Today a Terrorist Plot was Foiled_ August 10_ 2006 Dear Prayer

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					Today a Terrorist Plot was Foiled!
August 10, 2006 Dear Prayer Warriors, I feel an urgency tonight to gather the troops to pray. As you probably know by now, a planned terrorist attack against the United States was foiled by British authorities early this morning. This attack would have been the most fatal attack against us since 9/11/01. I can only feel exceptionally grateful to British authorities for acting quickly before any lives could be lost! And I feel an overwhelming sense of thanksgiving to God that He has protected our nation and our people from untold trauma and grief. Suicide-bombers had planned to activate homemade bombs aboard up to 10 flights to the United States from England. The number of dead men, women and children would have been unimaginable. The circumstances of recovery would have been all but impossible. A test run was to occur this weekend with the full plan in operation within a few days of the "dry run." News media have reported that the mastermind behind this plot is in Pakistan. The plan has the distinctives of an Al-Qaida terrorist operation. Twenty-four suspects have been arrested in England, however, at least five known suspects are still at large. While officials in England feel confident that they are sure who was potentially involved, only our God knows for sure. Those implicated in the terrorist plan were being watched for months by law enforcement officials in England. A recent arrest in Pakistan provided information leading to the quick arrest of those in London. Tonight, I want to call us to prayer! First, let us thank God:     Let's thank God for His hand of protection on our nation. Let's thank Him for the many lives that were saved! Let's thank Him for His exposure of this plot to authorities in a timely manner. Worship the Lord for He is worthy of our worship! Worship with Psalm 95 and Psalm 98.

Next, let us pray:     Pray that the five "missing" suspects and any others that might be unknown would be found and arrested quickly! Pray that the mastermind in Pakistan would be found and arrested NOW! Pray that the Lord would continue to give international governmental and lawenforcement officials information and strategies to undo the plans of the enemy. Pray that terrorism would be stopped internationally. Pray for Israel's great success in their batle against Hezbollah, as a sign and a wonder and a promise of

this to us. Finally, let us proclaim:    Proclaim Psalm 91 over the nation. Proclaim that we will feel safe in God's protective hand. Proclaim Psalm 3 over the nation: that our enemies will be completely dealt with by the Lord. Proclaim Psalm 18 that ALL our enemies will be found and that we will have complete victory over them ALL!

The State Department of the United States of America is the branch of government responsible for the apprehension of those terrorists who are threats against our government or our citizens. "Rewards for Justice" is the specific program responsible to keep information on suspects current and public world- wide. Please go to the "Rewards for Justice" website noted below and pray for the capture of these men and women. Rewards for Justice Continue to pray regarding this issue until we hear that it is resolved. For those of us who will be traveling, let's show forth the love and grace of the Lord to airport employees and airport security agents. Thank them for the careful job they are doing to insure our safety. Understandably, security has greatly increased and is not likely to change for quite a while. While this may be a bit of an inconvenience, it may very well save our lives! Of course, we are well aware that "except the Lord watches over the city (or the nation in our case), the watchman wakes in vain." (Ps. 127:1) May we trust the Lord, with all our hearts and watch and see the salvation of our God continuously! Watch and pray! Ever on the wall together with you,

Timmerle DeKeyser National Director

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