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									                                                                                                                                      Vol. 18
                                                                                                          NUMBER : 02 FEBRUARY 2012

                                                       The issues discussed on this occasion are as follows:
                                                       1. Exchange of Student
                                                          Kasetsart University plans to send groups of students to conduct their field studies at
                                                  Champasack University in Agricultural Science, Agro-industry, Engineering, Forestry, and
                                                  Fisheries. In such field studies, faculty members and students of Champasack University
                                                  will be invited to join all activities, as always, so as to provide opportunities for them to meet
                                                  and share their ideas and experience on specific topics which will lead to strong relationships
                                                  among students of both universities.
                                                       2. Human Resource Development
                                                          This activity will be divided into 2 parts:
                                                          2.1 Short-Term on Human Resource Development
                                                              Kasetsart University agreed to host several training programs at Champasack University so
                                                  as to augment experience for faculty members of Champasack University. The training programs
                                                  include Rubber Plantation, Cassava, and Survey and Highway Engineering Training Program.

 Rector of Champasack University
   visited Kasetsart University
    On January 18, 2012, 10.30 hrs. at
the Kamphol Adulavidhaya Conference
Room, the 2 nd Floor, the Kasetsart
Golden Jubilee Administration and
Information Center, Associate Professor
Vudtechai Kapilakanchana, President,
Kasetsart University, together with
Vice Presidents, Dean of Forestry, Dean                   2.2 Long-Term on Human Resource Development
of Fisheries, and representatives from                        Kasetsart University agreed to provide 2 scholarships to members of Champasack
both Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty           University to pursue their master’s degree and doctoral degree at Kasetsart University. Besides,
of Agriculture at Kamphaeng Saen                  Dean of Fisheries also demonstrated the intention to provide 1 scholarship to Champasack
warmly welcomed Dr. Sikhamtath                    University to send her member to study in Fishery Program.
MITARAY, Rector, Champasack University,               3. Curriculum Development
Lao People’s Democratic Republic and                      This activity will be under the responsibility of Faculty of Business Administration. First,
                                                  the Faculty agreed to assist Champasack University to draft a new curriculum on Business
his party, on their visit to Kasetsart
                                                  Administration which will be appropriate for Champasack University. On the other hand,
                                                  at present, Faculty of Business Administration is working closely with Thailand International
    In his Welcome Address, Associate             Cooperation Agency (TICA) to conduct the course on Master Degree of Business Administration
Professor Vudtechai Kapilakanchana                (MBA) at Champasack University. All students in this program comprise faculty members of
mentioned about academic cooperation              Champasack University, high-rank officials, and members of private sectors in Lao PDR.
and friendship between Kasetsart                      4. Other Issues
University and Champasack University                      Kasetsart University suggested that both universities reconsider about new collaboration
which have been maintained since                  activities such as joint researches in the areas of Rubber, Coffee, Eco-Tourism, Bioenergy and
the official agreement between the                Bioresource, Geology, Natural Resource Management, and Earth Sciences.
two universities in 2005.                             After the discussion, Rector of Champasack University visited the Chulabhorn Satellite
                                                  Receiving Station at Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University, which is the Satellite Imagery
                                                  SMMS (Small Multi Mission Satellite) before joining the reception hosted by Associate Professor
                                                  Vudtechai Kapilakanchana, President, Kasetsart University.

                                    01 - Rector of Champasack University visited                         04 - The winner of Thailand’s Network
                                         Kasetsart University                                                 Security Contest 2011
                                    02 - A Visit by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary            - KU SuperChampion with
                                         to Thailand, The Embassy of the Argentine Republic                   “Pomelo Marmalade Sheet”
                                       - ASEAN Management Paradigm towards                               05 - “Research of the Month”
                                         ASEAN Community                                              06-07 - Visitors & Activities
                                    03 - HortCRSP Annual Meeting and Grand Opening the                   08 - Top Rank of Thailand by
      CONTENTS                           Center of Innovation “Agricultural Innovations”                      Webometrics
                            NONSEE NEWSLETTER          2

 A Visit by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
 to Thailand, The Embassy of the Argentine Republic
      On January 31, 2012 at 10.30 hrs., H. E. Ms. Ana Maria Ramirez, Ambassador
 Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Kingdom of Thailand, the Embassy of the
 Argentine Republic paid a visit to Kasetsart University and was warmly welcomed by the
 administrators of Kasetsart University led by Assoc. Prof. Vudtechai Kapilakanchana,
 President, at the Meeting Room No. 9, the 2nd Floor, the Kasetsart Golden Jubilee
 Administration and Information Center. On this occasion, H. E. Ms. Ana Maria Ramirez
 had a discussion with the administrators of Kasetsart University on the development of
 academic cooperation between Kasetsart University and universities in the Argentine
 Republic. Cooperation activities that are expected to start in the area of agriculture
 will include the exchange of faculty members, joint research, and exchange of students.
 After this visit, H.E. Ms. Ana Maria Ramirez will assist in matching, with Kasetsart
 University, those universities in the Argentine Republic which are interested in developing
 academic cooperation and visiting Kasetsart University.

ASEAN Management Paradigm towards
ASEAN Community Master February 16,Administration (KIMBA), Faculty of Business Administration, International
                       of Business
                                   2012, Kasetsart University by Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart International

                                                           Affairs Division, in association with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, hosted an
                                                           international seminar on “ASEAN Management Paradigm towards ASEAN Community”
                                                           at Vajiranusorn Building, Faculty of Agriculture.
                                                                In the Opening Session, all honorable guests delivered the addresses starting from the
                                                           Report by Dr. Nana Yuilana, Head of Economic Affairs, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia,
                                                           followed by Welcoming Address by Associate Professor Vudtechai Kapilakanchana, President
                                                           Kasetsart University, and another two addresses by Dr. Pornchai Danvivathana, Acting Director
                                                           General of ASEAN Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand, and H.E. Mr. Eddy Hariyadi, Ambassador
                                                           Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia. Then, H.E Mr. Lutfi Rauf, the Ambassador of the
                                                           Republic of Indonesia to Thailand honored the event with his presence as the Keynote Speaker.
                                                                The seminar was divided into three sessions: 1) ASEAN Management Paradigm, 2) ASEAN
                                                           Higher Education Management and 3) ASEAN Management and Business Practices, shared by
                                                           scholars from both public and private organizations from ASEAN Countries.
                                                                In this one day seminar, there were more than 300 participants from universities, public and
                                                           private organizations who had obtained new ideas and experience on ASEAN.

                                    On February 8, 2012, at Ruangkhao Grand Conference
                                Room, Vachiranusorn Building, Faculty of Agriculture,
                                Kasetsart University, the U.S. Agency for International
                                Development (USAID) together with International Study
                                Center organized HortCRSP Annual Meeting and Grand
                                Opening of the Center of Innovation “Agricultural
                                Innovations”. The HortCRSP Annual Meeting was honored
                                by Professor Dr. Thira Sutabutra, Chairman of National
                                Research Council of Thailand to be a guest speaker.
                                The annual meeting covered the following topics:
                                    1. Disruptive Technologies and Small-Scale Horticulture
                                    2. Agriculture Innovations in Vegetable Horticulture
                                    3. Solar Drying Solutions for Horticulture

                                    Besides, the HortCRSP Annual Meeting, Kasetsart
                                University was selected from USAID to establish the Hort
                                CRSP - KU Regional Center of Innovation at Kasetsart
                                University. This Regional Center of Innovation will serve
                                the region with special focus on Bangladesh, Nepal,
                                Cambodia and Thailand by providing:
                                    1. Training programs for farmers and horticultural
                                   2. Technical assistance and innovative technologies
                                   3. Curricula and material development
                                   4. Information dissemination using the internet and
                                        cell phones

HortCRSP Annual Meeting and Grand Opening
the Center of Innovation “Agricultural Innovations”

                                                     fEBRUa Ry 2 012
                              iNTER N aTiO N a L a ffa iRS di v iSiO N                  3
                          NONSEE NEWSLETTER          4

    The winner of Thailand’s
    Network Security Contest 2011
        Office of Information Technology Administration
    for Educational Development Commission on
    Higher Education (UniNet) in association with the
    Communication Solution Co., Ltd. announced
    “Root” Team of Kasetsart University as the winner of
    Thailand’s Network Security Contest 2011.
        The team of senior students comprising
    Mr. Prayook Jatesiktat, Mr. Natthanon Thamsirarak
    and Mr. Nut Sornchumni, Department of Computer
    Engineering, Faculty of Engineering was selected as
    one of 200 teams from all over the country to the final
    round competing with the last 12 teams on January
    16, 2012. Root had scored with first rank and won
    the scholarship of 50,000 baht.
        Thailand’s Network Security Contest has
    been organized for 6 consecutive years aiming to
    encourage university students to apply their
    knowledge of computing technology to prevent
    against its loss and threats that possibly happen to

                                                              KU SuperChampion
                                                              with “Pomelo
                                                              Marmalade Sheet”

     Students in the Department of Food Science and
Technology, Faculty of Agro-Industry, Kasetsart University
under supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Masubon
Thongngam, sought new recipe for “Pomelo Marmalade
Sheet”. Their product won first place with the scholarship
300,000 baht in the competition under the campaign
“Seed the Young” organized by the Pepsi-Cola (Thai)
Trading Co., Ltd.
     “Pomelo Marmalade Sheet” is flagged as an award
winning product newly created to be served as breakfast
for people in a haste without staining their hands. Jam
sandwich is supposed to be inconvenient for some city
people. Besides, this pomelo marmalade sheet can be stored
last longer than typical marmalades.

Research of the Month

                    Preparation of Pure Anatase TiO2 Thin
                 Films by DC Sputtering Technique: Study
                 on the Effect of Oxygen Partial Pressure
                                                                 By Lect. P. Pungboon Pansila*, Faculty of Science at
                                                              Si Racha, Kasetsart University, Si Racha Campus, Chonburi
                                                              20130, Thailand.

                                                                   Titanium dioxide (Titania) thin films were deposited by DC reactive magnetron sputtering on
                                                              silicon wafer and glass slide at sputtering power of 210 watt under total pressure of 5.0 X 10-3
                                                              mbar at different oxygen partial pressure. A pure metallic titanium target was sputtered in
                                                              a mixture of argon and oxygen gases. The crystal structure and surface morphology were
                                                              characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and atomic force microscopy (AFM), respectively. The
                                                              optical transmission was measured by spectrophotometer. The results show that the crystalline
                                                              was pure anatase structure titanium dioxide thin films. The surface morphology of the films is
                                                              strongly the oxygen partial pressure. It was found that surface roughness of the thin films was
                                                              around 2.42 to 4.82 nm and the thickness was around 72 to130 nm. In addition, it was found
                                                              that all the titanium dioxide thin films were deposited by reactive sputtering with the different
                                                              oxygen pressure exhibit the transparency property.

                                                                  Keywords: Titanium dioxide, Thin
Oral presentation by Lect. P. Pungboon Pansila at                 films, Oxygen partial pressure,
“The 2012, 2nd International Conference on Advanced               Sputtering, Reactive.
Material Research (ICAMR 2012)” in Chengdu City, China
during January 7-8, 2012. The article published by Advanced   *Corresponding Author:
Materials Research Journal, which will be indexed by
EI Compendex and Thomson ISI (ISTP).

Lect. P. Pungboon Pansila, Kasetsart University, Si Racha Campus, Thailand and Professor Dong-Hau Kuo, National   The sample of surface morphology of titania thin films (TiO2).
Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUS), Taiwan.

                                                                                                                                 fEBRUa Ry 2 012
                                                                                                         iNTER N aTiO N a L a ffa iRS di v iSiO N                            5
                            NONSEE NEWSLETTER    6

     Nine Bhutanese Officials from different
Institutions who attended the training
program on “The Advanced Office
Productivity Management” hosted by
International Center for Development
Communication visited International
Affairs Division on January 19, 2012, so as to
discuss with Mr. Somsakdi Tabtimthong,
Director of International Affairs Division, on
the office management and productivities
of International Affairs Division.

Trainee Visit from Bhutan

Donation for Flood Recovery from
Kagoshima National College and
    On Monday 30 January, 2012, Associate Professor Dr. Thanya Kiatiwat, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Associate Professor
Dr. Winai Liangchareonsit, Department of Environmental Engineering introduced Professor Kiyoshi Nishidome, Representative of Kagoshima
National College and Technology, to Associate Professor Vudtechai Kapilakanchana, President, Kasetsart University. On this occasion, Professor
Kiyoshi Nishidome presented a donation of Bath 45,000 to Kasetsart University for flood recovery. Associate Professor Vudtechai Kapilakanchana
expressed thanks and appreciation for kindness and encouragement of Kagoshima National College and Technology.
                                                                                                 VISITORS & ACTIVITIES

Discussion for Further Cooperation
with Dong-A                                              On January 20, 2012, Mr. Somsakdi Tabtimthong, Director, International Affairs Division,
                                                     together with Associate Professor Dr. Supit Samahito, had a discussion with delegates of Dong-A
                                                     University, Park, Eun Hyoung, and Park, Hyun Ju, on academic cooperation, expected to start
                                                     in sports science, and then diversified to other faculties.

                                                                         AVRDC Visiting KU
     On February 9, 2012, Mr. Preungboon Chakkaphak, Vice President for International Affairs warmly welcomed Dr. Dyno Keatinge, Director General,
Asian Vegetable Research Development Center (AVRDC), and Dr. Robert J. Holmer, Director, AVRDC East and Southeast Asia, and discussed about future
collaboration between Kasetsart University and AVRDC. In this meeting, Dr. Dyno Keatinge, Director General, purposed that AVRDC should have senior
scientists from Kasetsart University in her Headquarter in Taiwan. This was agreed and would be forwarded to Vice President for Kamphaeng Saen
Campus, Associate Professor Dr. Sombat Chinawong, as he was the authorized representative of President Vudtechai Kapilakanchana, President,
Kasetsart University.

Future Bilateral Cooperation
with Myanmar
    On February 17, 2012, Mr. Somsakdi Tabtimthong, Director, International Affairs Division, has
a discussion with Dr. Maung Maung Lay, Vice President, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry, on the possibility to initiate academic cooperation
between Kasetsart University and universities in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

                                                                                                              fEBRUa Ry 2 012
                                                                                       iNTER N aTiO N a L a ffa iRS di v iSiO N                  7
                        NONSEE NEWSLETTER           8

                                                                                                                               , the Consejo Superior de

Top Rank of Thailand                                                                                    Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC), Spain has ranked
                                                                                                        universities on the cyber by capabilities since 2004.
                                                                                                        The results will be announced twice a year, in January

by webometrics                                                                                          and July. In January 2012, Kasetsart University was
                                                                                                        ranked top of Thailand, second of Southeast Asia,
                                                                                                        nineteenth of Asia and 161 of the world, among
                                                                                                        the 20,300 universities around the world. Kasetsart
                                                                                                        University’s world rank leaped from 316 in July last
                                                                                                        year to 161 as shown in the table.

                                                   January 2012                                                             July 2011
                              world rank          S/E Asian rank             Thai rank             world rank             S/E Asian rank              Thai rank
Kasetsart                        161                     2                       1                    316                        2                        1
Chulalongkorn                    174                     3                       2                    334                        3                        2
Mahidol                          195                     4                       3                    443                        6                        3

Criteria for university ranking in 2012 have been amended as in the following details.

                                                                                    January 2012                                         July 2011
Indicator                       Definition
                                                                     Ratio                 Source                       Ratio                  Source
Visibility   Total number of external links received (inlinks)
                                                                      50%                   Majestic SEO                50%                      Yahoo
             by a university’s website
 Scholar     Number of academic journals and citations                            Google Scholar (2007-2011)
             appeared in the university domain                        30%            and Scimago Group                  15%                Google Scholar
   Size    Number of pages from university websites on                                                                              Google, Yahoo Live Search
                                                                      10%                     Google                    20%
           the same domain                                                                                                                and Exalead
Rich Files Volume of the different file formats: pdf,
                                                                                                                                    Google, Yahoo Live Search
           doc+docx, ppt+ppts and ps+eps on                           10%                     Google                    15%
                                                                                                                                          and Exalead
           a university’s website


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