15th Amendment by MaryJeanMenintigar

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									                           The 15 th amendment

      The 15 th amendment grants voting rights regardless of race

Section 1

      The rights of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be
       denied or abridges by the United States or by any state on account
       of race colour of previous status of servitude

Section 2

      The congress shall have power to enforce this article by
       appropriate legislation (make laws to enforce this)

Other points of interest

      The amendment is on e of the post Civil Was reconstruction
      It was ratified on Feb 3rd 1870
      This amendment prohibits the states or the federal government
       from using a citizens colour race or previous status of servitude to
       as a voting qualification
      Its basic purpose was to enfranchise (give them the vote) former
      But it was not really until the voting rights act in 1965 that this
       purpose was actual achiever in all states
      The first person o vote under the provisions of the amendment was
       Thomas Mundy Peterson
      It did not guarantee Blacks the right to hold office which many
       congressmen felt should be included
      It did not offer a blanket (all over) guarantee of the right to vote
       because many radical republicans feared this would void the
       disenfranchisement of ex confederates
      Many states , north and south, required payment of poll taxes,
       property or literacy as a condition of voting
      The 15 th amendment did not address any of those stipulation
      Feminist especially fought against the amendment because women
       were not included in the guarantee of suffrage
      The main impetus behind the 15th amendment was the republican
       desire to entrench its power in both the north and south

Was the 15th amendment successful yes and no

Is did provide the vote to blacks living in the northern states and it did
encourage voting by the blacks in the south for a period of time

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