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									Alphabet Alliteration Poem
In alliteration, each important word in the line begins with the same letter. These poems end up being crazy, nonsense poems. Use your imagination and alliteration skills to write three words for each alphabet letter. If you want to, write longer alliteration phrases. The first word should be an adjective (word describing a noun) followed by a noun (the subject – the person or thing), followed by a verb (showing the action that the subject does).

Example: Awesome ants ache Bony baboons bake Crazy cats crawl Dizzy dogs drool Eager elephants eat
. . . etc...

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Poems For You to Write

Zippy zebras zoom

Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight.

Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight.

I Wish #1
(use a color, place, and character)

I Wish #2
(use an emotion and a famous person)

First line: I wish __________________, (repeat as often as desired) Last line: And I wish ______________.

First line: I wish __________________, (repeat as often as desired) Last line: And I wish ______________.

I Wish I wish I could go swimming in my purple bathing suit with Snow White in Disneyland. I wish my parents would take me to Greenland to meet the Pink Panther. I wish I could eat green beans while watching Charlie Brown in my living room. And I wish I had some pink shoes to show Princess Pinelope in Paris.

I Wish I wish I wasn’t so angry with Santa Claus about forgetting my Barbie. I wish I could stop being afraid of Freddy Krueger – He gives me nightmares. I wish Brad Pitt would like me and be my friend. I wish The Wiggles would come to Surrey and make me happy. And I wish Robert Munsch would come to my class and make me laugh.

I Like I like ___________________, But I don’t like ____________. (repeat as often as desired)

I’m So Smart First Line: I’m so smart _________ , (repeat as often as desired) Last Line: And I’m so smart _______.

I Like
I like it when my sister sleeps quietly, But I don’t like it when my sister cries hysterically. I like it when it snows, But I don’t like it when it rains after it snows and the snow turns to slush. I like hot summer days. But I don’t like it when I go outside without putting on sunscreen. I like to eat Christmas oranges. But I don’t like other oranges because they are too difficult to peel.

I’m So Smart I’m so smart I can read books upside down. I’m so smart I can count to 1000 without stopping. I’m so smart I can read to my baby brother. I’m so smart I earned $3.25 selling iced tea. I’m so smart I could ride a bike when I was five. And I’m so smart I can each you to write poems like this too.

When You Tell Me
Use antonyms to write this poem (for example, happy/sad, angry/calm, unafraid/afraid, lucky/unlucky). Line 1: When you (tell/ask) me ________, Line 2: I feel ________ and _________. Line 3: But when you [opposite of 1st line] Line 4: I feel ________ and _________.

If It Weren’t For You Line 1: If it weren’t for you [person], Line 2:______________________. (Repeat as often as desired) Second to last line: But if it weren’t for you [same person] Last line: ____________________.
Example If It Weren’t For You
If it weren’t for you little sister, I would never have to share the T.V. If it weren’t for you little sister, I could read without being disturbed. If it weren’t for you little sister, I could go to the movies with my friend. If it weren’t for you little sister, All my toys would be in one piece. But if it weren’t for you little sister, I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to at night.

Example When You Tell Me
When you tell me you like me, I feel happy and I smile. But when you tell me you don’t like me, I feel sad and I want to cry.

Colours #1
Choose a color. Think of words, feelings, phrases and ideas that you associate with that color. 1st line: [Color] is like ______________. repeat Last line: And [same color] is ________.

Colours #2
Choose a color. Think of words, feelings, phrases and ideas that you associate with that color. 1st line: [Color] is as [same color] _____. repeat Last line: And [color] is as [same color] as _________.

Green Green is like jumbo sour dill pickles. Green is like a field of grass dotted with dandy lions. Green is what you feel when someone has what you want. Green is a frog jumping in a smelly swamp. And green is like the leaves of a tree in the summer.

Colors Orange is as orange as a pumpkin in a field on Halloween. Blue is as blue as the sky on a summer day. Purple is as purple as a sweet, juicy plum. Brown is as brown as the dirt in my brother’s mud pies. Red is as red as a sugary lollipop.

If I Were ...
Think of an animal, book character, person, cartoon, villain, or hero you would like to be. Think about what you would do if you could be anything you wanted.

Give Me ...

First Line: Give me _____________; (repeat as often as desired) Last Line: And give me __________.

If I were a ______________________, I would _________________________.
(Repeat as often as desired)
Example #1
If I Were a Ladybug If I were a ladybug, I would fly to the top of my house. If I were a ladybug, I would land on a baby’s nose. If I were a ladybug, I would paint myself with purple spots.

Example Give Me
Give me a sunny day in April after a soft spring rain; Give me a great big bunch of fragrant lilacs; Give me peace everywhere in the world; Give me a white dove of peace; Give me a chance to help someone; Give me a strong body and a strong mind; Give me a trip around the world; And give me a ticket and I’ll go.

Example #2
What I Would Do If I were a painting on a wall, I would stare back at people staring at me. If I were a blade of grass, I would yell when someone started to cut me. If I were a leaf, I would want to stay green so I could live forever.

What Am I Like?
What are you like and why? Choose one of the following to write about or come up with your own idea.

Think of some ways you have changed since you were a baby. Compare this with how you are now. What do you think caused the changes? Line 1: I used to be _____________________; Line 2: I became _______________________; Line 3: Now __________________________. (repeat)
Example #1
Change I used to be shy; I became talkative; Now I am a chatterbox and my teacher has to tell me to quiet down. I used to be afraid of the dark; I became less afraid as I camped in the woods; Now I love the peace and quiet of the night. Example #2

Are you more like the sun or the moon? day or night? an earthquake or volcano? snow or rain? the ocean or mountains? a dog or a cat? cotton or wool? summer or winter?

Line 1: Am I like ________ or ________? Line 2: I am like ________ (for/because) _________________. (Repeat as often as desired)
Example What Am I Like? Am I like the gentle rain or a flood? I am like a flood for I do things quickly and in a hurry. Am I like the day or like the night? I am like the day for I thrive on noise and movement and life. Am I like the city or the country? I am like the city for I am always looking for new places to go.

Change I used to be a picky eater, my dad says; I became a little girl who like to eat everything; Now I eat everything all day long. I used to like “Sesame Street” best of all TV shows; I became a fan of “Friends”; Now my favorite show is “Survivor”.

This is a poem that will be about your feelings toward a person, a place, a thing, a season, a feeling, a relationship, or a family member of your choice. Some possible topics include happiness, anger, jealousy, loneliness, confusion, tigers, beaches, summer, friends, brothers, sisters, shoes, zebras, or school. You may think of others on your own. Here are some questions to ask yourself: What is it? What is it like? What is it not like? What are some examples of it?
Kittens Kittens are soft furry creatures. Kittens are loud purring sounds in your ears. Kittens are nocturnal animals who like to stay up all night. Kittens are cute and cuddly. Kittens are sharp claws that scratch your hand when you are playing with them. Kittens are annoying when they meow all nightlong outside your bedroom door. Kittens are cute and loving and definitely worth the bother!

Word Pictures
Carefully look at an object of your choice (a paper clip, shoe, cup, telephone, pencil, notebook, chalk, and so on) and describe it and tell about its function, without using words that tell the object’s identity. The last line should contain a sound associated with the object.

Example #1
Scissors Long, sharp and made of metal or plastic; They cut paper and cardboard; My fingers fit into two round circles; They open and close, open and close; Snip, snap! Snip, snap!

Example #2
Paper It can be white or colored. We use it to write on. A new piece can cut our fingers if we are not careful. When we make a mistake we can crumple it up into a ball. Crumple, crunch, crumple, crunch.

I Like
Margaret Wise Brown wrote a poem called Bugs. Using the frame below, write your own poem like Margaret Wise Brown about objects of your choice. I Like I Like ______________ . Any kind of ________________. Bad _______, mean _______, round _______, Green _____________, fat _____________. A ______________ in a ________________. A ______________ on the ______________. A ______________ in the _______________. A ______________ in the _______________. Buggy ____________, black _____________. Any kind of _________________. I like _______________.

Two Worders Each line in this poem can contain only two words. A separate thought about the chosen topic is expressed in each line. You may choose to write about yourself, about pets, schools, relatives, classmates, feelings, seasons, sports, favorite toys, or themes like whales, space, animals, etc...
Example #1
Lainey Loves fish Reads books Many friends Wants dog Any kind Likes purple Hates tuna Eats anyway.

Example #2
Bats Are nocturnal Fly fast Uses echolocation Eats fruit Drinks milk Sleeps strange Small mammals Won’t bite

Think of a holiday. Think of words or phrases that go with that holiday. Try to think of something for each of your five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch). Use the format provided below to write a poem about your favorite holiday. Line 1: [Name of chosen holiday] Line 2: [Something one sees during the holiday] Line 3: [Something one hears during the holiday] Line 4: [Something one smells during the holiday] Line 5: [Something one tastes during the holiday] Line 6: [Something one feels during the holiday] Line 7: Repeat the first line
Halloween Witches, ghosts, and goblins out in the streets. “Trick or Treat!” they tell their neighbors. Smells of popcorn, licorice, and candy apples. The best house give chocolate candy bars. aching tummy! Halloween

Acrostic Poem
Acrostic Poems are poems that go down and across. The poems don’t have to rhyme, and they can have as many words as you like. You can choose any subject you like, even your own name.


Crunchy, munchy Oh, so sweet Oodles of chocolate and nuts Kids love them! I like to eat them hot from the oven Everyone waits for them to cool.

Cinquain Poem
“Cinq” means “five” in French. A cinquain poem is a special kind of five-line poem with a very strict form. Line 1: One word – the subject of the poem. This word is a noun. Line 2: Two words describing the title. These words are adjectives, words describing the noun. Line 3: Three words expressing action. These are verbs which tell what the noun in line one does. Separate the verbs with commas. Line 4: Four words expressing a feeling. This can be a short phrase or series of words. Line 5: One word that is another word for the subject. This should be a synonym for the subject. Example #2 Cats Independent, friendly Meowing, purring, sleeping I love my cat Feline

Who-What-When-Where-Why Poem (W-W-W-W-W Poem)
Who, what, when, where, why poems should be five lines long. The poem should tell a story or give a strong picture of someone or something. Each line should answer one of the “w”questions in the order listed above. When you read the poem, it should sound like two sentences put together.
Example #1 Waiting WHO: WHAT: WHEN: WHERE: WHY: The old man sat alone on a sunny summer afternoon on his front porch. He was enjoying the breeze and drinking iced tea.

Example #2 Getting Ready
WHO: WHAT: WHEN: WHERE: WHY: I prepare for the race by running five miles every morning before school around the neighborhood. You should always be prepared.

Example #1 Motorbike Noisy, fast Racing, climbing, crashing, Fun on two wheels Dirt Bike

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