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      Long Sleeve Shirts
      by Leon & Tammy (Think Only Success) Gregory | on March 10, 2013

      Why do people wear long sleeve shirts?

      Do You Wear Long Sleeve Shirts?
      Do you prefer long sleeve shirts over short sleeves? Now I find out that most of your dress
      shirts are of the long sleeve variety and I know when I was younger you used to put what they
      call cuff links onto the cuffs of your shirts to dress them up plus keep you cuffs closed. I still
      have cuff links but no shirts to use them with so I guess that is one thing that went to the
      wayside. Now you may be asking why are you talking about long sleeve shirts I guess
      because I see a lot of people wear them. I know that where we live people wear them during
      the winter time here because they are warmer. Some wear them to protect their skin because
      they can’t be exposed to sunlight. So are you a long sleeve person? If you were asked to be
      on stage and give a speech would you wear a long sleeve shirt. Would a person giving that
      speech in a long sleeve shirt impress you? What if the person giving that speech was wearing
      a tank top and flip flops would that turn you off? Well I have the guy in the tank top ready to
      take you on the adventure of your life so why don’t you click HERE put in your email address
      and watch the video.

      Long Sleeve Shirts Versus Short Sleeve Shirts
      Now I am a short sleeve person I hate to wear long sleeves and really do not like the fact that
      I can not find dress shirts in short sleeves. If I have to wear long sleeves I always roll them up
      not because I have great arms and I am not trying to show off anything, but I just do not like
      long sleeves. Now I work in a machine shop and we have people that wear long sleeves to
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      work. Myself can not imagine doing that I mean you have tools turning at very high rates of
      speed and all you need is to get caught on that and you are in big trouble. The people tell me
      that wear the long sleeves because they are cold in the shop but the place is heated so I still
      do not understand it. I guess there are some things that I will not understand but one thing I       start now
      do understand is that Dave & Dave have put together a killer plan for all of us to succeed at if
      you are willing to work. So what you need to do is click HERE and put in your email address
      and watch the video.
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      I Would Ban Long Sleeve Shirts
      Now like I mentioned above that I know some people have to wear long sleeve shirts but                WHAT IS IT WORTH TO YOU?
      myself I would ban them altogether unless you have a doctors excuse to wear them. My
      favorite shirts are Hawaiian shirts especially during the winter months as they give color and I      A New I Phone
      feel lighten up the mood of the people around you. I like to wear t shirts also just because

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          they are  easy to put on and are comfortable to be around the house in. I can’t wait till I can
                                                                                                                          WHY DO WE HAVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS
          go into a store and find a dress shirt I like and tell them cut the sleeves off. Now some of you                TIME?
          will not feel like me and I would not hold that against you I mean we do live in a free country. I
          tell you what I am looking for is not someone who wears long sleeve shirts or short sleeves
                                                                                                                          Long Sleeve Shirts
          but someone who is willing to work hard to make things happen and help other people out.
          If that is you then you better click HERE and get joined up as this train is moving
          down the tracks and picking up speed as we go. So jump on board and ride the TOS                                WHAT IS THE PERFECT AGE?
          Express with us.
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