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                   Cumann Geinealais na hÉireann

Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette
                                          (incorporating “The Genie Gazette”)
Vol. 8 No. 3                                                                                  March : Márta 2013

                                                       Family History Year
                                   As Irish people and those of          worldwide sows the seeds of a           2011, to allow for the release
                                   Irish ancestry around the             lifelong interest in things Irish       of the 1926 Census of Ireland.
                                   world gather to celebrate St.         amongst our diaspora and, quite         This would greatly enhance
                                   Patrick’s Day with parades,           naturally, a burning desire to          the interest in Irish genealogy
                                   pageants, festivals and other         visit Ireland. Partnering with          around the world as it would
                                   events, undoubtedly many              successful Irish companies like         throw a light on a period of
                                   will make some reference to           Eneclann, Findmypast Ireland            great turbulence in our na-
                                   matters genealogical. This            and Ancestor Network Limited,           tion’s history and mass emi-
    GENEALOGY                      year something quite special          Fáilte Ireland could also harness       gration between the Census of
                                   has been occurring and gather-        the talents and overseas contacts       1911 and that of 1926. An-
      HERALDRY                     ing pace as more and more             of a dynamic voluntary geneal-          other matter that should be
                                   events are being planned for          ogy sector, including this Soci-        explored is the development of
  VEXILLOLOGY                      The Gathering Ireland. Far            ety and others, to formulate,           mechanisms, by which, the
                                   from being the flop that some         implement and develop multi-            State’s delivery of heraldic
SOCIAL HISTORY                     pessimistic commentators              annual promotional strategies           services could be radically
                                   expected, The Gathering Ire-          for a reenergized and sustainable       transformed, promoted interna-
  Heritage Matters                 land, has actually captured the       ‘roots tourism’ initiative. Fáilte      tionally by designated heraldic
                                   imagination of the global Irish       Ireland and the Minister for            agents and made widely acces-
     Book Reviews                  community. However, in the            Transport, Tourism & Sport              sible at a reasonable price as
                                   month where landmarks the             Leo Varadkar, TD, in coopera-           uniquely Irish heritage prod-
   Open Meetings                   world over are illuminated in         tion with the Minister for Arts,        ucts. The widespread commu-
                                   green to celebrate St. Patrick’s      Heritage and the Gaeltacht,             nity endeavour, expertise and
  News & Queries                   Day, it is probably unwise to         Jimmy Deenihan, TD, should              experience harnessed during
                                   gauge and to predict any possi-       consider convening a series of          ‘Family History Year’ and The
                                   ble impact that this publicity        exploratory meetings with the           Gathering Ireland’ must be
                                   will eventually have on over-         commercial and voluntary sec-           seen as the building blocks for
                                   seas visitor numbers this year.       tors of Irish genealogy with the        the future of ’roots tourism’
                                   Therefore, the decision by the        objective of creating a national        and Irish genealogy generally.                organisers of The Gathering           policy on the delivery of genea-
                                   Ireland to designate this year        logical services in Ireland and                  AGM 2013
                                   as ‘Family History Year’ must         overseas to our diaspora. Central
                                   be seen as arguably the most          to any national policy should be        The Annual General Meeting of the
        CONTENTS                                                                                                 Society will be held on Tues.
                                   important and sustainable             the immediate commitment to
                                                                                                                 March 12th 2013 at 20.00hrs in
Annual Report of the           2   investment in the future of           introduce legislation along the
                                                                                                                 Dún Laoghaire College of Further
Board of Directors                 Irish tourism for decades. The        lines of this Society’s Statistics      Education, Cumberland Street, Dún
                                   promotion of Irish genealogy          (Heritage Amendment) Bill,              Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.
Bratacha 2013—Festival         2
of Flags & Emblems

Family History Advice          2                         “The Fighting Irish”
Genealogy Courses                  The Society, in partnership with      expresses the torment and dissolu-      Moylan of Na Píobairí Uilleann.
                                   the other organisations hosting the   tion of defeat and the triumphs, no     The musicians will include the
James Scannell Reports ..      3   Bratacha 2013—Festival of Flags       matter how brief, of victory. The       much acclaimed, very versatile
                                   & Emblems, is delighted with the      evocative title “The Fighting           and talented band The Bonny Men
Précis of Feb. Lecture
                                   plans to stage a world premiere in    Irish—in defeat, in victory—the         and others. The concert will be
Irish DNA Atlas Project        3   Dún Laoghaire on Friday May           music lives on” is far from any         held at the Pavilion Theatre in Dún
                                   10th 2013. The specially commis-      celebration of war but rather a musi-   Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, at 20.00hrs
Diary Dates                    4   sioned concert will feature the       cally exploration of a particular       on Friday May 10th 2013. Tickets
                                   battle hymns and marches of the       aspect of the cultural legacy of past   are very reasonably priced for the
New Foundation                 4   Irish at war over a millennium.       wars. The narration will be by the      Bratacha 2013 Festival of Flags &
Established                        Based on research undertaken by       renowned military historian and         Emblems at €12.00 (concessions
                                   Na Píobairí Uilleann, Eneclann        broadcaster, Myles Dungan, and the      €10.00) and will be available very
GSI Journal 2013               4   and the Office of Public Works on     musical arrangement will be by          shortly from the Pavilion or on-
                                   the battlefield of Ireland, this      Maitiú Ó Casaide based on research      line at the theatre’s own website:
Outreach Programme                 unique collection of tunes vividly    into the tunes undertaken by Terry

                            Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                              ISSN 1649-7937

PAGE 2                              I R E LA ND ’ S G E NE A LO G I C A L G A Z E T T E ( I NC O R P O R A T I NG “ T HE G E NI E G A ZE T T E ” )                  V O L. 8 NO . 3

                       Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the Society
The following is the Annual Report of the Board of             Back to Our Past event at the RDS and the Society had           vexillology, the Board registered ‘Vexillology Ire-
Directors of the Genealogical Society of Ireland Lim-          stands at various community festivals and local history         land’ as a business name. At its final meeting before
ited adopted by the Board at its meeting of March 7th          events. The Society’s proposal for an event for The             the Annual General Meeting the Board established An
2013 by Res: 13/03/985. As usual the Annual Report             Gathering Ireland has attracted support and coopera-            Daonchartlann Foundation to secure a permanent
covers the period from AGM to AGM, however, the                tion from a number of genealogical and heritage or-             home for the Society and its growing archive. In
Annual Financial Report is for the period ending               ganisations. Bratacha 2013 – Festival of Flags &                addition to the above, the outgoing Board dealt with
December 31st 2012. The Board of the Society met               Emblems is planned for May 9th to 11th 2013 and has             legislative and public policy matters and with other
twelve times during the year to deal with the day-to-          as its lead organisations the Society, Dún Laoghaire            matters relating to the Society’s membership of the
day business of the Society. In addition to attending          Harbour Company, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County                  Federation of Family History Societies; The County
these meetings each of the directors undertook duties          Council and the National Maritime Museum of Ireland.            Steering Committee for The Gathering Ireland; The
associated with their various portfolios including             The event has been chosen as a ‘key event’ for The              Wheel; Integrating Ireland and such matters relating
organising eleven Morning Open Meetings and twelve             Gathering in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown. The Society’s              to the Society’s Sectoral Representation on the Strate-
Evening Open Meetings, the latter with guest speakers          website, Facebook page, Pinterest and Twitter account           gic Policy Committee on the Environment, Culture
arranged by the Director of the GSI Lecture Pro-               continue to be valuable components in the promotion             and Community of Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County
gramme. In addition to the Annul Journal for 2013,             of the activities of the Society and Irish genealogy in         Council. The Board also complied with its statutory
the Society published twelve issues of its newsletter          general. The Society’s website now provides indexes             obligations in respect of the Companies Acts 1963-
‘Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette’ and its readership            to the Society’s Journals from 1992 to 2012 and to              2009, its position as a Registered Charity and as a
figures continued to be very strong throughout the year        ‘Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette’ from 2006 to 2012              Nominating Body for Seanad Éireann (Irish Senate).
especially on-line where it was available in pdf format.       and, although work is continuing on the provision of a
The newsletter has been central to all the Society’s           Digital Archive, the Society’s monthly newsletters                   Michael Merrigan, MA, FGSI, General Secretary
legislative campaigns. The Society’s Archives and              from 1996 are now available on-line. Ancestor Net-
Research Centre – An Daonchartlann - located at the            work Ltd, in conjunction with the Society, provided                          AGENDA FOR AGM
Carlisle Pier, Dún Laoghaire, was extremely busy               very successful Weekend Genealogy Courses at An
throughout the year providing access to the Society’s          Daonchartlann. The Society continues to support the             1.        20.00hrs—Minutes of the 2012 AGM
collections and assisting visitors with family history         Books 4 Vijecnica initiative by Bosnian students aimed
research queries. The facility was open on Wednesdays          at re-stocking their University Library which was               2.        Directors’ Annual Report (printed above)
from 10.30hrs to 16.30hrs with the exception of the 4th        destroyed in the fire at the National Library in Sarajevo
Wednesday of each month when it opened at 13.00hrs.            during the Bosnian civil war. The Irish DNA Atlas               3.        Annual Financial Report
Also from July 14th 2012, the facility was open each           Project, operated in conjunction with the Royal Col-
Saturday from 14.00hrs to 18.00hrs. The work is on-            lege of Surgeons in Ireland and the University of               4.        Election of the Board 2013/14
going to fully catalogue the Society’s collections and         Leicester, has continued to produce very interesting
indexes to a number of theses collections have been            and promising data for this unique academic genetic             5.        Installation of in-coming Cathaoirleach
made available on-line. The recording of memorial              genealogy research project. The Board appointed the
inscriptions continued during the year with a further          Society’s first Honorary Vexillologist to advise the            6.        20.30hrs—Guest Speaker – Q&A
collection due to be published shortly on CD. The              Society on its promotion of the study of vexillology
Society’s Outreach Policy involved the Society’s               (study of the history, culture, usage and meaning of            7.        22.00hrs—Close of Meeting
participation in a number of exhibitions, including the        flags & emblems) and to assist in its promotion of

                          Bratacha 2013                                                                                          FREE FAMILY HISTORY
                                                                                                                                   RESEARCH ADVICE
The Society’s main event for The Gathering,                   emblems. Opening on Europe Day, Thursday
Bratacha 2013—Festival of Flags & Emblems,                    May 9th, with the unveiling of a spectacular                     An Daonchartlann, the Society’s Archives and
has been designated as a ‘key event’ by Dún                   floral and herbaceous feature in Cabinteely Park                 Research Centre, at the Carlisle Pier in Dún
Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council. Bratacha                   and the raising of the specially designed festival               Laoghaire, is open each Wednesday from
2013 (Irish for ’flags’) will be hosted by the                flag. The lectures and seminars, all free and                    10.30hrs to 16.30hrs (except 4th Weds. open at
Society in conjunction with the Dún Laoghaire                 open to the public, will explore the events that                 13.00hrs) and each Saturday from 14.00hrs to
Harbour Company, the County Council and the                   shaped the lives and times of our ancestors as                   18.00hrs. Members are on hand on those days
National Maritime Institute of Ireland from                   either ‘flag wavers or followers’ down through                   to provide free family history research ad-
May 9th to 11th 2013. There are over twenty-                  the centuries. Learn how to explore your fam-                    vice to visitors to the facility, however, the use
five other participating organisations covering               ily’s links to these events and what resources are               of the resources of the GSI Archives & Re-
many areas of interest to the genealogist, histo-             available for your own family history research.                  search Centre is reserved for members of the
rian, local historian, military or naval historian,           The event will also feature an exhibition of flags               Society. Day research membership is available
social historian and, of course, heraldists and               and emblems, a ‘History & Genealogy Village’,                    for €5.00 and payable on-line at the GSI web-
vexillologists. The programme is designed to                  Ireland’s first Heraldic Colloquium, a major                     site. Travelling to the facility is best by public
suit both the specialist and the enthusiast—but               musical event (see page 1) and a huge ‘Parade                    transport as Dublin Bus and the DART are
more importantly, it caters for the curious seek-             of Flags’ through the Town of Dún Laoghaire.                     nearby, however, pay-n-display parking is
ing to learn more about the history, heritage,                Bratacha 2013 is a community event. For fur-                     available in the Dún Laoghaire Harbour Area.
culture and identities associated with flags and              ther details see:                               For directions see:

          WEEKEND GENEALOGY COURSES                                                                                           GSI LECTURE PROGRAMME
Weekend Genealogy Courses are provided in                     other records. Practical advice will be shared                  Tues. 12th March —’The loss of the Dún
conjunction with John Hamrock of Ancestor                     with participants as they embark on the quest to                Laoghaire Lifeboat off Bray in 1876’ by James
Network Ltd. These very successful and popu-                  trace their ancestors. Courses are held at the GSI              Scannell. We hope to start this talk at 20.30hrs
lar courses are specially designed to help begin-             Archives and Research Centre, An Daonchart-                     following the main business of the AGM. Tues.
ners unlock the mysteries of their ancestry.                  lann, Carlisle Pier, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin,                 9th April—’ as an archival re-
Classes are small providing better tuition. An-               where the major on-line genealogy resources will                source for the genealogist—present and future
cestor Network Ltd. is the provider of the Gene-              be covered in a ‘hands-on’ way for best results.                plans’ by Eric Booth. Tues. 14th May —’The
alogy Advisory Services for the National Li-                  For further information please contact John                     Preservation of Old Documents’ by Christine
brary of Ireland and the National Archives of                 Hamrock by phone on 087 050 5296 or by e-mail                   Deakin. Tues. 11th June—’The Ordnance
Ireland. The course includes guided tours at the              on                                     Survey Office as a Genealogical Resource’ by
National Library, Dublin City Library and other                                                                               TBA. VENUE: Dún Laoghaire College of
centres of research. Learn how to be your own                  IRELAND’S GENEALOGICAL GAZETTE                                 Further Education, Cumberland St, Dún
researcher. Topics to be covered include the                                                                                  Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Directions on
principles of genealogy, computers and the                    Past issues of this newsletter are available in pdf    The Director of the GSI
internet, place names and surnames, location                  format to read or to download free of charge on                 Lecture Programme, Séamus Moriarty, FGSI,
and use of census, vital, valuation, church and               the Society’s website                      can be contacted at

                                Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                             ISSN 1649-7937

           V O L. 8 NO . 3         I R E LA ND ’ S G E NE A LO G I C A L G A Z E T T E ( I NC O R P O R A T I NG “ T HE G E NI E G A ZE T T E ” )                            PAGE 3

                                          James Scannell Reports...
    PROF. KEVIN B. NOWLAN, RIP                               his staunch republican views throughout his                            TALK ON JUBILEE NURSES
                                                             life. Prominent in public affairs in Kilkenny
The death took place in February of 91 year old              City and a Sinn Féin activist, this book also                   Up to the 1950’s Jubilee Nurses provided an
Kevin B, Nowlan, a veteran conservationist and               gives an insight into the republican movement                   important role to medical practitioners in an era
former Professor of History at UCD, Dublin.                  in the Kilkenny area during the War of Inde-                    when each county council operated its own
Professor Nowlan was a founder of the Dublin                 pendence and then progresses to his to involve-                 public health system and on Wednesday March
Civic Group, and later served as President of                ment in the making of the key for the Lincoln                   13th Ms. Elizabeth Prendergast will present her
An Taisce, Vice-President of the Irish Georgian              Jail escape. DeLoughrey was mayor of Kil-                       lecture on ‘The Jubilee Nurses in Dublin’ to the
Society, and Chairman of the Castletown Foun-                kenny for six consecutive years, a member of                    Old Dublin Society at 18.30hrs in the Confer-
dation which was established to protect what                 the first Seanad where as a man who was never                   ence Room of Dublin City Library and Archive,
was considered to be one of Ireland’s earlier                afraid to speak his mind, became embroiled in                   138 -144, Pearse Street, Dublin 2. All welcome
and most important stately homes.                            sensitive issues such as divorce and film cen-                  to attend - admission free.
                                                             sorship and also later served as a Cumann na
          OVERLOOKED HERO                                    nGaedheal TD. A truly remarkable biography                           DEATH OF IRISH OLYMPIAN
                                                             of a man whose pivotal role in Irish history has
The undetected escape from Lincoln Jail by                   been overlooked until now with this book.                       The death took place in Garden City, New
Eamon de Valera and two others in 1919, was                                                                                  York, during February of 90-year old Cummins
the culmination of several months of planning                       1813 DROWNING TRAGEDY                                    Clancy, a discus thrower who took part in the
which was achieved by simply walking out of                                                                                  1948 London Olympic Games. He later went to
the jail using a key specially made for the                  On Monday February 11th Donegal mayor Cllr.                     the United States of America where for many
doors and smuggled in without being detected,                Frank McBrearty unveiled a 2½ ton inscribed                     years he ran the brokerage firm of Clancy &
in place of the traditional methods of digging a             sandstone rock monument in a landscaped                         Clancy in New York.
tunnel or trying to get over the wall. The story             gardened overlooking Bruckless Bay in Co.
of that escape and the man who made the key,                 Donegal to commemorate upwards of 80 peo-                                        The March 2013 issue (No. 10)
Peter DeLoughry, is the subject of Declan                    ple who were drowned in what is considered                                       of the excellently produced and
Dunne’s book ‘Peter’s Key – Peter DeLoughry                  Ireland worst fishing disaster. On the morning                                   very popular e-magazine ‘Irish
and the Fight for Independence’ published by                 of February 12th 1813, more than 200 open                                        Lives Remembered’ is now
Mercier Press. Very much man a forgotten                     boats, many of them currachs, were capsized in                                   available to read or to download
man and overlooked in Irish history, this book               a sudden storm which struck them with records                                    to your PC free of charge on
provides the reader with a fascinating biogra-               indicating that somewhere between 46 and 80                            
phy on this remarkable individual who held to                were drowned.

 Précis of the February Lecture                              lin the next morning. The harbour also wit-
                                                             nessed many tragedies and, of course, it was                    IRISH DNA ATLAS PROJECT
On Tuesday February 12th 2013 members were                   from the Carlisle Pier that millions emigrated                  The Irish DNA Atlas is a collaborative academic
treated to a very comprehensive and hugely                   from these shores in the years following the                    research project undertaken by Dr. Gianpiero
informative lecture by Gráinne Shaffrey on                   Great Famine right up to the present day. It has                Cavalleri of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
’Dún Laoghaire Harbour and its Board’. Many                  been dubbed the ‘Pier of Tears’ for very good                   (RCSI), the University of Leicester in the UK and the
almost take for granted the general history of               reason—for many it was their last sight of their                Society. The main objectives of the project are (1) to
the building of the magnificent asylum harbour               homeland. An excellent lecture with Q and A.                    further our knowledge of the population history of
at Kingstown during the 1820s, however, as                                                                                   Ireland and (2) to help us understand how genes influ-
Ms. Shaffrey has shown there is much more to                                                                                 ence health in Ireland. Participants continue to be
                                                                  ANNUAL DINNER 2013                                         sought from across the island of Ireland and, indeed,
the story of Dún Laoghaire Harbour. Ms. Shaf-                                                                                from overseas who can trace each of their eight great-
frey brought us through the various stages of                Certainly Eddie Gahan, Director of Research                     grandparents to the same general area of Ireland.
the development of the harbour facilities over               Information Services and Chairperson of the                     Participants are requested to present a Birth Brief
the past 190 years as it continuously met new                GSI Social Club, is to be warmly congratulated                  (Pedigree Chart) and to provide a DNA sample (kit
challenges in the development of transport and               on the wonderfully successful inaugural Society                 provided) for analysis. Participants are sought, male or
trade between the port and Holyhead in north                 Annual Dinner on Friday March 8th 2013. The                     female, with ancestry from any part of Ireland meeting
Wales. The building of the passenger train                                                                                   the criteria regarding the eight great grandparents.
                                                             National Yacht Club in Dún Laoghaire was an                     Members are asked to assist the project by inviting
network within Ireland and Great Britain revo-               outstanding choice of venue where around forty                  friends and colleagues to participate. If you are inter-
lutionised the movement of passengers, freight               members and guests enjoyed a sumptuous four-                    ested in participating or have a query about participat-
and mail between Ireland and the rest of what                course meal and music. As an inaugural event it                 ing, please don’t hesitate to contact Séamus O’Reilly
was then the British Empire. Mail posted in                  was a huge success and most enjoyable. We’re                    by e-mail on Also, check-
London in the afternoon was delivered in Dub-                already looking forward to new year Eddie.                      out the project newsletter on the GSI website.

                                                             jects; Members’ internet forum (under construction);
  GSI MEMBERSHIP                                             genealogical, heraldic and vexillological advice; and
                                                                                                                                 WILL YOUR RECORDS WELL
                                                             the facility to publish your research in the GSI Journal.      In the course of our research over many years we natu-
The Annual Review of the Membership Package was              Special Membership concessions on products and                 rally amass a huge amount of paper and computer
undertaken by the Board of Directors at its meeting on       services obtained, from time to time, by the Society.          records. We love these records, we’ve worked hard to
Thursday November 1st, 2012. It was agreed under             The Board also agreed to provide a number of conces-           collect the information—it is of great value. Books,
Res: 12/11/952 to keep the cost of the Annual Sub-           sionary rates at €20.00 for persons under 25 years of          photographs, charts, interview notes, copy certificates,
scription for 2013 for Irish and Overseas Members at         age and persons attending recognised genealogy                 parish register and census transcripts—all lovingly
€40.00. The Membership Package for 2013 includes             courses etc. This Membership Package shall be applied          collected over many years. But have you made provi-
the following: Member voting rights; optional second         as and from January 1st 2013 and be subject to annual          sion for the preservation of your records, files and notes
household adult member (18 years or over) with               review, however, existing Membership Packages shall            after we die? Don’t let your hard work end up as landfill
voting rights; Membership Certificate [Res:                  be honored until their annual renewal date.                    or all of your books be sold off after you’ve gone.
11/09/859]; right to use GSI post-nominal; copy of the
                                                                                                                            Please make provision in your Will to donate them to
Annual Journal; monthly newsletter by e-mail; use of         NOTE: In accordance with Res: 10/09/785 all Mem-               the Society’s Archives for future generations.
the Society’s Archive; monthly meetings/lectures;            bership Packages fall due for renewal on the anniver-
special prices of up to 50% off selected Society publi-      sary of joining—please check your Membership
cations; right to register your own assumed Arms or                                                                                MEDAL SOCIETY OF IRELAND
                                                             Certificate. Apply on-line at or
emblems with the Society free of charge; right to have       if you prefer, download the form and send it to Mr.            Ancestors or relatives who served in the Irish, British,
your Club, School or Institutions assumed Arms or            Billy Saunderson, MGSI, Director of Finance,                   Commonwealth, American or other armed forces or in
emblems registered with the Society free of charge to a      ‘Suzkar’, Killiney Avenue, Killiney, Co. Dublin,               the mercantile marine of these countries? Checkout the
maximum of ten registrations; occasional group pro-          Ireland. New Members always welcome!                           Medal Society of Ireland on

                                Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                    ISSN 1649-7937

                      is published by the
                                                                            NEW FOUNDATION ESTABLISHED
            Genealogical Society of Ireland Limited
     11, Desmond Avenue, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland              Once again the Society has broken new ground in the provision of genealogical services
                                                                         in Ireland with an innovative and exciting proposal based on the Society’s long-held
                                                                         objective to establish an Irish Institute for Genealogical & Heraldic Studies. At the
                    Charity Reference: CHY10672                          March 2013 meeting, the Board unanimously adopted a resolution (Res: 13/03/986)
      The Society is a Nominating Body for Seanad Éireann                proposed by Séamus O’Reilly, FGSI and seconded by John Hamrock, MGSI, to
                                                                         establish An Daonchartlann Foundation, with the following objectives. ►The Founda-
              Board of Directors 2012-2013                               tion shall promote an awareness, appreciation and knowledge of the genealogical, heral-
                                                                         dic and vexillological heritage of the people of Ireland and her diaspora. ►The Founda-
Pádraic Ingoldsby (Cathaoirleach : Chairperson); Gerry Hayden
(Leas-Chathaoirleach : Vice Chair); Michael Merrigan (General            tion shall seek to identify, encourage, and support research that documents and pre-
Secretary : Company Secretary, Publications & Internet Services);        serves the genealogical and heraldic heritage of the people of Ireland and her diaspora
Billy Saunderson (Finance); Tom Conlon (Sales, Marketing &               and to make such available for consultation, research and, where possible and appropri-
Membership, On-Line Shop); Séamus O’Reilly (Archive, Irish DNA           ate, publication. ►And, in the furtherance of the above objectives the Foundation shall
Atlas Project); Barry O’Connor (Cemetery Projects); Séamus               seek to establish, develop and promote a state-of-the-art genealogical and heraldic
Moriarty (Lecture Programme), John Hamrock (Education & Social           archive and research centre housed in its own building. ►Therefore, the Foundation
Inclusion) and Eddie Gahan (Research Information Services).
                                                                         shall seek to identify and examine various funding opportunities including, grant aid,
                                                                         sponsorship, patronage, collaborative ventures, philanthropy, tax incentives and fund
                  JOIN ON-LINE                                           raising events in order to secure the resources required to acquire a suitable premises for
                                           a permanent base of operation for the Genealogical Society of Ireland, its archive and
                                                                         research centre. ►The Foundation may explore collaborative projects with public and
                                                                         private agencies to achieve the aims and objectives of the Foundation. ►The Founda-
                                                                         tion shall formulate, plan and implement a development program to achieve its objec-
   @GenSocIreland                                                        tives, including securing resources that will enhance its capacity to realize these objec-
                                                                         tives. The Foundation will be formally launched on Thursday June 6th 2013 by the
                                                                         appointment of up to seven persons to the honorary positions of ‘Trustee of the Founda-
                   DIARY DATES                                           tion’, including the Chairperson, three Board members and three other persons who
        Tuesday Mar. 12th (AGM) & Apr. 9th 2013                          may be members or friends of the Society. Pending the incorporation of the Founda-
                  Evening Open Meeting                                   tion, it will operate as a sub-committee of the Board of Directors of the Society. With
        Dún Laoghaire College of Further Education                       the establishment of the Foundation it is envisaged that the incoming Board, to be
            Cumberland Street, Dún Laoghaire                             elected at the AGM on Tuesday March 12th, will prioritise the formulation, adoption
                  20.00hrs—22.00hrs                                      and implementation of an ambitious strategic plan for An Daonchartlann Foundation.
          Wednesday Mar. 27th & Apr. 24th 2013
                 Morning Open Meeting                                               FOUR COURTS PRESS
      Hardy’s Bar, Royal Marine Hotel, Dún Laoghaire                          Irish History, Genealogy, Local History and much more
  Contribution €3.00 p.p. Evening & €4.00 p.p. Morning
        (Coffee/Tea included at Morning Meetings)                                  Checkout the New Titles and Catalogue on-line

 GSI ANNUAL JOURNAL 2013                                             In Memoriam                                     OUTREACH PROGRAMME
Contents of this 136 page Journal include Beattie       The GSI Board sends its sincere condolences to               The Society of Research Information Service,
and Kelly from Tyrone to Australia by Steven            Hugh M. FitzPatrick, MGSI, on the death of his               Eddie Gahan, MGSI, has produced a very busy
Johnson; Some Irish Military Wives: The Regis-          mother, Mary FitzPatrick (née Shinkwin) of                   schedule for the Society Outreach Programme
ter of the Troop Transport the 'Prescot' – Febru-       Ballsbridge, Dublin. Mrs. FitzPatrick died peace-            including: Saturday March 2nd—The Geneal-
ary 1801by Howard R. Clarke; Deaths in Scot-            fully on Feb. 16th 2013 in the wonderful care of             ogy Roadshow, Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow to
land Prior to Civil Registration by Gordon John-        Our Lady’s Manor Dalkey. Beloved wife of the                 be followed by Derry City on Saturday March
son; Andrews & Company: A Wolverhampton                 late Hugh, loving mother of John, Hugh and                   23rd and Cork on Saturday April 13th. He
Family in Dublin by Enda MacMahon; Hannah               Andrew. Sadly missed by her sons, daughters-in-              will also have a stand at the Family History Day
Falvey of Valencia Island, Co. Kerry, by Thomas         law Carol and Julie, grandchildren Andrew,                   at the Dublin City Library and Archives on
W. Merrigan; The Emigrants’ Return by Barry             Emma, Gareth, John and Ross, her great-                      Saturday March 23rd and from March 14th
Kennerk; R.I.P. at Lourdes by Pádraic In-               grandchildren, brothers Charles and Joseph,                  to 18th as part of the St Patrick's Festival
goldsby; Mary Kelly (1867-1946) – A Woman               nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. The Fu-              Irish Family History Centre is part of The
Ahead of Her Time by Paula O’Kelly; Extract             neral Mass was on Feb. 20th 2013 in Dalkey                   Gathering 2013 and will be held at the Discover
from the Returns Relating to the GPO, Ireland;          followed by cremation in Mount Jerome. RIP                   Ireland Centre at Suffolk Street, Dublin 2 from
The Civil Survey of Meath 1654-56 - An Index by                                                                      Thursday–Saturday: 10.00hrs–17.00hrs; Sun-
James O. Coyle; DMP Casualties During the                                                                            day: 11.00hrs–16.00hrs and Monday: 11.00hrs–
Irish War of Independence by James Scannell;
                                                              SARAJEVO UNIVERSITY                                    15.00hrs. There will also be a very interesting
Militiaman Neal McCourt (1851-1872) by Bren-            Calling all bibliophiles, academics and authors. Twenty      range of talks over the five days organised by
dan Hall; The Belfast Blitz – The Peoples' Ex-          years ago over two million volumes, including priceless      Findmypast Ireland. Eddie is always looking for
perience by James Scannell; The McLoughlin              manuscripts, were destroyed in the fire that engulfed the    volunteers to assist at the GSI Stands. Contact
Families of West Mayo by Adrian James Martyn;           National & University Library in Sarajevo on August          him by e-mail:
Who Was Eliza Kenny? by George O’Reilly;                26th 1992 during the Bosnian civil war. This Society is
Peter Byrne (1874-1962), Montana USA by                 proactively supporting a group of Bosnian students
Róisín Lafferty; Ballynacreeva Cemetery, Seefin,
Craughwell, Co. Galway by Steve Dolan; The
                                                        seeking donations of contemporary academic works in
                                                        any discipline to restock their university’s library which     WHO ARE
                                                        was totally destroyed in August 1992. Have you any
Flanagan Family: Monaghan to Rhode Island by
Joyce Flanagan; and The Search for National
                                                        books that you could donate? Please forward donated
                                                        volumes to: Mrs Fuada Muslic, Senior Officer for
                                                                                                                      THE IRISH?
School Rolls Books by Steve Dolan. Members              Publishing, University of Sarajevo, Obala Kulina Bana
receive copies with the Membership Package.             7/2, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tel: 00             STUDENT MEMBERSHIP
                                                        387 3322 1946 : E-mail
   TRACING YOUR IRISH ANCESTORS                         NOTA BENE: Please e-mail Ms. Muslic when items               To encourage students and young people to take up
    by John Grenham, MA, MAPGI, FIGRS, FGSI             are put in the mail to her and include details of sender     family history research, the Society offers a 50%
                                                        and contents. An example of what is required by the          reduction for persons under 25 years of age. Also,
The Society strongly recommends that for anyone         Bosnian authorities on the Society’s website. It's a
embarking on their family history quest one essential                                                                persons who take up adult education courses in geneal-
piece of kit must be John Grenham’s ‘Tracing Your       simple declaration of the contents etc. Please share this    ogy can avail of a similar 50% reduction on the stan-
Irish Ancestors’. Checkout:       appeal with your friends and colleagues. For further         dard membership rate—that’s right, Student Member-
Price €22.99 [RRP]                                      information see:                     ship for just €20.00. See GSI website for details.

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