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detail template


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									Thank you for reaching out to us at P&G Professional with interest to be featured on pgpro.com

1) Attached template which must be completed in full, including capture of all P&G skus you are currently selling
2) Hi-res jpeg customer logo file for placement on our site, must be sent with completed template
3) Contentinal US

1) Uploads to site occur on a monthly basis, depending on when we receive completed inputs and hi-res logo file. Theref
45 days before implementation
2)Per the information completed in requirements, pgpro.com will upload your company logo & links. This will be include
placement to ensure fair and equitable presence of e-retailers buy online options for our consumers
u are currently selling

ts and hi-res logo file. Therefore, process can take up to

o & links. This will be included in a randomly rotated
Please complete full contact Information of key contact:
Company Name        Name                                   Email            Phone
                       Jane Smith                          smith@xxxx.com
Please list details:
Retailer Name          Retailer_SKU                        Brand            Product_Name
yourretailer.com       EXAMPLE: PGC 42906                  EXAMPLE: DAWN    The product name or title on your sit
                                           Company Address

UPC/EAN              Description            Category                               Buy_URL
                     Full Product Code offered product that you display on yourAsite. products and where        primary product p
12 digit numeric Universaldescription of theThe category that you use to organize youfully qualified URL to the consumer will find
Image_URL                    Availability                                Price – Including V.A.T
                             The number product. This should link for Current file, not a web page. if the any symbols “in-stoc
                                                                         purchase. “0” price. be used
A fully qualified URL to an image for the of units that are availableto an image selling shouldDo not include product is notor comm
Price – Excluding V.A.T            Shipping Rate
                                   Standard (Ground) Shipping Rate
Current selling price. Do not include any symbols or commas. (Excluding Value Add Tax)

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