notes, loose pictures 4.2 Principal’s designee - separate all inactive or withdrawn student folders 4.3 Alpha organize active records and deliver to receiving campus 4.4 Records of students withdrawing from school should be retained for three years on the home campus. After the three-year period they should be sent to the central records center clearly marked with the destruction date seven years after withdrawal.

5. Middle School

5.1 Attach year-end grades labels to the middle school permanent record cards. Bundle permanent record cards separately from the cumulative folders. 5.2 Hold any possible retainees files until summer school is over 5.3 Attach summer school grades and send records of passing students to the receiving school. 5.4 Forward all cumulative folders, immunizations, and permanent record cards, to the high school, with the exception of summer school grades. 5.5 Upon reaching eighth grade, student records become permanent records. All active and inactive students’ records should be kept with the grade level, but separated and clearly marked as active or withdrawn.

6. High School
6.1 Personal notes should not be placed in cum folders. Any written materials of value should be returned to the student at the end of the year. 6.2 Hold retainees files until summer school is over. 6.3 Keep separate active and inactive student records. 6.4 “Active” folders should be boxed and clearly labeled separately from “Withdrawn” student folders. 6.5 Graduated students folders: 6.5.1 In October following graduation date all records should be purged from folders, except for student transcripts (Academic Achievement RecordAAR), and medical cards. 6.5.2 Graduated students folders should be retained on campus until October, four years after graduation. After four years, the records should be forwarded to the central records retention center for permanent storage. 6.6 Withdrawn students folders: 6.6.1 Should contain all records pertaining to their high school career, including withdrawal form. 6.6.2 Should be retained on campus for four years. These folders should be forwarded to the records center in October, four years after date of withdrawal.

Administrative Guidelines for Student Records Transfer
1. The sending and receiving campus counselors should make arrangements for folder transfers during the last week of school. 2. Folders, which are complete, are to be moved by the lead counselors by the last day of school. 3. The sending campus administrator is responsible for moving folders, which are not completed by the last day of school. 4. Folders should be reviewed for content and arranged in alphabetical order before the transfer to the receiving campus. 5. A check-off sheet should accompany folders being transferred.
5.1 Insert student names for each folder involved. 5.2 Check the appropriate box as to the type of folder. 5.3 Both the sending and receiving campus personnel should sign and date the appropriate blanks.

6. Student record folders should be grouped and transferred in the following categories:
6.1 Cumulative Student Folders 6.2 504 Student Folders 6.3 Alpha Phonics Student Folders 6.4 Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Student Folders 6.5 Student Support Team (SST)Student Folders

Allen ISD Administrative Guidelines for Confidentiality
1 (Cumulative, 504, SST, Health, Discipline, LPAC, Counselor, Special Education)Keep folders in a locked file cabinet or other similar secured area. Student Folders
Post a list where the folders are kept of school officials who are authorized to access the folders. Such persons shall be school officials who have a "legitimate educational interest" in a student's records when they are working with the student; considering disciplinary or academic actions, the student's case, or an individual education plan for a student with disabilities; compiling statistical data; or investigating or evaluating programs. Designate on the list the person who has been delegated by the records manager to be responsible for maintenance of the folders. Do not discuss the contents of the folders with anyone who is not on the access list. Do not discuss the contents of the folders in a public area where unauthorized persons (students, volunteers, etc.) may hear. Do not authorize any person who is not a District employee (e.g. students, volunteers, etc.) to access student folders. Refer all persons, including parents, who want access to student folders, copies of records in student folders, and/or to amend student records to the appropriate record custodian. The record custodian for all folders maintained at the campus is the principal. The record custodian for folders maintained at the central office is the appropriate director, assistant superintendent, or the superintendent. Remove the names of other students before including information in a student's folder.


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3. Professional Responsibilities
3.1 Do not discuss a student or parent in front of another student or parent. 3.2 Do not use the name of a student or parent in front of another student or parent. 3.3 Do not leave material containing personal information about a student or parent in open view and/or unattended. 3.4 Do not make telephone calls to parents where other students or parents can hear. 3.5 Do not discuss a student with anyone who is not a District employee or the student's parent (e.g. parent volunteers, students, etc.). 3.6 Do not allow persons who are not District employees to access personal computer files.