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					Mission Statement
“Serving people consistent quality related oral health care products and services.”

Company History
DUS Dental-U Inc. is the amalgamation of two Western Canadian dental wholesale suppliers, Elite Dental Supply Company Ltd. (1985) and Dentrium (1995). Ross McCutcheon the principle of Dentrium and DUS Dental-U Inc., was originally an employee of Degussa Canada Ltd. Dentrium is the result of corporate restructuring by Degussa Corporation in 1995. Degussa Corporation took over responsibility for the North American operations of Degussa AG.-Dental Division. As principle, Mr. McCutcheon maintains a formal contract with Degussa~Ney Inc. the dental business arm of the now DegussaHüls Corporation. A significant contract for Degussa Canada Ltd.'s business in Canada was the distribution of KaVo EWL dental lab products. Ross McCutcheon is also the regional agent for KaVo Canada's Laboratory division. Historically, Degussa Canada Ltd. produced annual sales from three primary groups of products, dental alloys, equipment and dental porcelains and Dentrium continued this level of representation. With the acquisition in 1998 of Elite Dental Supply Company Ltd. by MHL~Dentrium, approximately 100 dental companies products became available to be sold nationally, therefore increasing sales. As a leader in the dental industry, Degussa's role towards continuing dental education was carried over by Dentrium and will be enhanced by DUS Dental-U Inc.'s new role. KaVo Canada, as a primary provider of dental equipment, has supported this education process by aiding in simulating dental facilities. The standardization of the dental profession will be an important new task for improving public awareness. Recent media reporting of inconsistencies in current dental treatment supports the need for public accountability. The general public has the expressed right to know further details with respect to their potential oral health care.

Marketing Slogan “Dedicated to serving you!” Professional Selling Statement
Quality oral health care is the individual's responsibility. Quality preventative dental care is the dental profession's goal.

Key Words & Phrases
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Quality Statement
We will provide quality products and services, both to our customers and co-workers, at all times. To accomplish this, we will fully understand all the requirements of the job and perform exactly to those requirements the first time. Continuous quality improvement is the responsibility of every employee.


People 1. Dental Info 2. Preventative & Care Products “Quality oral health care is the individual's
responsibility. Quality preventative dental care is the dental profession's goal.”

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