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									Fellow Aliren,

I am extremely pleased to announce that Alibaba Group’s executive board has appointed Jonathan Lu to
succeed me as CEO.       Jonathan will have overall responsibility for all Alibaba Group businesses, other than
Alibaba Small and Micro Financial Services Group (in the process of establishment).            I will transition my
responsibilities to him by May 10, 2013, upon the 10 anniversary of Taobao.

Jonathan and I have worked together for 13 years.             During that time, he founded the
Guangdong sales team; was the founding president of Alipay; served as president of Big Taobao; stepped in
as CEO of the then-listed     He is currently the Group’s chief data officer and president of Aliyun
Mobile OS. He is passionate about and familiar with the Group’s various businesses.              Not only has he
contributed to building our culture and organization and developed many talented people, he also possesses
a unique leadership style and charisma.      Jonathan has impressed with his curiosity and ability to grasp new
ideas, his judgment and decisiveness, and his strong execution capabilities.       Most importantly, his 13 years
with Alibaba Group have shaped him to approach everything with optimism and perseverance, as well as
loyalty to and appreciation for small businesses and consumers.

Serving as Alibaba Group CEO is an extremely challenging and difficult job, especially succeeding a founder
CEO like me. One can only imagine the responsibilities and pressure that Jonathan will shoulder.         Therefore,
I deeply appreciate the tremendous sacrifice and commitment he is making.         I strongly believe that with all of
your support and assistance, he can lead Alibaba Group to achieve even more seemingly impossible things
in our pursuit of building a business ecosystem.

This is the first time we’ve implemented our CEO succession plan, and there will be many more to come.
Each CEO and leader will step into this role with his or her own sense of mission and responsibility.       I would
not have been able to serve 14 years as founding CEO if it weren’t for your support, assistance, guidance and
tolerance.   In the same way, all of your full support of Jonathan’s role as Alibaba Group CEO and Lucy
Peng’s role as CEO of Alibaba Small and Micro Financial Services Group will be key to the success of our
collective enterprise.   Alibaba has never been only the CEO’s business, it is everybody’s business.

Beginning May 10 , I will focus on my responsibilities as executive chairman. This is also a new challenge for
me, and I will strive to live up to everyone’s expectations in fulfilling my duties 

Fellow Aliren, together we have experienced countless challenges over the past 14 years. We hope for
Alibaba to become a true social enterprise -- of the society, by the society, for the society.     Only by holding
onto gratitude for yesterday and respect for tomorrow can we allow ourselves to truly assume the
responsibility to improve society.    Only by transforming Alibaba’s fortune into opportunities for countless
entrepreneurs can we continue our journey of the next 88 years!

If not now, when?! If not me, who?!

Jack Ma
Chairman, Alibaba Group

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