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					Layton Park
Author, Professional Speaker, Trainer, Humorist Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Long Ride Biker
Ph: (250) 861-9303 Fax: (250) 764-1013

Toll Free: 1-877-312-MAXU (6298) email:
Max-U Inc. is pleased to introduce Layton Park. Layton successfully ran one of the leading designbuild companies in Western Canada for over 30 years. He learned first- hand the knowledge, skills and tools it takes to be successful in business. Along with being an author, speaker, trainer, biker and hypnotherapist, Layton is also a pilot, Kentucky Colonel, humorist, strategist and Certified Behavioral and Value Analyst. Using an entertaining, humorous and insightful approach, Layton assists organizations and individuals to look at the challenges and common issues they face and by sharing life examples, he helps identify ways to create new solutions. Layton‟s Keynotes and Presentations include:

1. Decide What You Want Then… Get Out of Your Way
Based on his Book ”Get Out Of Your Way, Unlocking The Power Of Your Mind To Get What You Want”, Layton helps participants discover what they really want, how to set goals and how to remove the limiting beliefs preventing people from accomplishing their goals.

2. Laughing All the Way to the Bank… The Funny Side of Business
Layton’s Funny short stories illustrate the importance of… a. Effective Employee Training… Watch out for Dan! b. Understanding Sales c. Beliefs of the Corporate Culture

3. Don’t Drink the Kool Aid… Do You Lead, Follow or Get in the Way?
How do you lead? As the leader, you set the pace so what are you doing? Do you think for yourself, are you too busy paying attention to your competition and missing what’s in front of you. This presentation encourages people to take a good look at the way they are leading and ways to be more effective.

What Others Have to Say
“I love your sense of humour! With your personal experience and insightful and wonderful stories, you constantly drag me back to what I know and so often forget to do. Thanks Layton!”

Be it through humor or through thoughtful and purposeful teaching, Layton Park’s powerful messages are delivered with an ownership of experience that makes him engaging. Renee “Belt Drive Betty” Charbonneau Editor, “The Busted Knuckle Chronicles” He is one of us… A wise and twisted mind that understands the universe and he uses it to help those around him. Dennis Dale Owner - Trend Home Improvement: I have known and done business with Layton for over thirty years. I find him knowledgeable, witty and inspiring. Kevin Dale CEO - Wayne Building Products: My staff really enjoyed Layton’s presentation and felt he was unlike any other motivational speaker they had heard in that he was not all hype but offered quiet assurance and confidence to them. Pricilla - Pricilla Real Estate Services Inc. Lucky you! This book is your portal to unlimited potential. Each chapter is a treasure of practical gems, exercises and examples that let you sparkle and shine. You will particularly enjoy each mental law that makes you a master of your mind or a mastermind. I would like to add one more law to author Layton Park’s fine list of truisms that I would call:

“Layton, you constantly twist my mind! Thanks for helping me to see „challenges‟ in a whole new light.”

(250) 861-9303

“Layton’s Enrichment Law: To manifest abundance read this book, do what it suggests, then sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.” Shelly Stockwell – Nicholas President of the International Hypnosis Federation ® IHF Author of 11 books on Hypnosis and Success