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					                            BPS Gymnastics Invitational

The Shrewsbury Gymnastics Team of 40 boys and girls competed over the weekend of
the 28 and 29th November at the Bangkok Patana Gymnastics Invitational. This was the
first competition of the year and for some new skills and routines were being competed
for the first time.
Saturday saw our Boys and Level 1 and Level 2 Girls Competition. The Shrewsbury
boys team once again dominated the events and proved to be very strong in depth and
skill level across the six apparatus.

Boys Summary:

Level 1 Boys:         Team runners up
Level 2 Boys:         Team runners up              Lucas: 3rd overall
Level 3 Boys:         Team Winner                  Tae overall winner
                                                   Leo runner up
Level 4 Boys:         Team Winners                 Safe overall winner
                                                   Tony 3rd place overall
Level 5 Boys:                                      Jamie runner up overall

The standard of the boys competition has improved immensely over the last few years
and it was great to see so many competitors who are now reaching the higher and more
competitive levels.

The Level 1 and Level 2 Girls competition showcased our beginner gymnasts and our
developmental programme. Great performances were seen from our younger girls with
our Level 1 girls achieving runner up in the Team competition and individual medals for
Thanya, Emy and Coco.
Our Level 2 Team worked hard throughout the competition and Earn achieved 2nd place
overall in the junior category. Jessica was 2nd overall in the senior competition and the
team achieved the runner up trophy.

Sunday morning saw our elite Level 3, 4 and level 5 girls compete. These are
Shrewsbury’s experienced gymnasts who have been committed to the gymnastics
programme for a least three years. Our girls were outstanding and really demonstrated
great skill, determination and style throughout their routines.

Sunday Summary:

Level 3:              Team Winners                 Gi Gi ( 6 golds, overall winner )
                                                   Yuka runner up overall
Level 4:              Team Winners                 Tie 3rd overall
Level 5:                                           Sayaka 3rd overall

A fantastic set of results for the Shrewsbury Gymnastics Team’s first competition of the
year and a great start to the competition season.
Many of these gymnasts will be travelling to Singapore this weekend for the SEASAC
Competition so good luck and hopefully we can mirror our results from this weekend.

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