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									Venice an Ultimate destination of tourists
Venice, the city's legendary romantic annually attracts more than twelve million visitors. Built on 118 islands and fenced in by a network of canals, Venice is the most easterly of the Italian cities, is a unique place in the world. Venice is divided into six administrative districts (Cannaregio, Castellon, San Marco, Dorsoduro, San Polo and Santa Croce). For its small size, the city lends itself to walking, is indeed the best way to visit the city. In February, the Venice Carnival is an event that attracts thousands of participants and spectators. For eleven days, the city is overrun with silhouettes on the long capaz (tabarro) and the famous mask (bauta) characteristic of the carnival. Behind the masks, venetian dancing, having fun and celebrating the month of February announcing the Valentine. In Venice, a cruise by vaporetto on the Grand Canal provides an excellent way to explore a broad overview of the architecture of the city. During your stay, there are big attractions not to be missed include Place of St. Mark with its basil. You will discover the city's architecture, its history. A lively place with bands, cafes and elegant boutiques. The holy basil marc is one of the most beautiful churches of Europe. Wonderful mix of Western and Eastern traditions, it offers a surprising reflection of history. Continue your tour by climbing on top of the Campanile is the tallest of the city. This place called the patron of the city by the Venetian offers a panoramic view of the city. Visit the Doge's Palace, seat of government of the Republic of Venice for 10 centuries, the palace contains one of the greatest paintings in the world (Do not miss the giant staircase, the Porta della carta) Of course, starting in Venice without the gondolas would be a sin. These shipments are part of the landscape of Venice since the eleventh century. For those who can not afford it are the traghetto whom a gondola service more affordable. At night, the town is very quiet, hard partying. At night, the Venetian will take a short walk along the Zattere or Strada Nuova, cinema in a bacaro to eat before going home. Like any tourist town, life is very expensive there, must therefore provide a good budget for your stay and face the vagaries of your wife. The food and accommodation are the poles the most intensive money. Also prices vary constantly depending on periods of high or low seasons.

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