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How a Mastermind Group Will Propel Your Success

Anne Newell

Mastermind Momentum
How a Mastermind Group Will Propel Your Success

Mastermind Group – [mas-ter-mahynd groop] noun- a small team of people who meet on a regular basis for the sole purpose of helping each other grow professionally and personally through working together to help each member achieve their individual goals.

Have you ever wished you could have your own personal board of directors? A team of people willing to share from their own knowledge and experience who were dedicated to helping you find solutions, overcome obstacles, and thrive? People you could turn to with confidence and confidentiality when faced with an opportunity or problem? People who could give you a different perspective, yet help you stay focused? People who were more objective than family and friends, yet just as compassionate and encouraging? You want a Mastermind Group. Though Napoleon Hill is credited with formally introducing the concept of a Mastermind Group in his ground-breaking book Think and Grow Rich, the power of having a group of peers dedicated to helping each other reach their highest potential has been demonstrated since the dawn of human history. The principle is really quite simple: Why rely on one mind when two or more thinking together towards a common goal always sparks an explosion of creativity and brainpower. Rather than depending on your own limited knowledge and experience, or trying to learn everything by yourself, being in a Mastermind Group immediately plugs you into the collective knowledge, experience, resources, and wisdom of everyone in your group, a rich repository you could never recreate on your own. Hill, who had been commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to find out what successful people had in common, discovered that they never tried to do everything on their own. Instead, they made a point of surrounding themselves with people who could and would help them by advising, motivating, brainstorming, encouraging, inspiring, even reining them in and criticizing them when necessary, though always with their best interest as the guiding principle. The successful, happy people Hill interviewed knew that purposely creating this team catapulted them to being better than they could ever be on their own, igniting something within that would have remained dormant otherwise.

What is a Mastermind Group?
A Mastermind Group is a small community of supportive colleagues who pool their knowledge, wisdom, resources, and experience in order to encourage and challenge each other, create and implement goals, address issues, and provide support with total honesty, respect, and compassion. Meeting regularly for an extended period, they get to know and understand each other at a level not possible in most modern networking or leads groups. The members act as catalysts for growth, play devil’s advocate, offer feedback, brainstorm solutions, and provide accountability to help each other stay focused and on track. The members of a Mastermind Group serve two primary purposes for each other. First, they help each other develop and implement their strategic plan. Since a good plan includes a rich variety of professional and personal goals, members also check each

other to fine-tune and balance those plans. Second, they brainstorm together, collaboratively addressing the specific opportunities and issues faced by the individual members of the group as they arise. The participation of each member is crucial. It’s easy to dismiss your own knowledge and experience, not realizing its value. It’s easy to think that everybody else has already learned what you know. Yet to the person sitting beside you, that little piece of insight may be just the key they are seeking. And they may have the key to your own puzzle. The greatest value of a Mastermind Group is what bursts from the merging of ideas coming from a wide variety of backgrounds as they intermingle to form something new.

What a Mastermind Group is NOT
Don’t confuse a Mastermind Group with other types of organizations or workshops promoting business and personal growth. While a Mastermind Group may share some characteristics, its unique structure is specifically designed to engage its members in thought-provoking discussions, encourage peer-to-peer knowledge and experience exchanges, and create a collaborative environment. A Mastermind group is not a networking or leads group. Rather than funneling energy into just expanding your contact list, a Mastermind Group encourages you to look deeper, gain greater understanding of what you need to do in order to thrive, what you want to receive and what you have to give, build quality relationships, face opportunities and issues with confidence, define success on your own terms, and discover how to send roots deep into sustainability. A Mastermind Group is not a class. Though you will learn from the facilitator and your peers, there is no formal curriculum. There are no tests and there will be no report card. When exercises are included, they are designed to help lead you to better understanding and move you at your own pace towards the goals that you have set, and the only person measuring your success is you. A Mastermind Group is not a coaching group. Though the facilitator is there to guide and moderate, Mastermind Groups are peer groups and the mutual sharing of wisdom, knowledge, and advice is an integral part of the collaborative process. Participation by all members is the key. The more you give, the more you will receive. A Mastermind Group is not a support group. While support groups are typically focused on overcoming a particular, often chronic, issue with an emphasis on finding ways to face life’s challenges, a Mastermind Group accepts you wherever you are and helps you move towards wherever you want to be. The emphasis is on moving towards chosen goals, dealing with the bumps in the road as they appear, and transforming those bumps into catapults to even better options.

What you will gain from a Mastermind Group?
The benefits of joining a Mastermind Group are quickly tangible - brilliant insights, innovative plans, cutting edge strategies, solutions to almost any problem, inspiration and compassion, and the conversion of fuzzy ideas into focused actions. Your Mastermind Group will also become your main sounding board, the place where you are encouraged to think out loud and get instant feedback, the people you go to in between meetings when something pops up. Your Mastermind Group is your safe haven, the place to present your toughest issues without fear. Here’s what you can expect: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • A dedicated group of peers committed to helping you reach your peak potential Honest feedback Advice from a variety of perspectives Access to the knowledge and experience of everyone in your group Accountability Inspiration Essential insights into yourself Professional and personal growth Resources and connections Action plans to address your opportunities or obstacles Increased confidence Sharpened skills A growing sense of optimism and possibility Clarity Focus A sense of shared endeavor – you are no longer alone!

The most successful Mastermind Groups begin with a common goal, agree to respectful ground rules including confidentiality, and move quickly into building trust and harmony.

Who should be in your Mastermind Group?
The members of a Mastermind Group typically have a common bond. Perhaps all are small business owners. Maybe everyone is in sales, but from different industries. A group could also be formed around a common life experience – cancer conquerors eager to create the next chapter of their lives, for example. Mastermind Groups are comprised of thinkers who also doers. The members are dedicated to “making it happen” rather than just talking about abstract ideas or daydreaming aimlessly. They share similar values and dedication. They enjoy the creative process and are willing to keep at it until a viable solution is found. They are not there to complain about the past, whine about circumstances, or dwell on what has gone wrong, but to focus on their preferred future. They are willing to take feedback (even when it hurts a bit) knowing that it is given with their success in mind. They act in integrity and maintain complete confidentiality. But most of all, they make a strong commitment to the success of every person in the group. They understand that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin, and therefore give generously of their own knowledge, experience, and wisdom. You can always expect a heaping helping of fresh

ideas and proven methodologies. Members genuinely care about each other, both professionally and personally, and show it through their generous sharing. Note: To encourage a completely candid environment, it is best to avoid having direct competitors in the same group.

How does the Mastermind Group work?
The strength of the Mastermind agenda is its purposeful simplicity. The two-hour monthly meeting is designed to facilitate peer participation and to provide ample time to examine issues and brainstorm action plans. In the first meeting, members help each other create or fine tune their strategic plans. They make certain there is a balance between personal and professional goals and that those goals are realistically interwoven. Since plans are living, breathing, dynamic, entities, the group members will also be there to help each other when those plans morph due to unforeseen opportunities or obstacles. Meetings begin with a check-in inviting each member to give a brief update on successes and challenges. Some meetings will include a brief exercise or learning topic designed to support a specific aspect of professional or personal growth. Then the group moves quickly to the main event. Each month, a different member shares a personal opportunity or obstacle. The group probes and questions until they reach the root cause and clearly understand the desired outcome. That’s when the real magic happens as they go into brainstorming mode, using their collective wealth of knowledge and experience as the building blocks for a targeted solution. The lively discussions are a delicious explosion of information and potential actions. And because all members of the group share at least one common characteristic, every topic will bring useful information to every member.

Are you ready to join a Mastermind Group?
While Mastermind Groups are widely recognized as the single most powerful thing you can do to boost the life of your business and the business of your life, you must be ready for it to be effective. It’s easier than you might think. Acknowledging a desire to grow personally and professionally is the first and most important step. If you are there, ask yourself these questions: • • • • • • • • • • • Are you ready for a focused team of peers who are dedicated to helping you become your best? Are you willing to give and receive honest feedback? Are you willing to share your own knowledge, experiences, and resources? Are you ready to accept constructive advice? Are you willing to offer motivation and inspiration to others? Are you willing to ask for help? Are you ready for more focus and momentum in your business and your life? Are you ready to meet or exceed your goals? Are you ready to shift from the ordinary to the extraordinary? Are you willing to dream bigger? Are you willing to learn to act more decisively?

• • • • • •

Are you ready to try new things? Are you willing to be supportive and encourage your peers? Are you ready to overcome you fear of change? Are you open to new ideas for addressing old problems? Are you committed to attending all meetings and participating actively? Are you ready to give as much as you receive?

If you can honestly answer “Yes” to most of these questions, then you are ready to begin the most exciting shift of your life. Baby steps are fine! Crawl before you walk. Walk before you run. Everyone starts where they are and moves at their own pace with the full support and encouragement of the group.

Your Personal Brain Trust
Your Mastermind group truly is your personal Board of Directors, your brain trust providing you with a deep reservoir of knowledge, skills, experiences, resources, and insight. I was in the same Mastermind Group for over seven years and would still be there if I had not moved to another state. They were with me as I changed the trajectory of my business thanks to a life-changing health challenge. They energized and focused me and picked me up when I fell. I never felt alone even though I was veering off my familiar path into new territory. Instead, I feel connected to a dynamic group of people dedicated to my success. Their unfiltered advice and shrewd feedback was a lifeline in a time of significant change, the net beneath my trapeze as I tried daring new flips. They were also a quiet place to retreat when it all just felt like too much. They made it their business to understand my goals and challenges. They celebrated my successes and soothed my failures. This group was together before I came along and is together still, an invisible force that brings clarity and cohesion into the room every month. Napoleon Hill got it right – the most successful people surround themselves with people interested in their success. They collectively leverage their skills, knowledge, experience, and resources. They understand that 1 + 1 = 11. And they give in order to receive.

About Anne Newell
Anne Newell is the founder of the Protogenia Project and Chicks with Checks. She is a business coach, speaker, and author who helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits reach their highest potential. Anne’s mastermind and coaching programs have propelled countless clients towards their own preferred future. For more information visit

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