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The Clarity Enhancement Process


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									                       The Clarity Enhancement Process
If you’re looking at diamond engagement rings, and you’re on a tight budget, you may
want to consider purchasing a clarity enhanced diamond ring. They can be purchases
for far less money than high-end diamonds, and they’re just as brilliant and beautiful.
The clarity enhancement process doesn’t take away from a diamond’s value, and in
some cases, it can significantly increase it.

What does clarity enhanced diamonds mean?

Flawless diamonds cost astronomical amounts of money because they are some of the
rarest gems found on the planet. Diamonds with fewer imperfections, also called
inclusions or blemishes, are more valuable than diamonds with more
imperfections.When a diamond has been clarity enhanced, it means that some or all of
the imperfections in the diamond have been removed by manual means.

How are diamonds clarity enhanced?

When a diamond cutter cuts and shapes a stone, she looks for imperfections, and cuts
them out whenever possible. Still, it’s impossible to cut a diamond in a way to
completely remove all imperfections. The only other way to remove these imperfections
is through laser drilling and fracture drilling.

Laser drilling means a laser has been used to drill a thin pathway into a diamond to the
point where the imperfection exists. Then acid is injected into the pathway to reach the
imperfection. The acid bleaches out the imperfection, creating that flawless look. This
process can be detected by a small white dot on the diamond’s outer surface and a
visible thin, white line within the diamond when it’s viewed from the side.

Fracture drilling means a glasslike substance has been injected into the diamond to
cover up the imperfection. This process is extremely undetectable.

Are clarity enhanced diamonds real?

Yes, clarity enhanced diamonds are real diamonds in every sense of the word. They are
nature gems that come from the earth. The only difference is that they have been
altered in an effort to improve their clarity.

Will my sweetheart be able to tell her engagement ring has been clarity

No, your fiancé won’t be able to tell by the naked eye whether or not her diamond has
been clarity enhanced. It will sparkle just as much as a diamond that hasn’t been
Does the process weaken the gem?

No, neither of these processes will decrease the durability of diamond engagement
rings. Nor will it be more prone to scratching or susceptible to suffering dings.

How do you care for a clarity enhanced diamond?

Well, there’s nothing you would have to do different with a cla rity enhanced diamond
engagement ring than what you would with a diamond ring that hasn’t been enhanced.
However, when the ring is taken in for cleaning or to be repaired, the jeweler should be
told that the diamond(s) have been clarity enhanced.

This information will signal the jeweler to keep a close eye on the diamonds to make
sure the fillings don’t erode. They can still be cleaned and or repaired. The jeweler will
just know to keep a watchful eye out to ensure they aren’t damaged.

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