MRP RESULTS by sumedh007


									Inventory Level Projection
•After carrying out Production activity there is a need to know the balance inventory. This requirement is fulfilled by System by showing storeroom stock

Purchase Commitment Report
• Planned future orders scheduled in time period can be converted into Purchase Commitment report

Pegged Requirement
• Quite often Designer designs a family of Products that have a common component. MRP system pools all those demands . • The gross requirement of all such components is assessed together.

• It is a selective B.O.M. in reverse. • Pegging relates all the gross requirements for a part to all the planned orders.

Performance Reporting
• Some Important performances. • Inventory Performance measurement. • Customer Performance Measurements. • a. Frequency of stock outs

• b. On time Delivery. • c. Delivery Lead Time.

• Productivity Performance Measurement. • Capacity Performance Measurement. • Supplier Performance Measurement.

Program Health Monitor
• Output of MRP Systems can be used to detect and help to find out internal problems in program. • Data omission & Error : Some times program omits the data like lead time, lot size etc. It can be corrected.

• No. of Action Notices : More order release overloads MPS. Sometimes it shows excess capacity. • Transaction Errors : It happens material is moved from stores but it is not planned.

• Record Errors : The improper recording of Transactions results in negative balance.

Responsibilities of a Planner
• Release Orders to Purchasing or Manufacturing. • Reschedule due dates of open P.O. • Reconcile errors & eliminate root cause. • Solve critical material shortage by replanning. • Solve critical problem areas & prevent crisis in the future.

• Co-ordinate with other departments to resolve any issues. • Review action messages. • Use the system to solve the problems. • Indicate where further enhancement is required in the system. • Maintain Data at various levels. • Monitor Engineering changes carefully. • Monitor inventory. Report if any part is Non-Moving or Obsolete.

System Nervousness
• Daily changes in production & impact on the system & cause the computer to revise the plans many times in a day. This results in system nervousness. • In MRP system it is generally measured by No. of messages on the action report.

Causes of Nervousness
• • • • Imperfect sales forecast. Lot-Sizing side effects. Long lead time. Changes in schedules due to non availability of material.

Methods to reduce Nervousness
• Maintain small safety stock of frequently used material. • Stabilize the MPS by improving Demand forecasting. • Use firm order plans. • Use lot-sizing Techniques. • Plan which is truly needed. • Reduce lead time.

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