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									Trip Preparation Guide to Acapulco, an amazing city to discover
In this article we will give you some addresses in order to prepare your trip to Acapulco, Mexico, lists hotels that we visited, the restaurants we tested disco and of course some of the region. slipper acapulco, acapulco madeiras Acapulco, with its 3.5 million visitors a year is a particularly popular destination for English and Latin, however, there is no franaçais in one of those hot nights. But before we begin, a little history and legends of acapulco.

acapulco overview from the restaurant of the hotel Boca chica acapulco sergio bustamante Check the liner attaches to the board, port of acapulco Discotheque in acupulco, insured and atmosphere warm evening Photo of divers on the famous cliffs of Acapulco, unavoidable Photo of Acapulco from the hotel, view inprenable bay cabana caleta acapulco

A little legend According to legend, Nahuatl, the Prince and Princess acatl (Quichuilt: rain) Acapulco loved an impossible love. Tears of the prince made reeds grow. Hence the origin of the place that is planted with reed Acapulco. On arrival of Herman Cortes in 1530, Acapulco became one of the main trade routes between the Philippines and Spain. Acapulco then fell into oblivion until the construction of the 1st road in 1927 and the 1st hotel in 1934. Discover Acapulco Bay The bath of Acapulco is beautiful, there are different ways to appreciate the range from the old city at nightfall. Hotels are filled with a pinkish touches that highlight. It exite several points of view, if you take the avenue Costera Miguel Aleman, which goes to other beaches still lush with diamante playa (beach surrounded by golf circuit, one large hotel and the only casino in the area) Getting around in Acapulco Mexico: There are several means of transport: To come Acapulco, there is the international airport (Tel: 744 466 94 96) with several travel agencies are represented as American Airlines, Aero Mexico (744 486 75 69) and Mexican (744 486 75 69). From France, there biensûr Air France. To move inside, there are three bus bus stations in cities (hint: when you buy your ticket, be sure to check your starting point). Taxis, efficient means of transport: taxis in Acapulco are blue and white, some are stuffed with gadgets, exotic decoration required. Attention drivers certainly try to sell you discount for nightclubs or table dance. Do not Get Scammed. Sinom drivers are friendly. Where to stay in Acapulco? Three million visitors share 16,300 hotel rooms available. Here are some addresses and lists of on-site hotels:

Hotel boca chico: one of the first hotel in Acapulco. Private beach, romantic restaurant. Rates between $ 600 and $ 900 depending on season stay: Tel: (744) 483 63 88. Bungalows la gloria del mos avenida costera miguel aleman telephone number: (744) 449 44 99 Pleasant interior. Prices are between 700 to $ 800 Casa Amparo quebrada # 69 telephone number (744) 1482 21 72. There are 17 rooms, swimming pool and a garage for those who rent a car. Holiday rental homes and luxury villa Se Renta Acapulco Capulco, Mexico, rent, holidays, alejandra, villa, beach, lodging, accommodation, golf, home, house, vacation site: http://www.acapulcoluxuryvillas . com Where to eat in Acapulco? To eat, they are particularly recommended: tazmania Pizzeria (744) 482 05 71 Pizza held by Europeans and economic practice. Restauant to hotel boca chica, under a palapa on the edge of the sea and cabrico (744) 484 77 11, Mexican, a touristy but pleasant. And finally the restaurant Baikul Nightlife & Entertainment Among the coolest clubs: ninas, avenida costera Aléman (744) 484 24 00 Open 22 to 4 hours, Monitoring Palladium (744) 446 54 94 and finally Prince, Juan de la Cosa and enigma neighbor palladium. Disco for the elderly. Other leisure activities are available such as jet skiing, it takes $ 250, there are also cici waterpark (744) 484 82 10 with slide and wave artificial. Renseingnement practice Visa required, 30 Euros in cash (time: 3 days). Ticket correspondence or return more vaccine against yellow fever is required (bring your little yellow booklet). Vaccine against malaria treatment recommended. See your family doctor because there may be indications of cons Zip Code 39300. Tourist office in Acapulco Avenida Costera Miguel Aleman # 4455 phone number: (744) 482 33 94. Consulate of France in Acapulco Mexico: Avenida Costa Grande # 235 Tel: 744 482 33 94. The pharmacies are open until 22h.

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