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					Friday April 18th 7pm-9pm Intermediate Gym (Enter from 83) Sponsored by Spectrum and Salem PTO Are you looking for a fun and educational evening with your family? If so, this is just for you! All ages are welcome. Join in a night of good old fashioned game playing. Sit together as a family and have some fun!

Math Games G u e s s i n g G a m e s Puzzles Card Games LEGOS Mastermind Checkers Jeopardy Sequence
(And many more!)

To help us plan this event, please complete the form below and return to school no later than Friday April 11th.
Popcorn and water will be available. (No drop offs please)

Family name:_______________________________________________
Number attending:_________ Ages of children: 0 to 4yr____ 5 to 7yr_____ 8 to 11_____ 11 and up____ We need volunteers to help with this event! If you can help, please give us your Name_________________________ and Phone Number______________________

Spectrum is a program at Salem Grade School that provides educational opportunities for those students who learn easily and require further challenge and stimulation.
For more information or questions please contact: Patty Steinbach 262-862-6293 Mike Foley 262-298-5137

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