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Richard Aaron Brown


									Richard Aaron Brown
Memories of my life until 2002


I was born in the Dee Hospital of Ogden, Utah. My mother is holding me for the photo just after I was born, 31 December 1954. The doctor thought that I was going to be a girl, but instead delivered a blond-haired boy that weighed 7 LB 2 OZ. After two day in the hospital, my parents, Harlo and

Roy, Utah
Iris, drove me in their car to the family home. It was a two-bedroom wooden cabin built on Grandpa Brown’s property in Roy, Utah. The house was at about 1939 West, 4400 South. Five older brothers were waiting at home for us. I became the sixth boy in the family. My mother said that I became an active little boy but didn’t cause much trouble. She said that I liked tractors, cars, and riding bikes. I probably had fun playing with my brothers, too.

Brown Family
My mother said she bought the white coats my brothers and I were wearing on the front row of the photo. She had dressed us for Church and then put us in the car while she went into the house for something. When she came back to the car, she saw us all covered in red shoe polish that we had found in the back seat. She said that we never wore those white coats again.

My family moved to Burley, Idaho, when I was a little boy. We moved there about 1956. My dad grew grain and hay on our farm. He also worked as a brick-layer to earn money. I went to work with him sometimes and carried the bricks so he could lay them to finish the houses. He built two houses for my family five miles south of Burley. The first house was rented to a family who had about twenty children. We lived in the second house that he built, which was next door on the same property.

Richard and Sterling at Burley helping build home.
My mother made us a tire swing to play on. The children next door liked to play on it, too. One day they wound the rope up real tight while I was in the swing. They let it go and I got really dizzy as the swing spun round and round until it stopped. My mother came out of the house and got really mad. She took a knife and cut the rope that held the swing to the tree. We didn’t get to swing after that. I learned to swim in the canal. My brothers and I would swim in the canal, then lay in the road to dry off. There was also a swimming pool in town that our parents would take us to. I grew up with all brothers. We wrestled and fought like most boys do. We helped with chores and did what we could for our parents. We had to go get coal every night and things like that. My dad had about a twenty-acre lot, we liked to play on the farm and play hide-in- seek It was fun to ride bikes, too. Sometimes we’d sleep outside on the haystack. One time I woke up and thought it was daylight. It was really only moonlight from a big, full, moon. My dad was an industrious and hard working, man. He liked to build houses and work on the farm. My mom was real nice and a pretty woman. I liked it when she’d come outside and push me on the swing. She worked hard, too.


School Church

My dad took our family to Sawtooth Mountains about once a year to go fishing. We would usually stay about a week and sleep in a tent. Sometimes we went to Yellowstone for our vacation. I liked to fish as a child. I now believe that fishing is a form of cruelty to living things. I don’t feel people should fish for enjoyment by killing the fish. I

don’t like it when people catch fish and then let them go. It is cruel! The fish usually die, anyway. It is OK if people fish because they need food. I always wanted to go to school before I started kindergarten. Sometimes, I would try to hop onto the school bus with my brothers. It was a happy day when I finally got to go to Miller Grade School. I learned to read and write. After school I’d sometimes play with my friends. There were the Petersons down the road and the Buetlers by the highway. My family would sometimes go to Ward dinners at the Church. My brothers and I went to primary once a week. We had to go in the car to Church because it was about a mile or so down the road from our house. I was baptized in the Church by my dad.

Garden Grove, California
My dad moved our family to Garden Grove, California, about 1963. I started the third grade at Morningside Elementary. My dad said that he wanted to move us to the city so that we wouldn’t have to ride the school bus. He said it took too much time to ride the bus to school every day in Idaho. He bought us a house next to a school in California. The address was 14902 Bowen Street. My dad was a salesman. At first he sold Fuller brush products from house to house. He got us kids to pass out brochures around the neighborhood for him. Then he got a job at a realty company. We passed out real-estate flyers and left them on the doors of homes. My brother, Melvin, was married and lived in Pocatello, Idaho. My parents went on a vacation to see him. On the way back, they got in a car accident. My dad was in the hospital for a while, and then came home. The rest of his life was in a wheelchair. My mother took over and did everything for him. She was a hard worker. We spent about ten years in California. I liked to ride my bike to the beach. It was about nine miles from our house. I remember riding to Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. Those were good times. Garden Grove was a big place, about the size of Weber County. There were six high schools in Garden Grove. I graduated in 1973 from Bolsa Grande High School. I went out for wrestling two years in High School.

Ogden, Utah
Dad wanted to move closer to his family in Utah, and to sell his home and build one that could be paid for. In 1976, he bought property on Harrison Boulevard, Ogden, Utah. I went on my own for a while in California before moving to Ogden to help build their house I stopped helping with the house for a while when I hurt my leg.

A truck almost hit me head on while I was riding my motorcycle towards Terrace and Riverdale road. When I swerved left to go around the truck, I noticed that I was about ready to ride off a cliff. I tried to stop when the motorcycle tipped over and skidded on the ground. My leg was trapped underneath and was dragged over some rocks. If I hadn't skidded, I would have gone over the edge of the cliff. My motorcycle was a Honda 450. It was part dirt bike and part road bike. My brother, Sterling, came to get me after the accident. He took me to my parents home. I went and took a hot bath instead of a cold one. It caused my leg to swell up. He brought my motorcycle home in the family van because the fuse had broken on it. The next day Sterling took me to the McKay Dee hospital to get my leg checked. The doctor dug the gravel out of my leg and bandaged it up. It took a few months to heal.

Back to California
Later that winter I sold my motorcycle for a car, and then moved back to Orange County, California. I missed my friends and stuff in California. I was about twenty-one years old. It was about 1977 when I moved back there. I drove cars for Hertz Rental Agency and lived with my friend, Jerry Wilson. I had a nice job, it was fun to d, but it

didn’t pay very much. I went to the beach occasionally and did other things while I was there. I stayed there about a year.

Back to Utah
I moved back to Utah about 1978 and lived with my parents. They were living in the new home on 322 Harrison, Ogden, Utah. I stayed there a long time and helped my mother upholster furniture in the basement. She had a business upholstering furniture, boats, and automotive equipment. It was OK but am glad that I’m not doing that anymore. My mother worked hard because my dad was in a wheelchair.

We got married about 1980 in my parents home on Harrison, Ogden, Utah. I married Gleana Gosh by the LDS Bishop. We lived in Ogden but didn’t ever have children. She had children from a previous marriage but they didn’t live with us. Our marriage ended in divorce after about five years. I haven’t been married again since then.

Move to Salt Lake City
I lived by myself at 322 North 3rd West. I worked for Intermountain Furniture as a cutter. We cut out layers of fabric to upholster furniture. Sometimes the layers were thirty or forty layers thick. It was a fast pace job and no time to get bored. We were paid good if we worked hard. The longer it took to get the work done, the more we got paid. We were paid a percentage of what we did. I then lived at 222 East 7th South by the park It was a nice place to walk through with my dogs. My first dog was a poodle mix, then started getting more dogs. Some were stray dogs. Then I bought a three-month old Miniature Pincher for $250.00. It was a bring back from somebody that had moved. I got two female Miniature Pinchers and started breeding dogs. Soon, I had too many dogs to live in Salt Lake and decided to move.

Dog Business in Magna
My mother and I went together and bought a house in Magna, Utah. It was a three-quarter acre of horse property, 8031 West 3500 south. It was a nice little country house with a barn in the back yard. I went into the dog business to breed and sell dogs. It turned into more of a

hobby than a business. I spent a lot of money on dog food because they were feed mostly meat. I found meat on sale and purchased it by the bulk. The dogs were feed both raw and cooked meat. Mom helped until all the dogs got out a hole in the fence. The police gave mother a ticket for having too many dogs. We decided it was time to move away.

West Weber and Duchesne
We took the dogs and moved to three acres of horse property in West Weber. The neighbors complained of having too many dogs and called the animal control. I lost my permit for kennel license. I felt like I should move again. Mother left and moved in with my brother, Paul. I took the dogs and moved to Duchesne, Utah. We lived in a camper trailer off Highway 40. We lived on about ten acres of property It was real nice out there with lots of snow in the winter. The nearest General store was 1.6 miles away from where we were. The dogs soon got ran over on the Highway until I only had two dogs left. That ended my dog business. I worked in Murray at Andy’s Designs as a cutter. It was a long distance to travel back and forth. Finally, I decided to move back to Ogden.

Ogden, Utah
I now live in the Marion Hotel, Ogden, Utah. It is near my family and the things I like here. I still like riding bikes, the outdoors, working with machines, cooking, cars and motorcycles, and my family.

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