1st Amendment

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					                                    1st Amendment:
                              The Rights and how far they go.

                                        By Tanika Danner

        We all know what the first amendment is and what it’s supposed to stand for. But

what is the real story behind it. Lets find out. So here’s the question: Although the law is

there, do people really follow it?

        Lets break it down. The first amendment states that Americans have the freedom

of speech, of the press, of petition of the government, and the right to assemble

peaceably. According to this law our thoughts and comments cannot be censored or

monitored. Freedom of speech is the right to say what we want when we want right?

Wrong. The law actually means that were allowed to say what we want as long as it

doesn’t infringe another law.

        For example, if you say, “The government is lame,” you won’t be arrested.

However if you keep say interrupting a class saying the same comment, you’ll be thrown

out on account that you disturbed the peace. That is where using the first amendment will

get you nothing but a seat in the principle’s office or in federal jail.

        Next you have freedom of religion. This means you can worship in any way you

like. Now this part the first amendment would only protect you for so long. Some use it

when they want to put down someone else’s religion. You don’t have to like it, but you

also don’t have to make fun or criticize it either. That’ll get you a big black eye or worse.

        Now this next one is very confusing. The right to petition the government. This

law has been challenged many times like with the burning of the flags. Of course it says

we can do it but people have a lot of different meanings for this rule: like you can say it

but there might be consequences. The last is the right to assemble peaceably. This right is
still not used properly. Why? This is because someone always has to get ridiculous. There

is probably no such thing as assembling peaceably no matter where you are.

         In today’s society what one would think should be illegal isn’t. Take for instance

the burning of the flag situation. People would say, “That’s illegal and whoever does it

should be in big trouble.” Now I would say, “Big deal. You can do all you want to the

flag but that doesn’t mean your going to change the situation the country is in.” This may

seem like a harsh statement but lets face it, with all the other corruption going on in the

world, do you really think that people burning a flag is important? Today the biggest sign

of he first amendment would be the newspapers and magazines. Yes they print what they

want, but about 65% of the magazines get sued for what they print. So the first

amendment protects your rights but it won’t protect you from the public and what they


         In 1931, the government interpreted the first amendment. It was designed to

protect our rights as people to be able to speak our minds whenever the situation called

for it. Now society has changed it and made it so you can only speak it on they’re own

made up terms and conditions. That’s a sad story but that’s how today is. Now it may

seem to a reader that I’m doing a lot of complaining to be just writing, but I have come

up with a solution. I have a brilliant idea that will solve our little, well big problem. All

we have to do is remake the law. That would solve the whole problem. However there

should be a certain way it should be done. All states would have to vote on it and pass it.

Although we know all the states might not vote on it but then they can’t complain about

the rule and their so-called rights. So lets change history and recrearte this law so that we

can make it fool proof.