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									Save water installing superior-quality and environment-friendly Tanks
The function of a tank is simply to store water. Now days, these are become an essential part of
homes, offices, commercial as well as industrial buildings. All these portable items provide water
when main source is either restricted or not available. Everyone knows that this liquid is very
important for living. Many people use premium grade tankers to store water that is further used
for gardening, agricultural lands, fire suppression, human consumption and many more.
However, if you want to store large amount in an optimum quality tanks, then there are various
firms available in the industry just for you.
The main function of Portable Water Tanks is simply to store water for different purpose
including cooking, drinking, bathing, cleaning home and other purposes. The size of this product
is completely depending on the purpose for which it is used. If it is used for domestic purposes
then you can purchase small or medium tank through their online website. On the other hand, if
it is used for industrial or other commercial purposes, then it will definitely be a huge one with
great storage capacity. Moreover, if you want to do something for your kids or upcoming
generation, go for rain-water harvesting. Through these portable products you can easily save
unlimited liquid in just few minutes.
This Water Tanks Wa is developed using optimum quality raw material and other essential
machines as per the international standards. They manufacture each and every product as per the
latest fashion trends and your requirements. These products are well-equipped with sterilization
and purification system that removes all the contaminants and make it completely sanitized. It
also reduces your bill and help you to save money. Available in various sizes, designs, shapes,
thickness, styles, colors, model, weight and material, these are extremely appreciated among the
people for their weather resistance, leakage proof, crack resistance, fire or heat resistance and
durability. Not even this, professionals carefully examined these products on different industry
parameters that ensure their quality and durability. You can also purchase different types of
tankers like Slimline, underground, domestic and industrial at market leading prices.
They also render reliable and credible offer Water Tank Installation and other services
according to your needs and requirements. The experienced and talented professionals offer
installation, repair and maintenance services to you so that you can solve your problem
immediately. Experts thoroughly understand your requirements and provide all the services as
per the same.

How to buy and install highest quality water tanks in Western Australia?
Tanks are one of the basic necessities today for domestic as well as commercial purposes. The
need for a water tank is as old as civilized man. These are used for providing storage of water for
drinking water, irrigation agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming, both for plants and
livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other applications. It is
needed to have strong and durable tanks which can accommodate large capacities.
Jo Jo Tanks International is the largest Rotomoulder water tank manufacturer in the world. We
also supply a full range of pumps, water sterilizing & filtration systems, grey water units and
standard rainwater tank equipment at the lowest cost possible. We are a renowned name in
Water tanks Installation serving areas such as Perth CBD, semi rural areas and rural
communities on special demand. Our service is not only limited to supply, we also deal with the
tank installation.
Jo Jo Tanks WA is a Western Australian owned and operated company which has a strong
background of winning many awards for handling environmental projects. We have won the
prestigious Golden Gecko Award for Environmental Excellence in 2006. Our experienced and
courteous team of professionals will listen to your needs carefully and perform the installation.
We provide excellent quality Slimline Watertanks to our Australian customers.
We manufacture our Poly Water Tanks using virgin polyethylene material with UV
stabilization, perfect to withstand the harsh Australian weather and climatic conditions. These are
completely safe to use for storing drinking water. All of our products are backed by a warranty of
10 years. Our tanks are known for longevity and the highest quality materials used.
Our deep experience of 30 years in The Rotomoulding Industry and high quality products and
services, make us the most appreciated tanks supplier and installer in the country. For the most
durable tanks, please visit our showrooms in Wangara, Perth from where we service Washington.
One of our showrooms is in Subiaco at the HOME EXPO.
Look nowhere other than our company for all your rainwater harvesting and water-saving needs.
Feel free to call Jo Jo Tanks International for onsite quotation on our poly tanks. We are able to
deliver and or install tanks within few days of order. To confirm your arrangements, please
contact us today. Please take a moment to browse through our website to know more about our company and service areas.

Jojo Tanks
4/59 Buckingham Drive
Wangara, Western Australia
Toll Free: 1300 789 907
Fax: 08 9309 9799

Buy outstanding Water storage tanks

Advent of technology has introduced innovative and durable solution for water storage and
Plastic Water Tanks are one of them. People cannot survive without water as it is a quality
resource that needs to be stored in an effective and convenient manner. Variety of tanks is
available in different sizes, designed, models, structure and much more to focus on. In the
absence of appropriate source it is quite frustrating or challenging task for me to store enough
water for various purposes. Hence, I decided to install high quality tanks at my home. I was not
much aware about the different makes and models of Water Storage Tanks available in the

One day I was surfing the internet and got to know about Jo Jo Tanks who has years of
experience in providing as well as installing durable water tanks. They easily fulfilled all my
needs and requirement of Poly Tank Installation at very reasonable charges. They have a wide
assortment of products that you can buy according to budget and water storage.
All the products are crafted with advance material as well as technology to facilitate utmost
longevity or durability at the same time. Moreover, the expert provided me top-notch and
suitable installation of the tank at desired location. Jo Jo Tanks is the best option for people who
are looking for effective water storage. Visit our website for more info:

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