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You Can Get Your Degree by Distance Learning
By: Scott Fromherz

Print This Article Almost from the time that the Internet became available, colleges and universities have been taking advantage of the new communication opportunities. Announcements, calendars, student forums and the like have posted online for years. Gradually, courses have been enhanced with links to helpful sites, lecture notes and homework drops. Eventually, some courses were made available online. Nowadays, you can not only get your degree by distance learning, but you can take advantage of the competition among colleges that offer it. What To Do High school juniors and seniors now look through online opportunities alongside the more traditional courses of study. Many high school students are already taking at least some of their classes online and are taking one or two college courses that way, too. Adults long out of school are realizing that getting a degree by distance learning is the chance of their lifetime. For someone working full time with a family besides, an online program may not just be the best opportunity for a degree; it may be the only way to swing it. High schoolers have the help of guidance counselors to make the decision and oversee the application process. How does the adult student go about selecting an online college? If you are interested in returning to school to finish your education, you can go about it in several ways. You can apply to a traditional college and work out a combination of classroom and online courses or you can search the Internet for colleges that offer a degree by distance learning only. If you need a degree that involves some hands-on training such as chemistry labs or even a television studio, you should look into the combination of classroom and online classes. Most courses of study, like business and teaching, can be accomplished online. Before wading into the many choices for earning a degree by distance learning, decide what your needs are. If you have some college credits, find the schools with a generous transfer policy. You don't want to lose credits you've already earned or have to repeat classes. Make sure that you limit your search to fully accredited schools. Look for schools in the U.S. with regional accreditation (RA) or international schools with modified general accreditation acceptance principles (mGAAP). Find schools that offer generous assistance with financial aid, academics and online help. If you have never taken an online course, make sure that the schools you consider have instruction in using the online classroom, email, forums, discussion boards, cybrary and online payment. Make sure that they have an 800 number for guidance and other types of help and that they have a good track record with returning adult students. Getting a degree by distance learning is easier than you think. Keyword Articles: For more information on degree by distance learning visit or Post Comment Add To Favorites Email to Friends Ezine Ready

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