What are the Benefits of Recycling? by nicholasmcculloch01


									What are the Benefits of Recycling?

                                           There are many benefits of waste
                                           management that can help you, your
                                           family, your community and the
                                           overall economy and ecosystem. By
                                           following the basic steps of reducing,
                                           reusing and recycling, you would
                                           actually be contributing to saving
                                           energy,     lessening      greenhouse
                                           gasses that pollute our atmosphere,
                                           save up some extra dollars in your
                                           pocket, preventing the mining of raw
                                           materials and lastly reducing the
                                           amount of forests and habitats that
                                           are extinguished per year due to our
                                           inconsideration for our surroundings.

                                             Recycle in Brisbane involves three
main processes that allow the individual to help his/her environment:
1. Collecting recyclable materials and categorizing them where they belong
2. Processing the recyclable substances into reusable materials that can be
resold at the stores as brand new products
3. Finally, is the purchase of those processed and recycled materials that
happens to be much less expensive than new products

Commercial waste management will allow you the chance to work together
with other members of your community that share this common goal, so as to
finally put a stop or perhaps even lessen the amount of useful materials that are
adding up in our landfills. Chemical waste, toxins and other substances that
cannot be disintegrated and part of the earth once again, manage to make their
way into our food sources, water sources, soil and even in other animals’
systems, therefore causing drastic illnesses and problems with the ecosystem
and with our own developments. Taking into consideration the above-mentioned
basic steps that can save not only human lives but also other animals’ lives and
living habitats, as well as reduce the pollution that we place on ourselves, just
may be one of the most important steps you can take each day. All you have to
do is reuse a plastic bottle you just emptied until it’s no longer reusable.

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