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Quarter 2


									                                           Physics Syllabus

                                             2nd Quarter
         Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex High School: A College Preparatory High School

                                          Course Name: PHYSICS

Instructor: Mr. E. Aguedo, Mr. M. Leigh          Classroom: 315 & 232

Phone: (401) 456-0651                             E-mail:


Office Hours: One hour on second Tuesday of every month from 2:30 pm to 3:40 pm

Teacher website:

School Website:

Text: Holt Physics

Course Description:

Everything around you can be described by using the tools of physics. The goal of physics is to use a
small number of basic concepts, equations, and assumptions to describe the physical world. These
physics principles can then be used to make predictions about a board range of phenomena.

During the second quarter you will recognize everyday examples of Newton’s law of motion, understand
that net forces cause acceleration, identity how the force of friction changes the net force action on an
object, apply Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation to various planetary phenomena and finally identify
and differentiate between different forms of mechanical energy.


       Apply the first, second and third law of Newton to predict the motion of a physical situation
       Predict and graphically represent how net force affects the motion of an object.
       Investigate and calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction for different surfaces
       Explain the mathematical relationship between mass, centripetal force and centripetal
       Apply Newton’s universal law of gravitation to various phenomena such as satellite and
        planetary orbits, falling objects and tides.
       Explain the mathematical relationship between work, force and distance.
       Measure work input and work output of several machines to calculate the efficiency of each
       Distinguish between kinetic and potential energy.


       Holt Physics Textbook
       Simulations (videos)
       Laboratory equipment
       Physics website:

Late Work/Make-up:

All assignments will be submitted on time. All projects and major assignments submitted late will
receive 5 points deduction per day for five school days. Projects and major assignments submitted after
five school days will not be eligible to receive any credit. Projects and major assignments submitted after
that will not be eligible to receive any credit. Test and quizzes can be made up only if you have an
excused absence and the teacher will determine the make-up time. No homework will be accepted late.

Grading System:

       Formative Assessment (30%):
           o Classwork
           o Homework
           o Do Now
           o Science Notebook
       Summative Assessment (70%):
           o Tests / Exams
           o Projects
           o Laboratory Reports

                                        Course Schedule

Week    Topic            GSE              Required        Formative &             School Wide
                                          Reading         Summative               Expectation
11/8    Unit 1 of 3      PS3(9-11)        Why it Matters: Formative:              A3, A4, A5,
to      Introduction     POC+INQ 8a       Seat Belts      Section Review          A8, C1, S6
11/23   to Newton’s      PS3 (9-11)-      (Textbook p.    (p.129)
        Law              POC 9b           128)            Practice problems C
                                          Newton’s First  Section Review (p.
                                          Law (Textbook   134)
                                          pp125 - 126)    Summative:
                                                          Chapter Test Booklet
                                                          Section Quiz Booklet
                                                          (p. 26)
                                                          NECAP, 2008
                                                          released item
11/29   Unit 2 of 3      PS3(9-11)        Why it matters: Formative:              A3, A4, A5,
to      Application Of   POC-9            Driving and     Practice D              A8, S6, & C1
12/16   Newton’s Law     PS3 (9-11)-9     Friction        Practice E
                         9b               (Textbook p.    Section Quiz (pp. 27-
                                          142)            28)
                                          Every day       Weight, Friction &
                                          Forces(Textbook Normal force Review
                                          pp.135-138)     Questions (pp. 146-
                                                          Chapter Test Booklet
                                                          (pp. 29-32)
                                                          Section Quiz Booklet
                                                          (pp. 27-28)
12/20   Unit 3 of 3      PS3 (9-11)       Black Holes     Formative:              A3, A4, A5,
to      Newton’s Law     POC+INQ-8        Textbook p. 243 Section Quizzes         A8, S6, C1 &
1/6     of Universal     PS3 (9-11) -8    Applying the    Booklet (pp.43-46)      S2
        Gravitation      PS3(9-11)        Law of          Summative:
                         POC-9            Gravitation     Chapter Test Booklet
                         PS3(9-11)-9      Textbook pp.    (pp. 49-52)
                         9a               244-245         Section Quiz Booklet
                         ESS3 (9-11)                      (p.43)
                         POC+SAE-8                        NECAP, 2009
                         ESS3 (9-11)-8                    released item

1/10   Unit 4 of 4   PS2 (9-11)    Why it Matters:   Formative:             A3, A4, A5,
to     Work &        POC+SAE-5     The Energy in     Section Quizzes        A8, S6, C1 &
1/27   Energy        PS2(9-11)-5   Food Textbook     Booklet, Work (pp.     S2
                     5a            p. 168            29-30) and Energy
                     PS2(Ext)-5                      (pp.31-32)
                     5aa, 5bb                        Summative:
                                                     Chapter Test Booklet
                                                     (pp. 33-36)


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