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									Design, technology, engineering                                                                                                   25

and environments

Undertaking an internship in                  minimum supervision, and the chance               Indra Kurniawan
his home country gave Indra                   to be involved in a project that really
Kurniawan the opportunity to                  interested me. I’m interested in robotics         Fourth Year, Bachelor of
gain practical engineering skills             and new technologies, and this gave me            Engineering (Mechatronics) &
and industry experience in                    many new experiences, plus I got to work
                                                                                                Computer Science
Jakarta’s international airport.              independently and adapt to a real working
Indra says it was a great way                 environment dealing with a lot of people.         Dean’s Honours List student for
to learn about ‘discipline and                                                                  2006, 2007 and 2008
responsibility for tasks’.                    From here I want to be involved in the
                                              Sumo Robots project during my final year          Indonesia
“Working at GMF Aero Asia in Indonesia        of study, and I have been accepted into the
during my summer break gave me the            Melbourne School of Engineering’s summer
opportunity to complete a seven-week          research program. Beyond that, my goal
project working on a flight simulation        is to be a consultant in a role that will allow
program. My internship was based in the       me to work with colleagues on maintaining
engineering division at the international     data and calculations, not just working in
airport in Jakarta. There were lots of        the field.”
students working at the airport at the same
time, but only a few were working on an
ongoing project with practical tasks. I was
given a schedule to achieve a goal with
26   Did you know?
      The University of Melbourne is                            The Bionic Ear was developed                     We have redesigned our courses
      ranked No. 28 in the world for                            at the Melbourne School of                       to ensure more hands on and
      technology. Q                                             Engineering and has gone on to                   problem-based learning. In your
      Q Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2008   change the world for many people                 first year you will be designing
                                                                with hearing difficulties. The School            bridges, catapults and robots in
                                                                is now working on the bionic eye to              order to help you to think like an
                                                                restore people’s sight.                          engineer.

     Engineering via the Melbourne                              You have the choice of completing                > ‘Endeavour’, an annual event which
     Model (and Bachelor of                                     an engineering major in a three-year               showcases final year electrical, software
     Engineering for first semester                             undergraduate degree in:                           and mechatronics projects. It is held
     2010 only)                                                 > Science                                          by the Department of Electrical and
                                                                > Environments                                     Electronic Engineering and is attended by
     Duration                                                   > Biomedicine.                                     industry and school groups
                                                                                                                 > MUR Motorsports, a team activity to
     5 years (Bachelor degree – Engineering                     Or a sequence of engineering subjects in           design, build and race a Formula SAE car.
     sequences in Bachelor of Commerce,                         > Commerce.
     Bachelor of Biomedicine, Bachelor of                                                                        More information is available at:
     Science or Bachelor of Environments – plus                 These degrees will be followed by      
     a two-year Master of Engineering).                         a two-year Master of Engineering.
     Or four years for students commencing the                  Students commencing in first semester,
     Bachelor of Engineering in first semester                  2010, can also choose to undertake a             The Melbourne School of Engineering
     only, 2010.                                                four-year Bachelor of Engineering. From          rewards its top students and offers a wide
                                                                second semester, 2010, engineering               range of scholarships and prizes based on
     Fees                                                       students will undertake a five-year              excellence and merit, such as:
                                                                engineering program as part of the               > The Bilfinger Berger Services Scholarship
     See page 104                                               Melbourne Model.                                   for Tomorrow’s Engineering Leaders
                                                                                                                 > ExxonMobil Awards for Excellence
     Campus                                                     Engineering programs at Melbourne                > Alcoa Future Leaders of Industry
                                                                provide you with access to outstanding             Engineering Scholarship.
     Parkville Campus                                           facilities including: new learning spaces that
                                                                house the latest in technological advances       The top undergraduate students are
     Entry requirements                                         developed for problem-based learning;            recognised each year on the ExxonMobil
                                                                24-hour access to computer laboratories;         Dean’s Honours List.
     See pages 117–121                                          the University’s first Student Centre and
                                                                the Engineering Learning Centre. Some            More information is available at:
     About Studies in Engineering                               first-year classes are taught in the new
                                                                Engineering Design Studios and students
     Our engineering programs create engineers                  have after-hours access to these studios.        Careers
     with the combination of skills sought most by
     industry and who are best placed to                        In addition to first-class academic programs     Engineering graduates have a unique
     contribute to the community in finding                     engineering students have the opportunity to     skill set comprising business, technical,
     solutions to the challenges of our age. For                complement their studies with club activities,   analytical and interpersonal competencies.
     Technology, the University of Melbourne is                 after-hours projects and work placements         These skills are transferable, and make
     ranked No. 28 in the world and is one of the               as part of their course or to expand their       graduates ideal candidates for careers
     best Australian universities in this category              potential career opportunities, including:       in engineering, business, government,
     (Times Higher Education Supplement,                        > Exchange programs with high profile            research and management.
     2008).                                                       institutions in the United States, United
                                                                  Kingdom, France and many other countries       You will enter the workforce with the
     Graduate twice in five years with Bachelor’s               > Engineering field trips – take your learning   ability to lead projects and teams, and the
     and Masters degrees. Then enter the                          outside of the lecture theatre                 creativity to look at problems in ways that
     workforce with professionally recognised                   > Student clubs and societies, such as           provide innovative solutions. Our graduates
     qualifications and the ideal combination of                  Engineers Without Borders (EWB) which          are recognised for their professionalism,
     technical and theoretical skills.                            helps local and international communities      understanding of global issues and strong
                                                                  through the creation of appropriate            communication skills.
                                                                  engineering projects
Melbourne graduates are found in a wide          Breadth                                       Extra requirements
range of careers and locations, from                                                                                                            27
regional Australia to corporate offices in       Knowledge across disciplines                  Entry requirements for the two-
London and government-funded research                                                          year Master of Engineering
programs.                                        Engineering subjects can be studied as
                                                 breadth subjects in other undergraduate
Professional and international                   University of Melbourne Degrees. The          Undergraduate international students
degree recognition                               breadth component provides you with the       following an engineering pathway via a
                                                 opportunity to choose additional subjects     Bachelor of Commerce, Environments,
A Melbourne Engineering qualification            from outside your major area of study, to     Science or Biomedicine:
is portable and well-regarded overseas.          develop other kinds of expertise.
Our programs are provisionally accredited                                                      > Students who attain an average of 65% in
by Engineers Australia, a signatory to           Students may undertake engineering              the final two years of their undergraduate
the Washington Accord, which allows              subjects through the ‘breadth’ component        degree will be guaranteed a place in the
graduates to work in 12 of the world’s leading   of the Bachelor of Commerce where they          Master of Engineering.
economies including the US, UK, Canada           complete between 8-10 subjects in an
and Singapore.                                   engineering stream. In some cases, this       Graduate study opportunities
                                                 may require additional summer enrolment.
Depth                                                                                          A range of post-professional Masters by
                                                 For more information on breadth studies       coursework programs, higher degrees
Developing a specialisation                      see:        and PhDs are available. Postgraduate
                                                 breadth.html                                  certificates are also available in most
Our courses are different from other                                                           disciplines.
Australian engineering courses, because          Further details available at:
engineering studies are undertaken as part or the      Students who graduate from a Melbourne
of the Melbourne Model of education – a          University Handbook                           Model degree – with sufficient studies in
graduate school model where students                                                           Engineering – can undertake a two-year
undertake a broad undergraduate program          Knowledge transfer                            Master of Engineering. Completion of this
followed by a professional graduate degree.                                                    graduate program entitles students to
                                                 Connecting with other students,               professional accreditation by the Institute of
Engineering covers a broad range of              industry and the community                    Engineers Australia.
disciplines. All Melbourne Model pathways
have a common first year in which students       Melbourne Engineering graduates are           Students with a Bachelor (or Master) of
will study the foundations of engineering        highly sought after by the most prestigious   Engineering qualification from the University
and participate in workshops and projects        engineering companies in the world.           of Melbourne and other institutions can
that demonstrate how engineers analyse           Experience in solving real-life problems in   undertake graduate Masters and Doctorate
problems.                                        an industry context is a key focus of the     research degrees.
                                                 engineering program.
The areas of specialisation available at                                                       More information is available at:
Melbourne are:                                   Knowledge transfer activities available to
                                                 engineering students:
>   Biomedical Engineering                                                                     For more information contact:
>   Biomolecular Engineering                     Work placements – some of our Computer
>   Chemical Engineering                         Science and Software Engineering students     Engineering Student Centre
>   Civil Engineering                            are undertaking short-term placements with
>   Computer Science                             global organisations such as Google           t   +61 3 8344 6703/ 6507
>   Electrical Engineering                                                                     f   +61 3 9349 2182
>   Environmental Engineering                    Field trips – Civil and Environmental:        e   via
>   Geomatics                                    Engineering students learn in the field,      w
>   Mechanical Engineering                       by visiting regional projects discussed in
>   Mechatronics                                 lectures and tutorials
>   Software Engineering
>   Structural Engineering.                      Endeavour, Meridian, Panorama – final year
                                                 engineering students in Computer Science
Note: not all areas of specialisation are        and Software Engineering, Electrical and
available through all courses. Please            Electronic Engineering and Mechanical
see               Engineering showcase their projects at one
specialisations/ for further details.            day events attended by staff, industry and

                                                 Societies – engineering clubs, such as
                                                 Engineers Without Borders (EWB) are
                                                 active on campus. Melbourne University
                                                 Young Engineers (MUYE) offers industry
                                                 and professional development activities
                                                 throughout the year.
     Bachelor of Environments

     Daniel has been pleasantly                        provided knowledge about current built             Daniel Yian-Shiang Mooi
     surprised to discover how                         environments, but also opportunities to
     supportive and approachable                       engage in solving problems around creating         First Year, Bachelor of
     his lecturers are. He says                        a sustainable future.”                             Environments, majoring in
     this has a lot to do with the                                                                        Geomatic Engineering
     University’s teaching methods,                    When he isn’t studying, Daniel likes to visit
     which include extra support for                   Melbourne’s markets and Asian grocery              Malaysia
     students.                                         stores; visit the University’s Baillieu Library,
                                                       chat with friends at Union House or make
     “The University’s education system has            use of the on-campus sports centre. “As
     provided me with great opportunities to           an international student in Melbourne, I
     learn and seek help. I have found this very       have found my life more challenging and
     enriching - the tutors at the University are so   independent.”
     friendly and so willing to help me overcome
     personal issues apart from academic

     Daniel is majoring in Geomatic Engineering,
     and enjoys subjects that relate to
     mapping, constructing and reshaping our
     environment. “Not only have these subjects
Did you know?                                                                                                                                 29
 11 different specialisations are                The course draws on the                          Environments offers pathways
 covered by the course that link                 expertise of academics who                       to a large range of professional
 expertise in design, sustainability,            are at the forefront of crucial                  graduate programs in design,
 engineering, development, and                   environment-related research.                    management, engineering, land
 environmental management.                                                                        and environments and law.

Bachelor of Environments                         In addition to the major subjects in your        Depth
                                                 chosen discipline, you will undertake three
Duration                                         elective subjects from disciplines within the    Developing your specialisation
                                                 Bachelor of Environments and six breadth
3 years full-time                                subjects from disciplines outside your           The Bachelor of Environments is an
                                                 chosen area of specialisation.                   innovative degree being offered by The
Fees                                                                                              University of Melbourne that reflects the
                                                 Careers                                          changing demands and challenges of the
See page 104                                                                                      world today.
                                                 Bachelor of Environments students will
Campus                                           graduate into a constantly shifting world.       Graduates of the Bachelor of Environments
                                                 Finding a balance between development            will have the ability to consider the
Parkville Campus                                 and sustainability and, where these issues       environment beyond the short term, and
                                                 affect the community, industry and the           play an active role in understanding the
(Some subjects may be taught at the              individual, will be the challenges graduates     existing environments and maintaining,
Burnley campus)                                  face. As a graduate of the Bachelor of           designing and constructing sustainable
                                                 Environments you will have the knowledge         areas in which to live, work and visit.
Entry requirements                               to meet these new challenges in either
                                                 the public sector or private industry. You       Specialisations available in the
See pages 117–121                                will have developed an awareness of              Bachelor of Environments
                                                 environmental impacts and management
About the Bachelor of                            on a global scale, and an understanding of       The Bachelor of Environments offers 11
Environments                                     the professional responsibilities required for   specialisations in which you might major:
                                                 shaping and managing environments in a           > Architecture
The Bachelor of Environments brings              sustainable way.                                 > Civil Engineering (Civil Systems)
together expertise from a range of                                                                > Construction
disciplines across the University, to provide    Your career path will depend on your major       > Environmental Geographies, Politics and
leadership in the study of built and natural     field of study and your chosen breadth             Cultures
environments, and is the only qualification      options, as well as any outside interests and    > Environmental Science
of its kind in Australia. The Bachelor           extra curricular activities you may pursue.      > Geomatics (Geomatic Engineering)
of Environments will give you a broad                                                             > Landscape Architecture
understanding of the issues and challenges       The Bachelor of Environments provides            > Landscape Management.
that shape diverse environments, while           specialised pathways to professional             > Environmental Engineering (Physical
providing you with the opportunity to focus      degrees in environment-related areas               Systems)
on an area of specialisation.                    such as architecture, civil engineering,         > Property
                                                 structural engineering, environmental            > Urban Design and Planning.
Full-time students take eight subjects           engineering, construction management,
each year for three years. In your first year,   forest management, geomatic engineering,         For more information see www.benvs.
you will take six subjects from a range of       landscape architecture, property, urban
Bachelor of Environments interdisciplinary       horticulture and urban planning as well as
subjects comprising the two core subjects        a wide range of other professional degrees
of Natural Environments and Reshaping            such as applied commerce, psychology,
Environments, and four selected according        social work, teaching, law, nursing science,
to your interests. In second and third           medicine, physiotherapy and veterinary
year you will take nine subjects that            medicine.
comprise a major. The major sequence will
progressively build a depth of disciplinary
focus and culminate in a capstone subject
that uses all the knowledge you have
gained throughout your major.
     Breadth                                                Knowledge transfer                                       Honours
     Developing knowledge across                            Connecting with other students,                          If you choose to major in Landscape
     disciplines                                            industry and the community                               Management or Environmental
                                                                                                                     Geographies, Politics and Cultures, you
     Because of the interdisciplinary nature of             The diversity of specialisations and                     will have the option of also completing
     the Bachelor of Environments, students                 opportunities within the Bachelor of                     an Honours year after your third year
     can select their breadth subjects from other           Environments allows a wide range of                      of study, which will include a research
     streams within the degree providing they               connections with industry and community                  project. Selective entry into the Honours
     contrast with their chosen major.                      incorporating a variety of learning                      programs is based on your results at an
                                                            experiences, including lectures and tutorial             undergraduate level.
     For example, a student taking a scientific             classes as well as design studios, field
     major such as Civil Systems (Civil                     camps, laboratory sessions, site visits and              Graduate study opportunities
     Engineering) or Environmental Science                  workshops.
     will take breadth subjects that contrast                                                                        For students wishing to continue their
     with the scientific way of knowing. These              Capstone activities                                      professional studies at graduate level, the
     subjects might be chosen from areas such                                                                        Bachelor of Environments provides a direct
     as design, business, humanities or socio-              Drawing it all together                                  pathway to professional entry programs in:
     cultural disciplines.                                                                                           Architecture; Civil (Engineering) Systems;
                                                            Captstone subjects are a feature of all the              Construction Management; Environmental
     Students can choose subjects from a wide               Bachelor of Environments specalisations.                 Geographies, Politics & Cultures;
     variety of disciplines including specially-            They are the element which draws learning                Environmental Science; Geomatics;
     developed University Breadth Subjects                  from the three years into an exciting                    Landscape Architecture; Landscape
     that provide a multidisciplinary approach              conclusion, allowing students to hone their              Management; Physical (Environmental
     to teaching and learning from across the               skills into a final project.                             Engineering) Systems; Property; Urban
     humanities, social sciences and sciences.                                                                       Design and Planning.
     Students may also choose breadth subjects              Typically, capstone activities will incorporate
     offered by faculties such as Arts, Music,              a research project or examination which                  Bachelor of Environments graduates will be
     Education, and Economics and Commerce.                 encourages students to consider the broad                well-prepared also to progress to graduate
                                                            context of their discipline. The scope of                professional degrees in other areas, such
                                                            these subjects will vary, from synthesising              as Law, Teaching, Commerce or Urban
                                                            and analysing material in the major to                   Planning.
                                                            developing specialist skills relevant to
                                                            further study or workplace applications.                 For more information contact:

                                                                                                                     Environments and Design Student Centre

                                                                                                                     t   +61 3 8344 6417
                                                                                                                     f   +61 3 9344 5532
                                                                                                                     e   via

      Bachelor of Environments
      Year 1        Semester 1    Natural Environments              BEnv First Year Subject          BEnv First Year Subject         Breadth Q
                    Semester 2    Reshaping Environments            BEnv First Year Subject          BEnv First Year Subject         Breadth Q
      Year 2        Semester 1    BEnv Elective Subject             BEnv Elective Subject            BEnv Elective Subject           Breadth Q
                    Semester 2    Major Subject                     Major Subject                    Major Subject                   Breadth Q
      Year 3        Semester 1    Major Subject                     Major Subject                    Major Subject                   Breadth Q
                    Semester 2    Major Subject                     Major Subject                    Major Subject                   Breadth Q

         Major subject               First Year subject                Elective subjects                Compulsory subjects             Breadth subject Q

     Q Breadth examples: Subjects from another faculty, eg. Music, Education, Law or Arts (Languages), or
       subjects from a contrasting area within the Bachelor of Environments (see ‘Breadth study’).
Bachelor of Environments Graduate Pathways
Bachelor of Environments                    Honours                                                                               Graduate research programs
Duration: 3 years full-time                 Duration: 1 year full-time                                                            Duration: 1.5–3 years full-time
Choose from the following                   Available in: Landscape Management or Environmental                                   Masters by Research
major areas of study:                       Geographies, Politics and Cultures                                                    Master of Philosophy
> Architecture                              An Honours year enables you to extend your knowledge of your                          Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
                                            major or area of specialisation through higher level Honours
> Construction                              subjects and by undertaking an independent research thesis in a
> Landscape Architecture                    single area of study under the guidance of an academic supervisor.
> Property
> Urban Design and Planning
> Civil Systems                             Graduate professional development programs Q
> Geomatics                                 Duration: Generally 2 years full-time
> Physical Systems                          Including: Agricultural Science, Agribusiness, Urban Horticulture, Urban Design, Planning and Design, Property
> Landscape Management                      Valuation, Environmental Science, Viticulture and Wine Technology
> Environmental Geographies,
  Politics and Cultures
> Environmental Science.                    Graduate professional entry programs Q
                                            Duration: Generally 2 years full-time                    Title: Master of (unless otherwise specified):
                                            Including: Architecture, Construction Management, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Property, Urban
                                            Planning, Forest Ecosystem Science, Information Systems, Law – The Melbourne JD (Juris Doctor), Teaching.
                                            For more information see pages 80–97.

Employment: See

Q Selection into these programs is based on performance in an undergraduate degree and additional selection criteria may also apply. Note this information indicates many, but not all
  possible pathways to graduate study. Guaranteed pathways to graduate professional entry degrees exist for high achieving school-leavers. See page 79 for details.
     Associate Degree in
     Environmental Horticulture

     After first studying Landscape                   It is no surprise that Inge considers the         “I am very proud to say that I have studied at
     Architecture, Inge Jabara                        highlights of her course to be growing her        the University of Melbourne. I found it to be
     decided that she wanted to                       own veggie patch at the field station and         a very exciting place, full of things to learn.
     improve her knowledge of                         working among the extensive gardens at the        There is something for everyone in this
     plants. Her first choice was to                  Burnley Campus each day, as she hopes to          course from gardening, to changing the oil
     enrol in the Associate Degree                    run her own business in Garden Design in          in a tractor, to learning how to organise and
                                                      the future.                                       develop your own horticulture business.”
     in Environmental Horticulture
     at the University of Melbourne,                  After class Inge enjoys socialising with her      Inge Jabara
     due to its highly regarded                       fellow students but also “going into the
     reputation in the industry.                      nursery to check on the progress of my            Second Year, Associate Degree in
                                                      projects. All sorts of fruit and flowers can be
                                                                                                        Environmental Horticulture
     Inge enjoys the variety of subjects offered at   found in the nursery throughout the year”.
     the Burnley campus, such as Horticultural        Inge is heavily involved with the Burnley
     Plants; Ecology, Soil and Plants; and            Student Association, which organises
     Horticultural Technology, as they are very       BBQs and events for the students at the
     engaging and hands on. “I never thought          Burnley Campus and in her downtime, seeks
     that I would be involved so heavily in the       inspiration at open gardens, by visiting
     practical side of things!”                       nurseries or just walking around campus.
Did you know?                                                                                                                                   33
 Our course has a strong                       The Burnley campus is                            As a student you will become
 reputation among employers,                   renowned for its environmental                   part of Australia’s most
 horticultural businesses, industry            and ornamental horticulture                      comprehensive Agriculture
 leaders and government groups.                programs.                                        faculty.

Associate Degree in                            now include an Australian native garden, a       This is supported by studies in engineering,
Environmental Horticulture                     ‘low-water garden’, a sunken garden, and         communications, business management,
                                               an experimental green roof project.              staff supervision, occupational health and
Duration                                                                                        safety and first aid.
                                               The Associate Degree in Environmental
2 years full-time                              Horticulture offers:                             Professional and international
                                               > Study of plants combining                      degree recognition
Fees                                             practice with science
                                               > High quality education at Australia’s          The universal nature of ornamental and
See page 104                                     foremost horticultural campus                  environmental horticulture makes this
                                               > Access to a unique collection of               qualification very portable, and University
Campus                                           indigenous and exotic trees and shrubs         of Melbourne graduates are working
                                               > Specialist location for studying               internationally.
Burnley Campus                                   horticulture, close to the main
                                                 (Parkville) campus                             Knowledge transfer
Entry requirements                             > Teaching that takes place alongside
                                                 research in horticulture                       Connecting with other students,
See pages 117–121                              > Staff who have global perspective              industry and the community
                                                 and bring international experience
About the Associate Degree in                    to their teaching and research.                At least eight weeks’ practical experience
Environmental Horticulture                                                                      in an industry workplace is required to
                                               The Head of the Burnley campus, Professor        complete the Associate Degree, and is
The Associate Degree in Environmental          Nigel Stork, joined the University of            arranged by the student in consultation with
Horticulture is a two-year course covering     Melbourne in 2007. He has previously held        the course co-ordinator. The eight week
environmental and urban horticulture,          the position of CEO of the Rainforest            requirement must include one placement
with subjects in landscape, sustainable        Co-operative Research Centre, working in         of at least four weeks’ duration, unless a
environments, nursery industries and parks     the Daintree rainforest, which borders the       variation is negotiated. Placements are
and gardens management. The course has         Great Barrier Reef. Prior to that, Professor     normally completed during vacation breaks.
a strong practical focus on plants including   Stork was associated with the Department         Students may be required to also complete
propagation and plant identification which     of Entomology at the Natural History             formal training in workplace occupational
is combined with studying the science          Museum in London. He has undertaken a            health and safety, risk assessment, and
of plants such as plant biology and            variety of positions throughout the world        practical skills acquisition, which are
photosynthesis.                                including in South and Central America,          delivered in block courses.
                                               Africa and Southeast Asia.
The Associate Degree is designed                                                                Depth
for those wishing to gain employment           Careers
at a technical or supervisory level                                                             Developing your specialisation
in the areas of garden design and              On completion of the course you may
management, landscape construction,            pursue a career as a horticultural technician,   The Associate Degree in Environmental
nursery production and urban parks.            landscape contractor, nursery supervisor,        Horticulture begins with practically oriented
                                               parks and gardens officer, garden designer       subjects that introduce the propagation and
The course is offered at the University of     or garden maintenance contractor.                care of plants as well as an introduction to
Melbourne’s Burnley campus, which has                                                           the biology and science of plants including
been the home of horticultural education       The Associate Degree in Environmental            photosynthesis. The second year of the
in Australia for over 120 years. The Burnley   Horticulture focuses on the development          course provides opportunities to specialise
campus is approximately 5 km from the          of skills relevant to growing, managing and      and study in greater depth with a strong
centre of Melbourne and is listed on the       designing with horticultural plants. You will    emphasis on the reasons behind why and
Victorian Heritage Register. The gardens       receive a strong technical and theoretical       how plant environments can be managed.
were originally laid out in the English        foundation in ecology, plant science and
park-style in the mid-19th century, and        the techniques of sustainable horticulture.
     Graduate study opportunities                         Management major within the Bachelor of               For more information contact:
34                                                        Environments enables Associate Degree
     If you meet the prerequisites for entry, you         graduates the opportunity to pursue their             Kylie Cannon
     may be able to articulate into one of the            special interests at the degree level.                Student Administration Officer
     University of Melbourne’s bachelors degree                                                                 Student Centre
     programs. Articulation into the Bachelor             For more information about graduate study
     of Environments may result in subject                options visit:            t   +61 3 9250 6805
     credits granted from studies undertaken                                                                    f   +61 3 9250 6885
     in the Associate Degree in Environmental                                                                   e
     Horticulture. Applications are usually                                                                     w
     submitted through the Victorian Tertiary
     Admissions Centre (VTAC). The Landscape

      Associate Degree in Environmental Horticulture sample course plan

      Year 1      Semester 1   Plant Biology                  Horticultural Plants                 Horticultural Practice 1          Information Literacy
                                                                                                                                     for Horticulture
                  Semester 2   Ecology, Soil and Plants       Horticultural Technology             Horticultural Practice 2          Plant Production
      Year 2      Semester 1   Advanced Plant Biology         Designing with Plants                Management of Urban Vegetation Elective
                  Semester 2   Managing Staff                 Sustainable Horticultural Management Elective                          Elective
      Electives                Garden Design and Management Landscape Construction 1               Propagation of Ornamental Plants Production of Cultivated Plants
                                                              Landscape Construction 2             Graphics for Garden Design        Urban Tree Management

        Elective subjects         Compulsory subjects

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