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					                                                     Autumnwood Care Center
                                                     670 E State Route 18
                                                     Tiffin, OH 44883

                                                                       January 2012

       Reading Race                                              Why, Thank You
                                  Happy New Year From All
January is Book Blitz Month. Go                             Jan. 24 is National Compliment
to the library and track how       of Us at Autumnwood      Day, so put a smile on
many books you can read this            Care Center         someone’s face by saying
month.                                                      something positive.
     HAVE A PEACEFUL                     Penny-Pinching Tips for
        NEW YEAR                             the New Year
                                           Did the holidays drain your
                                        savings account? Here are some
There is a lot of talk about peace      helpful tips to save a few bucks
during the holiday season and           and cushion those pockets
the new year. Wouldn’t it be            again:
great if we could have a sense of          Transportation. Perform
peace all year long? A short            regular maintenance on your
definition of peace is                  car. The upkeep may cost, but            Seasonal Selections
“contentment, or unity between          the bill will be less in the long        Enjoy the bright flavors of
people.” It is a state of assurance     run compared with the price of a     citrus favorites during the dreary
and lack of fear. Peace is              major breakdown. Regular             days of January. Grapefruit,
characterized by fellowship,            checkups also lengthen the life      oranges and tangerines are all in
harmony and unity between               of your car.                         season now, meaning they’re at
individuals. Furthermore, peace            Financial fees. Pay your credit   the peak of perfection and more
brings freedom from worry,              card bills on time. Avoiding late    affordable. Choose one that
disturbance and anxious                 fees and interest charges will       feels heavy for its size and has
thoughts. When we have a sense          save you money and protect           shiny, spotless skin. With light
of tranquility or experience a          your credit score. Avoid ATMs        pressure, roll on the counter
state of rest, we can say we are        with transaction fees.               before eating or slicing; this gets
at peace.                                  Utilities. If you lower the       the juices flowing and makes for
    When a person is dominated          temperature on your thermostat       an even tastier shot of vitamin
by peace, he has a calm, inner          and turn off all faucets and         C.
stability that results in the ability   lights when not in use, you’ll
                                                                              Eden Prairie Staff Make
to conduct himself peacefully,          save energy and a little cash.
even in the midst of                       Food. Clip coupons and try           Christmas Special
circumstances that would                generic brands. Generic items            at Autumnwood
normally be nerve-wracking or           offer similar quality to name
upsetting.                              brands at a fraction of the price.
                                                                             Recently the staff of our home
    How can we choose a                 Also, if you make a list before
                                                                             office in Eden Prairie Minnesota
peaceful attitude this new year?        heading to the store, you’ll avoid
                                                                             visited Autumnwood and
As Christians, we can look to           impulse purchases and buy only
                                                                             presented us with a wonderful
Christ, whom the prophet Isaiah         what you need.
                                                                             gift—a Reverie Harp. It is
called “the Prince of Peace.” We           Entertainment. Instead of
                                                                             designed to be easy to play and
can make a choice not to be             going to the movies, host a
                                                                             can be used to create a sense of
anxious about our lives but             movie night. Renting a DVD or
                                                                             peace and calm during stressful
instead to pray and give our            buying an on-demand movie
                                                                             times. Look for photos and
worries to God. When we can             costs much less than a movie
                                                                             more information in the
learn to do that, God’s peace           ticket. If you want to go to the
                                                                             February newsletter. Thank you,
will enter our hearts and help us       theater, see a matinee. You’ll
                                                                             Eden Prairie Staff!
to rest in Him.                         avoid the crowds and the high
    Ruth Lynch, Commissioned            prices of prime-time
Minister                                entertainment.
                                    quilted trivets, and she was glad
                                    to share. Maxine is an excellent
                                    teacher. She showed several of
                                    us how to do the step-by-step
                                    process. The project will
                                    continue once the holidays are
                                    over. Even some of our men got
                                    in on the act.

   Sharing Our Talents
   To encourage our elders to
share some of their talents, we
asked several residents what they
used to enjoy doing before                                              the celebration of
coming to Autumnwood.
Maxine Young loved to quilt,                                            one life can touch
and it was very evident that she                                        so many others.
was really good at it. We asked
her if she could teach a group
how to make the beautiful star

                                                                        Learn how honoring
                                                                        a loved one’s memory
                                                                        can make a lasting
                                                                        di erence in
                                                                        your community.

The Gospel Heirs provide a
monthly gospel program in our
chapel. They are a favorite with
our residents and many of our
evening visitors. If you would
like to hear them perform, we         Mr. Moose Welcomes
schedule them for the first         Visitors to Autumnwood
Monday night of each month at
6 p.m.
New Volunteers Go Above
      and Beyond                      Now Larry and Cynthia help
                                      with bowling on the first
                                      Thursday of the month, provide
When Rev. Larry Wagner and his        a craft program on the third
wife Cynthia moved back to            Thursday, joined the Auxiliary
Tiffin after being gone for 7         and were drafted to help with
years, one of the first places they   our Christmas decorations. They
visited was Autumnwood.               did a beautiful job decorating
Before they moved, they had           the large Christmas tree in the
been actively involved in the         Front Room and set up our           Walmart Volunteers and
ministry at Autumnwood, and           village on a beautiful sleigh in    Autumnwood Staff Help
they were greatly missed.             the Indoor Park. We are so             Bring Joy to Our
Imagine how thrilled we were          happy to have them back with           Christmas Party
when we found that they had           us. Our residents enjoy their
returned. It was no accident that     cheery disposition and their
they came for a visit, because we     ability to bring smiles to
were in need of a pastor to           residents. Although many of our
provide the Sunday service on         residents did not know them
the fourth Sunday. They went          prior to their return to Tiffin,
through the Volunteer                 many of our elders have become
orientation process and casually      acquainted with them and enjoy
asked if there were other things      the time spent visiting with the
they could do. Never ask an           Wagners.
Activity Director that question!          It was evident that coming
                                      back to Tiffin was in God’s plan
                                      for Larry and Cyndy, but as they
                                      have found out, their ministry at
                                      Autumnwood never really ended
                                      when they left Tiffin—it just was
                                      on hold, and now it is back and
                                      bringing blessings all around.
                                      Thank you, Wagners, for your
                                      willingness to serve.
                                          You are welcome to join
                                      them in the Chapel on the
                                      fourth Sunday and listen to a
                                      wonderful gospel message and
                                      enjoy beautiful music on the
                                      piano provided by Cynthia.

                                               How Clever
                                         January is International
                                      Creativity Month.
      ARE A HIT!
   Our family Christmas parties
were very well attended this
year. We hosted a Brunch and a
supper and served over 500

                                                                        Monthly Men’s Club
                                                                        Our monthly Men’s Club has
                                                                     gotten quite popular. The men
                                                                     gathered in the Community
                                                                     Room and made Chocolate
                                                                     Oreo Truffles and Chocolate-
                                                                     Covered Pretzels for our
                                                                     Christmas party. The plan
                                                                     starting in January is to have
                                                                     more Kitchen Crafts, and the
                                                                     addition of a stove to the
                                                                     Activity Room will allow this to

                                                                         A WINTER RIDDLE
                                                                     From Heaven I fall, though from
                                                                               earth I begin.
                                                                      No lady alive can show such a
                                                                     I’m bright as an angel, and light
                                                                                as a feather,
                                                                      But heavy and dark, when you
                                                                           squeeze me together.
                                                                     Though candor and truth in my
                                                                               aspect I bear,
                                   Santa Claus at His Best!
                                     Santa visited both of our        Yet many poor creatures I help
                                  Christmas parties and was quite               to ensnare.
                                  a hit. He and Elfreda the Elf        Though so much of Heaven
                                  found seats near our large tree,         appears in my make,
                                  and our Executive Director took     The foulest impressions I easily
                                  photos of everyone with Santa.                    take.
                                  Family members got in the            My parent and I produce one
                                  act too.                                        another.
                                                                               WHAT AM I?
                                                                        Thank You for Thinking
                                                                           of Autumnwood
                                                                       Thank you to the following
                                                                       individuals, organizations and
                                                                       businesses for their recent

                                                                                Marilyn Klaus
                                          Resident Birthdays                Dorothy Tannenbaum
     Quilts for Family                        for January                        Deb Hoerig
        Memories                     1     Charles Burkart                  Volunteers of America
    Agnes Mathias is known far       2     Steve Drosky                        Northwest Ohio
and wide for her beautiful           11    Jeanne Kieffer                   Autumnwood Auxiliary
quilts. Here she poses with just     12    Lucille Stansberry                      Kroger
two of the many quilts she has       18    Helen Weller
put together over the years. This    22    Earl Adkins                  Autumnwood Care Center is a
year for her family Christmas,       23    Beryl Shoemaker             not-for-profit organization. Your
her children drew numbers and        27    Mina Huston                       contribution may be
each of them got one of her          30    Betty Martinez                       tax-deductible.
beautiful quilts—a memory for
all of them to share for
generations. This took place
when Agnes had 21 members of
her family join her for our                                                 Employee Birthdays
Christmas party at Autumnwood                                                  for January
on Dec. 11. We got to enjoy the                                        1    Deb Weller-Medical Records
excitement and joy of family                                           3    Diane Smith-Receptionist
time when so many of her                                               8    Ann Borer-Housekeeping
family were able to join her for a                                     9    Candy Parish-STNA
meal and time together. Agnes                                          10   Kristy Frankart-RN
has albums showing all of the                                          11   Deb Gressman-STNA
magnificent quilts she has made.      Employee Anniversaries           17   Chris Schultz-LPN
With the long winter months                                            21   Mary Ann Parente-LPN
                                           for January
setting in, quilting may become      3    Terri Kisaberth-21 years     22   Terri Kisaberth-Dietary
something we can work on             7    Stacey Winner-1 year         23   Holly Dombek-STNA
together. We know we have            13   Janice Dornbirer-1 year      24   Sherry Runion-STNA
several really good teachers at      13   Kendra Elchert-1 year        25   Lisette Lawson-RN
Autumnwood right now.                13   Tracey Hackenberg-23 years   28   Rebecca Sims-STNA
                                     13   John Lacey-3 years
     Positive Thought                13   Andrea Waldon-3 years
   “Don’t let what you cannot        17   Tricia Glowniak-13 years
do interfere with what you can       20   Jennifer Mazzaro-5 years
do.” —John Wooden
                                           Drive Carefully in                  No-Frying Chicken
Need some ideas to start 2012               Wintry Weather                         Parmesan
on the right foot? Try these                                                  Ingredients:
suggestions....                                                               • ¾ cup plain, dry bread
   Motivational Tip                   Winter driving can be                      crumbs
                                      dangerous. Snow and ice make            • ½ teaspoon Italian
Turn problems into                    roads slippery, and staying                seasoning
opportunities. The next time          home is not always an option.           • ¼ teaspoon garlic powder
you’re faced with a potential         Follow these tips for safer             • 6 boneless, skinless
hurdle, take a step back and ask      driving:                                   chicken breast halves
yourself what new capabilities            Be prepared. Always keep your          (about 2 pounds)
the problem gives you. For            gas tank at least half full. Have       • 1 egg, beaten
example, a rude encounter with        an emergency kit in case you get        • 1 jar pasta sauce
a stranger can be seen as a test to   stuck. Include a map, emergency         • 1 cup shredded, part-skim
your patience. Having “nothing        phone numbers, water,                      mozzarella cheese
to eat” in your kitchen when          nonperishable snack food,               • 12 oz. pasta, cooked and
payday is still a few days away       blankets, a flashlight, a brightly         drained
challenges you to create new          colored cloth to tie to your            Directions:
recipes from ingredients you          antenna, insurance information          Preheat oven to 400° F.
do have.                              and a tool kit. Also, know how       Combine bread crumbs, Italian
                                      to deal with common                  seasoning and garlic powder in
      Meatless Monday                 emergencies such as a flat tire or   shallow dish. Dip chicken in
   A common trend nowadays is         a dead battery. If you become        egg, then crumb mixture; turn
to designate at least one day a       snowbound, stay with your            to coat.
week in which meat is not             vehicle—it provides shelter and         Arrange chicken in 13x9-inch
consumed at any meal. This can        makes it easier for rescuers to      baking dish. Bake 20 minutes.
be good for your health, your         find you.                               Pour pasta sauce over
finances and the environment. If          Slow down. Accelerate and        chicken; top with cheese. Bake
you already participate in            decelerate slowly. When roads        an additional 10 minutes or
Meatless Mondays, try forgoing        are slick, the most important        until chicken is thoroughly
meat multiple days a week.            advice is to drive slowly and        cooked. Serve with hot pasta.
  Relaxation Techniques               allow extra room between you
   Relaxing helps manage stress,      and the cars around you. This
lower blood pressure and              can give you time to react in a
improve concentration. One            crisis. Remember, speed limits
technique is called progressive       are intended for ideal, dry
muscle relaxation. Focus on           conditions.
slowly tensing and then relaxing          Look ahead. Paying close
each muscle group separately.         attention to the road and any
This method allows you to             potential obstacles ahead allows
become more aware of physical         you plenty of time to slow to a
sensations.                           stop if necessary.
                          Autumnwood Care Center                                                                          Non Profit
                          670 E State Route 18                                                                           US Postage
                          Tiffin, OH 44883                                                                                    Paid
                                                                                                                       Permit No. 105
                                                                                                                       Tiffin, OH 44883

 Volunteers of America is a movement organized to reach and uplift people and bring them to the knowledge and active service of God.
 Volunteers of America, illustrating the presence of God through all that we do, serves people and communities in need and creates
 opportunities for people to experience the joy of serving others. Volunteers of America measures its success in positive change in the lives
 of individuals and communities we serve.

                                                                 Executive Director
                                                                 Sally St. Clair, C.N.H.A.
                                                                 Admissions Coordinator
                                                                 Cindy Setliff
                                                                 Director of Nursing
                                                                 Gina Porter, R.N., B.S.N.
                                                                 Director of Therapy
                                                                 Greg Koser, P.T.
                                                                 Resident Services Director
                                                                 Sara Koppus, L.S.W.
                                                                 Human Resources/Business Manager
Autumnwood Care Center has offered premier quality               Kevin Wasserman
skilled nursing and rehabilitation services since 1977.          Quality Manager
We care for individuals with chronic diseases and for
those recovering from injury or illness. Our residents           Ruth Lynch, M.S., Commissioned Minister
receive 24-hour care from our well-trained, dedicated,           Therapeutic Recreation/Community Relations
professional staff. Families and friends are welcome to
visit as often as possible and are encouraged to be              Mary Lee Creeger, ADC
involved with their loved ones’ care and activities. We          Director of Dietary Services
invite you to discover the difference that living at
Autumnwood Care Center can bring to those you love.              Russell Markwith
Visit us on the web,, or call             Maintenance Director
(419) 447-7151 for information.
                                                                 Ron Guild

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