The Different Kinds of Recyling by nicholasmcculloch01


									The Different Kinds of Recyling

                                    Commercial waste management is one of
                                    the most vital parts of running a company that
                                    individuals need to look out for. Not only does
                                    commercial waste include confidential papers
                                    and personal information of clients and
                                    workers, but it also at times includes
                                    unrecyclable products such as lead, paint,
                                    oxide and other chemicals or toxins that can
                                    seep into the soil or water and cause
                                    irreversible side effects and illnesses to
                                    animals and humans alike. In order for these
                                    toxic products to remain away from others’
                                    contact, they need to be retained in steel or
                                    plastic drums that won’t leak any of the
                                    poisonous substances in their surroundings.

                                      Recycling in Brisbane can be a simple task
that’s easier than 1-2-3. The main purpose of reducing, reusing and recycling is
for the individual to save more money in buying products at the store, lessening
the amount of greenhouse gasses that are released into our atmosphere,
preventing the destruction of ecosystems, forest and habitats which lead to the
extinction of other species, and finally it’s just a personal benefit for yourself to
feel good that you were just a small part of a bigger process that saves the world
in some way. For example, rather than tossing out a plastic bottle that you just
used, it’s better for you to reuse it and drink other liquids from it. Once you feel
that it’s been used long enough, then you can place it in a bin with other
materials that are made form similar substances. You have now become a part of
the reducing, reusing and recycling process.

Recycle Brisbane follows three basic steps that you can commit to every day:
1. Once the materials you used are placed into the recycle bin, they are then
taken to be categorized with other recycled materials
2. The substances are then melted down and disinfected to be processed into
new materials
3. Finally, the end product is resold in stores in the form of other materials at
much lower prices because they can be reused again and again

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