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									Wayne Victor Dennis / 3220 Bayview Drive / Suite 314 / Ft. Lauderdale / FL / 33306
565.8045 (954) 805.2226 / waynevdennis@msn.com http://www.counterfeitmillionaire.com

For Immediate Release - #2

Counterfeiting Mastermind Tells All
Wayne V. Dennis will donate large portions of his book profits to purchase new recreational equipment for underprivileged schools and schoolchildren.

LAS VEGAS, NV - When the printing press stopped rolling, he stared at his $15,000,000.00 stacked seven feet tall; 2,332 pounds of cash. Detailed in his praised novel, The Counterfeit Millionaire; a 532-page truecrime adventure with photographic essay, the U.S. Secret Service in Miami had stated, “The counterfeit Dennis manufactured was more than five times the total counterfeit discovered in all the state of Florida in an entire year!” It goes on to quote the Secret Service in Las Vegas, who stated, “Dennis’ counterfeit is the highest quality we’ve seen in more than a decade.” The Feds recovered only $9,802,920.00, which was hidden in South Florida. “It’s difficult to conceal such a large amount of illegal money,” Dennis states in this story of adventure, comedy, courtroom drama and passion. He’s worked diligently to recreate this story with accuracy. Dennis hopes that millions of people will indulge in this Greatest Scheme of Counterfeiting Ever Told. He plans to purchase and donate millions of dollars in new recreational equipment for underprivileged schools and schoolchildren. He will make the purchases personally to ensure that the donations are allocated correctly. “Each of the one-hundred schools will receive twenty-thousand dollars in new recreational equipment to help children achieve better health through fun activities and fitness,” Dennis confirms.


The author will administer “free” speeches at schools throughout the United States. The speech appeals to listeners so they understand the pitfalls of prison and the benefits of living an honest life. To learn more about this story, the author’s “free” speeches, and how your school may receive recreational equipment, please browse http://www.counterfeitmillionaire.com. You’ll also find quotes from noteworthy reviewers who offer praise for “The Counterfeit Millionaire” story. ###

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