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					 The Maids Home Services Customer Newsletter                                                                    Spring 2010

     Headlines and Updates from The Maids of Austin                                         Team 3, Austin TX
Additional Services                                                                       The Maids International
                                          their cleaning and we will take care
You’ve been asking for them! See          of the rest. We are poised for growth              Team of the Year
the back for some exciting news!          as the economy improves and you
                                          will be our greatest asset.
Team of the Year
Gosh, we are proud of all our teams,      Mindshare Ratings
but it is sure fun to see one of them     We would like to share with you a
selected for such a great recognition     success story. Last year, our survey
of taking care of their customers.        rating for Customer Satisfaction
                                          Index (CSI) was 93.0 and our “Likely
                The Salvation             to Recommend” rating was 92.6. So
                Army Food                 far this year, the CSI is 95.1 and the
                Drive                     recommend rating is 94.6. Last year,
                                          our dusting rating was lower than our     Left to right: Marylu, Micaela, Maura, Raquel.
                                          other ratings at 92.5. We spent extra
We’ve been remiss on our food             time on dusting and this year the         Wow, we are sorta proud around here after
drives lately, so stay tuned for a May    rating is 95.7. Our teams are tuned       The Maids International selected our Team
food drive for The Salvation Army         into your inputs! Please remember if      3 as the Team of the Year for 2009! They
center downtown. We will leave a          you have some specific directions or      were selected from over 1000 teams in the
bag and just fill it up with the          requests, you will need to put your       U.S. and Canada.         Miceala, Raquel,
recommended foods and we’ll take          name on the rating comments section.      Maura, and Marylu got the word on a
care of the rest. And the homeless        Thank you, thank you, and thank           Wednesday morning directly from Dan
people it will feed thank you.            you!                                      Bishop, the president of The Maids
Recommended non-perishable foods:                                                   International, in front of the entire
baby food and cereal, dried beans,                                                  company as we gathered for a safety
canned      fruits/soups/meats/veggies,                                             meeting.      Boy, were they surprised.
                                          The internet rating system is
peanut butter and disposable diapers.                                               Micaela and Marylu will represent the
                                          changing. Right now, for instance, if
Referrals                                 you search Google for “Austin maid        team at our annual convention in Omaha,
Your referrals are a lifeline to us and   service,” our website would be near       April 15-17th. Not only is it an all-
we appreciate them greatly. We            the top, but it would also draw in        expenses-paid trip, but each team member
know that most of you refer us            referral sites. On some of these sites,   receives $1,000! The primary reason they
because you believe in our service,       we do not have the ability to respond     won was their “Extremely Likely to
not just for a reward. However, we        to ratings.         We accept the         Recommend” rating from our surveys. It
are more than happy to do just that.      responsibility for our errors, but we     was 95.1. The national average is 85.7.
For every referral, you will get $25      know we offer a better product than       We think it is important to let you know
cleaning credit and another $75 on        what CitySearch shows. If you could       that out of over 1,000 teams, 9 of our
the second cleaning. Just let us          visit there and help us out with your     teams are in the top 17 positions and the
know who you have referred, or just       opinion of our service, we would          others are not far behind. You have some
have them tell us when they schedule      greatly appreciate it.                    great teams cleaning your homes and we
                                                                                    appreciate those surveys! As you can see,
                                   Our Vision
          To Create the Greatest Customer Experience in Housecleaning               they do make the difference. Thank you
                      with the World’s Greatest Employees                           for caring so much about your teams.
The Maids Home Services Customer Newsletter                                                                      Spring 2010

      Meet Efrain Lopez, Our New Additional Services Manager
Please welcome Efrain to our company! Efrain is the husband of Erika, who has worked
for us for over eight years. He has done several construction jobs around our property
and I’ve been very impressed with his professionalism, attitude and demeanor. We are
sure that you will be impressed as well. You have been asking for windows and carpet
cleaning for some time now, so the timing is right.

   Carpets: We also are making the commitment to do carpet cleaning the right
    way. We’ve purchased a truck-mounted water-extraction cleaning system with 1500
    PSI and 250 degrees! We know you will appreciate how clean this will get your
   carpets. Efrain has been through professional training and knows how to take care
   of stains, upholstery, and scotchguarding.

    Windows: Jeff, our son, came back to help train Efrain on window cleaning so you
   are ensured that you will get the best cleaning possible every time. We can do all
   windows up to the second floor. Maybe you need some screen repair, also.

   Handyman Services: Now here is the good part, Efrain is great with his hands. While we can’t do electrical, plumbing or
   roof work, just about everything else is possible. Painting, gutter repair/cleaning, carpentry, caulking, garage organization,
   fence repair, pressure washing, and the list goes on!

So give us a call today and enjoy a 10% discount if you mention you saw this in the newsletter. This discount won’t last as
we expect Efrain to be very busy very soon! Get out that job jar and see what we can do to give you more time to enjoy this
great Spring weather.

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                                       Go to to sign up today!

8514 Cameron Road
Austin TX 78754

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