How to Make a Rain Barrel by zhangsshaohui123


									              How to Make a Rain Barrel
     You can collect rain water runoff from your roof in a rain barrel to use for outdoor
     watering. Once you find a sturdy barrel, the other materials will cost less than $25.

Materials Needed:                 away from       your   home’s      downspout.          Cut the
•   One food-grade barrel or      foundation.                        downspout just above the
    trash can                                                        rain barrel. Attach the
•   Fiberglass window screen      Step 2. Install the faucet.        downspout elbow to the
•   One ¾” brass faucet/hose      Drill a hole for the faucet        downspout to direct water
    bib                           near the barrel’s bottom.          into the opening on the top
•   Two ¾” washers or metal                                          of the barrel or trash can.
    conduit nuts (found in the    Step 3. Screw the hose
    electrical section)           bib/faucet into the hole in        Step 7. Start saving water!
•   One ¾” x close galvanized     the barrel, secure it with         Use the water you collected
    nipple                        nuts or washers. Seal the          in the rain barrel to water
•   One ¾” plastic insert         opening with waterproof            your plants. You can collect
    female hose adaptor           caulk.                             even more        water by
•   Silicone waterproof caulk                                        directing the condensate
•   Downspout elbow               Step 4. Make an opening            from your air conditioner
•   Approx. 4 feet of flexible    to collect water. Cut a            into the barrel.
    garden hose                   hole in the barrel’s top or
                                  trash can’s lid     slightly
                                  larger than the size of the
Tools/Equipment                   down spout.
•   Drill with hole saw           Step 5. Keep out the
•   Jig saw                       mosquitoes. Cut a piece
•   Scissors                      of screen slightly larger
                                  than the barrel’s top. Lay
Step 1. Make an overflow          the screen over the trash
drain. Drill a hole near the      can’s opening and secure
top of the barrel. Twist the      it in place with plastic
galvanized nipple into the        strapping or the trash can
hole, secure it with the          lid.
nuts or washers then seal
with waterproof caulk.            Step 6. Install the barrel.
Insert the hose adaptor and       Set the completed barrel
hose so water can overflow        on a stand or cinder block
to another barrel or drain        base located under your

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