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									Minutes Meadow Brook Foundation Board of Directors Meeting Meadowbrook Medical Care Facility November 13, 2006 5:00 p.m. Present: Norman Veliquette, President; Jim Wilson, Treasurer; Marna Robertson RN, C, BS, BSN, NHA, Secretary; Barb Atkins, Vice-President; John Tarrant and Norman Veliquette, President Absent: Dan Robinson, Don Schuiteman; Donna Heeres and Yousef Jabara, Guests: Blair Coutant, Meadow Brook Finance Director; Monica Clark, Meadow Brook Accounts Receivables and Rhonda Groeneveld, BBA, Administrative Assistant. Barb Atkins, Vice-President called the meeting to order at 5:02 p.m. Quorum of five members present. Announcements and Correspondence: None. Approval of Meeting Minutes February 15, 2006 Barb Atkins moved to approve minutes of the regular board meeting of February 15, 2006. Supported by John Tarrant. All yeas, motion carried. President Norm Veliquette assumed the chair at 5:05 p.m. Treasurer’s Report Blair Coutant, Meadow Brook Finance Director presented the Treasurer’s Report showing a checking account balance as of October 31, 2006 in the amount of $26,536.18. Blair discussed several issues, including a Certificate of Deposit, that have contributed to a grand total account balance of $65,951.11. Blair Coutant discussed the Fiesta and explained that this year’s fundraiser did not go well. Advertising to promote more ticket sales caused a lot of extra expenses with a loss of $1,647.94. Jim Wilson, Treasurer moved that we should purchase another $25,000 CD. Jim also suggested that the interest of the CD’s roll into the checking account. We currently are receiving a special interest rate of 4.75%. Barb Atkins, seconded. All yeas, motion carried.

Status of Grant Applications: The grant writer has been successful with some applications. To date we have received $24,700.00 in grants. New Business: Status of board membership: Marna Robertson, Secretary discussed that there are three board members that have membership tenure coming due at the 2007 Annual Meeting. Those members are Yousef Jabara, Dan Robinson and Don Schuiteman. Marna will draft a letter to these members to verify continuance. Marna Robertson suggested consideration of Alan Pecar and Joanie Moore as board candidates. Candidates should attend the Annual Meeting, as they may be elected and thus eligible to participate as directors. Career Enhancement Committee: Marna Robertson, Secretary presented the report of the Career Enhancement Committee. The following recommendations were presented:     Blair and Cheryl will complete a progress report for the Dow Foundation by January 1, 2007. Support one staff member for wages, tuition and books to pursue LPN program. Open LPN program to family members of Meadow Brook employees. Committee members to develop criteria if approved. Cheryl to distribute applications for the LPN program throughout the facility for winter semester.

Action taken: Marna Robertson moved to support one staff member including wages, tuition and books to pursue LPN program, not to exceed $5,000.00 provided that we receive and obtain a qualified applicant. John Tarrant, seconded. All yeas, motion carried. Action taken: Marna Robertson moved to develop criteria for a Career Enhancement Program for family members of Meadow Brook employees. Barb Atkins, seconded. All yeas, motion carried. It was envisioned that the criteria would be presented at the February board meeting. Meadow Brook Fiesta: Blair Coutant and Marna Robertson reported that the effort required for the Fiesta is out of proportion to the benefits gained, and recommended its discontinuation. In 2006 the event lost money. Norman Veliquette moved to discontinue the Fiesta. Barb Atkins, seconded. All yeas, motion carried.

Blair Coutant spoke of annual / letter writing campaigns. Blair mentioned a database that the he keeps from all donators in the past and also includes the registered voters list that is used during our millage campaign. Norman Veliquette moved that the board endorse efforts for fundraising by mail in lieu of efforts discontinued for the Meadow Brook Fiesta. Marna Robertson, seconded. All yeas, motion carried. Website Marna Robertson reported that Meadow Brook’s Administrative Assistant Rhonda Groeneveld is working on the Meadow Brook Foundation Website. The website will be presented at the next meeting. Marna Robertson also requested Bio’s of each of the Board of Directors for the website. Marna asked Board members to forward them to Rhonda Groeneveld, Meadow Brook Administrative Assistant or Marna Robertson, Secretary. Donor Bill of Rights Marna Robertson moved to adopt the Donor Bill of Rights as presented. Barb Atkins, seconded. All yeas, motion carried. Attach to official copy of minutes. Dental Hygiene Program Marna reported that she has been working with Bonnie Notfhoff to develop at program under Public Act 161. The Act allows a registered dental hygienist under the supervision of a dentist to perform general oral care on long-term care residents. We received our first donation this past week from Northland Dental Clinics. Norman Veliquette moved to adopt the Dental Hygienist Program as a program of the Meadow Brook Foundation, authorizing the treasurer to expend funds received for the program. John Tarrant, seconded. All yeas, motion carried. Norman Veliquette moved to have the Next meeting on Monday, February 5, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. Marna seconded. All yeas, motion carried. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m. and board members viewed the dental hygienist’s room. Respectfully Submitted, Marna Robertson, Secretary
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