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					is wanting what you get!

our listing of these events. Thank You! Margaret Manuel @ 6378465

North West Council Corner Brook, NL April 2004 Issue NEXT PIONEER GENERAL MEETING April 13, 2004
7:00 pm Our best wishes are extended to fellow Pioneers who are on prolonged leave Cyril Nicolle, Bruce Tulk, and to Retiree Harold Petten. Please notify Bob Fraser at 634-7893 or Jim Crocker at 634-4709 if you or any other Pioneer is sick. They would like to drop by and visit. Pioneer Room, O’Connell Drive *********************************

BCT (Basic Computer Training) April 6th , 20th , & 27th Computer Training will be held every Tuesday night until further notice …. One exception …. The second Tuesday of each month there will be NO Training Session – This time is slotted for our General Meeting.
Joe O’Quinn @ 637-8286 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our deepest sympathy is extended to fellow employee and co-worker, Jackie Rowsell , of the RAP Group in Corner Brook. Jackie lost her brother, Jeff Jones, in an untimely snowmobile accident on February 21, 2004. Jackie, please know that you are in our thoughts & prayers. Our deepest sympathy is extended to you and your family on your great loss.

Steve Howlett Pauline Hawkins Roger Down Fidelis Swyers Larry Hurley Gord Andrews Mick Pilditch

April 13 April 20 April 22 April 24 April 25 April 27 April 30

And to our Retirees……
Lloyd Pelley Ray Raymond Tony Caines Patricia Power Sharon Webb Verdon Wells April 11 April 20 April 25 April 25 April 26 April 26
Left to right: Marsha Traverse (CPA), Frank Hepditch & Dennis Taylor


Food for Thought …… Success is getting what you want. Happiness

Ivy O’Neill Danny Wight Mike Hamlyn Lisa Birmingham Michelle Young Jim Ingram Pam French Edna Goulding

30 Years 4 Years 19 Years 13 Years 15 Years 4 Years 25 Years 27 Years

If we should miss / omit / or error in any of the above birthdays & anniversaries, please call so that I may update

COMPUTERS SYSTEM …. Thank you from the Canadian Paraplegic Association and Dennis Taylor for your kind donation of a computer system. Seen here in the picture is Frank Hepditch, President of the North West Council Pioneers, presenting the computer system to Dennis Tylor and Marsha Traverse of the CPA. Dennis was involved in a dirt bike accident in August 2002 in Summerside which left him a quadriplegic . He tries his best to stay active in the community and this computer system will now open up new doors of communication for Dennis. Thank you to the Pioneers for looking out to the needs of our disabled community! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We need Volunteers to light the luminaries at the Relay for Life to be held September 10, 2004. If you have some time and would like to volunteer,


please call Ruth Locke @ 637-8219. We need all the volunteers we can get for this portion of the Relay for Life. Do your part for this heart warming event!

Congratulations to Taylor Goulding, daughter of Edna Goulding, who works in our Records Accuracy Group in Corner Brook and is an active member of our Pioneers. Taylor placed second in the Junior Provincial Figure Skating Championships in Gander on March 7, 2004. Great Job Taylor … keep up the good work!!

L-R: Tom Wheaton & Rhonda Boland

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This computer presentation was made to Venture Fitness Inc. in Pasadena on March 2nd. Tom Wheaton, a member of the Pasadena Town Council and chairperson of this particular project, was instrumental in the start up of the Fitness Center in Pasadena. He presented the computer to the center on behalf of the Aliant Pioneers. Tom has put a tremendous amount of time and work into this initiative! We wish the Town of Pasadena much success on the opening of their Fitness Center! ***************************
Lets all join together to applaud the accomplishments of this young man! Ryan is the son of Jackie Rowsell of the Records Accuracy Group in Corner Brook. Ryan won the Gold Medal in the Canadian National Power Lifting Competition held in Waterloo, Ontario on March 18th. This young 15 year old student, a Level 1 at Herdman Collegiate took it upon himself to fundraise so that he could attend this event. His hard work and dedication paid off, he is our new Champion in the Age 14-18 Junior Division!!! Thanks to everyone who help Ryan realize a dream!

Ryan Rowsell

Taylor Goulding

Edna Goulding

L-R: Derek Hamlyn, Elfreda Haire (receptionist), Brad Stratton, Geoff Tulk

Details will be posted in both locations.

To All who helped serve hot chocolate at the Corner Brook Winter Carnival and the Aliant Kids day in the Park. Your help was very much appreciated! Don’t forget to log your volunteer hours!

The presentation of Hug-a-Bears was made on March 4th to the Corner Brook Firefighters, on behalf of the Aliant Pioneers. These bears will be distributed to children who are involved in situations whereby firefighters are dispatched to the scene. We want the children to have something else to focus on during stressful situations!! These bears are made from scratch by volunteers who give of their time freely to cut and assemble the bears. Thank you to all who helped in any way!

Way to go Ryan!!!
Any questions or comments, please contact: Ruth Locke 637-8219 Monty Bartlett 637-8388 Margaret Manuel Margaret.Manuel@aliant .ca 637-8465

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