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									Rev #2 – 8/14/09

UniSpec II                                                                                                             052909



1.1        SUMMARY

      A.   Section Includes:
           1.     Wal-Mart furnished resilient flooring and adhesive.
           2.     Wal-Mart furnished PVC to Concrete transition strip.
           3.     Contractor furnished resilient flooring accessories.
           4.     Preparation of Contraction/Construction Joints under floor finishes.
           5.     Contractor installation of resilient flooring and accessories.
           6.     Floor Treatment: Application of stripper and finish to resilient flooring.

      B.   Products Installed But Not Supplied Under This Section: Under provisions of Section 01640, Wal-Mart will
           furnish the following for installation by the Contractor:
           1.     Resilient flooring
           2.     Primer and adhesive
           3.     PVC to concrete transition strip with fasteners

      C.   Related Sections:
           1.     Section 01640 - Owner Furnished Products: General procedures related to Wal-Mart furnished products.
           2.     Section 03312 - Cast-In-Place Concrete Slabs: Floor substrate surface.
           3.     Section 09655 - Resilient Base and Accessories: Resilient flooring base.

1.2        REFERENCES

      A.   The publications listed below form a part of this specification to the extent referenced. Publications are referenced
           within the text by the basic designation only.

      B.   ASTM International (ASTM):
           1.  ASTM E 648 - Critical Radiant Flux of Floor-Covering Systems Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source.
           2.  ASTM E 662 - Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by Solid Materials.
           3.  ASTM F 710 – Preparing Concrete Floors to Receive Resilient Flooring.
           4.  ASTM F 1700 - Solid Vinyl Floor Tile.
           5.  ASTM F 1066 - Vinyl Composition Floor Tile.
           6.  ASTM F 1869 – Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission Rate of Concrete Subfloor Using Anhydrous
               Calcium Chloride.


      A.   Regulatory Requirements:
           1.    Critical Radiant Flux: ASTM E 648. More than 0.45 Watts per square centimeter.
           2.    Specific Optical Smoke Density: ASTM E 662. Less than 450.

      B.   Floor Treatment Applicator Qualifications:
           1.     Company Requirements: Company specializing in performing work as specified herein with minimum 3
                  years documented experience.
           2.     Stripper Applicator Crew Requirement: Four-man crew, one to apply solution ahead of auto scrubber, one
                  to run auto scrubber, two with mops and buckets to pick up dirty solution residues behind the auto scrubber
                  and rinse floor prior to applying finish.


Lake Wylie (Clover), SC - 5745 - 0920010                                                                         June 17, 2009
Rev #2 – 8/14/09
Rev #2 – 8/14/09


      A.   Product Delivery: Wal-Mart will deliver products to jobsite for Contractor to receive on delivery date established
           by Contractor.

      B.   Wal-Mart Carpet/Tile Plan: Issued to Contractor by Wal-Mart 90 days prior to possession date.

      C.   Product Packaging: Resilient flooring and accessories will be packaged in manufacturer's standard cartons.

      D.   Acceptance at Site: Receive Wal-Mart furnished products as specified in Section 01640.
           1.    Verify quantity of products furnished with Bill of Material provided with Wal-Mart furnished products.
           2.    Store resilient flooring indoors and protect from excessive cold, heat, temperature fluctuations, humidity
                 and moisture penetration. Store flooring on original pallets with no multiple stacking of pallets. Check
                 material for consistency of run item and shade numbers. Store adhesive in same manner as flooring and
                 protect from freezing.
           3.    Report discrepancies in product quantity delivered or damage to products delivered to Wal-Mart Store
                 Planning Division within 24 hours.
           4.    Upon notification by Contractor, Wal-Mart will arrange for delivery of replacement products.
           5.    Note description of product quantity discrepancies and/or product damage on Bill of Lading.

      E.   Storage:
           1.     Store materials in a secure area to prevent loss due to theft or damage. Store flooring and adhesive
                  materials in controlled climate conditions when recommended by manufacturer label instruction. Do not
                  allow adhesive to freeze. Store adhesives in environment. between 60 and 80 degrees.

      F.   Section 01600 - Product Requirements: Transport, Handle, Store, and Protect Products.


      A.   Environmental Requirements:
           1.    Store flooring materials for three days prior to installation in area of installation to achieve temperature
           2.    Maintain ambient temperature required by adhesive manufacturer (no less than 72 degrees F for 48 hours)
                 three days prior to, during, and 24 hours after installation of materials.

1.6        SCHEDULING

      A.   Schedule resilient flooring installation to prevent damage to resilient flooring and to prevent movement of
           construction materials over area of resilient flooring.


2.1        MATERIALS

      A.   Wal-Mart will furnish resilient flooring specified herein as applicable as shown on the drawings and will include
           primer and adhesive.

      B.   Wal-Mart will furnish PVC flooring to concrete transition strip specified herein including fasteners.

      C.   Owner’s Supplier:
           1.   PVC Plank (PVC) Flooring: Schwarz Supply Source, Morton Grove, IL
                a.     Contact: Nancy Quach (847) 967-4085 or Megan O’Malley (847) 583-3536.                       2

           2.      PVC to Concrete Transition Strip and Fasteners: Haines, Jones & Cadbury, Inc., Contact: Customer
                   Service, (800) 459-7099, fax (479) 756-8998, Email: info@hjcinc.com

Lake Wylie (Clover), SC - 5745 - 0920010                                                                           June 17, 2009
Rev #2 – 8/14/09
Rev #2 – 8/14/09

      D.   Quantity Furnished:
           1.     PVC: Wal-Mart will determine quantities of flooring and adhesive required and deliver to project site.
           2.     PVC to Concrete Transition Strip: Wal-Mart will determine quantities of transition strip required and
                  deliver to project site.

      E.   PVC Plank Flooring: Plank Flooring, 7” x 48” x 1/8” strips, virgin PVC composition, by Matworks.
           1.   PVC-1 (Woodgrain): Woodgrain by Matworks.
           2.   PVC Adhesive: Water resistant type, VOC less than 50 g/l, as recommended by PVC manufacturer.

      F.   Primers: Types as suitable for specific material and substrates encountered.

      G.   Floor Treatment Materials: (Contractor Furnished)
           1.     Stripper: Pro Strip Extra Heavy Duty Stripper, by SC Johnson Wax Professional.
           2.     Floor Finish: Signature High Performance UHS Finish, by SC Johnson Wax Professional.

      H.   Substitutions: Not permitted unless otherwise specified.


      A.   Contraction/Construction Joint and Subfloor Filler: Provide one of the following:
           1.    Cementitous Based Underlayment:
                 a.     Ardex SD-F Feather Finish, by Ardex Engineered Cements; Contact: Jesse David, (412) 264-4240.
                 b.     Levelayer l, by Dayton Superior.
                 c.     No. 547 UniPro Universal Underlayment by W.W. Henry. Contact: Dave Fabyonic (724) 203-
           2.    Epoxy Joint Filler: Masterfill 300 I, by BASF Building Systems (Formerly Degussa), (800) 433-9517.


3.1        EXAMINATION

      A.   Examine surfaces and adjacent areas where products will be installed and verify that surfaces conform to the
           following requirements for substrate conditions. Do not proceed until unsatisfactory conditions have been
           1.     Verify concrete floors are free of excessive moisture, hydrostatic pressure, alkalinity, scale, and dusting.
           2.     Verify concrete floors are plane to tolerances specified in Section 03312.
           3.     Verify concrete floors are free from oil, grease, dust, construction debris, loose or scaly paints or coatings,
                  incompatible curing or sealing compounds, and other substances that may impair adhesion of adhesive and
                  finish materials.
           4.     Verify temperature of conditioned space has been maintained at 60 - 80 degrees F for period of 7 days prior
                  to installation. Maintain specified temperature range for duration of construction.

      B.   Beginning of installation indicates acceptance of substrate conditions.

3.2        PREPARATION

      A.   Concrete Substrates: Unless otherwise specified herein, prepare substrate according to ASTM F 710.

      B.   Prepare substrates according to manufacturer's written recommendations and as outlined below to ensure adhesion
           of resilient products.

      C.   Remove by sanding, grinding, or similar means ridges, bumps, protrusions, and other irregularities. Properly
           prepare expansion joints and fill contraction/construction joints with joint sealant or subfloor filler as specified in
           Part 2 in this section. Do not seal joints using polyurea or epoxy joint filler specified for concrete slabs in Division
           3. Fill cracks, holes, and depressions with cementitous based underlayment, which upon cure is sanded smooth, to
           achieve a level, flat, hard surface.


Lake Wylie (Clover), SC - 5745 - 0920010                                                                            June 17, 2009
Rev #2 – 8/14/09
Rev #2 – 8/14/09

      D.   Provide finish concrete surface smooth by light sanding or grinding.

      E.   Remove paint, oils, waxes, sealers and curing compounds not compatible with adhesive to be used. Avoid organic
           solvents or liquid adhesive removers.

      F.   Bond Test: Determine suitability of concrete substrate for receiving resilient flooring with regard to moisture
           content and curing compounds. The Contractor shall conduct bond tests by adhering 3 feet by 3 feet panels of
           specified floor covering with specified adhesive. Test will be considered passed if after several days panels are
           well bonded, difficult to remove, and display no signs of moisture or adhesive degradation.

      G.   Moisture Content and pH Tests: Moisture content tests and pH tests will be conducted by Owner’s Construction
           Testing Laboratory (CTL) at no cost to the Contractor. Moisture tests will be made to ensure that moisture content
           in concrete substrate does not exceed 5 percent as measured by the Calcium Carbide Hygrometer Procedure or 5
           pounds/1000 sq. ft./24 hours as measured by the Rubber Manufacturers Association Quantitative Calcium
           Chloride Test. Tests shall be taken in sufficient number and locations as required to obtain results representative of
           various areas to be covered by resilient flooring. Contractor shall notify the ITL when slab is considered
           sufficiently dry for testing. The ITL shall report test results to the Wal-Mart Construction Manager. Final tests
           shall be taken not more than 24 hours prior to application of flooring.

      H.   Prohibit traffic until filler is cured. Thereafter, unnecessary traffic in work areas shall be kept to a minimum.


      A.   Install resilient flooring in accordance with manufacturer's published instructions at locations indicated on Wal-
           Mart Carpet/Tile Plan.

      B.   Open number of floor material cartons to provide quantity required to cover each area; mix pieces within single
           shade lot to ensure shade variations do not occur within any one area. When working with more than one lot, plan
           lot placement and location to minimize possible shade differences.

      C.   Apply adhesive in accordance with manufacturer’s directions. Follow adhesives open time by spreading only
           enough adhesive to permit installation of floor materials before initial set. Do not spread adhesive for overnight

      D.   Plank Flooring Installation:
           1.     Install plank strips from side-to-side, not front-to-back, of store.
           2.     Install plank strips with random end-joint offset over entire area. Cut planks in random sizes for starter
                  pieces and alternate the size of the starter piece to avoid a repeating joint pattern. The shortest starter piece
                  shall be not less than 12”.
           3.     Overall plank flooring layout shall produce a complete random appearance of joint spacing, with end joints
                  staggered a minimum of 6” apart.

      E.   Wipe down adhesive bleed through during installation.

      F.   Rolling: Set flooring into place, thoroughly cross roll with a 100-150 pound three-sectional roller before adhesive
           set time expires to attain full adhesion.

      G.   Terminate flooring at centerline of door openings where adjacent floor finish is dissimilar. Where flooring
           continues through door opening, continue established pattern with no interruption.

      H.   Install transition strips at unprotected or exposed edges where flooring terminates.
           1.       Set metal transition strips butted to adjacent flooring. Anchor into concrete slab with specified fasteners
                    spaced at 6” on center unless otherwise shown on the drawings. Drill concrete with Matched Tolerance
                    Drill Bit for Dense Concrete by Hilti.

      I.   Scribe flooring to walls, columns, cabinets, floor outlets, and other appurtenances to produce tight joints.


Lake Wylie (Clover), SC - 5745 - 0920010                                                                            June 17, 2009
Rev #2 – 8/14/09
Rev #2 – 8/14/09

      J.   Continue flooring under movable type partitions without interrupting floor pattern.

      K.   On installations involving flooring placement over existing asphaltic based (black) adhesives, substitute solvent-
           free asphaltic emulsion adhesive (Azrock Black Thin Spread) for clear adhesive typically specified. Fast set
           Portland cement/latex based patch by the following manufacturers may be substituted:
           1.     Kwik Patch, by Azrock (as first preference, if unavailable, select items 2 or 3).
           2.     Plani-Patch, by Mapei.
           3.     Featherfinish, by Ardex.


      A.   Inspect resilient flooring installation, pattern, layout, and attachment to substrate.

      B.   Correct deficiencies in Work which inspection indicates are not in compliance with Contract Documents.

3.5        CLEANING

      A.   Remove excess adhesive from floor, base, and wall surfaces without damage.

      B.   Broom clean resilient flooring after application.


      A.   Provide floor treatment for new resilient flooring.

      B.   Examine surfaces and adjacent areas where products will be applied and verify that surfaces conform to product
           manufacturer's requirements for substrate conditions. Do not proceed until satisfactory conditions have been

      C.   Cleaning PVC
           1.     Clean PVC flooring with a commercial flooring cleaner using mop or scrubber with white pads.
           2.     Apply stripper only as necessary to remove adhesive bleed-thru.
                  a.     Apply diluted stripper solution liberally to a manageable area of the floor and let solution set for 10
                         minutes prior to scrubbing. Do not allow the stripper to dry. Re-wet as necessary.
           3.     Pick up cleaning or stripper solution from floor using the auto scrubber with clear water and red pads.
           4.     Thoroughly rinse the floor to remove any residue of cleaning or stripper solution.
           5.     Let floor dry completely prior to application of floor finish.

      D.   Finishing
           1.     Apply floor finish in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
           2.     PVC Plank Flooring: Apply two light coat of floor finish to floor with a 24” rayon mop in direction of
                  wood grain of plank. Do not burnish.
           3.     Allow a minimum of 45 minutes drying time between coats.
           4.     HVAC shall be in operation during drying and curing of floor finish.

3.7        PROTECTION

  A.    Prohibit traffic on floor finish for 48 hours after installation.


Lake Wylie (Clover), SC - 5745 - 0920010                                                                         June 17, 2009
Rev #2 – 8/14/09

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