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     O                              The Alabama Department of Corrections

                E CTIO       SN

                                          ADOC CELEBRATES VETERAN’S DAY
       FALL 2011                  November 10, 2011
                                  Brian Corbett
                                        WETUMPKA – Alabama Department of Corrections Commissioner Kim Thomas announced
1             Veteran’s Day       the celebration of Veteran’s Day throughout the Department. Veteran’s Day is a holiday observed
                                  annually in the United States in honor of all those, living and dead, who served with the U.S. armed
                                  forces, even those who are presently incarcerated.
2            ADOC Graduates             Since 1938, when congress declared Veteran’s Day a federal holiday, most of us have enjoyed the
                                  event as a three day weekend, often not realizing the reverence and respect the observance deserves.
      ACESF Golf Tournament       Thomas, whose father served in the Korean War, worked many times as a correctional officer on
4                                 Veteran’s Day, and noticed too often that this special day would go unnoticed.
                                        “I wanted to change things and make sure we do our part in honoring our soldiers,” Thomas
6    AL Prison Arts + Education   said. “I realized that veterans who served, both those in our care and our employees are not being
                                  duly recognized. I requested that each facility hold a special event to pay tribute to our vets and I am
                                  pleased that we were able to accomplish this.”
7              CMS Merger               Elmore County’s Staton Correctional Facility welcomed retired Colonel Curtis Knott and Mr.
                                  Melvin Peterson with Veteran’s Affairs. The two met with more than 100 incarcerated vets in the
                                  Teauge Chapel and shared information about VA programs available to them. Knott, who spent more
                                  than 28 years in the U.S. Army, now serves as the Director of Prison Ministry at Pilgrim Rest Baptist
8              Bosses’ Day
                                        “There are many who have served well and have an honorable discharge,” Knott said. “We
9        The Least of These       can’t let them fall by the wayside. Our greatest challenge is housing and transportation when they are
                                        Staton also employs more than 35 military employees, 13 of whom are activated. Statewide, 63
10       CJC Employee of the      ADOC employees are on active duty. Previously, the Department signed a 5 Star ESGR (Employer
               Month              Support of the Guard and Reserve) Statement of Support for employees who are called into active
11            Facility Audits           Similar Veteran’s Day events are being held Thursday and Friday, from Limestone Correctional
                                  Facility in the north, to Loxley Community Based Facility in the south. It’s also an opportunity to
                                  celebrate the birth of the United States Marine Corps, founded on November 10, 1775. Ooh-rah!
12       Re-Entry Mont. W. F.           “The Marine Corps goes through, the
                                  Army goes around, the Air Force goes
               PREA Grant         over, and the Navy goes under,” said
13                                Staton Warden Leon Forniss, who served
                                  three yeas in the Army with a tour in Viet
13       NORESCO Contract         Nam, earning a Bronze Star.
                                        “These guys are in a difficult situation
                                  and we encourage them to overcome their
14             Retirement         difficulties,” Forniss said. “We’d like
                                  the vets to share their experiences and
                                  mentor others to make life better in the
15           Bonita Lancaster     initiation.”
                                        Veterans Day is observed on
                                  November 11, commemorating the end of
16           A Man of Courage     World War I. On that day in 1918, fighting
                                  stopped at 11 a.m., the 11th hour of the 11th
                                  day of the 11th month. In 1954, the name
17           Around the State     of the holiday was changed from Armistice
                                  Day to Veteran’s Day to honor all who had
                                  served in World War II and the Korean War.       Inmates perform in a Veteran’s Day celebration November
                                  Today, the holiday honors all veterans.                     10, at Staton Correctional Facility
 2                                         Corrections News                                                               FALL 2011

 The AlAbAmA DepArTmenT
of CorreCTions GrADuATes
    ThirD ClAss of 2011
     SLEMA – With heavy hearts, the Alabama Corrections Academy graduated its third
class of 2011, on Wednesday, November 9th. Three months prior, 88 trainees began
the journey to become corrections officers at the new Alabama Criminal Justice Training Commissioner                Thomas      presents
Center, with only 66 to finish – together.                                                      graduation certificates as Capt. Jeffery
     The most recent loss occurred in the early morning hours of November, 6th. Trainee Boutwell looks on.               Capt. Boutwell
De’Jon Jackson, along with two others died in an automobile accident in Montgomery. presided over his final graduation
Jackson was the driver of an Acura TL when it collided with another vehicle in the                   ceremony prior to retirement.
southbound lanes of I-85 about 4:20 a.m., while passing underneath the Forest Avenue
exit. Jackson is survived by his wife, Brittany, and two children.
     “I could not stop crying,” said fellow trainee, Guevara Paron.
     The Academy class was called to formation at 4:45 a.m., and told of the news. “We did not know what was going on,” Paron
said. “I was the first to leave the room.”
     Paron grew up in Montgomery, but attended a different high school than Jackson. Later, in 2006, the two reconnected in Iraq,
Jackson serving his country as a medic, Paron as an infantryman. After Class 03 started, it took the two a while to recognize each
other. “No one was looking forward to this happening three days before graduation,” Paron said.
     Following the tragic news of Jackson’s death, the Department’s Northern Region - Critical Incident Stress Management team spent
more than three hours with the class and Academy staff on Monday. Dr. Eddie Lancaster serves as the CISM Director.
     “They started to mellow when we broke into groups,” Lancaster said. “They started to talk about it and that’s what you want, for
them to talk. They went from not wanting to show their feelings to really baring their soul.”
     Jackson served as the class cadence caller. After meeting with the CISM, it was decided there would be no more cadence called
during their time at the Academy, nor at graduation.
     Former ADOC Deputy Commissioner Ron Sutton, a Vietnam veteran himself, served as the commencement speaker. “Officer
Jackson would be just as joyous and happy as you are today,” said Sutton. “Honor him by celebrating with your loved ones and
     The November graduating class brought the 2011 total to 234 officers, 82 graduating in 11-01, and 86 in 11-02. It’s been a while
since Academy Captain Jeff Boutwell graduated in Class 83-10. Boutwell has seen dozens of graduating classes in his 28 years, but
this was his last. Retirement calls. “It’s been a real good ride, real good,” Boutwell said.
     In each class, there are graduates worthy of special recognition. The Academic Excellence Award goes to the officer who achieves
the highest academic average on two quizzes, the mid-term and final exams. The award is shared by Officers James McGee Jr., Class
President, and Officer Matthew McCain with an average of 90.8%.
     The Honor Graduate Award goes to the officer with the best combined average in academics, first aid, firearms, demeanor, and
the legal exam. This award goes to Officer McGee with an overall average of 93.53%.
     Finally, the Director’s Award is decided by the staff and goes to the officer who has demonstrated overall excellence by serving
as a motivating force. This award goes to Officer Kevin Green.
     A few notables about Class 11-03: Several females started the class but only one graduated, Shalonda Pulley. For the first time
in staff memory, all trainees qualified on the firing range in their first attempt using the Glock .40 caliber and 12 gauge shotgun. And,
they took great pride in their early morning physical training, running as a group.
     “One thing we owed to Officer Jackson – he came up with the idea to make sure we all stayed together,” McGee said. “Someone
led us, and someone stayed in the back to make sure that we all finished – together.”

 Officer Paron is greeted by Donald
 Dietz, a member of the CISM Team.
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                        AlAbAmA DepArtmeNt oF CorreCtIoNS
                                 2011-03 GrADuAteS

 BIBB                                                  FOUNTAIN
 Beck Jr., David G.                                    Blackmon, Raymond
 Carruth, Casey W.                                     Davis, Perry E.
 Frederick, John M.                                    Dewberry, Charles L.
 Fuqua, Michael E.                                     Garner, Christopher R.
 Jackson, DeJon M. **                                  Moore, Darrell D.
 McDaniel, Shawn A.
 McGlothen, Dennis E.                                  HOLMAN
 Nance, Joshua T.                                      Feaster, Benjamin N.
 Narbon, Robert J.                                     Yowell, Matthew L.
 Rodgers, Nicholas S.
 Sloan III, James R.                                   KILBY
                                                       Slaughter, Danniel M.
 Avery, Eric C.                                        LIMESTONE
                                                       Charley, Demetrius B.
 BULLOCK                                               Owens, Randle M.
 Gay, Daniel E.                                        Pulley, Shalonda C.
 Hampton, Gene A.
 Johnson, Jake T.                                      MOBILE WR
 North, Larry A.                                       Paul, James M.
 Patton, Mitchell L.
 Penn, Markice D.                                      MONTGOMERY WF
 Person, Markeon D.                                    Childers, Robert J.
 Pritchett, Kendarious D.
 Young, Johnathan C.                                   ST. CLAIR
                                                       Howard Jr., Wilbert E.
 DONALDSON                                             Looney, Lorenzo E.
 Aaron, Samuel J.                                      Weaver, Jacob W.
 Gaines Jr., Raymond L.
 Mason, David L.                                       STATON
 Mechalske, Shaun D.                                   Arrington, Christopher J.
 Thornton, Eric L.                                     Davis, Michael D.
 Williams II, Carl H.                                  Hard, Zachary S.
                                                       McCain, Matthew L.
 DRAPER                                                McGee Jr., James C.
 Free, David A.                                        Perkins Jr., Lee E.
 Kiekel, Robert A.C.                                   Talley Jr., Rodrick D.
 Laister, Jeremy V.
 Paron, Guevara T.                                     TUTWILER
                                                       Green, Kelvin R.
 ELMORE                                                Grove, Bobby K.
 Brown, Christopher M.                                 Tuck, Clifford D.
 Clark, Cory A.
 Huyghue, Johnathan R.                                 VENTRESS
 Shepherd, Daniel L.                                   Bowman, Tristan A.
 Snead III, James G.                                   Hall, Deranezeo S.
 Strickland, Johathon L.                               Threats IV, Dennis L.A.
 Wagner, Adrian L.
                                                       **Honorary Graduate
 4                                     Corrections News                                                          FALL 2011

                 ACesf Golf TournAmenT

 Montgomery’s Lagoon Park – host site of
the 8th Annual Alabama Employee Support
                                            Support Fund board member Forrest
          Fund Golf Tournament.
                                           Johnson prepares for a drive on #12 at
                                                      Lagoon Park.
                                                                                    The line looks right for Elliott Sanders but
                                                                                             she turns left at the cup.

                                                                                     Commissioner Kim Thomas admires
 Compare the backswing form… Adolph Griffin, Kilby Maintenance and Bill               his shot! The ACESF is grateful to
                      Lawley, ADOC Personnel.                                       Commissioner Thomas for his generous
                                                                                      participation and support of ADOC
 About the Alabama Correctional Employee Support                                                  employees.
    The principal purposes of the Alabama correctional Employee
 Support Fund, Inc. is to provide financial support and assistance to
 persons employed by the Alabama Department of Corrections and
 members of such persons’ families who are needy, ill or distressed
 because of disaster, hardship, or other circumstances.
    The ACESF also provides educational scholarship opportunities
 to persons employed by the ADOC and members of such persons’
 families based on need and/or merit.
    The ACESF conducts fund raising events to raise monies for use in
 the performance of the Corporation’s principal purposes. The annual                   Chili Dogs!!! A tourney staple and
                                                                                      highlight at the turn are enjoyed by
 ACESF Golf Tournament is our primary fund raising event. Through
                                                                                     Deputy Commissioner Jeffery Williams
 10 months of 2011, we have given more than $33-thousand back to                      and two volunteers from the Draper
 our employees in need.                                                                       Correctional Facility.
    We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks for your support and
 participation in the 8th annual Alabama Correctional Employee
 Support Fund Golf Tournament.
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                                                                             
                                                                              
                                                                                
                                                                                  
                                                                             
                                                                        
                                                                                    

                                                                
                                                                        
                                                                                     

                                                                                                 
                                                                           
                                                                                               
                                                                                            
                                                                     
                                                                                            
                                                                            
                                                                                                
                                                                                                 
                                                                                                   
                                                                              
                                                                                
                                                                               
                                                                                                   
                                                                                             
                                                                               
                                                                             
                                                                             

                                                                                      

                                                
                                                    
                                                       
                                              
                                                                                        
                                                                   

                                                                      
 6                                         Corrections News                                    FALL 2011

              the Alabama prison Arts +
                  education project
     The Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project in the College of Liberal Arts at Auburn
University is a program dedicated to bringing educational opportunities to prisoners in
Alabama. The program believes it’s important for the adult prison population to gain a
quality education, and also to build a relationship with learning that will continue to grow
for the rest of their lives.
     The artwork on display at the offices of the Alabama Department of Corrections are
selected pieces spanning visual arts classes from 2004 to the spring semester of classes in
2011. Facilities that have hosted visual arts classes: Elmore, Staton, Frank Lee, Tutwiler,
Montgomery Women’s Center, Donaldson, Bibb, St. Clair and Draper.
     The classes, which are taught by faculty, instructors, and independent artists, are
structured around the traditional college environment for visual arts. Since 2003, APAEP
has been the recipient of multiple grants from the National Endowment for the Arts for
its visual arts programming. And many of the pieces on display at the ADOC offices have
toured around the country as part of the Art on the Inside exhibit.
     APAEP provides access to sustained and quality educational experiences in the arts
and humanities to prisoners in Alabama. These learning experiences contribute to the
positive development of the person. As one Warden said of our programming, “I can
always tell who is a participant in the Alabama Prison Arts + Education Programming
because they present an air of purpose, they are challenged and driven to succeed in
learning. They know education is a key for their success when they get out.”
    FALL 2011                             Corrections News                                                                         7

        Correctional medical Services (CmS) merger
     Correctional Medical Services (CMS) our current medical vendor has merged with Prison Health Services (PHS). Their merger is
official as of June 3, and the company has launched their announcement.
     The new name of combined company is ‘Corizon Health Services’, therefore CMS will now be referred to as ‘Corizon’ in our
internal communications. The merger does not affect our contracted services or our contract medical staff here in Alabama, as far as
employment or the services they provide. There is no change in our Statewide, Regional and Facility Management Staff. Mr. Larry
Linton will continue to be our Medical Program Director and our medical leadership and managers will remain the same.
     Details of this merger are described below along with projected additional benefits provided to the State of Alabama and our
colleagues who provide medical services to our inmates.
     Ruth Naglich
     Associate Commissioner of Health Services

   Corizon launches from Correctional Healthcare merger
Friday June 03, 2011
     Two leading correctional healthcare companies came together as one today under the name Corizon, with the mission of providing
best-in-class service to state and local governments throughout the U.S.
     Corizon, with approximately 11,000 employees and independent contractors providing healthcare in over 400 prisons, jails and other
correctional facilities, was created from the merger of the parent companies of Correctional Medical Services and PHS Correctional
     Valitas Health Services, Inc., the parent company of Correctional Medical Services, Inc., and America Service Group Inc., the
parent company of PHS Correctional Healthcare, Inc., signed an agreement and plan of merger in March. Following governmental and
regulatory review, the transaction was approved June 1 by America Service Group shareholders, who are being paid $26.00 per share of
ASG. The transaction was formally closed today. Corizon will be privately held.
     Corizon brings together todays best-in-class correctional healthcare companies with the vision and commitment to become even
better tomorrow, said Rich Hallworth, Corizon chief executive officer. Within the talented people and systems of Corizon are a wealth
of expertise, the latest in methodology and technology, and economies of scale--all working on behalf of the clients we serve and the
patients in our care.
     Corizon’s vision is firmly centered around service--to our clients, our patients and our employees, said Stuart Campbell, Corizon
president and chief operating officer. To that we add the insight of unparalleled experience assisting our client partners, and caring
professionals serving the unique healthcare needs of patients.
     Corizonâ corporate headquarters is in Brentwood, Tenn. and the operational headquarters is in St. Louis, Mo.
About Corizon
     Corizon provides quality healthcare services at over 400 correctional facilities across the country serving approximately 400,000
inmates in 31 states. With its corporate headquarters in Brentwood, Tenn. and the operational headquarters in St. Louis, Mo., Corizon
is the leading provider of correctional healthcare services in the United States, delivering a wide range of healthcare and pharmacy
programs to government agencies for the medical care of inmates. For more information, please visit
rich Hallworth,
Chief Executive Officer

                                                      Solutions Alabama presentation
                                                  ADOC’s William Lawley speaks at the 2011 Solutions Alabama
                                               Presentation in conjunction with Auburn Montgomery’s CPM Training
                                               Program, Friday, August 19, at the Alabama State Capitol Auditorium.
 8                                          Corrections News                                                         FALL 2011

                   Bosses’ Day 2011 at Central Office
One measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you. ~ Dennis A. Peer
Thank you for your leadership, guidance, patience and understanding!

                                                                                            Mr. Brown has found some interesting
A great breakfast prepared by Berenice Artis,
                                                                                         reading about the Auburn win over Florida.
LaTonya Burton, Derrick Demus, Research
& Planning Legal, SRP, Health Services, and
             Transfer Divisions.
    The “Least” of These
FALL 2011                         Corrections News                                                                      9

      Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food, or
    thirsty and gave you something to drink? 38And when was it that we saw you a stranger and welcomed
    you, or naked and gave you clothing? 39And when was it that we saw you sick or in prison and visited
    you?’ 40And the king will answer them, ‘Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who
    are members of my family, you did it to me.’
                                                                                                 Matthew 25:37-40

    A few weeks ago, I left Martin Luther Lutheran Church after worship to head home from Mobile to
    Daphne. My son was with me on my motorcycle, and we drove together across the Bay Bridge in the
    August heat. I always enjoy the ride, even if it’s a hot and sweaty day.

    As we reached the Baldwin county side, it seemed like something flew past the side of my face. I looked
    around, but there was nothing out of the ordinary, so I wrote it off as nothing to be concerned about.

    But I was wrong. After worship, I had slid a reimbursement check (for a substantial amount) into my
    shirt pocket to take home. The danger it would face on the windy ride back had not occurred to me at
    the time. I reached into my pocket, but there was nothing there.

    My check was gone with the wind.

    One afternoon, three days later, I got a call at church. The caller explained, in an amazed tone, that a
    prisoner on a work release detail had found a check while collecting trash on I-10 in the Daphne/Spanish
    Fort area. It turns out that it was my check, and she explained that the inmate had given it to the
    Corrections Officer on the detail. If I wanted it, I could pick it up at the prison in Loxley.

    And as if that wasn’t enough, the truly amazing thing, she continued, is that the “Pay to the order of”
    line was blank.

    I could hardly believe my ears!

    Defying all preconceived notions or Hollywood stereotypes about prison inmates, this convicted criminal
    turned in a check that he could have kept or given to a family member to cash legally and with impunity.
    He could have kept it, but he didn’t. He wanted to give it back to its rightful owner.

    When I arrived at the prison in Loxley, I was more than a little nervous. Dozens of inmates were
    returning from their day’s work, and were going through the guardhouse to enter the barbed-wire
    encircled confines of the prison. I spoke with the corrections officer at the gate, trying to find out where
    I could pick up my check. He had no idea what I was talking about. However, an inmate standing nearby
    overheard our conversation and happily exclaimed, “I know what you’re talking about!” He had already
    heard about the person on the work detail who had found a check with no payee. Every other inmate
    standing with us had heard about it as well. They all liked the fact that a fellow prisoner had turned it in
    instead of keeping it (and they all knew how much it was worth, too).

                                                                                                     Continued on Page 10
 10                                  Corrections News                                                            FALL 2011

 Continued from Page 9

  As I was escorted by an officer behind the barbed wire and into the office area, I walked by some 30 or
  40 inmates. I stopped and chatted with several people during my time there. Every single person, a
  “convict,” was friendly, courteous, and pleasant. Every single person respectfully referred to me as,

  It was an amazing—in fact, an uplifting—experience.

  In reflecting upon that day, I am reminded of how Jesus told us that in feeding a hungry person, clothing
  a stranger, or visiting someone in prison we are actually doing that for a “member of [his] family.” In
  fact, he says that in serving others, “You did it to me.”

  I had always heard that as Jesus encouraging us to serve, and that in serving, we would be helping
  Christ. On that day in the Loxley prison, however, I discovered that in visiting these prisoners, I had
  actually experienced Christ serving me. Christ was at work in this man, when he found my lost pearl in
  the form of a reimbursement check on the side of the Interstate. Christ was at work in this man, as the
  story of his service and integrity spread throughout the prison population and the front office. Christ
  was at work in this man, whom I haven’t even met, as he made up for my mistake and shortsightedness,
  and as he witnessed to me that Christ is at work in our world in places that we don’t expect to see him.

  And now, you too are a part of the story.

  Let us all strive to be the person of Christ whom I experienced in the person of this convicted criminal.

  In Christ’s love,

  Pastor Mike

  Criminal Justice Center “Employee of the Month.”
    Efffective November 1st, 2011, the Criminal Justice Center will recognize
a deserving employee as “Employee of the Month.”
    The candidate for “Employee of the Month” will be selected by the
Division Director. This employee should be one who has demonstrated
overall superior performance in assigned tasks and who has a cooperative
and enthusiastic spirit about his/her work. The selectee should be one who
has been energetic, compassionate towards his/her peers, is diligent yet
compromising and reflects positively on the Department of Corrections.
                                                                                  CJC Employee of the Month Gwendolyn
    The “Employee of the Month” will be allowed to park in the                   Wright is pictured with Central Records Director
Commissioner’s parking space (either on Jackson Street or in the parking         Kathy Holt, Central Records Assistant Director
deck; employee’s choice).                                                        Mark Bruton, Commissioner Kim Thomas, and
    Selections will be made by rotation and attached is a listing of divisions   Associate Commissioner Terrance McDonnell
                                                                                                         Continued on Page 11
    FALL 2011                       Corrections News                                                          11

Continued from Page 10
within CJC and the month you are required to submit your selection. The Division Director is responsible for
submitting their selection to the Commissioner’s Office no later than the 15th of the month.
    This month, we congratulate Ms. Gwendolyn Wright, ASAII, Central Records File Room. Ms. Wright will also
receive a $50.00 Wal-Mart Gift card in recognition of her selection and in appreciation of a job “well done!”

Division                                              Selection Month
Central Records Division*                             November 2011
Accounting                                            December 2011
Personnel                                             January 2012
Information Systems                                   February 2012
Central Records Division*                             March 2012
Central Classification                                April 2012
Legal Division                                        May 2012
Research & Planning                                   June 2012
Transfer/SRP                                          July 2012
Community Corrections                                 August 2012
Health Services                                       September 2012
Investigations & Intelligence                         October 2012
*NOTE: Central Records Division is listed in the rotation twice due to the large number of employees

                                      FACILITY AUDITS
    Warden LeePosey Daniels and Business Manager Emmett Graham are to be commended for achieving a
    A perfect audit occurs when the auditors from Accounting examine the records of the various funds of the
facility for accounting and administrative controls for a specific period of time. In addition, the auditors review
the Labor Management System for compliance. When the result of this examination is completed and no
discrepancies are noted the facility has a perfect audit.
    Congratulations to the Warden and staff of the Elmore Correctional Facility.
    Warden Shirley Smith and Business Manager Jimmy Deadwyler are to be commended for achieving a
    Congratulations to the Warden and staff of the Birmingham CWC/CBF. Warden Cynthia White and
Christopher Gordy should share in this accommodation as they were Wardens at the facility during the period of
time audited.

     Warden Willie Thomas and Business Manager Danny Russell are to be commended for achieving a PERFECT
     Congratulations to the Warden and staff of the Bibb Correctional Facility. Warden Cheryl Price should share
in this accommodation as she was Warden at the facility during the period of time audited. It should be noted that
Bibb’s latest audit considerably improved over the previous year’s audit which makes it even more significant.
You can equate it to a football team going from a six and four record to being undefeated. Imagine that.
     Thanks again for the effort. It is just another sign of ADOC employees Striving for Excellence.
     Grantt Culliver,
     Institutional Coordinator
 12                                 Corrections News                                                    FALL 2011

      re-eNtry At moNtGomery WomeN’S FACIlIty
    The March Re-Entry program “Resources Are Helping Hands” was a huge success with the appearance of
Commissioner Kim T. Thomas, Associate Commissioner Terry McDonnell, Dr. Eddie Lancaster, and Richard
Naile on March 7, 2011, attending the opening of the March Quarterly Re-Entry Program. New additions were
added to the program, further educating the residents of the vast resources available to them upon their release.
Robyn Rhymes, a representative from the Montgomery Transit System informed residents of the various bus
fares and routes available for those who will remain the Montgomery are as well as how to find this information
from other local Transit Systems. Tim Martin with The Montgomery City/County Library System presented the
residents with the various services provided at any local library to assist they job search. Auburn University also
made a first appearance to our program. Dr. Peggy Shippen, along with three of her doctorate students, presented
both educational and career information. Dr. Shippen, in connection with Sister Leanne Sitter from C.A.L.L., in
a previous visit they trained nine of our long term residents, who are now certified tutors for the “ Laubach Way
to Reading Program. Also, Mrs. Ann Wynne, from Sandy’s Places. came to share new of her new transitional
facility for women in Etowah County. We have gone to a two week program held quarterly and our guest list has
grown we had 77 outside quest this session. I would like to thank all the supporting agencies for their devotion
and dedication to the residents here at the Montgomery Women’s Facility.
    On July 11, 2011, Ms. Roberta Crenshaw, MWF Re-Entry Designee, ADOC kicked off Montgomery Women’s
Facility Quarterly Re-Entry Program with the aid of Ms. Karen Carr, Aid to Inmate Mothers, Re-Entry Program
Coordinator. The theme ‘Building a Solid Foundation for a Brighter Future’ encouraged the residents as well as
informed them of how to prepare and plan for a successful transition. Ending on July 22, 2011, the program was
a huge success leaving the residents with more than resources of contact information, but with the sense of hope
that they can accomplish a healthy and successful transition. Our first guest was Circuit Judge Tracey McCooey.
We really enjoyed her presentation Ms. Anita Kelley BBVA Compass Bank LaShawnda Alexander Pardons and
Paroles. The AIDT Represenitive Peoples Warren, Rod Jones continues to support the Montgomery Women’s
Facility. Representative Warren and her team had 15 laptop computers donated to our computer program. The
following guest have renew their partnership with us after being away a year. Mr. J. B. McCullough Retired Lt.
Montgomery Polices Department. Montgomery Women’s Facility would like to thank Aid to Inmate Mothers
for their dedication and devotion to our program and to the community support we have gained for the support
of our Re-Entry Program. We have partnership with Dr.Peggy Shippen Auburn University Dept of Education.
The presented a 90 minutes Job Skills Workshop. We also have formed a partnership with the Lister Hill Clinic.
I really believe that Re-Entry is really working. We outside resources calling to see if they can come out and be a
part of our program.
    Montgomery Women’s Facility welcomed Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb on July 27, 2011. During her visitation,
Chief Justice Cobb attended a Domestic Violence class as well as toured the facility.
    In the past year, the partnering of Trenholm State Technical College and Montgomery Women’s Facility GED
program has been triple in its growth and success. In the past year, the number of students receiving their GED
certificate has grown with the recent participation of five (5) students attending the annual graduation ceremony
held on June 25, 2011. We would like to thank Mr. Freddie Williams and the staff of Trenholm State Technical
College for their dedication. We are looking forward to the continued success in the program. We with the help
of Dr. Shippen and Sister Leanne we have 24 trained Laubach tutors. This help has really improved our program.
We will have a Re-Entry program in Oct/Nov 2011 with the help of Mrs. Miles and K. Carr. With the continuous
support of Warden Ellington and The Montgomery Women’s Facility staff our program will continue to make
differences in our Facility. I will retire on November 30, 2011 with a heavy heart. But I can say that I have enjoyed
my 22 years as a state employee, my 4 years with the Mental Health Department and 18 with the ADOC. I hope
to be able to assistance in any way that I can to help make Re-Entry a success as a volunteer.
    FALL 2011                              Corrections News                                                                         13

                            ADOC Awarded Grant for PREA
    Congratulations! ADOC has been awarded a grant under the FY 11 Prison Rape Elimination Act: Demonstration
Projects to Establish “Zero Tolerance” Cultures for Sexual Assault Program by the Office of Justice Programs at the
Department of Justice.
    ADOC has been awarded $270,000.00 in federal funds and will provide a 25% in-kind match of $90,000.00
in personnel salaries and wages for a total budget of $360,000.00. The project is for a period of 2 years and will
begin October 1, 2011 and end on September 30, 2013.
         The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA): Demonstration Projects to Establish “Zero Tolerance” Cultures for
Sexual Assault Program assists states, local governments, and federally recognized Indian tribes to implement
comprehensive demonstration projects within confined settings including, adult prisons and jails, juvenile facilities;
community corrections facilities; law enforcement lockups; temporary holding facilities, and tribal detention
facilities. The goal of the PREA Program is to assist priority facilities in implementing prevention, identification, and
response mechanisms that will reduce the incidence of sexual abuse in confinement environments.
    The Alabama Department of Corrections will implement PREA program design elements that include policy
and practice review, revision, and implementation; preventative infrastructure and technology enhancements;
offender education; victim support services; leadership, organizational culture and performance; data collection
and performance measurement; planning, analysis, and staffing support, and evaluation.

NORESCO to Improve More Buildings for Alabama Department
 of Corrections with Energy Savings Performance Contract
     WESTBOROUGH, Mass., Aug. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- NORESCO, a national leader in energy efficiency and
energy infrastructure solutions, has increased its energy savings performance contract with the Alabama Department of Corrections
(ADOC) to include two new phases of work totaling an additional $22.4 million investment. NORESCO specializes in the development,
design, construction, financing and operation of energy and environmental efficiency projects, and is a unit of Carrier Corp., a business
unit of United Technologies Corp. (UTX).
     Energy conservation measures at ADOC facilities in Phases 2 and 3 of the project are funded by excess guaranteed savings from the
original phase of work and incremental guaranteed savings over the life of the 20-year contract.
     Phase 2 features improvements that include heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) upgrades, new domestic hot water
systems and new roofs at selected locations. Phase 3 centers on improvements to buildings on the Wetumpka campus that ADOC
previously acquired from the Alabama Board of Pardons and Parole, which will serve as a minimum security facility for women. The
Phase 3 project will decentralize heating and cooling systems, improve water conservation and upgrade lighting.
     The projects broaden ADOC’s initiative to address deferred maintenance problems created by limited capital improvement budgets,
inefficient buildings, outdated systems and worn out equipment, and limited staff resources to manage and maintain facilities and
equipment. Because energy savings performance contracts are structured to pay for themselves with guaranteed savings from energy
reductions, ADOC can make needed repairs and improvements without additional funds from Alabama taxpayers.
     The original $27.2 million contract between ADOC and NORESCO included more than $11 million in funding from the American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) through the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. Key energy
conservation measures included central plant upgrades, mechanical upgrades, lighting upgrades and water conservation improvements.
     “When the original contract was signed in 2010, ADOC and NORESCO were already at work to identify the best way to deploy the
additional guaranteed savings that would result from the contract. With Phases 2 and 3, ADOC invests the balance of project savings to
improve building and systems even more,” said Chuck Hoppe, senior account executive, NORESCO.
     For more information about NORESCO, visit .
     About NORESCO
     As one of the largest U.S. energy services companies, NORESCO specializes in the development, design, construction, financing
and operation of energy and environmental efficiency projects, performance contracting and central energy plants. In addition to
state government agencies, NORESCO clients include federal government agencies, universities, local governments, school districts,
hospitals, industrial and commercial businesses. NORESCO has implemented more than $2.5 billion in energy savings at more than
2,000 sites throughout the U.S. and abroad. NORESCO is a subsidiary of Carrier Corp.
     About Carrier Corp.
     Carrier Corp. is the world’s leader in high technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. Carrier experts provide
sustainable solutions, integrating energy efficient products, building controls, and energy services for residential, commercial, retail,
transport and foodservice customers. Founded by the inventor of modern air conditioning, Carrier improves the world around us through
engineered innovation and environmental stewardship. Carrier is a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace
and building systems industries worldwide.
14   Corrections News   FALL 2011
    FALL 2011                              Corrections News                                                                           15

     bonita lancaster’s Caring Nature and positivity enable
                Her to Share Christ with others
Story reprinted with permission of Baptist Health.
bonita lancaster is the wife of Dr. eddie lancaster, ADoC re-entry Coordinator
Following His plan
     As Christians we are called to live a life that resembles that of Christ’s walk on Earth. In Scripture,
we find instruction for how to live our lives, as well as share His word. It is an idea many forgo because
it may seem like an overwhelming task. Then you meet someone who serves as an example of Him, and
you know your life has been changed. Bonita Lancaster is doing just that
     Lancaster, system manager of Physician Relations and Physician Recruitment, is responsible for
recruiting new physicians to the River Region and facilitating positive relations between physicians and
Baptist Health.
     According to Julia Ventress, vice president of Baptist Health, Lancaster is usually the first person to
speak to physician candidates and quickly develops a rapport with them and their family.
     “Several physicians comment on Bonita’s sweet southern accent and hospitality during their visit. She goes out of her way to make
them feel comfortable. She serves as their advocate during the recruitment process and helps them from the contract execution process
through the move and welcoming activities when they start in their new practice.”
     Once as a young adult, Lancaster volunteered to go on a summer mission trip. She was told she needed “some kind of talent” and
was denied the opportunity to minister. Another person would have sulked at that comment; Lancaster used the experience, along with
her deep faith, as motivation to minister in life.
     “Working at a faith-based organization gives me an opportunity to share Christ with others,” she said. “Do I always do it? No. But I
always know when I let an opportunity pass me by. In healthcare, we see people during some of their best and worst times,” she explains.
“There are stresses that patients and healthcare workers experience, and there are opportunities, if you look for them, to help others.”
     Lancaster explained that healthcare strikes at the deepest heart of the Gospel. “Jesus healed so many people while he was on
     Ventress describes Lancaster as dependable, professional, trustworthy and caring. “She has a beautiful smile, contagious energy
and a great sense of humor,” Ventress says. “Bonita is a joy to work with and is uplifting to everyone she encounters. She always puts
a positive spin on difficult circumstances and will quickly remind you that God has a plan for all of us. I know that I can always count
on Bonita.”
     Lancaster’s voice can also be heard on Sunday mornings at First Baptist Church, where she and her husband, Eddie, are in the choir
and teach a class. In addition, she is involved in her church’s prison ministry. Her heart also fully belongs to her family – her children,
grandchildren and chocolate Labrador.
     “My purpose is to mirror Christ,” she said. “It is my responsibility to not be the picture, but to be the mirror. If people see Him and
not me, I’ve done my job.”
16   Corrections News   FALL 2011
      FALL 2011                                           Around the State                                                                                                    17

                                 Around the State Facility News
              ALEX CITY                                                                      Wright on her promotion to Steward II.        and cook. Special Thanks to all the Staff
                                                                                             Steward Wright also won Employee of           at ACWC. We had plenty of food, music,
                                                                                             the Quarter for the months of April – June    door prizes, and a packed chapel. Thanks
                                                                                             2011.                                         Callender Chaney.

                                                     Congratulations to Officer William
      Warden James Carlton and staff          Thornton for winning Officer of the Quarter
would like to welcome Officer Lee Caldwell.   for the months of July – September 2011.
He joins us from Childersburg CBF.
                                                                                                   Warden James Carlton and staff
                                                                                             would like to congratulate Officer Melvin
                                                                                             Cole on his promotion to Correctional Ser-

                                                     Congratulations to Sergeant Tom
      Warden James Carlton and staff
                                              King for winning Supervisor of the Quarter
would like to welcome Sergeant Tom King.
                                              for the months of July – September 2011.
He joins us from Tutwiler.                                                                                                                        Special Thanks to Commissioner
                                                                                                                                           Kim Thomas, Deputy Commissioner Jef-
                                                                                                                                           fery Williams, Institutional Coordinators
                                                                                                   Congratulations to Lieutenant Mi-       Gwendolyn Mosley and Grantt Culliver,
                                                                                             chael Adair for winning Supervisor of the     Wardens M. Cooks and staff, Warden J.
                                                                                             Quarter for the months of April – June        Reynolds and Captain James Steele, War-
                                                                                             2011.                                         den S. Folks and Staff, Warden D. Burrell,
                                                                                                                                           County Commissioner of Satsuma & Work
                                                                                                                                           Supervisors, Sam’s Club Representatives,
     Warden James Carlton and staff                Congratulations to Drug Treatment                                                       Larry Hardin Insurance Services, Central
would like to welcome Officer Nakia           Counselor Lavina Burt for winning Em-
Hedgebeth. She joins us from Bullock CF.                                                                                                   Office Staff, Regina King, and other agen-
                                              ployee of the quarter for the months of July                                                 cies that were represented. Entertainers
                                              – September 2011.                                                                            below graced us with song, prayer, and a

                                                                                                   Congratulations to Officer Thomas
                                                                                             Peavy for winning Correctional Officer of
                                                                                             the Quarter for the months of April – June
      Warden James Carlton and staff
would like to congratulate Officer Steve           Warden James Carlton and staff                       ATMORE CWC
Colvin on receiving his service pin for 5     would like to welcome Steward Laroy                   Correctional Officer Ernice Delmore
years of service.                             Grimmett. He joins us from Donaldson           retired from Atmore Community Work Cen-
                                              CF.                                            ter and Officer Reginald Martin began his          Officer Mark Booth
                                                                                             Correctional Sergeant position at Fountain
                                                                                             CF. Congratulations. Congratulations to Of-
                                                                                             ficer Elbert Weaver for 25 years of service
                                                                                             and Sgt. Harold for 5 years of service.
                                                                                                    September 14, 2011 Warden Debo-
                                                                                             rah Toney and Captain Patricia Myers
                                                                                             hosted ACWC Employee Appreciation.
      Warden James Carlton and staff                                                         The music and fellowship was awesome.
would like to welcome Officer James Tuck-          Warden James Carlton and staff            ACWC has a lot of musical and talented
er back from the Academy.                     would like to congratulate Steward Rubye       staff who can truly sing, speak, organize,         Unica Cox, ASAII
 18                                                   Around the State                                                                                       FALL 2011

     Sgt. Luverne Pierce – SRP                                                                                                              Service Pins:
                                                                                              The staff of Bibb CF welcomes War-            Warden Thomas presenting to Sgt.
                                                                                       den Willie Thomas - shown with his secre-      Cedric Cameron – 5 years
                                                                                       tary, Jacqueline Owens.

      Sgt. Chandra Johnson (M.C)
      Commissioner Thomas assisted
Callender Chaney by drawing ticket stubs                                                                                                    SECURITY Employee of the Quar-
for door prizes. Thank you Commissioner                                                                                               ter – Gladys Hogue, Correctional Officer,
Thomas. Deputy Commissioner Wil-                                                            A retirement tea was given in honor       presented by Warden Estes
liams speaks to a packed chapel. Ernice                                                of Ms. Karen Quarles ASA I - certificate             SUPPORT Employee of the Quar-
Delmore receives her retirement plaque.                                                was presented by Warden Estes.                 ter – Katrelia Jones, ASA II, presented by
ACWC welcomes Gilford Mberi (Business                                                                                                 Warden Estes

                                                                                             SECURITY Employee of the Quar-
                                                                                                                                           Security Employee of the Quarter –
                                                                                       ter – Kessy Bell, Correctional Officer, pre-
                                                                                                                                      Gladys Hogue, Correctional Officer
                                                                                       sented by Warden Estes

                                                                                                                                             Service Pins:
                                                                                              SUPPORT Employee of the Quar-                  Warden Estes presenting to Wendo-
                                                                                       ter – Veronica Hill Steward II, presented by   lyn Evans, Classification Specialist Super-
                                                                                       Warden Estes                                   visor – 30 years

                                                Lt. Gerald Tippins & Lt. Darrick
                                           Rouse (Special Thanks) You did good.
                                                Again, Thank you ACWC staff for all
                                           you do on a day to day basis.

                                                 Warden Price was honored with a
                                           “Moving-On-Over” Tea by the staff of Bibb          Warden Thomas presented Promo-                Warden Thomas presenting to Free-
                                           CF. She transferred to Donaldson CF.        tion certificate to Keith Lanier, Steward II   man Riley, Classification Specialist – 10
                                           Pictured: Warden Estes and Warden Price                                                    years
      FALL 2011                                             Around the State                                                                                                   19

                                                                                                                                                 Warden Jones and the entire Bull-
                                                                                                                                          ock Correctional Facility Staff would like
                                                                                                                                          to congratulate our very own Sgt. Timothy
                                                                                                                                          Scott on his promotion to Lieutenant and
                                                                                                                                          Officer LaSonja Haynes on her promotion
                                                                                                                                          to Sergeant. CONGRATULATIONS TO
                                                                                                                                          LIEUTENANT SCOTT AND SERGEANT
                                                                                                                                          HAYNES!! During our July Staff Meeting,
                                                                                                                                          Officer Willie Parham (not pictured) and
                                                                                                                                          ASA I, Norlishia Brothers were presented
      Warden Thomas presenting to                                                               Birmingham CWC/CBF employees              with certificates and watches with the
Chester Lapsley, Correctional Officer,- 10                                                 appreciation luncheon                          ADOC emblem for being chosen Officer
                                                                                                          BULLOCK                         and Employee of the Quarter by Captain
                                                                                                                                          Tyrone Jenkins. Warden Sandra Giles
                                                                                                  On July 28, 2011, Bullock Correction-   presented Officer Sharon Jackson with
                                                                                           al Facility employees gave “Best Wishes”       her retirement plaque. Officer Jackson’s
                                                                                           to Officer Preston Herbert. Officer Herbert    retirement was effective October 1, 2011.
                                                                                           decided to retire after twenty-five years of   We thank Officer Jackson for 20 plus years
                                                        Bar-Be-Que ribs, chicken, bread,   service. Bullock Correctional employees        of service to the ADOC and Bullock Cor-
                                                  potatoe salad and Baked beans.           celebrated with Officer Herbert during         rectional Facility. Best Wishes to Officer
                                                                                           a luncheon held in his honor. Wardens          Jackson.
                                                                                           Kenneth Jones, Sandra Giles along with
      Warden Thomas presenting to Crys-                                                    Captain’s Sylvester Nettles and Tyrone
tal Barnes, ASA I, - 5 years                                                               Jenkins presented Officer Herbert with his
                                                                                           retirement plaque. We are definitely going
                                                                                           to miss Officer Herbert and wish him noth-
                                                                                           ing but the best.


                                                        Cake and Mayfield ice cream for

        Business Manager James Dead-
wyler and Warden Smith are to be com-
mended For getting a PERFECT AUDIT,
a perfect audit occurs when the auditors
from Accounting examine the records of
various funds for accounting, administra-
tive Controls and Labor Management
System for compliance. When the results
of this Examination is completed and no
discrepancies are noted the facility has a
perfect Audit. CONGRATULATIONS to
Warden Smith and Staff of the Birmingham
CWC/CBF, Warden Cynthia White and
Christopher Gordy should share in this                                                                                                          During the August and September
accommodation As they were Wardens at                                                                                                     Staff Meetings the following employees re-
the facility during the period of time audited.                                                                                           ceived service pins: (not pictured) Officers
It is just another Sign of ADOC employees                                                                                                 Hannah Johnson – 15 years and Sammy
STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE.                                                                                                                  Miles – 25 years, Teddy Jones – 10 years,
  20                                                       Around the State                                                                             FALL 2011

Fredrick Moore – 10 years, Willie Parham                                                      Officer of the Quarter                   Supervisor of the Quarter
– 10 years and (pictured) Laundry Worker
I, Lula Stewart – 5 years. On September
21, 2011, Warden III, Kenneth Jones and
the Bullock Correctional Facility Staff wel-
comed Commissioner Kim T. Thomas to
Bullock Correctional Facility. A tour of the
facility and the Mental Health Complex
was given, which was followed by a ca-
tered luncheon held in the Chapel. Present
were employees from the Commissioner’s                                                        3rd quarter - Brian McGuire
office, the Office of Health Services and
the Department of Mental Health.

                                                     Pictured below from left to right: Dr.
                                               Eddie Lancaster, Don Dietz, Dr. Ron Ca-
                                                                                              4th quarter - Geraldine Davis            3rd quarter - Sgt. Ronald Sigler
                                               vanaugh, Tammy Peacock, Commissioner
                                                                                              Support Personnel of the Quarter         4th quarter - Sgt. Edward Reynolds
                                               Kim T. Thomas, Associate Commissioner,
                                                                                                                                       Congratulations to ASA II Mary Pre-
                                               Gwendolyn Mosley, Zelia Baugh, Associ-
                                                                                                                                 year for receiving her 15 year service pin,
                                               ate Commissioner, Terrance McDonnell,
                                                                                                                                 and Steward II Joe Burke for receiving his
                                               Associate Commissioner, Ruth Naglich,
                                                                                                                                 25 year service pin.
                                               Warden III, Kenneth Jones, Warden II,
                                               Sandra Giles and Captain Sylvester Net-

                                                                                              3rd quarter - Melinda Morgan

                                                                                              4th quarter - Tiffany Johnson
                                                                                              Steward of the Quarter

                                                                                                                                       We would like to congratulate CO
                                                                                                                                 Shamonica Johnson on the birth of her
                                                                                                                                 daughter. Also, congratulations are in or-
                                                                                                                                 der for CO Mario James on the birth of his
                                                              CAMDEN                                                             daughter.
                                                     Camden CBF would like to congratu-                                                     CATTLERANCH
                                               late Sgt. Virginia Brown on her promotion.

                                                                                              3rd quarter - Joe Burke

                                                      Sgt. Virginia Brown                                                             CARL CLAY, WARDEN I HARD AT
                                                      We would like to acknowledge the                                           WORK, HIS MOTTO: “ONE TEAM, ONE
                                               following employees:                           4th quarter - Azalia Bryant        MISSION”
      FALL 2011                                              Around the State                                                                                                     21

                                                           CENTRAL OFFICE

       CARL CLAY, WARDEN I Congratu-                                                                   The Guy Ship Ministries came to
lations to Warden Carl Clay on his promo-              Employees at Central Office enjoy         Childersburg in September. It was an all
tion to Warden I at Farquhar State Cattle        an early Thanksgiving lunch on November         day event that included showing of motor-
Ranch. He was Captain at Loxley Work                                                             cycles; they contributed to purchasing and
Center.                                                                                          serving of the food.
                                                        The staff at Childersburg Community
                                                 Based Facility would like to say congratula-
                                                 tion to our own Sgt. Terry Edwards on his
                                                 promotion to Sergeant at Childersburg ef-
                                                 fective September 16, 2011, Officer Joey
                                                 Smith on his new position as the JPO at
                                                 the Work Release.
       Warden Carl Clay and Business                                                                                                                 Construction projects are almost
Manager Judy Glass are to be commend-                                                                                                         complete at Childersburg.
ed for getting a PERFECT AUDIT.                                                                                                                      CCWC would like to remember
                                                        We at Childersburg would like to
       A perfect audit occurs when the
                                                 welcome back rehire-Officer Gabrielle                                                        our activated Correctional Officers, Albert
auditors from Accounting examine the re-
                                                 Thompson, new hire Derric Robinson as a                                                      Welch, Andre Hardie, Timmons Fleming
cords of the various funds of the facility for
                                                 Steward II and Leigh Ann Seaman to the                                                       and Sylvia Zetino. We will continue to pray
accounting and administrative controls for
                                                 medical staff.                                                                               for them and their families.
a specific period of time. In addition, the
                                                        Congratulation and good bye to
auditors review the Labor Management
                                                 Officer Jeremy McKinney, he has been
System for compliance. When the result
                                                 promoted to Sergeant at Bullock, effective
of this examination is completed and no
                                                 October 16th 2011.
discrepancies are noted the facility has a
                                                        Childersburg had a total of 3 to grad-
perfect audit.
                                                 uate from the Academy in August 2011,
       Congratulations to the Warden and
                                                 Jonathan Edmondson, Carlton Davis, and
staff of the State Cattle Ranch. Warden
                                                 Steven Harrison.
Leon Bolling should share in this accom-
                                                        Childersburg have a total of 4 staff
modation as he was Warden at the facility
                                                 members attending the Bethel online
during the period of time audited. It should
                                                 courses in Criminal Justice, Capt. Ronald
be noted that this is the second consecu-
                                                 Sellers, Lt. Dorine Green Smith, Sgt. Phyl-
tive year that the State Cattle Ranch and its
                                                 lis Morgan and Sgt. Cortney Swain.
staff has had a perfect audit. Outstanding.
                                                        Warden Robert Danford would like
       Thanks again for the effort. It is just
                                                 to say thanks to everyone that contributed
another sign of ADOC employees Striving
                                                 money to DOC employee fund, especially
for Excellence.
                                                 the assistance from our vendors, Snack
                                                 A Licous. Childersburg donated a total of
                                                         Congratulation to Officers Tristan
                                                 Vickers and Sgt. Cortney Swain for receiv-
                                                 ing their 5 years pin with the Department of

  22                                                          Around the State                                                                                     FALL 2011

              DONALDSON                                           DRAPER
       This quarter was a busy quarter for
W. E. Donaldson staff. Some of the activi-
ties were as follows:
       September 1 – We wish Lieutenant
George Bains and Steward Aleric Holt well
on their retirement.
       October 1- Donaldson welcomes
Lieutenant Gwendolyn Givens from Foun-
tain C.F. and congratulates her on her                                                                 Officer Willie Pollard’s Retirement
promotion to Captain and our facility. At                                                       Cake
the same time, we are saddened by the                   Warden Boyd presenting Officer
departures of Officer Michael Tannehill and        Kevin Rudolph with his 15 years service
Lieutenant Terry Barron but wish them well
on their retirement.
       October 16 – Congratulations are in
order for Steward II Antonetti Johnson on
her promotion to Steward III.
       October 20 – A ten day Vipassina
meditation class began with 12 new mem-
bers in attendance and sixteen additional                                                              Sergeant Tavorez Surles
members participating.                                                                                 Supervisor of the 1st Quarter
       October 20- A Karios retreat was
       October 31 – The Vipassina medita-
tion class completed and graduated their                 Mrs. Dianne Gonzalez-New-
students.                                          berry - Support Personnel of the 1st.
       November 1- Officers Joshua Vick-           Quarter
ery, Leonard Peoples, Bradley McCullar,
Kristin Barsell and Bruce Johnson return
to their institutions of origin after working at
Donaldson for six months. All were part of
the East Thomas Project. We appreciate
these officers sacrificing their time to help                                                          Lt. Timothy Logan
us properly man our Facility and the Institu-
tions for allowing them to come.
       November 4- Donaldson held “on
site” testing at the institution. Eighty-four
applicants started a cool, windy day, how-                Warden Boyd presenting Officer
ever only fifty-two were able to pass and
                                                   Edwin Johnson with his 15 Service Pen
complete the process for Correctional Of-

                                                                                                       Ms. Janetha Issac

      Warden Gordy presents Officer                       Officer Samuel Johnson - Officer of
Joshua Sanders with his Service pin for            the 1st Quarter
five years of service to the State, the De-
partment and this Institution.
                                                                                                       Officer Edward Daniels

                                                                                                                                                   June 17, 2011, Warden II Kenneth
       Warden Gordy presents Officer Cory                 Warden Boyd presenting Officer                                                     Sconyers and Easterling Staff welcomed
Oden with his Service pin for fifteen years        Willie Pollard on his 25 years of Service/                                                Warden III Gary Hetzel with a serving
of service to the State, the Department and        Retirement.                                                                               of ‘southern hospitality’ and our famous
this Institution.                                                                                                                            ‘down-home’ cooking.
      FALL 2011                                           Around the State                                                                                                            23

                                                                                                                                                       Elba Correctional Based Facility had
                                                                                                                                                17 inmates to enroll in GED program we
                                                                                                                                                are proud to announce that to date we
                                                                                                                                                have had (3) three inmates to success-
                                                                                                                                                fully complete the program and obtain their
                                                                                                                                                       We here at Elba Community Based
                                                                                                                                                Facility would like to thank and give high
                                                                                                                                                recognition to Chaplain Billy Paul Mc-
                                                                                                                                                Collough for his 25 years of continuous
                                                                                                                                                Voluntary Ministry Services here at Elba
                                                                                                                                                Community Based Facility. We really ap-
                                                                                                                                                preciate you Chaplain McCollough.
                                                                                                                                                       We at Elba Community Based Facil-
                                                                                                                                                ity would like to take this time to Recognize
                                                                                                                                                and Salute our Active as well as our retired
                                                                                                                                                Veterans here at Elba Community Based
                                                                                                                                                       Active Veterans are: Correctional
      Warden Hetzel presented Officer                                                                Wallace Community College Instruc-         Sergeant Samuel Ferrell (3rd Shift) Cor-
Frantz Depena a check from CPO Foun-                                                          tors, Inmate Family Members, Warden               rectional Officer Charles Foster (2nd Shift)
dation. Officer Depena was assaulted by                                                       Gary Hetzel, Dr. Michael Babb, Dean of            and Correctional Officer Jason Dunn (1st
an inmate in an incident earlier this year.                                                   Instructional Affairs, Dr. William Sellers, Ca-   Shift). Our Retired Veterans are: Correc-
                                                                                              reer Technical Coordinator, Ms. Jacqueline        tional Captain Donnie Qualls, Correctional
                                                                                              Screws, Dean of Student Services, Ms.             Sergeant Donnie Farris (2nd), Correctional
                                                                                              Linda Watson, Director of Adult Education,        Sergeant Billy Blue (1st) Correctional Of-
                                                                                              Ms. Wendy Weston, Admissions/Records              ficer Mike Brunson (Admin.), Correctional
                                                                                              Assistant, and Trade School Graduates             Officer Gary Williams (1st), Correctional Of-
                                                                                              listen as Dr. Linda Young, Wallace Com-           ficer Henry Baker (2nd) Cecil Mobley, Main-
                                                                                              munity College President speaks during            tenance. (GOD BLESS AMERICA).
                                                                                              graduation ceremonies. Diplomas and                      We also would like to thank Warden
                                                                                              Certificates were presented to the gradu-         Sharon McSwain Holland and Captain
                                                                                              ates.                                             Donnie Qualls for their continuing dedica-
       Commissioner Kim Thomas con-
gratulated Officer Guerry Bonner and Lieu-                                                                                                      tion, support and hard work here at Elba
tenant Jeffery Knox as they ended their                                                                                                         Community Based Facility.
final day with ADOC September 21, 2011.                                                                                                                         ELMORE
       Easterling Employees and guests
                                                                                                                                                      Fall is finally here and Elmore is busy
enjoyed a retirement luncheon honoring               Captain Gwendolyn Babers pre-
                                                                                                                                                as usual. First of all, we would like to wel-
Lieutenant Jeffery Knox, Officer Guerry       sented Warden Gary Hetzel presented
                                                                                                                                                come Warden II Leon Bolling to the Elmore
Bonner, and Officer Jason Thomas. Offi-       Officer John Ivey his 20-Year Service Pin
                                                                                                                                                Correctional Facility family. Warden Bolling
cer Valerie Burden also retired but was un-   Captain Gwendolyn Babers her 20-Year                                                              comes to us from the State Cattle Ranch.
able to attend the luncheon. Farewell and     Service Pin                                                                                       Welcome aboard, Warden Bolling!!! We’re
best wishes to these employees as they               Congratulations to the following                                                           glad to have you!!!!!!
retire. We appreciate their years of dedi-    employees who earned service pins this
cated service to Easterling and ADOC.         quarter:
                                                     20 Years - Officer Angela Brown, Of-
                                              ficer Timothy Allen
                                                     15 Years - Officer Robert Wilkins
                                                     10 Years - Sergeant Brian Thomp-
                                              kins, Officer Richard Bedsole
                                                     5 Years - Officer Victor Nieves, Offi-
                                              cer Franklin Sheppard, Officer Kelvin Teal,                        ELBA
                                              Officer Jon Edwards,                                   We would like to congratulate Cor-                We’ve lost several great employees
                                                     ASA II Elaine Crenshaw, Radio Op-        rectional Officer James Bryan on his suc-         due to retirement and transfers in the past
                                              erator Forrest Liptrot                          cessful completion at the academy. We             few months. Officer Howard Robinson re-
                                                     Congratulations to Supervisor of the     welcome you back and look forward to              tired after 19 years of service. A hot dog
                                              Second Quarter, Sergeant Donnie Butler;         working with you for a long time. CON-            luncheon was held for Officer Robinson.
                                              Officer of the Quarter, Officer John Pryor;     GRATULATIONS!!!!!                                 Also, Ms. Maida Wheeler, Drug Treatment
                                              and Support Employee of the Quarter,                   We would like to welcome Correc-           Counselor, retired. A luncheon was held
                                              ASAI Sharon Blakely.                            tional Officer Charles Foster back from his       for Ms. Wheeler at Applebee’s in Prattville.
                                                     ECF Trade School Graduation, Oc-         tour of duty in Iraq. We missed you dearly        Best wishes go out to them for a healthy
                                              tober 13, 2011                                  Officer Foster and we are so happy that           and happy retirement. Mrs. India Eaves
                                                                                              you are back with us.                             transferred to Kilby Correctional Facility.
  24                                                        Around the State                                                                                          FALL 2011

                                                                                                food and fellowship was enjoyed by all.
                                                                                                Thanks to Warden Daniels, Captain Mc-
                                                                                                Kee, Chief Jones, Sgt. Watson and Officer
                                                                                                Daniel for preparing the food and making
                                                                                                the luncheon a success.

       Officer Robinson and Warden Dan-                                                                                                             Warden Myers presents Alice Likely,
iels                                                  Warden Daniels and Sgt. Cole                                                            ASAII with her 5 year service pin. Thanks
                                                                                                                                              Ms. Likely, for being dedicated to your job.

       Ms. Wheeler and Warden Daniels                                                                                                              Happy Birthday Warden Cythia S.
                                                       Officer Boyd and Warden Daniels
                                                       Quarterly nominations were made                                                        White! The staff at Fountain Correctional
                                                and the following employees were cho-                                                         Center is proud to be a part of your team.
                                                sen:                                                                                          Thanks for all you do!
                                                       2nd Quarter:
                                                       Ianthor Hamilton, Steward I Employ-
                                                ee of the Quarter
                                                       James Hess, CO Officer of the
      Mrs. Eaves                                       Cheryl Watson, COS Supervisor of
      We would like to welcome Ms. Yvon-        the Quarter
dria Chalmers. Ms. Chalmers has joined                 3rd Quarter:
us as Steward I. We are very proud to                  Lindsey Smith, Acct. Clerk I Employ-                                                        Captain Hetrick welcomes Lt. James
have her as part of the Elmore family.          ee of the Quarter                                      Also, on October 14, 2011 a fish       Tucker to Fountain Correctional Center.
                                                       Victorrus Felder, CO Officer of the      fry was held for the Employee Assistance      Congratulations on your promotion Lt.
                                                                                                Program. Thanks you everyone who              Tucker!
                                                       Michael McBride, COS Supervisor          participated by purchasing a plate. A spe-
                                                of the Quarter                                  cial thank you goes out to Mr. Billups, Mr.
                                                       Elmore currently has 8 cadets at the     Reeves, Sgt. Watson and Officer Daniel
                                                Academy. They are: Daniel Shepard, Jon-         for their time and hard work to prepare the
                                                athon Strickland, Christopher Arrington,        food and make this fundraiser happen.
                                                Christopher Brown, Corey Clark, James                  The State Combined Campaign is
                                                Snead, Rodrick Talley and Adrian Wagner.        well under way. Ms. Jackie Cooper was
      Steward Jones, Ms. Chalmers, War-
                                                We look forward to their return to the Cor-     designated as our Key Worker. Ms. Cooper
den Daniels                                                                                                                                          Captain Hetrick congratulates Sgt.
                                                rections family. Elmore also had 7 cadets       has went above and beyond expectations.
      Several employees have been rec-                                                                                                        Reginlad Martin on his recent promotion
                                                graduate from the last class. They are: Clif-   She received the Early Bird Certificate for
ognized for their dedication to the Depart-                                                                                                   and welcomes to him to Fountain Correc-
                                                ford Williams, Terrence Brown, Rodrickus        collecting funds the soonest. Thank you,
ment of Corrections. Ms. Necole Osborne                                                                                                       tional Center.
                                                Jackson, Carlo Coleman, Joshua Tenny-           Ms. Cooper…..Well done!!!!!!
was presented her 5 year service pin. Sgt.
Juanice Cole and Officer Travis Boyd were       son, Robert Koppen and Kwamaine Long.                         FOUNTAIN
presented their 10 year service pin. Officer    Inmate Long was assigned to Donaldson
Gregory Campbell was presented his 20           Correctional Facility after graduation.
year service pin. A big “Thank You” to all of   On June 1, 2011 Galen Mathis, Donald
these employees for the time and service        Massey and Jerone Darby were promoted
they have dedicated to Elmore.                  to Correctional Officers. Congratulations
                                                on your graduation and promotion, guys!
                                                       Elmore’s Employee Appreciation
                                                Luncheon was held on August 5, 2011.
                                                Special guests were Commissioner Kim
                                                Thomas, Deputy Commissioner Jeffery
                                                Williams, Administrative Services Steve              Warden Myers presents Andrea
                                                Brown, Institutional Coordinators Grant         Godbolt, ASAII with her 5 year service
                                                Culliver and Gwendolyn Mosley. Great            pin.
      FALL 2011                                           Around the State                                                                                                           25

                                                                                                                                                        The Holman family welcomes Can-
                                                                                                         HAMILTON CBF                          dy Redmond, Steward II who has recently
                                                                                                                                               transferred to us from Loxley, and Tameakio
                                                                                                                                               Roberts, Steward I who was recently hired
                                                                                                                                               to fill a vacant spot on our kitchen staff. We
                                                                                                                                               are glad to have them working with us.
                                                                                                                                                        Two Classification Specialists have
                                                                                                                                               come on board to help Mr. Despain keep
                                                     Officer James Wilbanks receiving                                                          the Classification Unit running smoothly.
                                              his 10 year service pin.                                                                         Hayden Glass and William Hulsey have
      Warden White present Travis Brown
                                                     Congratulations to the following                                                          stepped in and are doing an excellent job.
with his 5 year service pin. Thanks Officer
                                              employees in recognition of receipt of their          Congratulations to Laurie Parker,                   Another new addition to the Hol-
Brown, your hard work and dedication is
                                              service pins:                                   Warden’s Secretary, who received her             man family is Guinella Marshall who is
                                                     Tommy Nix - 10 years                     twenty-five year pin in August, 2011.            our new laundry worker. We are glad to
                                                     Jody Shackelford - 10 years              Congratulations are also extended to Cor-        have her working with us and assisting our
                                                     Joel Spencer - 10 years                  rectional Officer Kenneth Mayfield, who          newly promoted Laundry Manager, Selana
                                                     Hamilton Aged and Infirmed would         received his ten year pin also in August,        Strehl. Ms. Strehl had been handling all the
                                              like to say thank you to all that contributed   2011.                                            laundry duties by herself and she certainly
                                              to make the employee’s retirement lun-                                                           deserves her promotion! Congratulations!
                                              cheon a success. We were very sad to                                                                      Congratulations are also in order for
                                              say goodbye to our dear friends but wish                                                         Ashleigh Etheridge who was promoted to
                                              them all a long and happy retirement!                                                            ASA II. Mrs. Etheridge had been working
                                                                                                                                               in the mailroom.
        Congratulations on your promotion
Lt. Gwendolyn Givens! We wish you luck
in all your future goals. We will miss you!

                                                                                                   ACESF Fundraiser: Hamilton CBF/
                                                                                              CWC held a fund-raiser for the ACESF,
                                                                                              October 13th and 14th, 2011, with retired
                                                      (Pictured above L to R): Officer Eric   Lt. Doug Knight smoking Boston butts.
                                              Reid, Officer Keith William, Officer Tim        With Lt. Knight’s assistance, we smoked                  Captain Howard presents promotion
                                              Atkinson, Classification Specialist Alice       and sold 100 Boston butts!                       certificate to Mrs. Etheridge.
                                              Mitchell, Officer David Dean and Officer                        HOLMAN                                   Sergeant Penton Ashworth was re-
                                              Mike Frederick.                                                                                  cently promoted to Lieutenant. Congratula-
      Pictured are Captain Wayne Gray                                                                Congratulations are in order for our
                                                     Please join Hamilton A & I in con-                                                        tions!
and ASAII Sherry Hyman. Mrs. Hyman                                                            four newest Correctional Officers! Hunter
                                              gratulating Officer Chris Markham on his
received her 5 year service pin.                                                              Capps, Stewart Hollingsworth, Jacque-
                                              promotion as Correctional Sergeant effec-
           HAMILTON A&I                       tive June 1, 2011.                              line Kyles, and Donald Meyer recently
                                                     Hamilton Aged and Infirmed would         graduated from the Academy and are now
                                              like to welcome the following new employ-       contributing to the completion of our daily
                                              ees:                                            tasks here at Holman. Welcome aboard!
                                                     Officer Brian Colburn from Donald-       We are looking forward to many years of
                                              son effective June 1, 2011                      service from them. We also welcome Jo-
                                                     Officer Ethan Rudicell from Lime-        seph Raines to the Holman family. Officer
                                              stone effective July 16, 2011                   Raines is a rehire and we are glad to have
                                                                                                                                                    We also welcome two new Ser-
                                                     Holly Pair, Classification Specialist    him join us at Holman.
                                                                                                                                               geants to our security ranks:
                                              effective September 1, 2011                            It seems that every time we get
                                                     Officer Joshua Vickery from Donald-      some new employees, we lose some
                                              son effective October 1, 2011                   to retirement. Carl Poindexter, Thomas
                                                                                              Puryear, and Adam Powell have recently
                                                                                              traded in their security uniforms for the
                                                                                              greener pastures of retirement. Steward
                                                                                              II Louis Lombardi has also decided to ex-
                                                                                              plore the world of retirement. We certainly
                                                                                              wish them all the best as they embark on a
                                                                                              new era of their lives, but we really miss the
                                                                                              experience they take with them.                         Ashley Kidd was promoted to Ser-
        Congratulations to Officer Ann Wil-         Congratulations to Sergeant Shane                Captain William Howard left us to         geant and is being congratulated here by
liford and Officer Tony Dobbs on their Pro-   Swinney and family on the birth of their        return back home. We thank him for the           Captain Howard.
motion to Correctional Sergeant effective     son, Luke Aiden who was born on Sep-            years of service he gave us and hope the                Kenneth Tyus was also promoted to
July 1, 2011.                                 tember 27, 2011, weighing 7 lb 1 oz and         best for him as he takes on his new re-          Sergeant. We are expecting strong, posi-
                                              was 22 inches long.                             sponsibilities at Draper.                        tive leadership from both of them!
  26                                                     Around the State                                                                                            FALL 2011

      Captain Powers pinning Sgt. Tyus.
      Service Pins were awarded to em-               Officer Martinous Montgomery re-              Ms. Dallas Diaz – HSA Corizon                   Officer Terilisa Jackson
ployees for their continued years of ser-    ceives his 5 year pin from Captain How-
vice:                                        ard.
                                                     Captain Howard also presented Ap-
                                             preciation Awards to two employees who
                                             went above and beyond in their duties in
                                             helping to keep contraband out of our in-

                                                                                                   Mrs. Mc-Cants-Braggs                            Mr. Leon Varner (center) – Steward II
      Captain Powers presents Officer
Kathleen Cunningham with her 25 year

                                                    Sergeant Christopher Earl was rec-
                                             ognized for his diligence in searching for
                                             cell phones and removing a large number                                                            Sgt. Douglas McKinney & Warden
                                             from the institution.                                 Mrs. Angela Lawson

     Officer Melvin Williams receives his
20 year pin from Captain Howard.

                                                    Officer Bennie Ashby was recog-                Officer Darnell Moore – Receiving
                                                                                            Unit                                                   Sgt. Douglas McKinney
                                             nized for his alertness while he was off-du-
                                                                                                                                                  Congratulations to Sgt. Bernadette
                                             ty. He witnessed a drop of contraband that
                                                                                                                                            Clay, one of Kilby’s own, who was pro-
      ASA II Angela White receives her 10    was intended for Holman. He responded
                                                                                                                                            moted to Sergeant and was also selected
year pin from Captain Howard.                to the scene, confiscated the contraband,
                                                                                                                                            as the Supervisor of the Quarter due to her
                                             and helped local law enforcement appre-
                                                                                                                                            calmness under pressure and the diligent
                                             hend and arrest the suspect. Great job!
                                                                                                                                            way she accepts her new responsibili-
                                                              KILBY                                                                         ties. Also congratulations to Lt. Pandora
                                                    Congratulations to Kilby’s 2011 -2nd,                                                   Holmes who comes to Kilby from Bullock
                                             3rd and 4th Quarter Employees of the Quar-                                                     County Correctional Facility and was pro-
                                             ter and Supervisors of the Quarter winners:           Sgt. Bernadette Clay & Lt. Langford      moted to Lieutenant. She and Sgt. Clay
                                             Ms. Dallas Diaz (Health Service Adminis-       – 2nd Shift                                     are welcomed additions to the supervisors
                                             trator – Corizon) was selected as the 2nd             Kilby said goodbye to Officer Ter-       here at Kilby.
      Captain Howard presents Sergeant
Henri’ Christian with his 5 year pin.        Quarter Supervisor of the Quarter. Mrs.        ilisa Jackson, who retired after twenty-five
                                             Maryetta McCants-Braggs (Assistant War-        years of service, Sgt. Douglas McKinney,
                                             den’s Secretary) and Ms. Angela Lawson         who retired after 28 years of service and
                                             (Classification Supervisor) were selected      to Steward Leon Varner, who medically
                                             as the Employee and Supervisor of the 3rd      retired after suffering a stroke. All will be
                                             Quarter winners. Officer Darnell Moore         missed and we wish them well. We cur-
                                             (Receiving Unit) and Sgt. Bernadette Clay      rently have four (4) employees tentatively
                                             (Second Shift) were selected as the 4th        scheduled to retire Officers Morris Wil-
                                             Quarter Employee and Supervisor of the         liams, Betty Dotson, Andrew Long and
       Officer Phillip Hart receives his 5   Quarter winners. All recipients were well      Anthony Alexander.                                     Sgt. Bernadette Clay & Warden Bar-
year pin.                                    deserving of these awards.                                                                     rett
        FALL 2011                                           Around the State                                                                                                  27

                                                                                                                                                 Warden II Jimmy Patrick presents
        Lt. Pandora Holmes & both Cap-                                                                                                      Warden III Billy Mitchem with his 30 year
tains                                                                                                                                       pin
       Welcome to Warden Bobby Bar-
rett, who returned to Kilby from Elmore
Correctional Facility. Warden Barrett had
been a Captain here at Kilby before being
promoted to Deputy Warden at Staton Cor-
rectional Facility and transferring to Elmore
                                                                                                      Congratulations to those employees
Correctional Facility. We are so pleased to
                                                                                                who have achieved milestones for years of
have him back at home.
                                                                                                service in their careers. Service Pin Re-         Lt. Kenneth Pierce presents Officer
                                                                                                cipients are:                               Albert Stapp with his 15 year pin

                                                        Kilby has been busy working on
                                                many fund raisers for the Statewide Com-
                                                bined Charities Campaign and has raised
                                                a total of $3000. We continue to strive for
                                                our goal of $4500. We are also hard at
       Bobby Barrett, Warden III                                                                                                                Sgt. Bradley Martin presents Officer
                                                work raising money for the Employee Sup-             Officer Anthony Peterson – 10 years
       New Employees: Joining the Kilby                                                                                                     Mavon Cosby with his 20 year pin
                                                port Fund. Kilby had eight (8) participants
family are Ms. Victoria Mitchell – Steward II
                                                in the Golf Tournament. Several other fund
from Alex City Work Center, Ms. Chanlan-
                                                raisers are forthcoming.
dra Tolliver – ASAII, from the Marine Police,           The Mental Health Management
Ms. India Eaves – Classification Specialist     (MHM) Team at Kilby participated in a cam-
from Elmore Correctional Facility, Sgt. Da-     paign to give back to the community by
vid Lamar – Assistant Segregation Com-          sponsoring a food drive. The MHM Team
mander from Bullock County Correctional         at Kilby collected 336 pounds of can goods
Facility, Ms. Lynn Lewis – Psychological        that were distributed to the Montgomery
Associate II from Staton Correctional Facil-    Food Bank. During the month of Septem-               Officer Lee Williams – 10 years
ity and Ms. Mary Greene (another return-                                                                                                           Captain James Smith presents Of-
                                                ber, employees at Kilby were asked to do-
ing home) – Classification Supervisor from                                                                                                  ficer Theresa Dobbs with her 5 year pin
                                                nate can goods and monetary donations to
the Central Office. Also returning part time,   this worthy cause. The MHM Team wants
after retiring are Officers Willie Lawrence     to thank all those who contributed to their
and Brenda Penn. Welcome Back!                  first food drive and they look forward to fu-
               During the month of October      ture participants for a needy cause.
Kilby supported Breast Cancer Awareness
month by selling pink donuts, pink cup-
cakes, pink lemonade and wearing pink
on each Wednesday during the month to                                                                Officer Willie Marvin - 5 years
show our support. This was Kilby’s 2nd An-                                                                  LIMESTONE                             Sergeant Christopher Boyd presents
nual Pink Day.                                                                                                                              Officer Steven Dobbs with his 5 year pin

                                                       MHM Team – Kilby Correctional
                                                       The Faith Dorm residents at Kilby
                                                had their Annual Family Day. The inmates
                                                invited their families to the Visitation Yard
                                                where they feasted on grilled hamburgers,
                                                hotdog, potato salad and assorted deserts.                                                        Sergeant Christopher Boyd presents
                                                                                                      Warden Mitchem congratulates Tra-
                                                All enjoyed the festivities.                                                                Officer Rodney Harp with his 10 year pin
                                                                                                cie Runions on her promotion to ASA III
  28                                                      Around the State                                                                                       FALL 2011

                                                    Lt. Anthony Brooks presents Officer           Sharon Clemons and Anna Talley
                                              Alvin Simmons with his 10 year pin                                                               On August 11th, four Loxley Cadets
      Captain Lloyd Wallace presents                                                        are enjoying the day!                         graduated the Academy in Selma. We
Canteen Manager Lynnette Thomas with                                                                                                      would like to welcome back Officers Bran-
her 25 year pin                                                                                                                           non, Stallworth, Overstreet and Crowe.
                                                                                                                                          They have already been assigned a shift
                                                                                                                                          and have hit the ground running.

                                                   Jordan Scruggs, daughter of War-               Warden Mitchem and Mr. Culliver
                                              den Jimmy Patrick, represented her 8th
                                              grade class at East Limestone’s Home-
                                              coming recently
      Warden III Billy Mitchem congratu-
lates James Smith on his promotion to

                                                                                                  Everyone is enjoying lunch!

                                                      Warden Mitchem presents Steward
                                              Izrell Parker with his 25-year pin

       Captain David Tully was honored for
his retirement on September 30 at Green-
brier BBQ                                                                                          Warden Goode, Monica Howard,
                                                                                            Kristin Bias and Kristen Hollingsworth
                                                     Limestone welcomes Sgt. Bradley              Loxley CWC began this new re-                 On August 12th, Loxley Re-Entry/
                                              Carpenter From the Training Academy ef-       porting quarter with the 03-11 Re-Entry/      Pre-Release graduated 38 inmates in their
                                              fective October 16                            Pre-Release Class graduating 33 inmates.      04-11 Class. All participants seemed to
                                                                                            Re-Entry Designee Charles Robitaille was      get a lot out of the class and enjoyed the
                                                                                            pleased with the turnout as well as wished    presentations. We hope to keep expand-
                                                                                            them good luck in their future endeavors.     ing the presentations to cover all areas of
                                                                                                  Next we bid farewell to Sgt. James      need.
      Warden Billy Mitchem presents Cap-                                                    Weaver as he was promoted to Lieutenant             On August 16th Loxley welcomed
tain David Tully with his retirement letter                                                 at Donaldson Correctional Facility. He will   Capt. James Steele to our facility. Capt.
                                                                                            surely be missed here at Loxley and we        Steele came to us from Donaldson Cor-
                                                                                            wish him well.                                rectional Facility and has hit the ground
                                                    Lt. David Tolbert presents Officer
                                                                                                                                          running. We are truly grateful to have him
                                              William McLaughlin with his 5-year pin

      Warden Mitchem presents Plant
                                                                                                  On August 10, Lt. Adline Gulley
Maintenance Supervisor III Wade Davis
                                                    Retired Lt. Charles Brock and Officer   received her 35 year service pin. Con-
with his 20 year pin
                                              Carl McCormick are getting ready to cook      gratulations go out to her for the fine job         On August 18th, the Loxley New Way
                                              at Limestone’s annual Fish Fry.               she does.                                     of Life Aftercare Program celebrated its
     FALL 2011                                           Around the State                                                                                                         29

10th Anniversary. Keynote speaker was Mr.                                                                                                          It’s a Pink Party; Celebration of Life”
Kevin Cannon with a guest appearance by                                                                                                      in observance of Breast Cancer Aware-
Brodus Pointer. There was good fellow-                                                                                                       ness Month
ship had by all in attendance.

                                                                                                     Officer Chestang is so full he had to
                                                                                              try to blow it off.

                                                                                                                                                   Warden Ellington

                                                    Finally, we are proud to announce
                                             that three of our security staff have received         Warden Folks, Captain Lewis, and
       On August 29 , CO Mallory Owens
                    th                       promotions. First, Sgt. Steve Cureton was        Lt. McCovery enjoying good conversation.
transferred to Loxley from Holman and CO     promoted to Lieutenant at Fountain CF,
James Pate transferred on September 16              CO Kenneth Tyus was promoted to                                                                 Joy Blondheim (Joy to Life)
from Holman as well. They are a welcome      Sergeant at Holman CF, and CO Bryan                                                                    WHI FI (Women’s Health Information
and much needed addition to our security     Finch was promoted to Sergeant here at                                                          For the Incarcerated) held and “It’s a Pink
staff.                                       Loxley CWC. Congratulations go out to                                                           Party; Celebration of Life” in observance
                                             these fine officers and we wish them all                                                        of Breast Cancer Awareness Month at the
                                             well.                                                                                           Montgomery Women’s Facility. The event
                                                                                                                                             was well attended by Warden Edward
                                                                                                    Sgt. Pierce and Sgt. Bolar after a       Ellington, staff and over 45 inmates. Joy
                                                                                              hard day of “eating”                           Blondheim, founder of Joy to Life Founda-
                                                                                                                                             tion and Judy Crowley of Coffee County
                                                                                                                                             Family Service Center were the guest
                                                                                                                                             speakers for the event. Inmates made
                                                                                                                                             over 350 cards that were presented to Ms.
                                                                                                                                             Blondheim to be distributed to breast can-
                                                                                                                                             cer survivors. Elana Parker-Merriweather
                                                                                                                                             (ADPH) and Karen Carr (AIM) were coor-
                                                                                                                                             dinators for the event.
                                                                                                    Good food and Good company
                                                                                                      MONTGOMERY WF

       At our staff meeting on October 13,
2011, Sgt Steve Cureton received his 20
years of service pin. Congratulations                         MOBILE
go out to him for a job well done. Also at         2011 Employee Appreciation Cel-
the staff meeting, Chief Steward Hattie                                                                                                           The Inmates at MWF gave Captain
Gardner received her 5 years of service                                                                                                      Johnson a retirement party at the facility.
                                                                                                     Congratulations to officer Otis Smith
pin. Congratulations to her as well for a
                                                                                              on his promotion to Captain.
very fine job. Finally CO Cassius Williams
                                                                                                     Please join Warden Ellington and
received his 5 year service pin and con-
                                                                                              staff at MWF in congratulating Officer Paul
gratulations to him as well for a fine job
                                                                                              Sanders on his promotion to Correctional
                                                                                              Sergeant at Tutwiler.
                                                                                                     MWF staff says good bye-e-e and
                                                                                              farewell to Officer Mary Bonner
                                                                                                     Officer Bonner has dedicated 25
                                                   Mobile WR Griller---Officer Powell         years of service to the Department of Cor-
                                                                                              rections. Congratulation to Officer Bonner          Warden Ellington presenting Captain
                                                                                              on her Retirement.                             Johnson with a plaque.
  30                                                      Around the State                                                                                           FALL 2011

       The MWF staff would like to wish             Correctional Officer Glen McDaniels       Specialist                                             James Hopkins receiving his Chev-
Captain Johnson a great retirement and        attended the STG meeting in Montgomery                 William McGwier Officer (Retiree)       rons from Warden Tarrance
she will be greatly missed. Everyone          for STG Coordinators.                                  Phillip Guthery Officer (Retiree)              St. Clair Correctional Facility would
had a great time at the retirement party                     ST. CLAIR                               Ossie Brown Jr. Chaplain                like to recognize the following employees
at Sinclair’s. She contributed 30 years of                                                           St. Clair Correctional Facility would   on their retirement. We hate to have seen
dedicated service to the Department Of                      St. Clair Correctional Facility   also like to welcome Bruce Johnson, who        you leave but we wish you the best.
Corrections. Congratulation again and         would like to recognize the following em-       transferred in from Donaldson, and Robert             Mary Payne, Canteen Mgr.
best wishes to Captain Johnson on her         ployees for their years of service:             Suggs, who transferred in from Bullock.        7/1/2011
retirement.                                          Larry Baker - 6 years                            We would like to congratulate De-             Ofc. Michael Caruthers 7/1/2011
       Warden Ellington presented Lor-               Tywanna Baker - 5 years                  wayne Nolin, James Newcomb, Justin                    Lt. Steven Hicks 7/1/2011
raine Collier with her 15-year service pin,          James Burton - 20 years                  Moore, and Matthew Goodwin on their                   Ofc. Randy Harp 8/1/2011
congratulations!                                     Ronald Carter - 10 years                 graduation for the Academy on August 11,              Ofc. Jeffery Bishop 9/1/2011
                                                     Darrell Fletcher - 5 years               2011. We would also like to congratulate              Lt. Charles Bailey 10/1/2011
                                                     Carla Graham - 15 years                  Lorenzo Looney, Wilbert Howard, and Ja-               Sgt. Charles Guthery 10/1/2011
                                                     Bryan Griffith - 5 years                 cob Weaver on their graduation from the               Ofc. Thomas Burt 10/1/2011
                                                     Charles Guthery - 25 years               Academy on November 9, 2011. Congrat-                 Ofc. Stanley Battles 10/1/2011
                                                     Jason McDowell - 5 years                 ulations and welcome to the DOC family.               R/O Teresa Graves 11/1/2011
                                                     John Meadows - 15 years                         St. Clair Correctional Facility would
                                                     Matthew Moore - 10 years                 like to congratulate the following employ-
                                                     Phillip Moore - 5 years                  ees on their promotions:
                                                     William C. Northcutt - 5 years                  Jerome Gray to Lieutenant 7/1/2011
       Warden Ellington and the MWF staff            Carolyn O’Brian - 15 years                      Clyde Helton to Canine Handler
would like to Congratulate Otis Smith Jr.            Steven Thompkins - 5 years               7/1/2011
on his promotion to Correctional Captain             Jeremy Puckett - 5 years                        James Hopkins to Sergeant
effective October 16, 2011.                          LaTonya Scott - 15 years                 8/16/2011
              RED EAGLE                              Marc Walker - 15 years                          Latonya Scott to Lieutenant
                                                     Billy Warren - 10 years                  8/16/2011
                                                     Thersia Wilson - 15 years                                                                    Canteen Manager Mary Payne and
                                                                                                     Joseph Hill to Canine Asst. Handler
                                                     Carlos Wood - 10 years                                                                  Warden Davenport
                                                     St. Clair Correctional Facility would           Deandre Pugh           to Sergeant
                                              like to congratulate Officer Jason McDow-       10/16/2011
                                              ell for receiving Officer of the Quarter for           Jonathan Ragan to Sergeant
                                              the second quarter 2011 and Jeffery Smith       11/1/2011
                                              for receiving Officer of the Quarter for the           Congratulations also to the following
                                              third quarter 2011.                             employees on their promotion to Correc-
      Officer Rodney Sullivan received his                                                    tional Officer:
5-year service pin.                                                                                  Jesse Ball
      Congratulations to Officer Taylor                                                              Dewayne Nolin
Northington on his graduation from the                                                               James Newcomb                                Sergeant Charles Guthery and War-
ADOC Training Academy in August!                                                                     Justin Moore                            den Davenport
      Sergeant Felisha Thomas complet-                                                               Matthew Goodwin
ed the NIC MDF Program in September                                                                  Marlin Preuninger
and gave a presentation at the Warden’s                                                              Larry Baker
Executive Leadership Conference at the
Renaissance in Montgomery.                         Jason McDowell – Officer of the 2nd
      REWC hosted the Chief Steward’s         Quarter
Meeting on September 16th in the chapel.
Associate Commissioner Steve Brown
and ADOC Commissioner Kim Thomas
spoke at this meeting.                                                                                                                            Lieutenant Charles Bailey and War-
      Ms. Tina Woods attended the meet-                                                                                                      den Davenport
ing on September 22nd for the Central Divi-
sion CISM.                                                                                         Latonya Scott receiving her Bars
      Chief Steward Timothy Rowe pro-                                                         from Warden Tarrance
vided his assistance with meals for the
Charity Golf Tournament at the Legend’s
Golf Course on September 27th.                        Jeffery Smith – Officer of the 3rd
      Mrs. Mary Salaam attended the           Quarter
ASEA Meeting on October 13th and 14th                 St. Clair Correctional Facility would
held in Montgomery at the Embassy             like to welcome the following employees to
Suites.                                       the DOC family:
                                                      Eric McCay Officer                                                                          Officer Stanley Battles and Warden
      REWC met the required giving for
                                                      Brittney Stallworth - Classification                                                   Davenport
the State Combined Campaign.
      FALL 2011                                            Around the State                                                                                                       31

                                                      On July 18, 2011 Warden Forniss               On August 3, 2011 Warden Forniss         Forniss and staff welcomed Ms. Kenya
                                               and staff welcomed Trainee’s Michael Da-      and staff congratulated Correctional Officer    Dixon, who transferred from Tutwiler to
                                               vis, Jonathan Huyghue, Matthew McCain,        Travis Ivey on being selected to fill the va-   replace Ms. Lynn Lewis who transferred to
                                               and James McGee to Staton.                    cant Back-gate officer position at Staton.      Kilby. Ms. Dixon will be responsible for the
                                                      On July 21, 2011 the Staff congratu-          On August 9, 2011 Warden Forniss         Re-entry Program and the Anger Manage-
                                               lated Correctional Officer Simon McNabb       and staff welcomed the visit of Commis-         ment Workshop for the inmate population.
                                               and Mr. Ralph Besteder on receiving their     sioner Kim Thomas, Chief Deputy Com-
                                               30 year service pin. Congratulation also      missioner Jeffery Williams, Institutional
                                               goes to Correctional Officer Rashunda         Coordinator Grantt Culliver and Assistant
     Officer Thomas Burt and Warden            Bass and Josephine Jackson who re-            District Attorney Barry Matson.
Davenport                                      ceived their 10 year service pin and Ms.             On August 15, 2011 Warden Forniss
                                               Monique Holmes on receiving her 5 year        and staff congratulated Correctional Of-
                                               service pin.                                  ficers Jeremy Myrick, Thomas Tierce,
                                                                                             Roman Williams, Anthony Wineberg and
                                                                                             Jessie Yates on their completion of the
                                                                                             Corrections Academy
                                                                                                                                                   Ms. Dixon
                                                                                                                                                    TRAINING DIVISION
     Radio Operator Teresa Graves and                                                                                                              The Alabama Corrections Acad-
Warden Davenport                                                                                                                             emy held a graduation ceremony for Class
                                                                                                                                             2011-02 on August 11, 2011 at the Davis
                STATON                               Ms. Holmes                                                                              Theatre for the Performing Arts located in
       On June 1, 2011 Correctional Officer                                                                                                  Montgomery, Alabama. There were a total
Malcom Jacobs retired from Staton Cor-                                                                                                       of 86 Correctional Officers in Class 2011-
rectional Facility.                                                                                                                          02 who graduated.
       On July 1, 2011 Correctional Officer                                                        CO’s Myrick, Williams and Yates
William McDaniel retired from Staton Cor-
rectional facility. Mr. Fred McCoy, Drug
Treatment Specialist Supervisor trans-
ferred to Draper Correctional Facility. War-
den Forniss and staff welcomed Trainee
Zachary Hard to Staton.                              Co Bass
       On July 5, 2011 Warden Forniss and
staff welcomed Correctional Officer John
Kelly, who transferred from Tutwiler and                                                                                                            ACA Class 2011-02
Trainee Ledarius Greene to Staton Cor-                                                                                                              On August 21, 2011, Class 2011-03
rectional Facility.                                                                                CO’s Tierce and Wineberg
                                                                                                   On August 17, 2011 the Regional           reported for basic training at the ACJTC; 88
       On July 11, 2011 Warden Forniss                                                                                                       Trainees were assigned.
and staff congratulated Fred McCoy (Drug                                                     Warden’s meeting was hosted at Staton.
                                                                                                   On September 1, 2011 after 25 years              The Alabama Corrections Academy
Treatment Counselor) who received Em-                                                                                                        held its graduation ceremony of Class
ployee of the Quarter, CO Laleta Parker                                                      of service with the ADOC CO Charles
                                                                                             Turner retired from Staton.                     2011-03 on November 9, 2011, at the Da-
(not pictured), who received Officer of the                                                                                                  vis Theatre for the Performing Arts located
quarter and Lieutenant Chad Law who re-              Ms. Jackson                                   On September 14, 2011 the Staff
                                                                                             congratulated Sergeant Charmelle Luckie         in Montgomery, Alabama. There were a
ceived Supervisor of the Quarter.                                                                                                            total of 66 Correctional Officers in Class
                                                                                             (not pictured) on receiving her 5 year ser-
                                                                                             vice pin. Congratulation also goes to Cor-      2011-03 who graduated.
                                                                                             rectional Officer Christopher Offenbacker
                                                                                             (not pictured) on receiving his 5 year ser-
                                                                                             vice pin and Correctional Officer Donald
                                                                                             Moore on receiving his 10 year service

      Lt. Law                                        Mr. Besteder

                                                                                                                                                   ACA Class 2011-03
                                                                                                                                                   The Alabama Corrections Academy
                                                                                                                                             Commandant, Captain Jeff Boutwell, has
                                                                                                                                             decided to retire effective December 1,
                                                                                                                                             2011. His last official duty was conduct-
                                                                                                   CO Moore receiving his pin from Lt.       ing the graduation ceremony for Class
                                                                                             Harris                                          2011-03 on November 9, 2011. Captain
      Fred McCoy                                     CO McNabb                                     On September 16, 2011 Warden              Boutwell retires after 28 years of faithful
  32                                                       Around the State                                                                                  FALL 2011

dedicated service to the ADOC. Good luck
and farewell Captain Boutwell.
        Congratulations to Lt. Ronzella How-
ard, Region 03 Atmore Training Center Su-
pervisor, on her promotion to Correctional
Captain at the Holman Correctional Facil-
ity, effective November 16, 2011. Good
luck Captain Howard.
        Congratulations to Sgt. John Skip-
                                                     Steward I Sarblah                              White (20 year pin)
per, Alabama Corrections Academy, on his
promotion to Correctional Lieutenant at the
Academy, effective October 16, 2011.
        Congratulations to Mr. Brandon Till,
Alabama Corrections Academy, on his
promotion to Plant Maintenance Supervi-
sor II at the Academy, effective November
16, 2011.
        Please join the Training Division
in congratulating Sgt. Darlanda McTier                Laundry Worker Ballard                         Lt Davis (10 year pin)
[Alex City WR] on her selection to fill one           In addition to the new employees,              This quarter, please join Warden
of the vacant Sergeant positions at the        please congratulate Paul Sanders (Ser-         Albright and the Tutwiler staff as we
Alabama Corrections Academy, effective         geant) and Gwendolyn Davis (Lieutenant)        congratulate and recognize the follow-
December 1, 2011. Sergeant McTier has          on their promotions within the department      ing employees for their outstanding work
over four years experience with the ADOC,      along with the new academy graduates           performance: Supervisor of the Quarter,
beginning her career in 2007 at Draper         Monica Wheat, Walter Howard, Arthur            Lieutenant Gwendolyn Davis and Officer
Correctional Facility. She transferred to      Stanton, and Jennifer Cromartie.               of the Quarter, Beverly Carroll.
W.E. Donaldson Correctional Facility in               Tutwiler is happy to congratulate
November 2009 and was later promoted           the following employees for their loyal ser-
to Sergeant at Alex City WR in September       vice to the State of Alabama/Corrections:
2010.                                          Steward II Phyllis Matthews - 5 years, Of-
        Sergeant McTier holds a BS degree      ficer Cynthia Thomas - 25 years, Grounds
in Criminal Justice from Alabama State         Worker William Chappell - 5years, Officer
University, where she was also a track and     Donald Cook - 10 years, Lieutenant Gwen-
field champion runner winning awards for       dolyn Davis - 10 years, ASA I Thelma Mims
track and field / cross-country. I know Sgt.   - 10 years, Account Clerk Rosa Robinson -
McTier will be a valuable asset to the Ala-    10 years, Drug Treatment Counselor Eddie              Lt Davis
bama Corrections Academy.                      White - 20 years, Officer Luvane Gilliham             Since the beginning of 2011, Tutwiler
        Congratulations Sgt. McTier!           - 20 years, Sergeant Byron Jackson - 5         has celebrated monthly birthday’s by hav-      Lt. Moore (Retirement)
                                               years, Officer Alex Pettway - 5 years, Ser-    ing a birthday luncheon for all employees      September Birthday’s
              TUTWILER                         geant Carol Stafford - 20 years, Sergeant      (Corizon, Mental Health, & ADOC). Doing
      Warden Albright and the Tutwiler         James Weeks - 5 years, and Officer Aredia      this gives everyone a chance to rewind,
Staff would like to welcome the follow-        Davis – 25 years; please congratulate all      relax, and enjoy the company of his/her
ing new employees: Frederick Sarblah           on his/her service accomplishment.             coworkers while celebrating their birthday.
(Steward I), Tarnisha Moss (Psych Divi-                                                       Occasionally, we would have more to cel-
sion Intern), Chauncey Ballard (Laundry                                                       ebrate than the monthly birthday’s such as
Worker I), Jennifer Holton (Account Clerk),                                                   retirements, promotions, etc.
Trainee Bobby Grove, Trainee Clifford
Tuck, Trainee Kelvin Green, and Martha
Thomas, (ASA I).                                                                                                                             G. Davis & Wdn K. Jones

                                                     Mims (10 year pin)

      Intern Moss                                                                                                                            Lt Davis

                                                     Robinson (10 year pin)
      FALL 2011                                           Around the State                                                                                                      33

                                                            VENTRESS                                   Terrence B. Marshall 10 years
                                                                                                       Anthony Sanders 10 years
                                                                                                                                            rectional Facility. Warden Bolling was
                                                                                                                                            promoted to Warden I at the Farquhar
                                                      Ventress is proud to have the follow-            Darrell Blackmon 10 years            State Cattle Ranch in 2008. Warden
                                              ing new Correctional Trainees at our facility            Robert Thomas 20 years               Bolling received his Associate of Sci-
                                              waiting to go to the academy:                            Orlando Arroyo 10 years              ence degree from Selma University
                                                        Dorette Thornton                               Darryl Maldon 15 years               and his Bachelor of Science from Still-
                                                        Doug Pody                                      Althea Williams 15 years
                                                                                                                                            man College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
                                                        James Majekodunmi                            Congratulations to Ms. Stephany
                                                                                              Glanton-Marshall, Classification Special-     in Physical Education and Recreation.
                                                      Ventress is proud to have the follow-                                                 He is also a member of the Critical Inci-
                                                                                              ist at Ventress on the birth of her baby
                                              ing Correctional Trainees at the Academy:       boy, Zyan Marshall. Zyan was born on          dent Stress Management Team for the
      Lt Davis & Capt Hawthorne                         Dennis Threats                        September 16, 2011. He weighed 7 lbs. 4       Northern Region and a member of the
                                                        Tristan Bowman                        ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long.            Alabama Department of Corrections
                                                        Deranezeas Hall                              Congratulations to “our” - Ventress    Breaking the Codes of Silence. Please
                                                      Ventress is proud to announce           K-9 Tracking Team on several call outs to     join us in congratulating Warden Bol-
                                              our recent promotions from Correctional         local law enforcement agencies. On Au-        ling on his promotion. Congratulations
                                              Cadets to Correctional Officers effective       gust 8, 2011 at approximately 11:29 a.m.,     Warden Bolling!!
                                              9/16/11.                                        Ventress K-9 found a 72 year old missing             Leeposey Daniels, Warden III
                                                       Antwan Green                           lady in Pike County, Troy, Alabama. The              Elmore Correctional Center
                                                       Leonard Herring                        lady had been missing for four days. She             Please join the staff of Saint
                                                       Samuel Mallory                         had Alzheimer’s and had wondered away
                                                                                                                                            Clair Correctional Facility and me in
                                                      Congratulations to our own, Ms. Pa-     from her home.
      Lt Davis & Sgt L. McClain                                                                      On August 10, 2011 at approximate-     congratulating Correctional Sergeant
                                              tricia Arnold on her promotion to Steward III                                                 Jerome Gray on his promotion to Cor-
                                                                                              ly 6:09 a.m. the Barbour County Sheriff’s
                                              (Chief Steward) effective October 1, 2011.      Department called the Ventress K-9 out on     rectional Lieutenant at Saint Clair Cor-
                                              We are proud to have you as our Chief           a burglary of the Food Giant. The three       rectional Facility. The promotion is ef-
                                              Steward.                                        subjects took off on foot. Ventress K-9 was   fective July 1, 2011.
                                                                                              able to track the criminals to an abandoned          CARTER F. DAVENPORT, WAR-
                                                                                              house where two of them were hiding in a      DEN III
                                                                                              room in the house under some old clothes             SAINT CLAIR CORRECTIONAL
                                                                                              and stuff. The third suspect was also ap-     FACILITY
                                                                                              prehended shortly thereafter. Ventress K-9           Congratulations to Stacey White,
                                                                                              Team does an awesome job and deserves         who was selected to fill the vacant
       Sgt’s Goodson, McClain & Lt Davis                                                      the recognition for their hard work!!!!!!
       Tutwiler continues to send prayers                                                                                                   Classification Specialist position at
                                                                                                     We are saddened to announce the
to the employees that are deployed: Ser-                                                      death of retired Drug Treatment Counselor,    Easterling.
geant, Y. Young, Officer L. O’Neal, Officer                                                   Ronald Smith, Sr. Mr. Smith passed away              We would like to thank all of the
Julian McCord, and Drug Treatment Coun-            Congratulations and best wishes to         on Friday, September 9, 2011 in his home      qualified candidates who interviewed
selor, T. Mitchell. Please keep them all in   Ms. Earlene Upshaw on her recent retire-        state of Chicago, Illinois with his family.   and wish them the best in their future
your prayers.                                 ment. We wish you a wonderful retirement                                                      endeavors.
       Last but not least, Tutwiler would     Ms. Upshaw.                                         AROUND THE STATE                                 Linda E. Teal, ASA III
like to say goodbye to Lieutenant Jennie
Moore, Officer Alice Patterson, and Chief                                                      PROMOTIONS & MILESTONES                             Secretary to Gary Hetzel
                                                                                                                                                   Please join Warden Cooks and
Steward Mary Shaw all have decided to                                                                Effective today, July 01, 2011,        the Staff at Camden Community Based
say their goodbye’s after 20+years of ser-                                                    Correctional Warden I, Sylvester Folks,       Facility in congratulating Officer Virgin-
                                                                                              will assume the position of Warden at         ia Brown on her promotion to Correc-
                                                                                              the Mobile Work Release Center; Cor-          tional Sergeant. Officer Brown is very
                                                                                              rectional Warden I, DeAngelo Burrell,         deserving of this promotion. We would
                                                                                              will transfer to the position of Assistant    like to thank all of the qualified candi-
                                                                                              Warden at Holman Correctional Facil-          dates who interviewed and wish them
                                                                                              ity.                                          the best in their future endeavors.
                                                     Ventress is losing some very impor-             Please render them your full sup-             Please join our facility in congrat-
                                              tant members of the “Ventress Family” ef-       port and assistance.                          ulating Officer Lillie Ann Williford and
                                              fective November 30, 2011. They are:                   Kim T. Thomas                          Officer Tony Dobbs, on their promo-
                                                     Warden Marshall L. Monk
                                                                                                     Commissioner                           tions to Correctional Sergeant at Ham-
                                                     Captain Mary Taylor
                                                     James Beaty, Correctional Officer               Warden Leeposey Daniels is             ilton Aged and Infirmed to be effective
                                              Larry Gober, Plant Maintenance Supervi-         proud to announce the promotion of            07-16-2011.
                                              sor                                             Warden I Leon Bolling to Warden II at                We would like to thank everyone
                                                     Robert Reynolds, Correctional Of-        Elmore Correctional Facility effective        who took their time to come in and in-
                                              ficer                                           today, July 1, 2011. Warden Bolling           terview for this position.
                                                     Ronnie Campbell, Correctional Of-        began his career at Easterling Correc-               Warden Freddie Butler,
                                              ficer                                           tional Facility as a Correctional Officer            Hamilton Aged & Infirmed Facil-
                                                     We will miss them but do wish them       in 1989. He worked his way through            ity
                                              a Happy Retirement and hope they will           the ranks of correction as a Sergeant                Please join the staff of Saint
                                              come back to visit us often!!!!!                at Bullock Correctional Facility and          Clair Correctional Facility in congratu-
      Lt Moore bids her farewells…                   Congratulations to the following em-     Lieutenant and Captain at Kilby Cor-          lating Stock Clerk-I Catrina Willett on
                                              ployees on receiving their service pins:
  34                                                     Around the State                                                                                     FALL 2011

her promotion to Canteen Manager at                  Please join Warden Cynthia          staff of the Supervised Re-Entry Divi-       following Correctional Officers from
Saint Clair Correctional Facility. Ms.        White and the staff of Fountain Cor-       sion would like to congratulate Ser-         Loxley Work Release on their promo-
Willett’s promotion is effective August       rectional Center in congratulating the     geant Terry Thomas (Bibb Regional            tion to Correctional Sergeant, effective
16, 2011.                                     below listed employees on their pro-       Training Center) on his selection for        October 16th.
       Carter F. Davenport, Warden III        motion at Fountain.                        the Correctional Sergeant position in                Officer Bryan Finch promotion to
       Saint Clair Correctional Facility             Sgt. James Tucker (SRP) pro-        District 2. His transfer will be effective   be at Loxley Work Release and Officer
       Please join the staff of Saint Clair   moted to Correctional Lieutenant ef-       October 1, 2011 and He will work out         Kenneth Tyus promotion to Holman
Correctional Facility in congratulat-         fective August 16, 2011                    of Childersburg CWC/WR. Warden               Prison.
ing the following employees on their                 CO James Brazwell (Fountain)        Watson would like to thank everyone                  We would also like to thank all of
promotions at Saint Clair Correctional        promoted to Correctional Sergeant ef-      that interviewed and wishes them well        the applicants who interviewed.
Facility.                                     fective September 1, 2011                  in their future endeavors.                           Please join the Training Division
       Correctional Sergeant LaTonya                 CO Reginald Martin (Atmore                CONGRATULATIONS to Lt.                 in congratulating Sgt. Gary Holder
Y. Scott promoted to Correctional Lieu-       CWC) promoted to Correctional Ser-         James D. Smith (Limestone) on his            [WEDCF] on his selection to fill the
tenant                                        geant effective September 1, 2011          promotion to Correctional Captain ef-        vacant Sergeant position at St. Clair
       Correctional Officer Jamey M.                 Warden White would like to thank    fective October 1, 2011                      Regional Training Center effective
Hopkins promoted to Correctional Ser-         all of the fine candidates that inter-           CONGRATULATIONS CAPTAIN                November 1, 2011. Sergeant Holder
geant                                         viewed and wish them the best in their     SMITH!                                       has over eight years experience with
       Correctional Officer Joseph M.         future endeavors.                                CONGRATULATIONS to Correc-             the ADOC, beginning his career on
Hill promoted to Correctional Canine                 Warden Mitchem and the staff of     tional Lieutenant Nathaniel Lawson on        November 03, 2003 at Draper Cor-
Assistant Handler                             Limestone Correctional Facility would      his promotion to Correctional Captain        rectional Facility. He transferred to
       All promotions are effective Au-       like to congratulate Sergeant Kenneth      at Easterling Correctional Facility, ef-     W.E. Donaldson Correctional Facility
gust 16, 2011.                                Pierce on his promotion to Lieutenant,     fective October 16, 2011.                    in October 2007 and was promoted to
       Carter F. Davenport, Warden III        effective Thursday, September 1. We              We would like to thank all of the      Sergeant July 01, 2010.
       Saint Clair Correctional Facility      wish him well in his new job!              candidates who interviewed. We are                   In addition to his ADOC experi-
       Please join me in congratulat-                Warden Mitchem would like to        fortunate to have employees of your          ence, Sergeant Holder has served
ing Pandora S. Holmes, currently a            thank everyone who interviewed.            caliber working with the Alabama De-         with the Missouri Department of Cor-
Correctional Sergeant at Bullock Cor-                Please join Warden Bettinna         partment of Corrections. We encour-          rections and the Tennessee Depart-
rectional Facility, on her promotion to       Carter & Staff of Decatur CBF/CWC as       age you to continue to strive to meet        ment of Corrections. Sergeant Holder
Correctional Lieutenant at Kilby. Her         we welcome aboard:                         your goals.                                  graduated at the top of his academy
promotion will be effective August 16,               Robert “Jason” Jackson, Plant             Gary Hetzel                            class from the Missouri DOC and the
2011.                                         Maintenance Supervisor I                         Correctional Warden III                Alabama DOC. He graduated third in
       We thank all who interviewed for              Please join Warden Danford                CONGRATULATIONS to Correc-             his academy class from the Tennessee
this position and wish you the best in        and the staff of Childersburg Com-         tional Officer Deandrea J. Pugh on her       DOC. Sergeant Holder possesses a
your careers.                                 munity Work Center in congratulating       promotion to Correctional Sergeant at        BS degree in Criminal Justice from ITT
       Bobby Barrett, Warden III              Correctional Officer Terry Edwards on      Saint Clair Correctional Facility, effec-    Technical Institute where he was the
       Kilby Correctional Facility            his promotion to Correctional Sergeant     tive October 16, 2011.                       valedictorian of his graduating class
       Warden III Kenneth L. Jones and        effective September 16, 2011.                    We would like to thank all of the      in June 2010. He currently attends
the entire staff of Bullock Correctional             Robert Danford, Warden II           candidates who interviewed. We are           the University of Phoenix where he is
Facility would like to congratulate our              Please join Warden James Carl-      fortunate to have employees of your          working on a MS degree in Administra-
own, Sgt. Timothy Scott on his promo-         ton and the entire staff as we welcome     caliber working with the Alabama De-         tion of Justice and Security.
tion to Correctional Lieutenant, and                 Laroy Grimmett, Sr. as Steward      partment of Corrections. We encour-                  Congratulations Sgt. Holder!
Officer LaSonja Haynes on her promo-          Iat Alex City CBF, effective October 1,    age you to continue to strive to meet                Wendy Williams
tion to Correctional Sergeant effective       2011. He comes to us from Donaldson        your goals.                                          ADOC Director of Training
August 16, 2011.                              Correctional Facility.                           Carter F. Davenport, Warden III                Please join us in congratulating
       We thank all who interviewed for              We are happy to have him on               Saint Clair Correctional Facility      Correctional Lieutenant Otis Smith Jr.,
the positions and wish you the best in        board.                                           Warden Kenneth L. Jones and            on his promotion to Correctional Cap-
your careers.                                        We at Ventress Correctional         the staff of Bullock Correctional Facility   tain at the Montgomery Women’s Facil-
       Kenneth L. Jones, Warden III           Facility are excited to announce the       congratulate the following Correctional      ity, effective October 16, 2011.
       Bullock Correctional Facility          promotion of our own, Ms. Patricia Ar-     Officers on their promotion to Correc-               I would like to say thank you to all
       Warden III Billy Mitchem is            nold to Steward III effective October 1,   tional Sergeant, effective October 16,       who interviewed for this position and
pleased to announce that Ms. Angie            2011.                                      2011; Officer Elizabeth Laseter one          wish them the best in their careers.
Acklin has been promoted to Classifi-                Congratulations Ms. Arnold – we     of our own, Officer Jeremy McKinney,                 Warden Edward D. Ellington
cation Specialist at Limestone, effec-        know that you will continue to do an       Childersburg Work Release, and Of-                   Please join the staff of Saint
tive today, August 16. We wish her well       outstanding job in your new position as    ficer Victor Nievas,Jr., Easterling Cor-     Clair Correctional Facility and me in
in her new position!                          you have in the past as a Steward II!!!    rectional Facility.                          congratulating Correctional Officer
       Warden James Carlton and the                  Warden J. C. Giles                        We would also like to thank all of     Jonathan B. Ragan on his promotion
entire staff of the Alexander City Com-              ATMORE COMMUNITY WORK               the applicants who interviewed.              to Correctional Sergeant at Saint Clair
munity Based Facility would like to           CENTER WOULD LIKE TO WEL-                        Warden Kenneth Jones                   Correctional Facility, effective Novem-
congratulate our own, Steward Rubye           COME ITS NEWEST STAFF MEM-                       Bullock Correctional Facility          ber 1, 2011.
Wright, on her promotion to                   BER – GILFORD MBERI, BUSINESS                    CONGRATULATIONS!                               Carter F. Davenport, Warden III
       Steward II effective August 16,        MANAGER.                                         Warden J. E. Reynolds and Cap-                 Saint Clair Correctional Facility
2011.                                                Warden Steve Watson and the         tain James Steele congratulate the                   We are proud to announce the pro-
      FALL 2011                                              Around the State                                                                                                            35

motion of our own, Estella Ross to Stew-                                                                Refreshments were enjoyed by all.
ard II at Ventress Correctional Facility. Ms.                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard are expecting a
Ross was promoted effective November                                                              baby girl in December
1st. Congratulations Ms. Ross!!!                                                                        On October 18, 2011, Mrs. Anne
       Warden J. C. Giles                                                                         Adams Hill, General Counsel, was given
       Please join Warden Ellington                                                               a baby shower. Caren Adams, Anne’s
and the staff at Montgomery Wom-                                                                  mother, and Kittie Hill, Anne’s mother-in-
en’s Facility in congratulating Correc-                                                           law, were also in attendance at the shower.
tional Sergeant Vivian Blakely on her                                                             Refreshments were enjoyed by all. Mr.
promotion to Correctional Lieutenant,                   Ella, Mom, Dad and big sister are all     and Mrs. Hill are expecting a baby boy in            Institutional Coordinator Grantt Cul-
effective November 16, 2011.                    doing great!!                                     December.
                                                        Please join ADOC Personnel in con-                                                      liver receives his 30 year service pin from
       Please join me in congratulating                                                                                                         Commissioner Kim T. Thomas.
Captain Carl Clay on his promotion to           gratulating Kathryn (Katie) and Johnathan
                                                Little on the birth of their new baby girl, Ma-                                                        Culliver has been with the ADOC for
Warden I at the Farquhar Cattle Ranch,                                                                                                          30 years. Currently, he serves as Institu-
effective today, August 01, 2011.               kayla Carolyn. Makayla was born 08/10/11
                                                at 11:13 a.m. She was 6lbs 14oz and 19                                                          tional Coordinator for the Northern Region,
       Carl Clay began his career at                                                                                                            responsible for fifteen facilities. Prior to this
Limestone Correctional Facility in              ½ inches long. Katie and Makayla are do-
                                                ing fine.                                                                                       recent promotion Culliver was the Warden
1988 as a Correctional Officer and                                                                                                              at W. C. Holman Correctional Facility for
later transferred to Tutwiler Prison. He                                                                                                        the past seven years.
was instrumental in assisting with the
opening of the Edwina Mitchell Work                                                                       Pictured with Anne is her mother,
Release Center. He was promoted to                                                                Caren Adams, and her mother-in-law, Kit-
Sergeant at Kilby Correctional Facil-                                                             tie Hill.
ity in January 2002 and Lieutenant in
June 2006.
       He was promoted to Captain in
June 2008 at Loxley Work Release
                                                     MUST BE SOMETHING IN THE
and now to Warden I at Farquhar Cat-
                                                LEGAL WATER…
tle Ranch. Warden Clay received his
                                                     Announcing the celebration of two                                                                  Kilby Warden Bobby Barrett is pre-
Associate of Science degree at Troy
                                                new births!!                                                                                    sented a certificate of appreciation from
State University in Montgomery and
Bachelor of Science in Psychology                                                                                                               Commissioner Thomas for selfless service
with minors in Sociology and Military                                                                                                           during the April tornadoes of 2011.
                                                                                                        New essentials for the baby boy!                Barrett is one of numerous employ-
Science. Warden Clay retired from the
United States Navy Reserve in 2005                                                                                                              ees recognized for their work with the Ala-
with 21 years of service.                                                                                                                       bama Emergency Management Agency
       Warden Clay is very deserving                                                                                                            during the worst natural disaster in state
of this promotion and I wish him well.                                                                                                          history.
Please render Warden Clay your sup-                                                                                                                     Also recognized:
port and assistance whenever pos-                      On October 4, 2011, Mrs. Katie An-                                                               Steve Watson, ADOC Emergency
sible.                                          derson Hubbard, an attorney in the ADOC                                                         Management Coordinator, LaShera
       Congratulations Warden Clay!             legal division, celebrated the soon to be                                                       Glaze, Wendy Williams, Tim White, James
       Kim T. Thomas                            birth of her daughter with a baby shower. .                                                     Tucker, Lena Shepherd, James Craig,
       Commissioner                                                                                     Memories to be made!                    Steve Taylor, Todd Hawkes, Brian Gordon,
                                                                                                                                                Gary Bice, Brandon Knowlton, Tonya Jin-
                                                                                                                                                right, James Dodds, Randy Patrick, Randy
                                                                                                                                                McLain, Allan Smith,
                                                                                                                                                        CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION
                                                                                                                                                        In appreciation for your outstanding
                                                                                                                                                performance of duty while assisting citi-
                                                                                                                                                zens of the State of Alabama who were af-
                                                                                                                                                fected by the devastating tornadoes of April
                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles Daubenberger,
                                                                                                                                                27, 2011. The professional and compas-
                                                Katie’s parents, flew in from Oklahoma to
                                                                                                                                                sionate manner in which you responded
      Susan Bohannon, Administrative            surprise Katie at the shower.                           An obvious gag gift or diaper rag!!!
                                                                                                                                                by providing site security, looting preven-
Support Assistant III, Commissioner’s                                                                                                           tion, security patrol and distribution center
Office, celebrates the birth of her sec-                                                                                                        duties ensured that efficient and timely aid
ond granddaughter!                                                                                                                              was rendered to citizens throughout the
      Ella Claire Lucas                                                                                                                         state. Your selfless commitment to duty re-
      8 lb 4.5 oz 21 in                                                                                                                         flects honor and great pride on you and the
      10-8-2011 @ 2:44 PM                                                                                                                       Alabama Department of Corrections.
36                             Corrections News                                              FALL 2011

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