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									                                    The Georgia Masters Newsletter
                                        Swimming in Georgia
                                          April 2012

                                                            Open Water Swim Opportunities
      Don’t	Miss	These	Events	

Lots of meets coming up this Spring and early

Trout Spring Splash B April 7
There’s still time to enter this exciting meet at Georgia
Tech this Saturday! Deadline for seeded entries was
March 28, but late entries can be accepted with a $10
late fee. Thanks to the Trout for putting this meet on to
replace the cancelled Savannah St Pat meet! Contact
meet director Sean Fitzerald for questions
( Warm-ups at 10, meet start at          For our triathletes and open water enthusiasts, here’s your
11am. Post-meet social following the meet! This meet        chance to for some open water swimming at Red Top
is part of the Georgia Championship Series for 2012.        Mountain State Park. Pete Farren has been holding open
                                                            water clinics here for the past 12 years. They are held on
                                                            Saturday mornings (beginning April 14) and are attended
W Gwinnett Park SCY Developmental                           by all types of triathletes and open water buffs, elite and
                                                            people just starting out. Various distances are swum of 600,
Meet B April 15                                             1200 yard and 1.2 and 2 mile courses. There is also a 400
                                                            yard training area for new people. There are a number of
This is a Category I or practice meet –a low key            people in kayaks monitoring the courses for safety. You
opportunity to get in some practice times. This is also a   only pay a park admission fee of $5 for a day pass, plus
great venue for those swimmers who are new to               donations to the people in kayaks. Pete kindly donates his
competition or have not competed in a long time. We         time for free.
even have 25 yard events!
                                                            Directions to the Red Top Cove:
W Gwinnett Park is a relatively new facility, located in    75N to Exit 285 (Red Top Mountain Rd). Turn RIGHT . Go
Norcross (see directions on info page). Warm-ups at 9,      across the bridge, travel 6/1; mile, turn LEFT on Park
and meet start at 9:30. We should be finished by noon.      Marian Rd. Go 7/10th mile, turn RIGHT at the office park
For questions, contact meet director Lisa Watson            cottage sign. Park on the far right. Go into the park office or
(                                          at the lock box at the beginning of lakeside Trail to buy your
                                                            park pass ($5). Follow the trail to the bench and rock. Sign
Information and entries for both of these events can be     in or sign waiver – donate to the kayakers.
easily accessed from our Georgia Masters website at Click on “Meet                      The first 2 swims will be April 14th and April 21th
Schedule,” then scroll down to April and click on the       (Saturdays) at 9am. Since it’s still a bit chilly, bring a wet
info and entry icon for each meet.                          suit. For new swimmers, come early to sign in and sign the
                                                            waiver. The swim will start at 9am sharp. For more info,
Georgia Masters Newsletter                                                                   April 2012 - Page 2
 contact Pete at or                 SC Nationals – Greensboro
 404/408-6683 (cell phone).
                                                             The upcoming SC (Spring) Nationals in Greensboro are
                                                             going to be well attended with 1,862 swimmers (not quite as
 Tiger Shark LC Invitational – May 12                        many as the 1,977 swimmers we had in Atlanta in 2010, but
                                                             still a big turnout). Of those, we have 93 swimmers from
 For the 2nd year in a row, the Tiger Shark LC meet will     Georgia competing: 4 from Atlanta Rainbow Trout (ART);
 be held at Emory. This year, we have a very early date      5 from Atlanta Water Jocks (AWJ); 1 from Brenau Masters
 – Saturday, May 12. Use this meet as a practice meet        (BM); 73 from the Georgia Super Team (GAJA); 1 from the
 for LC Nationals in Omaha in July.                          Columbus Hurricanes (HURR), and 7 from Marietta
                                                             Stingrays (RAYS).

                                                             For GAJA swimmers, please be sure to contact Coaches
                                                             Chair Donna Hooe ( regarding your
                                                             availability for relays: what days are you available, what
                                                             strokes can you swim, 50 yard times. Thanks to Donna for
                                                             taking on this complex task of organizing relays!

                                                             Good luck to all of our Georgia competitors!

 This year, the meet will be a Category II meet, which       USMS LC Nationals – July 5-8
 means times will count for Records and Top Ten. Host
 team is the Dekalb Aquatic Tiger Sharks. Thanks to
                                                             The online entry system is already open for those who plan
 Coach Nathan Jones and his team for putting on this         to go to LC Nationals in Omaha. The Olympic Time Trials
 meet. This meet will follow an age group meet being         will be held in the same pool immediately before the USMS
 held that morning, so our meet will begin in
                                                             Nationals. Swimmers can come early and watch the Trials
 mid-afternoon. Warm-ups are at 2 and the meet will          and then participate in the USMS National meet. You can
 begin at 3pm.                                               enter easily by going to and click
 Deadline for seeded entries is May 4. The info and
 entry form are included in this newsletter. You can
 also access the info from our Georgia Masters website
 (follow same instructions as listed above for our April
                                                                                Meet	Recaps	

 Classic City LC – June 2
                                                            GAJA Visits Tennessee, Florida, and NC
 The annual Classic City LC Invitational at UGA will        By Walter Leen
 be held Saturday, June 2. Thanks to meet director Ray
 Woller and the host Classic City team for putting on       Four GAJA swimmers represented GAJA at a new meet held
 this meet. Warm-ups are at 9 and the meet starts at        by the Middle Tennessee Masters on March 17. There were
 10am. Come enjoy competing in this fantastic               55 swimmers so there was sufficient competition and some
 facility! Info and entry are included in this newsletter   good racing for Megan Melgaard (30-34), Malena Hankins
 for your convenience.                                      (35-39) Paul Harwart (55-59) and Hal Stolz (75-79) who
                                                            are all going to Greensboro. It was almost a prefect day as
 This meet will also serve as part of the Georgia           they had 17 1st and one 2nd in 18 splashes.
 Championship Meet Series for 2012. Seeded entries
 must be received by May 25. For questions, contact         Meanwhile, the ubiquitous John Zeigler made his annual trek
 Ray at                                     to St Petersburg to swim in the 42th annual meet, a large
Georgia Masters Newsletter                                                                       April 2012 - Page 3
outdoor affair with 200 top Florida swimmers. The meet        We need a minimum order of 75 shirts, so swimmers are
is one of the few that awards medals and presents             encouraged to order more than one shirt. Swimmers not
engraved High Points towels to the top three in each age      attending Greensboro and Coaches/administrators can order a
group, so is worthy of the effort. John has been in all       shirt without print in the rear. Only the names of those GAJA
but the first meet and has won the High Point most every      swimmers actually entered in the meet will be on the back.
time at least as best he remembers. This year’s 65-69         The pricing will be the same as last year $15 for short sleeve
field was 10 deep of Top Ten swimmers but John used           shirts and $18 for long sleeve shirts. Like last year the short
the old razzle dazzle ( swim 11 events including the 1650     sleeve sizes are Ladies or Men’s S,M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL.
and 400 IM) to compile 81 points off 3 first, 6 2nd and 2     The Long sleeve will be generic type in the same sizes.
3rd to win the High Points again. John is going to
Greensboro from Wednesday to Sunday and will again            To order t-shirts, send me an email --
provide pool deck leadership as GAJA team Captain.   Please prepay by making a check
                                                              out to Walter Leen and send it to:
Five Georgia Masters's swimmers traveled to the 38th          Walter Leen
Sunbelt Masters short course Masters meet in Charlotte.       111 Laurel Bay Drive
                                                              Loganville, GA 30052
                                                              Cell phone 413-262-6697

                                                              The last day to order shirts will be Sunday evening, April 15.
                    Other	News	                               This year we’re not making extra shirts, so don’t delay in
                                                              ordering. When ordering, be sure to state type and size of shirt
                                                              and the way you want your name shown on the shirt.

USMS Breastsroke Rule Clarification                           The shirts will be issued at the meet starting Wednesday
                                                              evening April 25th when I’ll arrive at the pool.
USA Swimming has issued an updated interpretation of
the initiation of the breaststroke arm pull to conform to
the FINA interpretation. The USMS Rules Committee             Georgia Masters Survey
would like you to be familiar with this interpretation.
The rule can be found at:                                     Our Board met on Sunday, March 25 to discuss developing a
df.                                                           short survey to better understand who participates in Masters
                                                              swimming, their needs, and how we can best serve our
USMS will be sending out this information in the next         membership. We have a diverse membership – by age, by
issue of USMS Streamlines.                                    interest (lap swimmers, competitive swimmers, open water,
                                                              triathletes), and purpose for swimming. We need to
                                                              understand your interests before we can even begin to think
                                                              about meeting your needs. Thanks to Bob Kohmescher and
GAJA Team shirts for the Greensboro                           Ed Saltzman who are working on setting up the survey.
2012 SCY National Championships
by Walter Leen                                                When it is ready to be administered, we will notify
                                                              everyone-we hope you will take the time to answer the
Once again, you can order t-shirts for the Nationals in       questions and help us to help you. Stay tuned!
Greensboro. I’ll be taking the orders for t-shirts. The
2012 GAJA Team Shirts will be the same style and
printing as last year except in blue with white lettering     W Gwinnet Aquatic Center – Masters
like the 2010 shirts. On the rear of the shirt we will have
the heading “2012 SHORT COURSE NATIONALS –
GREENSBORO, NC” and all swimmers entered will
have their name on the shirt.                                 Looking for a place to swim/work out? Andy Rettig has a
                                                              place for you!!! Andy is a US Masters Swimming
                                                              ( level 1 and level 2 trained coach. His coaching
Georgia Masters Newsletter                                                                      April 2012 - Page 4
philosophy is to help swimmers achieve their goals by        Update on 2012 Senior Olympic and Georgia
providing structured workouts that are designed to
provide a balanced workout for the swimmers. By
                                                             Games Information
                                                             by Walter Leen
refining their technique and improving their
conditioning swimmers experience reduced times and
                                                             While the Senior Olympics are completely unrelated to
increased enjoyment.
                                                             USMS, this program offers a lot for senior swimmers.
                                                             Information &entries are now available for most of the 6 local
                                                             Atlanta area Senior Olympic and other unique swim meets :
                                                              Gwinnett – Sat April 14 – This meet is at the West
                                                                 Gwinnett Pool. Deadline for entry was March 15.
                                                              Cherokee – Thursday, April 19 at the Woodstock
                                                                 Aquatic Center. Entry cutoff is somewhat flexible and
                                                                 fee is just $12 for 5 events with medals.
                                                              North Fulton – Monday, May 21st at Wills Park in
                                                                 Alpharetta (outdoors). Fee is just $15 for unlimited events
                                                                 with 12 swim & diving events including the 25 IM and
                                                                 Cannonball Contest. There are 25 yard races for “fresh
                                                                 fish.” The medals are presented at the luncheon on May
                                                                 31st .
Andy has 4 practices week:                                    Alabama Senior Olympics in Montgomery -- May 4-6.
• Mondays and Wednesdays from noon until 1pm                     Stay tuned for more details.
• Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:15-7:15am                          Georgia Games in Marietta –Sat June 23— This
                                                                 afternoon SCY meet is for age groups 18 to 99.
He has Master swimmers, fitness swimmers and                  Georgia Senior Olympics –Friday, Sept 21st in Warner
triathletes participating in his workouts.                       Robbins. There will be car pools. This meet is qualifying
                                                                 for 2013 Nationals in Cleveland. Entry is due like
There is a reason we pay a lot of attention to fine tuning       August 1 &will be available on the website May 1. Last
technique at our workouts. The example used is that              year’s results are posted at
shipping companies are mindful to remove barnacles     
from their ships as these reduce the efficiency with
which tankers and container ships cross the oceans.          You are not covered by your USMS insurance at these meets.
Swimmers can accumulate technique barnacles that can         For entries and further information, please contact Walter at
make swimming less efficient, i.e. less enjoyable and
may even result in joint injuries. Workouts are as intense
as the swimmers desire but without garbage yardage.
                                                             2011 All-American’s and All-Stars
West Gwinnett Aquatics Center (WGAC) is located on           by Walter Leen
4488 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Norcross 30071.
Fees are $50 per month or $240 for six months. This          Each year USMS honors top swimmers with special awards
investment in one's health and well-being includes not       as follows:
just the master swim workouts but allows for access to
the pool during regular opening hours. WGAC accepts          Top Ten performances – just as the title suggests, if you
cash, credit- and debit cards.                               have one of the fastest top ten times in the U.S., you’re
                                                             eligible to obtain a USMS TOP TEN patch. Last year there
Got questions? Send Andy an email at:                        were 72 Georgia swimmers that had individual event Top Ten                                            performances and another 45 who swam in Top Ten Relays.
Or give him a call -- 678-417-0751.                          The Dixie Zone has a similar award with a patch and even
                                                             more Georgia swimmers attained this benchmark. Of the 117
                                                             swimmers 99 were GAJA and sort of explains why 97 of 99
Georgia Masters Newsletter                                                                      April 2012 - Page 5
GAJA swimmers at the 2011 LCM Nationals at Auburn             Georgia swimmer but still competes for Maine, which I
won medals.                                                   suppose will write her up in their newsletter. Of the 23
                                                              Georgia swimmers that were All-American’s just 2 earned the
All-American – each swimmer that has the fastest time         best in America ALL-STAR honors.
in the USA in an individual or relay event earns this
special status and is eligible to order a patch. Between      No surprise Sheri Hart is the 40-44 ALL-STAR but as she
SCY, LCM and SCM there are 53 events in each of the           secured 11 of her 15 number one times while represented
32 age group so there may seem to be ample opportunity        PNA, the USMS records list her as PNA although she finished
to accomplish this goal but in reality a small number of      the season racing for Killer Whales and setting Georgia and
top swimmers dominate each age group. For example,            Dixie records. Sheri holds a number of USMS National level
Sheri Hart (40-44) had 15 1st place times in 2011. While      records and has been the fastest woman in the pool any age in
swimming for PNA on the west coast before moving to           the 2 Georgia meets she broke Georgia and Dixie records.
Atlanta in the fall and joining Killer Whales, she had 8
SCY # 1 times in the 35-39 age group and then aged up                                     With Sheri in this in-between
and had 3 more in LCM (as well as 2 relay #1 marks). As                                   status, we deem that Anne
a GMKW/GAJA swimmer she had 4 SCM #1                                                      Dunivin (95) in her second year
performances.                                                                             of Masters swimming is the first
                                                                                          Killer Whale to ever earn
Of the 117 Georgia swimmers that had Top Ten Times,                                       ALL-STAR honors. She also won
23 had #1 individual event or relay #1 times. There were                                  the 2011 Georgia Grand Prix in
10 Georgia swimmers including Sheri that had the                                          her age group. Anne did not start
fastest time in the nation in 2011 in at least one event.                                 swimming until she was 82 and
Jos Smith (20-24), Irwin Stolz (80-84) and Anne                                           then races just a few times a year
Dunivin(95-99) were 2011 ALL-AMERICAN in both                                             at Senior Olympics. She joined
individual events and relays while Britta O’Leary                                         Killer Whales in 2010 and her
(25-29), Betty Veater ( 65-69), Sabir Muhammad                                            first Masters meet was the 2010
(35-39), Mark Beatty (40-44),.David Jacobson (50-54),                                     SCY Nationals at GT where she
and Keith Berryhill(50-54) excelled, primarily in                                         won the first gold medal of the
individual events.                                            meet in the 1000 yard free. At 2011 LCM Nationals at
                                                              Auburn, she earned 8 gold medals including 3 in relays. Anne
There were also 13 other Georgia swimmers that earned         started 2011 in the 90-94 age group but then “aged up” in
All-American status in 4 relays. They were: Nana              August and had 6 1st times plus American records in both the
Whalen (70-74), Dolores Petmecky (75-79), June                LCM and SCM 400 Free. Although swimming uncontested at
Callaway (75-79) , Kevin Cargill (25-29), Chris Dyer          Auburn, her 50 free time was faster than the prior year 95-99
(30-34), Jon Gellin (30-34), Patrick McCarthy                 All-Star winner from Maryland who had five 1st times.
(50-54), Rob Copeland (55-59), Berry Hamilton
(55-59), Doug Michalke (55-59), George Gfroerer
(75-79), Albert Woods (80-84) and Jack Mitchell               Concourse Swim Practices
                                                              Masters swim practices available at Concourse, coached by
ALL-STAR – the best all-around swimmer in each age            Larry Blomberg (Larry also coaches at Emory). These are
group in the USA is declared the ALL-STAR. The award          open to non-members as well as Concourse members. 13
goes to the swimmer that has the most #1 times during         practices to choose from for $75 a month ($45 for Concourse
the year. So every ALL-STAR is also a multiple event          members): Mon-Fri 5:45-7am; Tues & Thur 11 -12; Mon &
All-American.                                                 Fri 12 -1; Mon & Wed 7:30-8:30pm; Tues & Thur 6:30-7:30
                                                              pm. Special Triathlon oriented Clinic style workouts on
Of 54,000 USMS members only 32 earn this unique               Mon & Wed nights. Most practices done in the Concourse
achievement. In years past just 5 different Georgia           outdoor pool. Contact Larry at
swimmers have earned the ALL-STAR honor, the last    or 678/348-6484.
being Noah Copeland in 2009 (see list below). Three
2011 All-Stars live in Georgia, but one is not a registered
Georgia Masters Newsletter                                                                          April 2012 - Page 6

                                              Who Y= All Can Call
Lisa Watson, LMSC Chair                            (770) 497-1901 or (678) 717-3646        
Sean Fitzgerald, Vice-Chair                        (404) 496-4422                        
Bob Kohmescher, Newsletter Editor                  (770) 587-2192                      
Ed Saltzman, Treasurer, Communications,
  Records, Sanctions for Swim Meets                (770) 442-9075                     
Bill Lotz, LMSC Registrar                          (404) 261-1906                     
Donna Hooe, Coaches Chair                          (912) 884-6456                         
Karol Welling, Secretary                           (770) 631-9195                    
Jeff Tacca, Member at Large                        (404) 256-0733                         
John Zeigler, Fitness                              (770) 972-7981                     
Rob Copeland, Safety & Long Distance               (678) 817-1602                  

                                                     Upcoming Events

                                                          April 2012
*7      ART Spring Splash @ Georgia Tech, Sean                   12-15     Y Nationals – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
        Fitzgerald ---
*15     W Gwinnett Park SCY Developmental Meet –                 26-29     USMS SC Nationals at Greensboro, NC
        contact Lisa at
                                                          May 2012
*3      Georgia LMSC Conference Call – 7:15; Lisa at             5-6       Clemson, SC -- SCY
*12     DAQM Tiger Sharks LC at Emory; entry
        enclosed; contact Nathan Jones at
                                                          June 2012
*2      Classic City LC at UGA                                   *?        Georgia LMSC Conference Call – 7:15; Lisa at
8-10    Sarasota, FL – LC
                                                          July 2012
*?      Georgia LMSC Conference Call – 7:15; Lisa at             5-8       USMS LC Nationals – Omaha, NE
*14     Georgia Games Open Water                                 14-15     St Petersburg, FL – LC
                                                        August 2012
*?      Georgia LMSC Conference Call – 7:15; Lisa at             4-5       Dixie Zone LC Championships – Greenville, SC
*?      Garden Hills SCY Developmental Meet
                                                      September 2012
*?      Georgia LMSC Conference Call – 7:15; Lisa at             12-16     USMS Convention – Greensboro, NC
*29     Southside Seals Pentathlon (tentative date)              *29       Georgia LMSC Annual Meeting (tentative date)

  Information on these and other Dixie Zone events can be found on the Dixie Zone website at
  *Dates in red are Georgia LMSC events. If you=re interested in participating in the monthly LMSC conference calls, call Lisa
Georgia Masters Newsletter                                                             April 2012 - Page 7

                                             Swim Websites
 Georgia Masters Swimming                                                
 Atlanta Rainbow Trout                                              
 Aiken-Augusta Swim League                                                    
 Atlanta Water Jocks                                                  
 Augusta Masters Riptides                                               
 Columbus Hurricanes (Masters) Swim Team                               
 Dynamo Masters                                                
 Dixie Zone                                                                   
 Georgia Masters Killer Whales                                                
 Greater Augusta Swimming                                                     

 Dixie Zone Website B For information about meets in the Dixie zone,

                                          Georgia Teams & Clubs
 Atlanta Rainbow Trout            ART     Cliff Miller      
 Atlanta Water Jocks              AWJ     Lorenzo Benucci   
 YMCA Barracuda Masters           BARM    AnnElise Pate     
 Brenau Masters Swim Team         BM      Blaire Bachman    
 DeKalb Aquatics Masters          DAQM    Melissa Wilborn   
 Frances Meadows Aquatic Center   FMAC    Meghan Hill       
 Georgia Masters                  GAJA    Lisa L Watson     
 Greater Augusta Swimming Inc     GAS     Jeffrey A Rout    
 Hurricanes Masters               HURM    Columbus Aq Club  
 Marlins Masters                  LINS    Yit Aun Lim       
 Midtown Athletic Club            MACW    Chris Roberts     
 Stingrays Masters Swimming       RAY     Keith Berryhill   
 Zaban Masters                    ZBNM    Tanya Sampson     

                                         Georgia Superteam (GAJA)
 Classic City Masters in Athens   CCM     Raymond Woller    
 Dynamo Masters                   DYNA    Coach Maria Thrash
 Golden Isles Swimming            GIST    Betty Veater      
 Georgia Masters Killer Whales    GMKW    Lisa Watson       
 Lake & Mountain Hilltoppers      LMH     Bill Pave         
 Swim Atlanta Masters             SAMS    Coach Scot Davis  
 Savannah Masters                 SAVM    Donna Hooe        
 Swim Macon Masters               SMM     Tana Selby        
 Smart Masters Swim Club          SMSC    Mike Slotnick     
 Southside Seals                  SSS     Karol Welling     
 Warner Robins Aquanauts          WRAM    Daniel Murray     
                                           Tiger Sharks Masters Invitational
                                                  Long Course Meet
                                              Saturday, May 12, 2012th
                                                Sanction No. 4512-L02
                           Held Under the Sanction/Approval of USMS, Inc. & Georgia LMSC

Time:          Saturday – Warm ups at 2:00pm. Meet begins at 3:00pm

Location:      Emory University - Madeline Jude Brown Aquatic Center (Indoor Pool)
               Woodruff PE Center
               600 Asbury Circle
               Atlanta, GA 30322
               Phone: 404.727.4989

               For complete directions: please visit Emory’s direct weblink at

               Parking is available in the Peavine parking decks, located across Eagle Row from the
               WPEC. Decks are controlled access, but gate arms open at 4:00 p.m. on weekdays and
               remain open on the weekends. Participants, coaches and spectators should park in the
               decks and not in service vehicle spots in the WPEC traffic circle, or behind the fraternity
               houses adjacent to the WPEC. Any vehicles parked outside of Peavine deck may be
               ticketed, towed or booted without warning

               The indoor facility is 50 meters by 25 yard Olympic size pool. There is ample seating in
               the bleachers and on deck. The competition course has been certified in accordance with
               104.2.2C(4). The copy of such certification is on file with USA Swimming & Georgia

Eligibility:   The meet is open to all persons 18 years and older as of May 12, 2012.
               USMS REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. If you are not registered, your application can be
               accepted at the meet. Be sure to include a copy of your USMS card with your entry.
               Age for this LCM competition will be calculated as of December 31, 2012.

Events:        Swimmers may enter up to five events.
Awards:        Ribbons will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
Timing:        Fully Automatic Timing will be used. NOTE: This is a Category II Meet – times will
               count for Top Ten or Records.

Fees:          $20 flat fee for up to five events; $2.00 surcharge for deck and late entries (received after
               May 4th); Make checks payable to Dekalb Aquatics Masters. Mail to:

                                                     Nathan Jones
                                                 6929 Slate Stone Way
                                                  Mableton, GA 30126

Entries:       Indicate events desired on the entry form-circle event # and provide seed time; use NT for
               No Time.

Seeding:       Entries received by May 4th will be seeded. Women’s heats will precede men’s heats.
               Sexes may be combined for some heats. NT’s will be placed in slower heats, except for
               the 400 M Free, which is fast to slow.
                                             Tiger Sharks Masters Invitational
                                         Long Course Meters Developmental Meet
                                                Saturday, May 12th, 2012
                                                           ENTRY FORM
Name: ______________________________________ Sex: ____ Age: _____ DOB: __________

Address: __________________________________________Home Phone: _________________

City: _______________________________________ State: ________ Zip: _______________

USMS#:_____________________________________Team: _____________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________________

Saturday, May 12th, 2012                               Warm ups: 2:00pm                               Meet Starts: 3:00pm
SEED TIME                  EVENT                                 SEED TIME                   EVENT

__________ 1. 400 M Freestyle                                    __________ 9. 200 M Individual Medley
__________ 2. 200 M Butterfly                                    __________ 10. 100 M Breaststroke
__________ 3. 100 M Backstroke                                   __________ 11. 50 M Backstroke
__________ 4. 50 M Freestyle                                     __________ 12. 100 M Butterfly
__________ 5. 200 M Breaststroke                                 __________ 13. 200 M Freestyle
__________ 6. 50 M Butterfly                                     __________ 14. 50 M Breaststroke
__________ 7. 100 M Freestyle                                    __________ 15. 200 M Backstroke
__________ 8. 200 M Medley Relay                                 __________ 16. 200 M Free Relay
Fees:             Make checks payable to Dekalb Aquatics Masters
                  Mail a copy of your USMS card with this entry form.
UP TO 5 INDIVIDUAL Events: $20.00
Surcharge: Late and Deck Entries $2.00 ______

Total Amount Enclosed: ______
"I the undersigned participant, intending to be legally bound, do hereby certify that I am physically fit and have not been informed
otherwise by a physician. I acknowledge that I am aware of all the risks inherent in Masters Swimming (training and competition)
including possible permanent disability or death, and agree to assume all of those risks. As a condition of my participation in the
Masters Swimming program or any activities incident thereto, I hereby waive any and all rights to claims for loss or damages,
including all claims for loss or damages caused by the negligence,
active or passive, of the following: United States Masters Swimming, Inc., the Local Masters Swimming Committees, the clubs,
host facilities, meet sponsors, meet committees, or any individuals officiating at the meets or supervising such activities, as a
condition of my participation in masters swimming. In addition, I hereby agree to abide and be governed by the rules and
regulations of USMS."

Signature: ______________________________________                                  Date: _______________
                                   JUNE 2, 2012
                              USMS SANCTION: 4512-L01

                     DATE: Sat. June 2, 2012 Warmups: 9am Meet: 10am

NATATORIUM: The Gabrielsen Natatorium at the University of Georgia, 300 River Road, Athens
    Ga 30602, was completed in 1996 and was the site of the 1997 SEC Swimming
    Championships, the 1999, the 2002 and 2006 Women’s NCAA National Championships,
    2010 SEC Championships. The pool is an 8-lane 50 meter pool, equipped with automatic
    timing and an 8-lane digital read-out board. Several lanes in a 25 yard diving well will be
    available for warmups and warmdowns during the meet. The pool will be certified before
    and after the meet and times will count for USMS records and Top Ten submission.

LOCATION: The Gabrielsen Natatorium is in the Ramsey Student Activities Center located at 330
     River Road, Athens, GA 30602 on the East Campus of the university. Directions to the pool
     are on the following page. There is free parking on Saturdays in the East Campus Parking
     Deck as well in the adjoining surface “pay” lot.

SANCTION & ELIGIBILITY: This meet is sanctioned by the Georgia Masters LMSC for USMS,
     Inc. Sanction number: . Entrants must be registered with USMS. Be sure to enclose a copy
     of your 2012 USMS card with your entry form.

AGE GROUPS: Age of competitors on December 31, 2012 will determine age group. Age groups
     are: 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, . . . , 80-84, 85-89, 90+. For Relays: Age group is determined by
     the sum of the ages of the swimmers: 76+, 100+, 120+, 160+, 200+, 240+, 280+, 320+.

RELAYS will be deck entered while the meet is in progress. All relays can be swum with 4 Women,
4 Men, or Mixed (2 women and 2 men). Only swimmers entered in the meet, and belonging to the
same local Georgia or USMS-registered Club can participate in relays.

AWARDS: First-, second- and third-place ribbons will be awarded for all events.

SEEDING: Heats will be formed by submitted seed times, regardless of age or sex; they will
     progress from “No Time,” to slow, to fast, to deck entries not already placed in empty lanes.

CLUBS: GAJA Masters please list your Chapter or local team name.

DEADLINE: To be seeded in the meet, entries must be received by May 25, 2012.

FEES: Fees must accompany entry forms.
      A flat charge of $30 covers up to 5 individual events and the timing and pool surcharges.
      The deck entry fee for up to 5 individual events submitted at the meet (before 9:45) is $35.00.
      A maximum of 5 individual events can be entered.
      Relays can only be deck-entered at $5 per relay.
      Make checks payable to Raymond Woller and mail checks and entries to
              Raymond Woller
              125 River Oak Way
              Athens, GA 30605
MEET DIRECTOR: Raymond Woller
         Directions to the Gabrielsen Natatorium in the Ramsey Student Activities Center
                                300 River Road, Athens Ga 30602
From the West (Atlanta): Take 85 North to exit 106 for 316 East to Athens. Travel 30+ miles to
Athens; do not take the first Athens exit off 316 for Athens and Monroe. Instead, proceed 3.5 miles
to the Loop 10 South exit for the University of Georgia. Take exit 7 off the Loop at College Station
Road. Turn left onto College Station Road. At the second light, turn right onto River Road. The
Ramsey Student Activities Center will be the first building on your left.

From the North (South Carolina): Take 85 South to the Commerce exit and turn left onto 441 South
to Athens. Travel 20+ miles to Athens. Stay on 441 South and take exit 7 at College Station Road.
Turn right onto College Station Road. Take the first right onto River Road. The Ramsey Student
Activities Center will be the first building on your left.

From the East: Take 78 West to Athens. Take exit 7 at College Station Road. Turn right onto
College Station Road. Take the first right onto River Road. Follow signs to Performing Arts Center.
The Ramsey Student Activities Center will be the first building on your left.

From the South: Take 441 North to Athens. Take exit 7 at College Station Road. Turn left onto
College Station Road. Take the first right onto River Road. The Ramsey Student Activities Center
will be the first building on your left.

Special Rate $85                   Comfort Inn                          Hilton Garden Inn
Code SWIS                          3980 Atlanta Highway                390 East Washington St. Phone:
                                   Phone: 706-227-9700                 706-354-6431
Rooms held until 5/31                                                  Toll free: 877-Stay-HGI
Marriott Courtyard                 Holiday Inn Express 513 West
166 North Finley Ave               Broad Street                        Howard Johnson
Phone: 706-369-7000                Phone: 706-546-8122                 2465 West Broad Street
                                   800-465-4329                        Phone: 706-548-1111\
Best Western Colonial Inn                                              800-446-4656
170 North Milledge Avenue          Days Inn
Phone: 706-546-7311                230 North Finley Street             Travelodge
800-528-1234                       Phone: 706-543-6511                 898 West Broad Street
                                   800-329-7466                        Phone: 706-549-5400
Holiday Inn                                                            800-578-7878
197 E. Broad Street                Hampton Inn
Phone: 706-549-4433                2220 W. Broad Street
800-465-4329                       Phone: 706-548-9600
                                    ENTRY FORM
                                     June 2, 2012
                               USMS SANCTION: 4512-L01

NAME                                                                     SEX
AGE on 12/31/2012                               BIRTH DATE
ADDRESS                                                        CITY
STATE          ZIP            USMS#                                   (Include a copy of your card)
PHONE                                      E-Mail
TEAM ABBREVIATION                      (UN = unattached; GAJA use local chapter or club name)
Enter your events and seedtimes on this form.

SATURDAY June 2, 2012     Warmups: 9 A.M.                          Meet 10 A.M.
       EVENT             SEED TIME                                  EVENT           SEED TIME
1. 400 m. Freestyle                                      10.    200 m. Indiv.Medley
2. 200 m. Butterfly                                      11.    100 m. Breaststroke
3. 400 m. Free Relay   XXXXXXXXX                         12.    50 m. Backstroke
4. 100 m. Backstroke                                     13.    100 m. Butterfly
5. 50 m. Freestyle                                       14.    200 m. Free Relay   XXXXXXXXXX
6. 200 m. Breaststroke                                   15.    200 m. Freestyle
7. 200 m. Medley Relay XXXXXXXXX                         16.    50 m. Breaststroke
8. 50 m. Butterfly                                       17.    200 m. Backstroke
9. 100 m. Freestyle                                      18.    400 m. Medley RelayXXXXXXXXX

Swimming Fees: $30 for up to 5 individual events.
                  (Relays will be deck entered at the meet @ $5 per relay.)
                  Mail a copy of your USMS card with this entry form.
Entry Deadline : May 25, 2012
Meet Directors: Raymond Woller
Make checks payable to: Raymond Woller
Mail to: Raymond Woller, 125 River Oak Way, Athens, GA 30605

Release by Participant from Liability:
I, the undersigned participant, intending to be legally bound, hereby certify that I am physically fit and
have not been otherwise informed by a physician. I acknowledge that I am aware of all the risk inherent
in Masters swimming (training and competition), including possible permanent disability or death, and
agree to assume all of those risks. AS A CONDITION OF MY PARTICIPATION IN THE MASTERS
SUCH ACTIVITIES. In addition, I agree to abide by and be governed by the rules of USMS.

Signature                                                             Date

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