OMG Moments story outline by caldwdo


									Outline O*M*G* Moments: Finding solutions before you know the problems. Opening Scene: Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony for new store; O*M*G* Moments I. The tipping point by Malcolm Gladwell a. why was store created b. The Container Store example c. Catering for virtual and/or storefront shoppers II. Business model a. Using Web 2.0+ resources for free vs. paying b. Collect inventory of solutions c. If you want it, give it away III. What’s in aisle? a. Appointments/scheduling b. Document design/create/review collaboration c. Instant msg & email i. Aggregators ii. Email provider solutions; chat, video, filing, e-signatures, etc. iii. Voice transcription d. Blogging/Website i. Rss feeds, the decline of paper ii. Customer feedback e. Meetings/collaboration f. On-line storage g. Social networks i. Best brands ii. All the rest h. Antique department i. Telephone; voice mail ii. Amazing Mail iii. Slide shows i. Product/service video demo i. Videos ii. Screencasting j. Virtual paperwork for employees/customers i. E-signatures ii. Email signatures iii. Company forms creator k. TV/Radio showroom i. Internet TV/ radio ii. Podcasting


Checkout i. What is will cost ii. Impulse shopping 1. Avatar creators 2. Movie quotes 3. Comics 4. Newsletter 5. Widgets 6. Zamzar 7. Tabloid

Announcing the Grand Opening of the O*M*G* Moments store in Ft Worth. After lunch and ribbon cutting you will get a ‘virtual tour’ of the store. Our presentation is limited to 10/20/30 [10 slides, 20 minutes, & 30-sized font] so you will have to listen, watch, and think fast. Then you discuss, discover, and decide on using ‘software as a service’ [SaaS] for business problems you didn’t realize you have right now. Improve your business using FREE or low-cost ‘cloud computing’ resources. Bring your appetite and inquiring mind to focus on:  The Future o 21st Century Rolodex for current and potential customers  Saving time o One-stop appointment scheduling  Avoiding costs o Create on-line screen cast demonstration of products or services  Improve cash flow o Record expenses/time sooner to get paid faster Join us for learning WOWs! on what’s available to virtual and/or bricks & mortar businesses. *Oh My Gosh!

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