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									 On the Move
              Rob Cain,                        Jason
              Adept                            Frazier,
              Technology                       Mason-
              The Pleasan-                     McDuffie
              ton provider                     Mortgage
              of intelligent                  The pri-
              robots and                      vately held
autonomous mobile tools         San Ramon mortgage
and services appointed          banking firm appointed
Rob Cain president and          Jason Frazier executive
chief executive officer. Re-    vice president of admin-
cently, he held executive       istration. He was senior
positions at Telanetix.         vice president for IT and
                                security at Clarium Capital
              Kevin             Management.
              Mason-                           Carolee
              McDuffie                         Gearhart,
              Mortgage                         Adaptive
              The privately                    Planning
              held San                        The Moun-
Ramon mortgage banking                        tain View
firm named Kevin Conlon                       provider of
executive vice president of     cloud business analytics
operations. Previously he       tools appointed Carolee
served as branch develop-       Gearhart vice president of
ment manager at Delta           global channels and part-
Lending Group.                  ners. Previously, she held
                                executive positions at SAP.
              Grierson,                        John
              Coraid                           Marshall,
               The Red-                        SkyCross
               wood City                      The Fremont
               provider of                    provider of
               software-de-                   advanced
fined storage tools named                     antenna
Stewart Grierson chief          and radio frequency tools
financial officer and senior    named John Marshall chief
vice president of opera-        marketing officer. He is for-
tions. He is former CFO at      mer vice president of sales
ArcSight.                       and marketing at SiBeam.

              Charles                          Tim Mather,
              Ferer,                           Splunk
              Rafter                           The San
               The San Ma-                     Francisco
               teo provider                    software
               of course                       platform
               materials                       provider for
management software             real-time operational intel-
named Charles Ferer chief       ligence named Tim Mather
financial officer. He is for-   chief information security
mer CFO at SolarCity.           officer and vice president
                                of security and compli-
                                ance markets. Previously,
                                he was senior advisor at
                                I-4 (International Informa-
                                tion Integrity Institute).

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