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        Objective/Strategy               Year     Indicator   Indicator Notes     Baseline          Current              Please Provide   Please Provide
                                        Created     Rating                                     Documented Status           Information    Suggestions for
                                                     (See                                       on Work Towards             about any         How this
                                                  legend at                                      Accomplishing              Additional      Objective or
                                                    end of                                        Objective or               Progress     Strategy Should
                                                     this                                           Strategy                 Towards         be Updated
                                                    table)                                                               Accomplishing      (such as “no
                                                                                                                         this Objective    further action
                                                                                                                          or Strategy:        needed;”
                                                                                                                                             measure to
                                                                                                                                           read…”, “next
                                                                                                                                           steps…” etc.):
Objective 1: By June 2010, having          2009   B1                            2009; Not      Active; Not in effect
trained patient navigators in 100%                                              accomplished   yet; navigation
of ACOS certified hospitals.                                                    yet            training scheduled
                                                                                               for summer 2010
Strategy 1: By June 2007, identify         2005   B2                            2007; Not      Is there a summary
the primary patient navigation                                                  accomplished   of SC patient
models being utilized across the                                                yet            navigation models;
state and provide education on the                                                             2007; Telephone
differing roles, responsibilities and                                                          Survey Completed in
training of the different                                                                      Spring
professional and lay navigators.                                                               2006.Presentation on
                                                                                               patient navigation—
                                                                                               panel on patient
                                                                                               navigation with 4
                                                                                               different institutions;
                                                                                               another patient
                                                                                               navigation training
                                                                                               higholighting models
                                                                                               planned for summer
Objective 2: By June 2012, having      2009   B3   How to measure                     Active
a community outreach program                       if the network is in
that reaches 100% of patients                      place and covers
diagnosed with cancer anywhere                     100?
within the state and educates
patients on the importance and
availability of treatment
Objective 5: By June 2009,             2005   B3   How would this                     Active
developing a state-wide network of                 be organized?
trained resource liaisons who can                  Coordinated?
meet with patients and provide
current, comprehensive and
appropriate information about
resources and assist patients in
making appropriate contacts.
Strategy 1: By June 2008,              2005   A1   Could specify          2007; Not   Still continuing?;
conduct a training session on use                  conduct                done yet    Training sessions
of the Pediatric Cancer Family                     conference where                   completed in
Resource Guide with patients and                   x navigators are                   Charleston,
their families for individuals                     trained…more                       Columbia, and
interested in volunteering as                      specific.                          Greenville in Spring
resource navigators.                                                                  2008. ; Training not
                                                                                      done with patients
                                                                                      and family (deferred
                                                                                      to be part of patient
                                                                                      navigation training).
                                                                                      Trainings in hospitals
                                                                                      were done by
                                                                                      Anthony Coggiola
                                                                                      who went to each
                                                                                      major pediatric
                                                                                      centers and trained
                                                                                      staff physicians, child
                                                                                      care workers.
Strategy 2: By June 2008, work         2005   B3   Which service                      Accomplished?;
with service providers to define the               providers?, More                   Completed in Spring
mechanisms and parameters for                      specific to say                    2008.
utilizing resource liaisons within                 publish a
the individual medical systems.                    summary that
                                                   describes the
                                                   protocols that
                                                   would have to be
                                                   followed to work
                                                   with these
Legend: The indicator rating score is a summary of two measures that describe how feasible it will be to measure an objective or strategy.

The letter part of the score describes the quality of evaluation objectives or strategies:
        A=Measurable as written
        B=Measurable with minor changes to the wording
        C=Measurable with major changes to the wording

The numeric part of the scale that could be used to describe the ease of measurement for objectives or strategies:
       1=Data currently available
       2=Data available with secondary data collection (ie. data could be compiled from existing data sources)
       3=Data available with primary data collection (ie. original data collection would be required)

A higher letter/number score would indicate a better objective or strategy. For example: An A1 rating would indicate that an objective or
strategy is “measurable as written and data is available to measure it.” A B1 rating would indicate that an objective or strategy is “measurable
with minor changes and data is available with primary data collection.”
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