Travel Guide to Bali Indonesia

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					Travel Guide to Bali Indonesia
The island of Bali is part of the Indonesian archipelago, the island is barely larger than Corsica. It has a lush, hospitable people, the hotel infrastructure of international standing. When to go to Bali? The dry season (April to September) is the best time to stay on the island. The rest of the year, the weather is humid and rainy. During the summer (July-September), the island has a high tourist influx. The restaurants are crowded and the prices increase. Located in the eighth to the south of the equator, Bali boasts a tropical climate with an average temperature of 30 °. Idea, budget and cost of living on site For a single person's stay can cost an average of 250,000 RP (1euros RP = 12,330). Some ideas for money: 15 minutes of internet communication cost around 7000 RP. A minute telephone call to France coute RP 5000. A single room at the beach costs about $ 20. Two dives off the fabulous island of Pulau Menjangan costs about $ 60. A $ 5 meal. Access to the museum, the temple and tourist returns average of 3000 RP per person. Beaches of Bali Kuto Beach south of the island is the largest resort on the south Dream Beach Pasir Putih, Finally the island of Gili. Unmistakable sights: Beach Kanggu, The temple Pura Mascetti situated on the beach The sacred temple of Poura Luhur Batukau, National Park Taman Nasional Bali located west of the island, The volcano Gunung Agung is the highest of the island situated to the east, The area of Ubud to visit for its crafts, its artists and its cultural richness. Scuba diving on the island of Bali With its warm waters, immense coral reefs, Bali is a destination of choice for diving enthusiasts. The best spots are all available in one day from the south of the island. Among them yal'ile of Lambok, the island of Lembongan and Penida. You can also go diving in the National Park to the west, finally Tulamben site to discover the wreckage of an American ship (U.S. Liberty in 1942 sunk by the Japanese). Rely on average $ 50 per person (equipment included). For people who want to pass the patent diving, expect an average of $ 400. Note: Caution must choose his diving club asking for their dive certification and especially observe all safety including those relating to the use of diving equipment. Other leisure to do on site: Bungee jumping is located in Legian Rafting and canyoning in the center of the island Surf to the west of the island from April to October on the site and Ulu Walu Gilimanuk

For starters, you can try the site and Kuta Beach Breaks For more experienced site Utu Watu with its trays of coral and one of the dive sites most famous of the island. For tourists who want to experience the sea without getting tired, hotels offer boat trips to watch wild dolphins around the island to Lovina. For partygoers who live south of the island, a place not to miss the restaurant bar Amsterdam Modern Baker expects you to spend an evening exotic and sunny.