REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT
College of the Redwoods puts student success first by providing outstanding developmental,
career technical, and transfer education. The College partners with the community to contribute
to the economic vitality and lifelong learning needs of its service area. We continually assess
student learning and institutional performance and practices to improve upon the programs and
services we offer.                                        —CR Mission Statement

                                 College of the Redwoods, Eureka
                               7351 Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka CA
                                         Old Board Room

                                           Tuesday, July 10, 2012

 1:00 p.m. — OPEN SESSION

                                       Board of Trustees
                                   Colleen Mullery, President
                                   Tom Ross, Vice President
                                       Sally Biggin, Clerk
                          Rick Bennett, Tracy Coppini, Richard Dorn
         Bruce Emad, Barbara Rice, George Truett, Jerred Scheive - Student Representative
                Kathryn Lehner, President/Superintendent - Secretary to the Board

The Board of Trustees welcomes you to its meetings. Most regular meetings are scheduled on
the first Tuesday of each month. For the most current information, please check this year’s
meeting calendar, agendas, and supporting documents at
You can call (707) 476-4170 to arrange for agendas or agenda packets to be mailed to you.
After starting a regular meeting, the board often holds a closed session and returns to open
session at a stated time.
CLOSED SESSION     The Board of Trustees may meet in closed session to consider legal, personnel,
labor, and/or contract matters in accordance with Government Code Sections 3549.1, 54956.9,
54957, and/or 54957.6. Board actions in closed session are usually announced in open session.
OPEN SESSION Open session follows the general format you find in this agenda. Action items
and informational items often start with a staff report, followed by trustee questions about the
report, public comment (see below), board discussion, and if an action item, a board vote.
Action Items on the Consent Calendar These items include routine administrative and
financial actions that are usually approved by a single majority vote of the board. Any trustee
may remove an item for separate discussion and action. As a member of the public, you may
comment on a consent calendar item and request that the board remove it for separate discussion
and action.

*After convening the meeting, all times are approximate.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                          1
Agenda – RCCD Board of Trustees
Page 2
Regular Meeting of July 10, 2012

Action Items on the Regular Agenda These items include significant administrative and
financial actions and are usually approved by a majority vote. In this agenda, you can recognize
an action item by its ACTION label. You will find details regarding action items and some
information items in the board packet.
Information Items These items include presentations to the board, board committee reports,
trustee and staff comments, and discussion that might lead to future board action.
IT IS EASY TO MAKE A PUBLIC COMMENT        Any member of the audience wanting to address the
board should complete a Speaker’s Request Card, available at the door, and give it to the
recording secretary before the meeting starts or before the Flag Salute, if possible. Comments
are usually limited to no more than three minutes. If you intend to submit a document at the
meeting, please bring a minimum of 15 copies for distribution, if possible.
YOU CAN ALSO WRITE A COMMENT          You can write comments to the board about items on the
board’s agenda. These comments should reach the office of the President/Superintendent not
later than three (3) calendar days before the meeting. A letter should be signed, dated, and
contain the residence or business address of the author and any organizational affiliation. If you
are emailing, please include the same information, but instead of your signature, include a phone
number for contacting you if we need to verify you have sent the email. You can send emails to
this address:

Closed Session Before the start of a closed session, your public comments are invited about any
closed-session subject.
Open Session
   Your general public comments (see agenda item number 1.1) are invited for items not on
      the agenda but related to College of the Redwoods. The board will usually not discuss or
      take action on these comments at this meeting, except that a trustee or the staff may
      briefly ask a question for clarification, make a brief announcement, or make a brief report
      on his or her activities.
         Your public comments on a specific agenda item are invited after any staff report on the
          item and trustee questions regarding the staff report and before the start of board
          discussion of the item.
The Speaker’s Request Card contains additional board guidelines for those who want to
comment. Also see board policies BP 2345, BP 2350, and BP 2355 and Administrative
Procedure AP 2345 at or contact the
President’s Office at (707) 476-4170.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                 2
Agenda – RCCD Board of Trustees
Page 3
Regular Meeting of July 10, 2012

1:00 p.m.          OPEN SESSION Call to Order, Eureka Campus Board Room AD 201,
                   7351 Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka, CA 95501

                   Flag Salute in honor of those serving our country.

                             1.1    General Public Comments
                                    At this time, the board invites comments on any items that do not
                                    appear on the agenda and are related to College of the Redwoods.
                                    You can comment on a specific agenda item when the board
                                    considers that item.

                             1.2    Brief Announcements of College-Related Activities/Board
                                    Member Comments
                                    Board members may briefly report on college-related events and
                                    meetings that they have attended. All comments are informational
                                    and not related to current or expected future agenda items.

                             1.3    Board Committee Reports
                                    The Audit Committee is the only standing committee of the board
                                    (Trustees Biggin/Chair, Coppini, Rice, and Ross).
                                    Any member of the current board ad hoc committees may make a
                                    brief report.

                                    1.3.1   Review Evaluation of President/Superintendent
                                            AP 2435 Page 9


                             2.1    Discuss June 13 and 14 Board Workshop

                                    2.1.1   Workshop Meeting Notes Page 13

                                    2.1.2   Board Calendar Page 19

                                    2.1.3   Policy and Procedure Revision Dates Page 25

ACTION                        2.2   Change Date for October Board Workshop and Board

ACTION                        2.3   Discuss Board Meeting in Del Norte Monday, November 5
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                     3
Agenda – RCCD Board of Trustees
Page 4
Regular Meeting of July 10, 2012

ACTION                        2.4    Discuss date for Sexual Harassment Training

                   3.        CONSENT CALENDAR ACTION ITEMS
                             Any board member may remove an item from the consent calendar and
                             place it under discussion. Items removed will be taken up under the
                             appropriate subject area. As part of any agenda item action, a trustee can
                             request that this type of item be included on the next consent calendar.

ACTION                       3.1    Approve Minutes of the Redwoods Community College District
                                    Board of Trustees Regular Meeting of June 5, 2012 Page 33

ACTION                       3.2    Approve Minutes of the Redwoods Community College District
                                    Board of Trustees Special Meeting of June 13, 2012 Page 39

ACTION                       3.3    Approve Minutes of the Redwoods Community College District
                                    Board of Trustees Special Meeting of June 14, 2012 Page 41

ACTION                       3.4    Approve Minutes of the Redwoods Community College District
                                    Board of Trustees Special Meeting of June 20, 2012 Page 43

ACTION                       3.5    Ratify Purchase Orders – May 16, 2012 to June
                                    15, 2012 Page 45

ACTION                       3.6     Approve/Ratify Contracts, Agreements, MOUs Page 51

ACTION                       3.7     Approve Report of Surplus Property Disposal Page 53

ACTION                       3.8     Approve Measure Q Bond Draw Page 55

ACTION                       3.9     Acceptance of Gifts Page 57

ACTION                       3.10   Adopt Resolution #659 Support of Community College System
                                    Budget Priorities and the Governor’s November Ballot
                                    Initiative Page 59
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                      4
Agenda – RCCD Board of Trustees
Page 5
Regular Meeting of July 10, 2012

ACTION                       3.11   Ratify: MOU between College of the Redwoods Faculty
                                    Organization (CRFO) and Redwoods Community College
                                    District (District) to Include Student Learning Outcomes as a
                                    Component of Evaluation Page 63

ACTION                       3.12    Approve Travel to the CCLC Student Trustee Workshop,
                                     August 10-11, 2012 Page 67

                   4.        PRESIDENT/SUPERINTENDENT
                             Kathryn G. Lehner, President/Superintendent

                             4.1    Recognition of Special Service to the College Page 69

                             4.2    Accreditation Update Page 71

ACTION                       4.3    Approve Education Master Plan Goals and Objectives Page 81

                             4.4    Institutional Effectiveness Scorecard Page 89

                             4.5     For Information Only: RE-NUMBERING THREE DIGIT
                                     POLICIES AND PROCEDURES IN SECTIONS 500
                                     & 800 Page 95

ACTION                       4.6     Second Reading: BP 7310 “NEPOTISM” Page 97

                             4.7     First Reading: BP 4235 “CREDIT BY EXAMINATION”
                                     Page 99

                             4.8     For Information Only: AP 4235 “CREDIT BY
                                     EXAMINATION” Page 101

                             4.9    Brief Comments

                             4.10   Organizational Reports

                                    4.10.1 Academic Senate

                                    4.10.2 Classified Report

                                    4.10.3 Managers’ Council

                             4.11   Student Representative Report – Jerred Scheive
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                     5
Agenda – RCCD Board of Trustees
Page 6
Regular Meeting of July 10, 2012


                           Lee Lindsey, Vice President Administrative Services

                             5.1    Bond Project Status Page 105

                       Lee Lindsey, Vice President Administrative Services

ACTION                       6.1    Authorize the President/Superintendent to Issue Stop Work
                                    Orders on Capital Improvement Projects Over the Next 120
                                    Days Page 109

ACTION                       6.2    Ratify Change Orders Page 111

                             6.3    Update on Employee Benefits Fund Page 113

                             6.4    Update on Accounts Collections RFQ Page 115

ACTION                       6.5    Approve Monthly Financial Status Report Page 117

                             6.8    Brief Comments

                   7.        STUDENT SERVICES
                             Dr. Keith Snow-Flamer, Vice President, Student Services
                            7.1     Brief Comments

                   8.        INSTRUCTIONAL SERVICES
                             Dr. Utpal K. Goswami, Vice President, Instruction
ACTION                      8.1     Approve Student Equity Plan Page 119

                            8.2     Del Norte Educational Center (Anita Janis) Page 139

                            8.3     Mendocino Coast Educational Center (Dr. Geisce Ly)
                                    Page 141

                            8.4     Brief Comments

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                     6
Agenda – RCCD Board of Trustees
Page 7
Regular Meeting of July 10, 2012

                    9.    HUMAN RESOURCES
                          Ahn Fielding, Interim Director, Human Resources

ACTION                       9.1    Approve and/or Ratify Personnel Actions Page 143

                             9.2    Brief Comments

                             A trustee may request the President of the Board and/or the
                             President/Superintendent to place an item on a future agenda, may ask for
                             a staff report, for information, or a regular staff report. The President of
                             the Board and/or the President/Superintendent may ask for board
                             consensus on the priority of the items requested. A trustee may move to
                             require an item be placed on a certain agenda. Regular reports added to the
                             agenda require board action.

ACTION                      10.1     Approve a Trustee Request to Place an Item on a Future
                                     Agenda or Direct Staff to Give a Regular Report

                             The Board of Trustees of the Redwoods Community College District will
                             meet in closed session to consider the items listed under agenda item
                             number 12 “Closed Session.”


                   12.       CLOSED SESSION

                             With respect to every item of business to be discussed in closed session,
                             pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6:

                             12.1    Conference with Labor Negotiators – Contract Negotiations
                                     12.1.1 Agency Designated Representative: Ahn Fielding
                                            Employee Organization: CSEA

                             12.2    Conference with Labor Negotiators – Contract Negotiations
                                     12.2.1 Agency Designated Representative: Ahn Fielding
                                            Employee Organization: CRFO

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                      7
Agenda – RCCD Board of Trustees
Page 8
Regular Meeting of July 10, 2012

                             With respect to every item of business to be discussed in closed session
                             pursuant to Government Code Section 54957:

                             12.3     Public Employee Performance Evaluation/Goals
                                      12.3.1      President/Superintendent

                   13.       OPEN SESSION

                   14.       ADJOURNMENT

                                     NEXT REGULAR MEETING
                                        August 7, 2012, 1:00 p.m.
                                    Eureka Campus New Board Room
                                    7351 Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka

Public Notice—Nondiscrimination:
College of the Redwoods does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual
orientation, color, or disability in any of its programs or activities. College of the Redwoods is committed to
providing reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities. Upon request this publication will be
made available in alternate formats. Please contact Michelle Anderson, Executive Assistant, 7351 Tompkins
Hill Road, Eureka, CA 95501, (707) 476-4170, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.

* All times are approximate.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                          8
                              REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT
                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                          July 10, 2012
                                                                     Agenda Item #1.3.1


AP 2435 “EVALUATION OF PRESIDENT/SUPERINTENDENT” is presented for review and

The Administrative Procedure AP 2435 has been revised by the Board Ad Hoc Committee on the
Evaluation of the President/Superintendent and proposed changes are included.



Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012               9
06/25/12 AD Hoc Committee on the Evaluation of the President/Superintendent 
Page 1 

Administrative Procedure


The Goals of the Evaluation Process

          ■         Hold the President/Superintendent accountable for the successful operation of the
                    District with regular and constructive consideration of her/his strengths and
          ■         Ensure that District policies, procedures, and all applicable laws and
                    regulations—as well as all Accreditation Standards—are upheld and acted upon in
                    a timely and proficient manner through regular reports to the Board of Trustees
                    and the college
          ■         Reaffirm the respective and distinctive roles and responsibilities of the
                    President/Superintendent and the Board
          ■         Ensure that the District’s vision and mission are at the core of District-wide
                    integrated planning and initiatives

          ■         Establish a basis for fair and responsible consideration of the
                    President/Superintendent’s continued employment with the District.

The President/Superintendent Evaluation Process

The President/Superintendent’s annual evaluation will include evaluations by all trustees and
may include one or more members of each college constituent group and the community, as
agreed upon by the President/Superintendent and the Board Ad Hoc Committee on the
Evaluation of the President/Superintendent.

During the President/Superintendent’s first year, the President/Superintendent and the Board will
agree on a timetable for regular closed session evaluations (no less than one evaluation every
three months) until the evaluation process begins to follow this administrative procedure’s
calendar, as follows:

January             The president of the Board appoints three trustees to the Board Ad Hoc
                    Committee on the Evaluation of the President/Superintendent. The chair of the Ad
                    Hoc Committee on the Evaluation of the President/Superintendent meets with the
                    previous year’s chair to ensure a smooth transition.

March               The Board Ad Hoc Committee on Evaluation of the President/Superintendent
                    meets with the President/Superintendent to define the evaluation process in
                    greater detail, as necessary, including any survey instruments that will be used to
                    conduct the annual evaluation of the President/Superintendent. Evaluation
                    methods may include, but are not limited to, surveys of college employees and

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                    10
06/25/12 AD Hoc Committee on the Evaluation of the President/Superintendent 
Page 2 
                    community members, standardized evaluation instruments, and contracting or
                    consulting with professional groups to administer surveys and feedback.

                    The evaluation shall address, but is not limited to, these criteria:

                    a.        Performance of duties as outlined in the job description and the contract of
                              the President/Superintendent, as well as progress toward the goals and
                              objectives agreed upon by the Board and the President/Superintendent
                    b.        Leadership on campus and in the community
                    c.        Communication with the Board, college employees, students, and the
                              communities served by the District
April               The chair of the Ad Hoc Committee, or a designee, conducts the evaluation in
                    accordance with the process mutually agreed upon between the Ad Hoc
                    Committee and the President/Superintendent, coordinating the distribution and
                    return of evaluation instruments and ensuring a confidential and fair process.
May                 The chair of the Ad Hoc Committee, or a designee, tabulates the returned
                    responses and presents all responses with the tabulated results to the Board as a
                    whole at the closed session of the June Board meeting. The Board may elect to
                    seek the clarification of a response.
                    The President/Superintendent will not have access to names of respondents, and
                    all responses will be destroyed after the Board President and the
                    President/Superintendent sign the confidential evaluation summary.
June                One week prior to the June meeting, the President/Superintendent submits to the
                    Board a written self-evaluation that includes, but is not limited to, the above
                    evaluation criteria. In addition, this self-evaluation shall contain a “state of the
                    college” report on the key indicators, such as employee morale, enrollment,
                    accreditation, overall functioning and stability of the institution, status of
                    integrated planning, status of strategic plans, etc. The President/Superintendent
                    shall determine the format of the written self-evaluation.
                    In closed session, the Board and President/Superintendent review the tabulated
                    responses and written self-evaluation. The President/Superintendent and the
                    Board discuss accomplishments as well as items needing further attention by the
                    President/Superintendent and the Board, separately or jointly. The
                    President/Superintendent and Board initiate discussions regarding goals,
                    expectations, and objectives for the next evaluation period.
July                One week prior to the July meeting, the President/Superintendent submits to the
                    Board a draft of goals and objectives for the next evaluation period. In closed
                    session, the President/Superintendent and the Board agree on the goals and
                    objectives for her/himself and the District and possible timeframes for meeting
                    them. Because all evaluation details except actual changes to the
                    President/Superintendent’s contract are confidential, the Board and
                    President/Superintendent shall agree on what, if any, statement is released
                    publicly regarding the President/Superintendent’s evaluation.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                      11
06/25/12 AD Hoc Committee on the Evaluation of the President/Superintendent 
Page 3 

August              At the August Board meeting in closed session, the President/Superintendent
                    presents to the Board a report containing the finalized goals and objectives in a
                    format chosen by the President/Superintendent. The Board President presents to
                    the Board a written summary of the Board’s evaluation results of the
                    President/Superintendent. Barring objection from the Board and the
                    President/Superintendent, the Board President and the President/Superintendent
                    sign these two documents and place them in the President/Superintendent’s file.
                    Any objections should be resolved mutually.
                    All materials not destroyed and pertaining to the evaluation and the
                    President/Superintendent’s file are retained in an “Access Only by Action of
                    Board” file located securely in the office of the President/Superintendent.
October             The President/Superintendent and the Board Ad Hoc Committee review this
                    administrative procedure (AP 2435) for the evaluation of
                    President/Superintendent and make recommendations for the next evaluation

Reference: Accreditation Standard IV.A and IV. B

Approved: 9/11/05
Revised: 2/6/06, 8/4/09, 09/14/10, 07/10/12


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                    12
                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                              July 10, 2012
                                                                         Agenda Item #2.1.1


Information only: No action is required.

These notes were prepared by the Board Workshop facilitators, Cindra Smith and William

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012            13
REDWOODS CCD Board of Trustees Special Meeting 
June 13‐14, 2012 
Prepared by Facilitators Dr. Cindra Smith and William McGinnis 
Subject to review by President and board members 
Introductions, Ground Rules and Expected Outcomes 
Workshops participants introduced themselves.  The facilitators asked them to identify “ground rules” 
for interaction at the workshop. Responses were: Respect each other, allow all to speak, support 
consensus, be open—speak your mind, listen first, no “bogging”.  
The facilitators discussed the expected outcomes for the discussion (listed in each section below) and 
asked for additional expectations.  
 Recommendation #8 
Outcome: mutual understanding of recommendation #8 and initial set of concepts and practices to 
address the recommendation. 
Participants reviewed Recommendation #8 from the Accrediting Commission pertaining to the Board of 
Trustees.  Responses to the question “what perceptions or situations may have led to this 
recommendation” included: 
      We have not systematically monitored (e.g. consistently following a schedule of monitoring 
         reports) institutional effectiveness, implementation of policy, and/or CEO goals. We have done 
         so more in the past six months, but we need to integrate systematic monitoring into our board 
      Reports from staff on programs and progress have not necessarily been based on results and 
         data. We have had good reports of activities, but need to ensure that staff reports focus on 
         results and link to student success and progress toward District goals. We need to ensure that 
         decisions on college operations are based on data and information, not on personal preferences 
         or relationships with staff.  
      Overall and at various times, a number of trustees have lost trust in past presidents. We need to 
         strengthen our board’s partnership with the President/Superintendent and ensure that it is a 
         consistently strong partnership. Board members discussed the history and reasons for mistrust, 
         as well as conditions and activities that would strengthen the partnership. Ongoing 
         communication will be key (see below). 
      While trustees work together well, respect each other, accommodate different values and 
         perspectives, and have a collegial culture on the board, we need to strengthen coming together 
         as a board on a unified approach to ongoing accountability and support for the President/ 
         Superintendent.  We have set goals and expectations, but would benefit from more systematic 
         and consistent follow‐up on those goals and expectations and require that such reports include 
         actual performance data.  

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                  14
         We have different approaches and perceptions regarding our roles and responsibilities related 
          to communicating with faculty, staff, and community members. We would benefit by 
          establishing a set of communication protocols and an expectation that all members live by them 
          (see below).  To that end, the Board committed to updating its policies in this regard.  
         Board members represent and are expected to advocate for their areas. However, that advocacy 
          should not be more important than the responsibility for the board to vote for and uphold what 
          is best for the entire district. (Members noted the value and benefit of the discussion and votes 
          related to redistricting.)   Future questions from the Board should be more District‐wide in 
          nature rather than site specific.  
Board Policy Role 
The facilitators reviewed definitions of and board’s role in policy, procedure, practice and protocol. They 
discussed the difference between micromanagement and policy‐making, referring to the publication 
provided for the workshop. Discussion included how to identify the broad policy implications of issues, 
e.g., an operational decision would be whether or not to fill a particular position, while the policy level 
discussion would focus on the level of support the college should and is able to provide to ensure that 
students succeed. 
Participants discussed how a board can “demonstrate and widely communicate its actions as being 
within the policy framework”.  Examples included the board being knowledgeable about policy, referring 
to its policy role when it makes decisions, identifying policy implications of operational matters (rather 
than focusing on the operations), clarifying that individual trustees have no authority outside of the 
board, referring employees to established policy processes when they contact trustees with issues or 
concerns, and expecting that reports from staff address policy level issues and progress on policy goals 
with the use of specific data.  Board members acknowledged their responsibility to focus all 
communication through the President/Superintendent.  
Board/CEO Partnership 
Outcome: mutual understanding of how to delegate to the CEO and approaches to hold her accountable. 
Items for a calendar of monitoring reports  
Discussion included that each and every person has the responsibility to contribute to an effective board 
and CEO partnership and to maintain open and professional communication. Facilitators asked what 
trustees can do to support the CEO and what the CEO can do to support the board. The CEO helps 
trustees to ask good questions and ensures all trustees have the information they need to govern well. 
Trustees will let the CEO know their questions and concerns. 
The workshop resources included a proposed schedule of reports and actions for future board meetings 
that can be amended as the Board and CEO develop a calendar for the reporting on critical District 
Building Trust 
Trustees and the President/Superintenent discussed what they can do to build and maintain a trusting 
partnership.  Discussion included: 
      Learn from history, but focus on the future 
      As trustees, be clear about what information you need 
      The President will share the same information with all board members 

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                    15
         Be willing to compromise and adjust to board norms for information and protocols 
         Both Board and the President commit to using data and policy to make decisions 
         Honest and respectful communication 
         No surprises between and among trustees and the CEO 
         The President will support the board as a team, across the entire district 
         Have a system to get feedback from employees about presidential performance; do not rely on 
          random comments 
         Ensure that procedures and decisions are aligned with board policy expectations and direction 
         Be consistent in decisions and policy 
Delegation and Accountability 
Discussion included that delegation to the President is from the entire board, not from individual 
trustees. Holding the President accountable requires setting clear expectations and goals (mutually 
developed between the President and Board), establishing a calendar of regular monitoring reports that 
provide sufficient information for the board to monitor progress on goals and compliance with policy, 
and having an effective president evaluation process.   
President/Superintendent Evaluation  
The committee met prior to the workshop to clarify the process and will recommend it to the Board. 
Participants discussed the relationship between the evaluation and contract extension.  
The primary evaluation criteria are the President/Superintendent’s goals, which are mutually agreed to 
by the Board and the President/Superintendent. Consensus was that in order to foster trust and 
communication, evaluation would be an ongoing process during the first year, with sessions scheduled 
every three months or so.  
Participants noted that trustees have had different perspectives on the type of leadership style they 
prefer, but due to time constraints those differences were not discussed.  The Board did acknowledge 
the need to coordinate the Board self‐evaluation and goal setting with the President/Superintendent 
evaluation and goal setting.   
Protocols for Board Meetings and Communications 
Board meetings  
Trustees discussed the recent changes in board meeting protocol to direct questions to staff through the 
College President.  They discussed past problems created by directly communicating with staff at board 
meetings and recognized that the formality of the new protocols could diminish problems.  
Participants discussed their desire to have substantive reports that focused on student learning and 
program results. They requested that the President work with staff to ensure that reports identify 
implications for policy and board decisions, describe progress toward goals, and/or address student 
success. They noted that reports for the next four months should be focused on the response to the 
Accrediting Commission.  
Board agenda items should include the background, data, and rationale for decisions or 
recommendations. As appropriate, the related policy and/or institutional goal should be identified as 
part of the agenda item. 

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                   16
Communication with CEO 
Participants discussed practices to foster good communication with the CEO, including talking with her 
directly about concerns and questions. Requests for information should be directed to the CEO rather 
than to college staff, which will help educate her about board information needs. She will ensure that 
trustees will receive the information and that all trustees receive the same information. If a request 
requires significant staff time or resources, she will discuss the request with the board chair and it may 
be submitted to the board for approval (per BP 2430.) 
Interactions with faculty, staff, and community members 
Participants discussed how to handle and respond to communications with faculty and staff. It was 
noted that as residents of small communities, it is common for board members to interact with faculty 
and staff as neighbors and friends, and as they go about their daily lives. Avoiding conversations about 
college issues is difficult. Suggestions from the facilitators and participants included: 
      Listen respectfully and appreciatively 
      Provide no opinions on the issue other than reporting board action or pending consideration of 
          an issue 
      Avoid making (or appearing to make) any commitment to advocate for a particular position 
      If you receive a complaint or concern from an employee, refer the person to established college 
          processes for employee participation in decision‐making, grievances, or other official channels 
          of communication. 
      Let the person know that you will alert the college President of their concern (when 
The Board Policy Committee of the Board will review these suggestions as well as communication 
protocol statements from other districts. It will recommend written protocols to the Board.  
Board members on campuses and at campus meetings 
Trustees are encouraged to attend scheduled events, such as performances, sports, opening days, 
graduations. They are discouraged from attending committee and other meetings unless in an official 
role representing the Board. Most board members agreed that if trustees wish to visit campus and 
centers, the appropriate protocol is to contact the President’s office and that all must do this in the 
Board members on the “all” email list  
At least one member has opted out of the list; others enjoy having the opportunity to be informed 
about activities on campus. The facilitators cautioned that participating in the list should be seen as 
informational only. Questions or comments on issues or responding to invitations to special events 
should be coordinated through the President’s office.  
Board members parameters for “free speech” 
The facilitators noted that the fiduciary responsibility of being a trustee includes protecting the 
reputation of the district and honoring the principle that the Board operates only as a unit. This 
responsibility outweighs the right to free speech in the sense that trustees are responsible to support 
board decisions and to speak positively about the district. Concerns and criticisms in opposition to board 
positions may be expressed to the President and at board meetings; however, board members should 
recognize the negative impact on the district of sharing them with the media or community and through 
social media as well.  

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                   17
Addressing Perceived Violations of Protocols 
Participants discussed how to hold each other accountable for following protocols, and discussed a 
recent example. It is the Board Chair’s role to address such issues, although the College President may 
also provide support and information.     
Priorities for the Next 6‐12 Months 
Outcome: draft list and tentative timelines for president and board short and mid‐range tasks. 
Response to Accreditation Recommendations  
Participants agreed that the most important priority is addressing the recommendations to remove the 
college from “show cause.”  A calendar of progress on the recommendations was included in the 
workshop agenda, and discussion is scheduled for every board meeting. 
They discussed their concern for the college culture, the need to foster trust, and the importance of all 
employees working together to address the recommendations.  Discussion included that a strong 
President/Board partnership that modeled open communication and trust will set the tone for culture 
change, as well as that culture change doesn’t happen quickly. Board members expect the President to 
address the college culture and show steady progress.   
President/ Superintendent  Goals and Evaluation 
The President /Superintendent  is preparing a draft of her goals for board review and discussion in 
closed session at the July meeting, and will include a number of items discussed at the workshop.  
Board Evaluation  
Trustees discussed the process used in the board self‐evaluation and will use the same process as in the 
past.  Participants agreed that it would be valuable to set the board and CEO goals in concert to assure 
that they supported and complemented each other.  
Workshop Evaluation and Next Steps 
The facilitators reviewed proposed outcomes for the workshop and highlighted related discussion. They 
noted that it is up to the board to determine and implement standards and protocols for board roles 
and behavior. Participants appreciated the opportunity to have a very interactive discussion, and noted 
that a number of issues were able to be addressed.  Given the wide‐ranging nature of the discussion, 
there needs to be a follow‐up report, with recommendations for Board review and approval.  
Next steps and topics for discussion included: 
     Adopt protocols for communication, meetings, and campus visits  (Policy Committee) 
     Augment board policy review by including more members   
     Clarify Board role in planning:  strategic plan, educational master plan and others 
     Implement additional board development strategies, perhaps including on‐site trainings 
     Determine how to ensure follow‐up on issues raised by trustees 
     Clarify leadership and communication style expectations of the board 
     Continue to clarify and avoid “micromanagement” 
     Determine Board role in audit and budget review 

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                   18
                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                               July 10, 2012
                                                                          Agenda Item #2.1.2


Information only: Presented for Board review and discussion.

As follow-up to the Board workshop discussion of ACCJC Recommendation 8, a comprehensive
Board Calendar would assist the Board in “holding the President accountable.” Attached is the
current Board calendar which can be expanded to meet the Board’s needs.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012             19
                                           Board of Trustees
                         Agenda Calendar (non-recurring agenda items) 2012-13
                          (Does not include retreats or special board meetings)

     Board meeting:
         Report on surplus property (AP 6550)
        4th of July Holiday

     Board meeting:
         Set Public Hearing: Final Budget
         Quarterly Financial Status Report
         Contract/Community Education
         Student Equity Plan
         Audit Committee Meeting: August 23, 2012
        Convocation: August 23
        Flex Days: August 21 through August 24

     Board meeting:
         Public Hearing: Final Budget and approve Final Budget
         Authorize Destruction of Records
         Governance at CR
         New Faculty introductions
         Board Self-Evaluation Process for 2012
         Budget Calendar
         Approve Six-month Report on Equivalencies to Minimum Qualifications
        Labor Day: September 3rd

     Board meeting:
         Enrollment Trends
         Approve board travel to CCLC annual conference in November
         Information Technology Plan
         50% Law
         Foundation Report
         Institutional Research Report
         Accreditation Report due October 15

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                  20
     Board meeting:
         Quarterly Financial Status Report
         Set annual board meeting schedule
         Approve Academic Calendar
         Legislative Update
         Grants Update
         Safety and Emergency Preparedness
        Veteran’s Day: November 12th
        Thanksgiving Break: November 22nd and 23rd

     Board organizational meeting:
         Elect officers
         Appoint RREDC representatives
         Confirm standing committee members (Audit)
         Review Code of Ethics
         Retiree Health Benefits Fund report
         Progress Strategic Goals
         Maintenance and Operations Report
         Audit Committee Meeting: December 4, 2012
        All College Holidays: December 24th – 28th and January 1st

     Board meeting:
         Student Nonresident Fee
         District/General Obligation Bonds Audit Reports
         Report on surplus property (AP 6550)
         Program discontinuance per CRFO contract Article 13
         Auxiliary Enterprise
         Academic Affairs Report
         Appoint the Ad Hoc President/Superintendent Evaluation Committee
        Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday: January 21
        Spring Flex Days: January 10 and 11

     Board meeting:
         Quarterly Financial Status Report
         Tenure Review Report
         Six-month Report on Equivalencies to Minimum Qualifications
         Unrestricted General Fund Preliminary Budget
         Sabbatical leaves requests per CRFO Section #
         ARCC Data
         Bond Oversight Committee
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012              21
              Facilities Master Plan
               President’s Day: February 18

     Board meeting:
         Review student fee policy -Administrative Regulation #529.01, “Regulations
           Governing Student Fees”
         Election of CCCT Board of Directors
         Student Services Report
         Educational Master Plan
         Board travel to Annual Trustees Conference in May
           Police Academy March 28 1:00pm Forum Theater
        Spring Break: March 11-16

     Board meeting:
         Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (Every other year/done 08/10)
         Foundation Report
         Legislative update

     Board meeting:
         Quarterly Financial Status Report
         Resolution for Classified Employee Week
         Emeritus faculty nominations
         Set Public Hearing for Gann Appropriations Limit Initiative
         Program Review
         Salaries for the Non-Represented groups
         Determine Student Trustee Privileges
         Appointment of the Board Self-Evaluation committee
         Farm Report
        Commencement: Del Norte – May 10; Eureka & K-T – May 11;
        Mendocino May 12
        Nurses Pinning May 11;
        Memorial Day: May 27th

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012             22
     Board meeting:
         Public Hearing: Gann Appropriations Limit and Approve Gann Appropriations
         Five-Year Construction Plan
         Adopt Resolution(s) - Specifications of the Election Order and Consolidation of
           School Board Election
         Approve student representative travel-CCLC Student Trustee Workshop
         Annual report on student suspensions
         Swear in Student Trustee
         Institutional Effectiveness Report
         Approve the process for board evaluation

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012              23
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   24
                              REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT
                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                              July 10, 2012
                                                                         Agenda Item #2.1.3

SUBJECT:            FOR INFORMATION ONLY Policy and Procedure Review and Revision

For information only Policy and Procedure Revision Dates – No action required

As policies and procedures are being re-numbered to the new 4-digit system, they are being
added to this summary sheet. This summary includes all sections.



Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012              25
Policy HAS been updated in the last five years
Policy has not been updated in the last FIVE years
Policy has not been Updatend in the last TEN years
Policy has not been Updated in the last FIFTEEN years
Policy has not been updated in TWENTY years

Policy and Procedure Revision Dates
   Policy Number                               Title                        Last Date Revised
      BP 1100         The Redwoods Community College District                  12/6/2011
      BP 1200         District Mission                                         7/12/2011
      BP 1201         Philosophy Statement                                      8/2/2005
      BP 1202         Institutional Objectives                                  8/2/2005
                                                                                                Year Policy will be Revised
      BP 2010         Board Membership                                         9/11/2005                   2013
      BP 2015         Student Member                                           9/11/2005                   2015
      BP 2100         Board Elections                                          9/11/2005                   2015
      BP 2105         Election of a Student Member                             9/11/2005                   2015
      AP 2105         Election of a Student Member                             9/11/2005                   2015
      BP 2110         Vacancies on the Board                                   9/11/2005                   2013
      AP 2110         Vacancies on the Board                                   9/11/2005                   2013
      BP 2200         Board Duties and Responsibilities                        10/3/2006                   2013
      BP 2210         Officers                                                 11/4/2008                   2014
      BP 2220         Committees of the Board                                  9/11/2005                   2016
      AP 2220         Committees of the Board                                  11/1/2005                   2016
      BP 2305         Annual Organizational Meeting                            11/1/2005                   2013
      BP 2310         Regular Meetings of the Board                            9/11/2005                   2014
      BP 2315         Closed Sessions                                          9/11/2005                   2014
      BP 2320         Special and Emergency Meetings                           9/11/2005                   2014
      AP 2320         Special and Emergency Meetings                           9/11/2005                   2014
      BP 2330         Quorum and Voting                                        9/11/2005                   2013
      BP 2340         Agendas                                                  9/11/2005                   2016
      AP 2340         Agendas                                                  9/11/2005                   2016
      BP 2345         Public Participation at Board Meetings                   9/11/2005                   2017
      AP 2345         Public Participation at Board Meetings                   9/11/2005                   2017
      BP 2350         Speakers                                                 9/11/2005                   2016
      BP 2355         Decorum                                                  9/11/2005                   2014
      BP 2360         Minutes                                                   6/6/2006                   2016
      BP 2365         Recording                                                9/11/2005                   2016
      BP 2410         Policy and Administrative Procedures                     9/11/2005                   2013
      AP 2410         Policy and Administrative Procedures                     9/11/2005                   2013
      BP 2430         Delegation of Authority to                               9/11/2005                   2013
      BP 2431         President/Superintendent Selection                       9/11/2005                   2013
      BP 2432         President/Superintendant Succession                      9/11/2005                   2014
      BP 2435         Evaluation of President/Superintendent                   9/11/2005                   2013
      AP 2435         Evaluation of President/Superintendent                    8/4/2009                   2013
      BP 2510         Participation in Local Decision Making                   9/11/2005                   2013
      AP 2510         Participation in Local Decision Making                   9/11/2005                   2013
      AP 2511         College Council                                          11/1/2011                   2017
      AP 2512         Financial Advisory Committee                             9/11/2005                   2016
      BP 2520         Responsibilities of the Academic Senate                   6/6/1994                   2017
      BP 2610         Presentation of Initial Collective Bargaining            9/11/2005                   2016
      AP 2610         Presentation of Initial Collective Bargaining            9/11/2005                   2016
      BP 2710         Conflict of Interest                                     9/11/2005                   2015
      AP 2710         Conflict of Interest                                     9/11/2005                   2015
      AP 2712         Conflict of Interest Code                                7/11/2006                   2015
      BP 2714         Distribution of Tickets or Passes                         1/3/2012                   2017
      AP 2714         Distribution of Tickets or Passes                        12/6/2011                   2017
      BP 2715         Code of Ethics/Standards of Practice                     4/3/2006                    2014
      BP 2716         Polictical Activity                                      9/11/2005                   2015
      BP 2717         Personal Use of Public Resources                         9/11/2005                   2017

      Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                26
Policy HAS been updated in the last five years
Policy has not been updated in the last FIVE years
Policy has not been Updatend in the last TEN years
Policy has not been Updated in the last FIFTEEN years
Policy has not been updated in TWENTY years

Policy and Procedure Revision Dates
   Policy Number                            Title                               Last Date Revised
      BP 2720         Communications Among BoardMembers                            9/11/2005           2014
      BP 2725         Board Member Compensation                                    9/11/2005           2015
      BP 2730         Health Benefits                                               9/8/2008           2017
      BP 2735         Board Member Travel                                          9/11/2005           2016
      BP 2740         Board Education                                              9/11/2005           2014
      BP 2745         Board Self‐Evaluation                                        9/11/2005           2013

      BP 3050         Institutional Code of Ethics                                 2/7/2012
      AP 3050         Institutional Code of Ethics                                 1/3/2012
      BP 3052         Controversial Issues                                         8/15/1977
      BP 3200         Accreditation                                                4/4/2011
      AP 3200         Accreditation for Programs Within the District               3/1/2011
      BP 3250         Institutional Planning                                       7/12/2011
      AP 3250         Institutional Planning                                        6/7/2011
      BP 3260         Participatory Governance                                     12/6/2011
      AP 3260         Participatory Governance                                     11/1/2011
      BP 3261         Student Participation in College Governance                  10/3/1994
      BP 3280         Grants                                                        4/3/2012
      AP 3280         Grants                                                       3/14/2012
      BP 3410         Nondiscrimination                                             5/3/2011
      BP 3431         Solicitation of Funds                                        8/15/1977
      BP 3502         Children on Campus                                            3/6/1995
      AP 3502         Supervision of Children on Campus                             3/6/1995
      BP 3560         Alcohol and Illegal Drugs                                     1/9/2001
      BP 3570         Smoking                                                       6/1/2004
      AP 3570         Smoking On Campus                                             6/1/2004
      BP 3600         Auxillary Organizations                                      12/6/2011
      AP 3600         Auxillary Organizations                                      11/1/2011
      BP 3900         Free Expression by Students                                  10/3/1994
      BP 3910         Campus Guest Speaker                                         8/18/1977
      AP 3910         Campus Guest Speaker                                           Jun‐83
      BP 3911         Classroom Guest Speakers                                     11/5/2002
      AP 3911         Classroom Guest Speakers                                     11/5/2002

      BP 4010         Academic Calendar                                            12/5/2006
      AP 4010         Academic Calendar                                            12/5/2006
      BP 4020         Program and Curriculum Development                            5/3/2011
      AP 4020         Program and Curriculum Development                            4/4/2011
      AP 4021         Program Revitalization or Discontinuation Process            7/12/2011

      AP 4022         Local Approval of Courses                                     4/4/2011
      AP 4023         Definition of a Credit Hour                                   1/3/2012
      BP 4024         Course Outlines                                              8/15/1977
      AP 4024         Course Outlines                                                Jun‐88
      BP 4025         Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and             12/5/2006
                      General Education
      BP 4030         Academic Freedom                                             12/5/2006
      BP 4040         Library Services                                            12/13/2005
      AP 4040         Library Services and other Instructional Supporty           12/13/2005
      BP 4041         Tutorial Services                                           8/15/1977
      AP 4041         Tutorial Services                                     No Date on Posted Policy
      BP 4050         Articulation                                                 6/4/2002
      BP 4060         Delineation of Functions Agreement                          11/6/2007
      AP 4103         Work Experience                                             12/6/2011

      Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                    27
Policy HAS been updated in the last five years
Policy has not been updated in the last FIVE years
Policy has not been Updatend in the last TEN years
Policy has not been Updated in the last FIFTEEN years
Policy has not been updated in TWENTY years

Policy and Procedure Revision Dates
   Policy Number                            Title                              Last Date Revised
      BP 4221         Examinations and Grading                                    8/15/1977
      AP 4221         Grading Regulations and Procedures                           5/6/2008
      BP 4223         Academic Recognition                                        12/9/2003
      AP 4225         Course Repetitions                                           1/4/2005
      BP 4231         Grade Changes                                                8/2/2011
      BP 4240         Academic Renewal                                             5/3/2011
      AP 4240         Academic Renewal                                             4/4/2011
      AP 4250         Regulations Re: Academic Standing                            3/7/1994
      BP 4260         Prerequisites and Co‐Requisites                             9/12/1994
      BP 4300         Field Trips and Excursions                                  8/15/1977
      AP 4300         Field Trips and Excursions                                    Jun‐83
      BP 4400         Community Service Programs                                   5/3/1982

      BP 5001         Student Services Programs Policy                            11/7/1994
      AP 5001         Student Services Programs Policy                            11/7/1994
      BP 5010         Admissions and Concurrent Enrollment                        12/6/2011
      AP 5010         Admissions                                                  11/1/2011
      AP 5011         Admission and Concurrent Enrollment of Special              11/1/2011
                      Part Time High School Students
      AP 5012         International Students                                     11/1/2011
      AP 5013         Students in the Military                                    5/6/2008
      AP 5014         Evaluation of Military Experience                           6/3/2003
      BP 5015         Residence Determination                                     2/6/2007
      AP 5015         Residence Determination                                     2/6/2007
      BP 5020         Nonresident Tuition                                         2/6/2007
      AP 5020         Nonresident Tuition                                         1/3/2012
      BP 5030         Fees                                                       12/6/2011
      AP 5030         Fees                                                       11/1/2011
      AP 5031         Instructional Materials Fees                                1/3/2012
      BP 5032         Requests to Impose Mandatory Student Fees                  12/13/2005
      AP 5032         Mandatory Student Fee Elections                             2/6/2006
      BP 5035         Withholding of Student Records                              5/6/2008
      AP 5035         Withholding of Student Records                              5/6/2008
      BP 5040         Student Records, Directory Information, and                 1/3/2012
      AP 5040         Student Records, Directory Information, and                 12/6/2011
      BP 5041         Privacy of Students                                         8/15/1977
      BP 5045         Student Records ‐ Challenging Content and Access            7/12/2011
      BP 5050         Matriculation                                               5/6/2008
      AP 5050         Matriculation                                               5/6/2008
      BP 5052         Open Enrollment                                             5/6/2008
      AP 5052         Open Enrollment                                             5/6/2008
      BP 5055         Enrollment Priorities                                       5/7/2010
      AP 5055         Enrollment Priorities                                        1/3/2012
      AP 5070         Attendance Reporting                                         1/3/2012
      AP 5075         Credit Course Adds and Drops                                 5/1/2012
      BP 5110         Counseling                                                  10/3/1994
      AP 5110         Counseling                                                  10/3/1994
      BP 5111         Testing and Counseling                                      8/15/1977
      BP 5120         Transfer Center                                             10/3/1994
      BP 5140         Disabled Student Programs and Services                       6/7/2011
      AP 5140         Disabled Student Programs and Services                       5/3/2011
      BP 5200         Student Health Services                                     8/15/1977

      Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                   28
Policy HAS been updated in the last five years
Policy has not been updated in the last FIVE years
Policy has not been Updatend in the last TEN years
Policy has not been Updated in the last FIFTEEN years
Policy has not been updated in TWENTY years

Policy and Procedure Revision Dates
   Policy Number                             Title                            Last Date Revised
      BP 5205         Student Accident Insurance                                  1/3/2012
      AP 5205         Student Accident Insurance                                 12/6/2011
      BP 5210         Communicable Diseases                                       1/3/2012
      AP 5210         Communicable Diseases                                      12/6/2011
      BP 5300         Student Equity                                             11/7/1994
      BP 5400         Associated Students Organization                            8/2/2011
      AP 5400         Associated Students                                        10/3/2011
      BP 5410         Associated Students Elections                               8/2/2011
      AP 5410         Associated Students Elections                              7/12/2011
      BP 5420         Associated Students Finance                                 8/2/2011
      AP 5420         Associated Students Finance                                 8/2/2011
      BP 5500         Standards of Conduct                                       11/6/2007
      AP 5500         Student Conduct Code and Disciplinary Procedures            2/7/2012

      BP 5501         Locker Search                                              8/15/1977
      BP 5503         Student Complaints                                         5/2/1994
      AP 5530         Student Complaints Other Than Academic                      2/7/2012
                      Complaints or unlawful Discrimination
      BP 5560         Graduating Requirements                                    10/3/1994
      AP 5610         Voter Registration                                         1/3/2012
      BP 5700         Athletics                                                  2/7/2012
      AP 5700         Athletics                                                  1/3/2012

      BP 6100         Delegation of Authority                                    10/3/2006
      AP 6100         Delegation of Authority                                    10/3/2006
      BP 6150         Designation of Authorized Signatures                       10/3/2006
      AP 6150         Designation of Authorized Signatures                       10/3/2006
      BP 6200         Budget Preparation                                         10/3/2006
      AP 6200         Budget Preparation                                         10/3/2006
      BP 6250         Budget Management                                          10/3/2006
      AP 6250         Budget Management                                          10/3/2006
      BP 6300         Fiscal Management                                          10/3/2006
      AP 6300         Fiscal Management                                          10/3/2006
      BP 6320         Investments                                                10/3/2006
      AP 6320         Investments                                                10/3/2006
      AP 6322         Employee Indemnity Bonds                                   10/3/2006
      BP 6330         Purchasing                                                 10/3/2006
      AP 6330         Purchasing                                                 10/3/2006
      BP 6340         Contracts                                                  10/3/2006
      AP 6340         Bids and Contracts                                         10/3/2006
      AP 6350         Contracts ‐ Construction                                   10/3/2006
      AP 6360         Contracts ‐ Electronic Systems and Materials               10/3/2006
      AP 6365         Accessibility of Information Technology                    10/3/2006
      AP 6370         Contracts ‐ Personal Service                               10/3/2006
      BP 6400         Audits                                                     10/3/2006
      AP 6400         Audits                                                     10/3/2006
      BP 6500         Property Management                                        10/3/2006
      AP 6500         Property Management                                        10/6/2006
      BP 6516         Care of College Property                                   8/15/1977
      BP 6520         Security for District Property                             10/3/2006
      AP 6520         Security for District Property                             10/3/2006
      AP 6530         District Vehicles                                          10/3/2006
      BP 6550         Disposal of Property                                       12/5/2006
      AP 6550         Disposal of Property                                       12/5/2006
      BP 6600         Capital Construction                                       12/5/2006

      Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                  29
Policy HAS been updated in the last five years
Policy has not been updated in the last FIVE years
Policy has not been Updatend in the last TEN years
Policy has not been Updated in the last FIFTEEN years
Policy has not been updated in TWENTY years

Policy and Procedure Revision Dates
   Policy Number                             Title                         Last Date Revised
      AP 6600         Capital Construction                                    12/5/2006
      BP 6620         Naming Buildings                                         5/2/2006
      BP 6740         Citizens Bond Oversight Committee                        1/4/2005
      AP 6740         Citizens Bond Oversight Committee                        2/6/2006

      BP 7110         Delegation of Authority                                  6/3/2008
      AP 7110         Delegation of Authority                                  6/3/2008
      BP 7111         Job Description                                          4/7/1997
      BP 7112         General Employee Obligations                            9/19/1977
      BP 7113         Definition of Accredited Institution                     3/6/1978
      BP 7121         Employment of Vice President, Associate Vice             2/4/2003
                      President, and Campus Vice President
      BP 7122         Employment of Other Administrative Employees            2/4/2003

      BP 7123         Contract Faculty Appointment Procedures                  4/7/1997
      AP 7123         Contract Faculty Appointment Procedures                  9/9/2002
      AP  7125        Verification of Eligibility for Employment               6/3/2008
      AP 7126         Applicant Background Checks                              6/3/2008
      BP 7130         Salary                                                  9/19/1977
      BP 7131         Certificated Salary Studies                             8/15/1977
      BP 7132         Administrative/Management/Confidential                  8/15/1977
                      Employee Salary Schedule
      BP 7160         Professional Development                                8/15/1977
      AP 7160         Professional Development                                  Jan‐86
      BP 7161         Promotion                                               9/19/1977
      BP 7162         Transfer                                                9/19/1977
      AP 7162         Relocation Allowance                                     3/4/1994
      BP 7163         Professional Staff Development Leave                     8/1/1988
      AP 7211         Minimum Qualifications for Faculty                       1/9/2007
      AP 7217         Faculty Prioritization Process                           2/7/2012
      BP 7218         Faculty Tenure                                           3/6/1995
      BP 7219         Faculty Titles                                           1/9/2001
      BP 7230         Classified Personnel                                    9/19/1977
      BP 7234         Hours and Overtime                                      10/4/1993
      AP 7234         Overtime Exempt Employees                               10/4/1993
      BP 7237         Reduction of Work Force                                 9/19/1977
      BP 7238         Employment of Classified Personnel                       2/4/2003
      BP 7239         Probationary Status                                      2/4/1980
      BP 7241         Confidential Staff Probationary Period                  1/11/1993
      BP 7242         Paid PERS ‐ Confidential Staff                          11/1/2005
      BP 7243         Realease Time for Confidential Staff                    10/7/1985
      BP 7251         Administrator Retreat Rights                             7/9/1990
      BP 7252         Reassigned Time for Academic Senate President            2/6/1989

      BP 7262         Manatement Performance Evaluation                        3/5/1990
      AP 7262         management Performance Evaluation Report                 3/5/1990
      BP 7270         Student Employment Policy                                6/1/1992
      BP 7261         Classified Managers Probationary Period                 1/11/1993
      BP 7340         Leaves                                                   1/4/2005
      AP 7340         Leaves                                                   1/4/2005
      BP 7341         Sabbatical Leave Policy                                  7/5/1996
      AP 7341         Sabbatical Leave Policy                                  7/6/1996
      BP 7342         Holidays                                                10/5/1987
      BP 7343         Industrial Accident and Illness Leave for               8/15/1977
                      Certificated Personnel

      Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                               30
Policy HAS been updated in the last five years
Policy has not been updated in the last FIVE years
Policy has not been Updatend in the last TEN years
Policy has not been Updated in the last FIFTEEN years
Policy has not been updated in TWENTY years

Policy and Procedure Revision Dates
   Policy Number                               Title                         Last Date Revised
      BP 7345         Catastrophic Leave Program                                 8/3/2004
      AP 7345         Catastrophic Leave Program                                 8/3/2004
      BP 7346         Military Leave                                            9/19/1977
      BP 7348         Vacation                                                  9/19/1977
      BP 7349         Leaves of Absence for Classified Employees                12/7/1992
      BP 7350         Resignation of Employees                                  12/1/1980
      BP 7351         Grievance Procedure                                          Jun‐80
      BP 7365         Disciplinary Action for Permanent Classified               4/7/1997
      BP 7366         Return to Work Program                                    7/11/2000
      BP 7367         Withholding Academic and Other Payroll Warrants           2/5/1996

      BP 7370         Political Activity                                        4/5/2005
      AP 7370         Political Activity                                        4/5/2005
      BP 7372         Rights of Access for Employee Communication               9/19/1977

      AP 7373         Use of Site Mail Boxes                                     Jun‐80
      AP 7374         Distribution and Posting of Materials                      Jun‐80
      AP 7375         Employee Organization Contact procedures                   Jun‐80
      AP 7376         Use of District Plant Facilities                        No Date Listed
      AP 7377         Request for District Information                        No Date Listed
      BP 7381         Staff Insurance Program                                  9/19/1977
      AP 7381         Health and Welfare Benefits                              7/11/2006
      AP 7382         Early Retirement                                           Jun‐90
      AP 7383         Post‐65 health and Welfare Benefits                       6/4/1990
      BP 7384         Emeritus Title                                           12/2/1996
      AP 7384         Process for Determining Emeritus Status                  12/2/1996
      BP 7386         Tax Sheltered Annuity Program                             8/5/1985
      BP 7387         Reduced Workload Program                                  8/5/1985
      BP 7400         Travel                                                   9/19/1977
      BP 7511         Consensual Relationships                                  3/7/1994
      BP 7700         Whistleblower Protection                                  4/7/2008
      AP 7700         Whistleblower Protection                                  4/7/2008

      Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                 31
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   32
                                                                                                July 10, 2012
                                                                                             Agenda Item #3.1

                           Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees
                                 College of the Redwoods, Eureka Campus
                               7351 Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka, CA 95501
                                                June 5, 2012


               Mr. Rick Bennett, Ms. Sally Biggin, Mr. Tracy Coppini, Mr. Richard Dorn, Mr.
               Bruce Emad, Ms. Barbara Rice, Mr. Tom Ross, Mr. George Truett, Jerred Scheive,
               Student Representative


               Dr. Colleen Mullery

               OTHERS PRESENT

               Kathryn G. Lehner, President/Superintendent
               Dr. Utpal K. Goswami – Vice President, Instruction
               Dr. Keith Snow-Flamer, Vice President, Student Services
               Mr. Lee Lindsey, Vice President, Administrative Services
               Dr. Mark Winter – Co-President Academic Senate

               CALL TO ORDER

               Trustee Ross, Vice President of the Board, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.

               FLAG SALUTE

               President Lehner led the flag salute in honor of those serving our country.

               Trustee Biggin administered the oath of office to the Student Trustee, Jerred Scheive.


               Trustee Ross opened the Public Hearing on Gann Appropriations Limit for the 2012-
               13. There being no comments, Trustee Ross declared the hearing closed.

               PUBLIC COMMENTS

               Trustee Ross called for public comments on items to be discussed in open session.
               There being none, the board moved on to Board member comments.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                    33
Minutes – RCCD Board of Trustees
Page 2
Meeting of June 5, 2012


               Trustee Ross stated that the Classified School Employee Week Resolution should
               have been pulled for comment at the May 1, 2012 board meeting for recognition from
               the board. On behalf of the board, Trustee Ross stated that the board appreciates the
               Classified Staff.
               Trustee Truett voiced his regrets that during a heated discussion comments were
               directed towards Lee Lindsey. Trustee Truett stated that such comments should be
               directed to the chair of the board.
               Trustee Bennett attended two retirement parties for faculty and staff in Del Norte.
               Trustee Biggin attended the Klamath-Trinity Graduation, the Honoring Ceremony
               and the Nursing Pinning Ceremony.
               Trustee Truett attended all of the CR Graduations. Trustee Truett thanked the staff
               for their work on the graduation ceremonies.

               It was moved, seconded (Truett/Bennett), and carried unanimously to approve the
               following Consent Calendar items:

                           Approve Minutes of the Redwoods Community College District Board of
                            Trustees Regular Meeting of May 1, 2012

                           Approve Minutes of the Redwoods Community College District Board of
                            Trustees Special Meeting of May 18, 2012

                           Ratify Purchase Orders – April 16, 2012 to May 15, 2012

                           Approve GANN Appropriations Limit for 2012-13

                            Adopt Resolution #657, Authorize Kathryn G. Lehner,
                             President/Superintendent, as Signature Authority for District Banking and
                             Investment Accounts


               Paul DeMark read the names of faculty and staff being acknowledged for their

               Trustee Truett read names of faculty and staff that were acknowledged in the May
               board packet.


               President Lehner presented the re-numbering of three digit policy and procedures in
               sections 600 through 900. There were no comments.
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                     34
Minutes – RCCD Board of Trustees
Page 3
Meeting of June 5, 2012

               FIRST READING: BP 7310 “NEPOTISM”

               President Lehner presented BP 7310 “Nepotism.” There were no comments.


               President Lehner presented AP 7310 “Nepotism.” There were no comments.


               President Lehner announced that Utpal Goswami will be resuming his role as
               Accreditation Liaison Officer.

               President Lehner stated if Tom Henry cannot serve as a Special Trustee, the District
               will find someone else with financial expertise.
               President Lehner stated that she will be asking the board policy committee to work on
               Chapter 2 of the Board Policies.

               Trustee Biggin reported that the Audit committee met in May and selected an Auditor
               for recommendation to the board.
               Trustee Truett announced that the President Evaluation committee met. Committee
               members include Trustees Dorn, Rice and Truett.

               ACADEMIC SENATE

               Dr. Mark Winter announced that this was his last meeting as an Academic Senate Co-
               President. Dr. Winter thanked the board for their support.

               Many Trustees thanked Dr. Winter for his contributions over the year.


               Dr. Mark Winter stated that faculty are in full support of assessment efforts.

               CLASSIFIED REPORT

               There was no Classified report.

               MANAGERS’ COUNCIL

               On behalf of the Managers’ Council, MaryGrace McGovern acknowledged CSEA
               Classified School Employee Week.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                   35
Minutes – RCCD Board of Trustees
Page 4
Meeting of June 5, 2012


               Jerred Schieve expressed his excitement at being the Student Trustee.

               BOND PROJECT STATUS

               Vice President Lindsey presented the Bond Project Status report.


               Vice President Lindsey is hoping the next set of bids on the firing range will be lower
               than the first bid.

               Vice President Lindsey explained how the Measure Q allocations will be proposed by
               the Budget Planning Committee.

               Vice President Lindsey explained that the District will be seeking a TRAN.


               It was moved, seconded (Emad/Bennett), and carried unanimously to approve the
               sewer system management plan report.


               It was moved, seconded (Truett/Biggin), and carried unanimously to approve the
               contingency budget for Southern Humboldt Instructional Site.


               It was moved, seconded (Biggin/Truett), and carried unanimously to approve the
               change orders.

               DISTRICT AUDITOR

               It was moved, seconded (Truett/Emad), and carried unanimously to select Matson
               and Isom Certified Public Accountants as District Auditor.


               It was moved, seconded (Emad/Biggin), and carried unanimously to approve a budget
               for Sherlock Document Storage.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                   36
Minutes – RCCD Board of Trustees
Page 5
Meeting of June 5, 2012


               It was moved, seconded (Truett/Emad), and carried unanimously to approve the
               Monthly Financial Status Report.

               APPROVE 2012-13 TENTATIVE BUDGET

               Vice President Lindsey reviewed the General Fund, Restricted and Unrestricted

               Trustee Dorn requested listing the budgets for the sites and centers in the Final

               It was moved, seconded (Truett/Emad), and carried unanimously to approve the 2012-
               13 Tentative Budget.


               It was moved, seconded (Truett/Biggin), and carried unanimously to approve/ratify
               contracts, agreements and MOU’S.


               There was a recess from 2:40 p.m. to 2:54 p.m.


               Vice President Snow-Flamer announced that the CR Sports Auction will be on
               August 9 at the Adorni Center.

               Vice President Snow-Flamer reported that the Upward Bound grant was expanded to
               include Del Norte.

               Vice President Snow-Flamer thanked David Bazard for his work on the Accreditation
               Oversight Committee (AOC.)


               It was moved, seconded (Truett/Scheive), and carried unanimously to approve
               curriculum changes with the exception of Economics 1 and Economics 10.


               Prudence Ratliff, CTE Grants Manager, reported that the purpose of the grant was to
               transition students from secondary to post secondary programs. She presented
               program brochures which provide a step by step process for enrollment.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                   37
Minutes – RCCD Board of Trustees
Page 6
Meeting of June 5, 2012

               Ms. Ratliff reported that there are Articulation agreements with most high schools in
               Humboldt County.

               Ms. Ratliff announced that she visited all the Humboldt County High Schools.

               Ms. Ratliff thanked Jeff Cummings, faculty and students, Paul DeMark and Elle
               Lynn Loiser-Hannon, and Saint Television Group.

               Ms. Ratliff presented the welding technology program video.


               It was moved, seconded (Truett/Emad), and carried unanimously to approve
               personnel actions.


               It was moved, seconded (Biggin/Scheive), and carried unanimously to agendize
               Accreditation updates on future agendas and for the board to receive an update on
               Fund 78 the Employee Benefit Fund.

               PUBLIC COMMENTS

               Trustee Ross announced the items to be discussed in closed session. He then
               called for public comments on closed session items. There being none, the board
               took a recess from 3:21 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. At 3:30 p.m. the board adjourned to closed

               CLOSED SESSION

               At 4:32 p.m. the board returned to open session at which time Trustee Ross
               announced that the board voted 8 to 0 to uphold the Administration’s decision to
               release a classified employee during the employee’s probationary period.


               There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:34 p.m.

Kathryn G. Lehner, President/Superintendent
Board of Trustees
Redwoods Community College District

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                  38
                                                                                            July 10, 2012
                                                                                         Agenda Item #3.2

                           Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees
                                               Aquatic Center
                                 921 Waterfront Drive, Eureka, CA 95501
                                               June 13, 2012


               Mr. Rick Bennett, Ms. Sally Biggin, Mr. Tracy Coppini, Mr. Richard Dorn, Mr.
               Bruce Emad, Dr. Colleen Mullery, Ms. Barbara Rice, Mr. Tom Ross, Mr. George

               OTHERS PRESENT

               Kathryn G. Lehner, President/Superintendent
               Cindra Smith, Director Emeritus of the Community College League of California
               William McGinnis, Trustee for Butte College Board

               CALL TO ORDER

               Trustee Mullery called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.

               PUBLIC COMMENTS

               Trustee Mullery called for public comments on items to be discussed in open session.

               There were none.


               The Board reviewed ACCJC Recommendation 8 and discussed clarification of
               trustee roles, responsibilities, and authority related to governance,
               accreditation, and Board/CEO relations.


               There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


Kathryn G. Lehner, President/Superintendent
Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Redwoods Community College District

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                    39
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   40
                                                                                            July 10, 2012
                                                                                         Agenda Item #3.3

                         Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees
                                          The Aquatic Center
                               921 Waterfront Drive, Eureka, CA 95501
                                             June 14, 2012


              Mr. Rick Bennett, Ms. Sally Biggin, Mr. Tracy Coppini, Mr. Richard Dorn, Mr.
              Bruce Emad, Dr. Colleen Mullery, Ms. Barbara Rice, Mr. Tom Ross, Mr. George

              OTHERS PRESENT

              Kathryn G. Lehner, President/Superintendent
              Cindra Smith, Director Emeritus of the Community College League of California
              William McGinnis, Trustee for Butte College Board

              CALL TO ORDER

              Trustee Mullery called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

              PUBLIC COMMENTS

              Trustee Mullery called for public comments on items to be discussed in open session.

              There were none.


              The Board reviewed ACCJC Recommendation 8 and discussed clarification of
              trustee roles, responsibilities, and authority related to governance,
              accreditation, and Board/CEO relations.


              There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:25 p.m.


Kathryn G. Lehner, President/Superintendent
Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Redwoods Community 10, 2012
Board of Trustees - July College District          41
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   42
                                                                                             July 10, 2012
                                                                                          Agenda Item #3.4

                           Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees
                                 College of the Redwoods, Eureka Campus
                               7351 Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka, CA 95501
                                               June 20, 2012


               Ms. Sally Biggin, Mr. Bruce Emad, Dr. Colleen Mullery,
               Ms. Barbara Rice (via teleconference), Mr. Tom Ross, Mr. George Truett (via


               Mr. Rick Bennett, Mr. Richard Dorn and Mr. Tracy Coppini

               OTHERS PRESENT

               Kathryn G. Lehner, President/Superintendent
               Dr. Utpal K. Goswami – Vice President, Instruction
               Mr. Lee Lindsey, Vice President, Administrative Services
               Dr. Keith Snow-Flamer, Vice President, Student Services

               CALL TO ORDER

               Trustee Mullery called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m.

               PUBLIC COMMENTS

               Trustee Mullery called for public comments on items to be discussed in open session.

               There were none.


               It was moved, seconded (Biggin/Emad), and carried unanimously on the following
               roll call vote Emad – yes, Ross - yes, Biggin - yes, Rice - yes, Truett- yes,
               Mullery – yes to participate in the Community College League of California TRAN.


               There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:20 p.m.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                    43
Notes – RCCD Board of Trustees
Page 2
Meeting of June 20, 2012


Kathryn G. Lehner, President/Superintendent
Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Redwoods Community College District

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012             44
                                        BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                            July 10, 2012
                                                                                         Agenda Item #3.5

                    JUNE 15, 2012

Action is required. The President/Superintendent recommends that the Board of Trustees ratify
the current year purchase orders issued from May 16, 2012 to June 15, 2012, as attached.

Board Policy BP 6340 states that the Board shall ratify contracts not exceeding $81,000 as
specified in Public Contracts Code Section 20651. The budget managers who have
responsibility in the operational areas concerned have reviewed and approved these Purchase
Orders (PO).

         The following corrections are noted on the attached listings as well as in the table below.

   PO #              Vendor         Original       Corrected                      Explanation
                  Dan’s Auto                                 The amount of PO was changed during the month
B0007477                            200.00           267.54
                   Electric                                  resulting in two line items on the report.
                                                             The amount of PO was changed during the month
P0020081        F A Davis Co        1,826.86        1,909.55 resulting in two line items on the report.
                                                             This PO did not appear on the list. The PO was
                                                             actually issued 6/1/12, but was inadvertently keyed
                                                             in as 2/1/12. The Ellucian (Datatel) system assigns
                State of                                     PO numbers sequentially, and all PO numbers
                California,                                  issued since the last report are checked to this
                Dept of                                      report each month.
P0020091        Transportation                 0      320.03

All purchase orders issued are within the approved budget.


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                        45
Jun 23 2012                                                Redwoods Community College District                                              Page      1

Board Report on Purchase Orders Issued 05/16/12 - 06/15/12

  PO #      Date       Vendor                          Program                                            Description                         Amount
110 General Fund Unrestricted

  P0020077    05/21/2012 Lithia Chrysler Dodge of Eurek   Skid Car Project                                Equipment Repair, Ve                  372.90

  P0020079    05/21/2012 Superior Installs                Skid Car Project                                Equipment Repair, Ve                  297.22

  P0020112    06/06/2012 Humboldt Botanical Gardens Fou   Donations                                       Miscellaneous Expens                  533.38

  P0020106    06/05/2012 ETS-Educational Testing Servic   Community Education                             Test Materials                        159.00

  P0020078    05/21/2012 Education To Go Inc              Community Education                             Instructional Suppli                     60.00

  P0020075    05/21/2012 Hock Tools                       Community Education                             Instructional Suppli                1,139.16

  P0020128    06/11/2012 Assoc of Community College Tru   General                                         Office Supplies                          33.00

  P0020105    06/05/2012 Design Engraving                 General                                         Miscellaneous Suppli                  410.40

  P0020116    06/06/2012 Humboldt State University        Academic Affairs                                Membership Fees                          10.00

  B0007479    06/11/2012 Sherlock Records Management      General                                         Contract Services                     150.00

  P0020103    06/04/2012 San Mateo County Cmty Clg Dist   Athletics                                       Entry Fees                               99.00

  P0020088    05/30/2012 Times-Standard                   General                                         Advertising                           105.00

  P0020098    06/01/2012 Three G's Hay and Grain          General                                         Sewer System Supplie                  943.38

  B0007476    06/05/2012 Woods Pest Control               General                                         Contract Services                     450.00

  P0020099    06/01/2012 Miller Farms Nursery Inc         General                                         Gardening Supplies                    114.46

  B0007477    06/11/2012 Dan's Auto Electric Inc          General                                         Equipment Repair, Ve                  200.00

  B0007477    06/11/2012 Dan's Auto Electric Inc          General                                         Equipment Repair, Ve                  267.54

  P0020117    06/06/2012 State Board of Equalization      Hazardous Waste Prog                            Hazardous Waste Cont                  456.32

  P0020097    06/01/2012 Amazon.Com LLC                   General                                         Staff Development Ex                     57.90

  P0020092    06/01/2012 Western Web                      General                                         Printing                              571.16

  P0020114    06/06/2012 41st District Agricultural Ass   General                                         Rental Equipment                         50.00

  P0020096    06/01/2012 Sally Roy                        General                                         Personal Service Con                  100.00

  P0020113    06/06/2012 Crescent City Glass              General                                         Personal Service Con                     75.00

  P0020094    06/01/2012 Jostens Inc                      General                                         Graduation Supplies                   160.32

                Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                  46
Jun 23 2012                                                Redwoods Community College District                                              Page      2

Board Report on Purchase Orders Issued 05/16/12 - 06/15/12

  PO #      Date       Vendor                          Program                                            Description                         Amount

  P0020095    06/01/2012 Jostens Inc                      General                                         Graduation Supplies                   902.75

  P0020100    06/04/2012 Two Guys                         General                                         Maintenance Supplies                  162.50

  P0020107    06/05/2012 North Valley Bank                General                                         Tools and Equipment                      87.00

  P0020093    06/01/2012 Jostens Inc                      Klamath-Trinity Bran                            Graduation Supplies                   186.97

  P0020101    06/04/2012 John Ruczak Refrigeration        General                                         Equipment Repair, In                  235.60

  P0020102    06/04/2012 FBUSD/ MUSD                      General                                         Facilities Rental                     320.00

  P0020133    06/14/2012 Bay West Supply Inc              General                                         Cleaning Supplies                     169.90

  P0020090    05/30/2012 Keenan & Associates              District General                                Insurance                             939.00

Total 110                                                                                                                                     9,818.86     9618.86

110 General Fund Restricted

  P0020086    05/30/2012 Del Norte County Unified Schoo   Upward Bound                                    Payments for Fees                        35.00

  P0020073    05/16/2012 MSC Industrial Direct Co Inc     CTEA Block Grant                                New Furn/Equip >$200                4,247.10

  B0007474    05/25/2012 Mendocino Coast District Hospi   Employment Training                             Contract Services                   7,500.00

  P0020121    06/11/2012 N. American Brd of Certified E   General                                         Instructional Suppli                  300.00

  P0020084    05/29/2012 Island Advertising               E O P S                                         Payments on behalf o                5,019.30

  P0020104    06/05/2012 College of the Redwoods          E O P S                                         Payments on behalf o                  883.95

  P0020115    06/06/2012 HCATEP                           E O P S                                         Payments on behalf o                  102.00

  P0020082    05/25/2012 Riverside Publishing             DSP&S                                           Office Supplies                       121.51

  P0020083    05/25/2012 Pearson's Clinical Assessment    DSP&S                                           Office Supplies                          64.50

  P0020084    05/29/2012 Island Advertising               TANF                                            Payments on behalf o                1,882.24

  P0020109    06/05/2012 National Association of Financ   BFAP Fin Aid Adm All                            Membership Fees                     1,518.00

  B0007478    06/11/2012 Career America Llc               BFAP Fin Aid Adm All                            Software Maintenance                6,000.00

  P0020071    05/16/2012 Tangent Computer                 BFAP Fin Aid Adm All                            Technology Equip >$1               11,196.90

  P0020111    06/05/2012 Dell Computer Corp               BFAP Fin Aid Adm All                            Technology Equip >$1                2,071.81

                Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                  47
Jun 23 2012                                                Redwoods Community College District                                              Page      3

Board Report on Purchase Orders Issued 05/16/12 - 06/15/12

  PO #      Date       Vendor                          Program                                            Description                         Amount
  P0020080 05/21/2012 Conney Safety Products           Parking                                            Public Safety Suppli                  211.34

  P0020122    06/11/2012 Life-Assist Inc                  Parking                                         Public Safety Suppli                  228.86

Total 110                                                                                                                                    41,382.51

141 Capital Outlay Projects Fund

  P0020076    05/21/2012 Sierra Pacific Turf Supply Inc   Eureka Redevelopment                            Scheduled Maintenanc               10,067.61

  B0007471    05/25/2012 Bob Sirrine                      Eureka Redevelopment                            Scheduled Maintenanc                1,800.00

  P0020118    06/11/2012 North Coast Plumbing Heating &   Fort Bragg Redevelop                            Equipment Repair, Ma                1,094.74

  P0020119    06/11/2012 North Coast Plumbing Heating &   Fort Bragg Redevelop                            Equipment Repair, Ma                1,968.35

  P0020120    06/11/2012 North Coast Plumbing Heating &   Fort Bragg Redevelop                            Equipment Repair, Ma                  538.40

  B0007469    05/21/2012 Sherlock Records Management      Document Storage & A                            Contract Services                  18,000.00

  B0007472    05/25/2012 Mid Pacific Engineering, Inc.    Student Services/Adm                            Buildings                           7,494.00

  P0020085    05/30/2012 Floortec N Coast                 District Wide ADA an                            Contract Services                   2,096.08

  B0007470    05/21/2012 Times-Standard                   Firing Range Upgrade                            Advertising                         4,000.00

  B0007475    05/30/2012 Miller Farms Nursery Inc         Firing Range Upgrade                            Site Improvement                   19,875.00

  P0020132    06/11/2012 RWS Services                     Security & fire alar                            Replacement Furn/Equ                  274.03

  P0020125    06/11/2012 Tangent Computer                 CTE Computer Lab Upg                            Technology Equip >$1               95,821.44

  P0020126    06/11/2012 B & H Photo Video Inc            CTE Computer Lab Upg                            Technology Equip >$1                2,865.60

  P0020127    06/11/2012 Amazon.Com LLC                   CTE Computer Lab Upg                            Technology Equip >$1                  388.79

  P0020123    06/11/2012 CDW Government Inc               VOIP                                            Technology Equip >$1                  523.20

  P0020124    06/11/2012 Ellis Art & Engineering Suppli   VOIP                                            Technology Equip >$1                     53.20

  P0020129    06/11/2012 Communications Cabling Systems   VOIP                                            Technology Equip >$1                2,210.00

  P0020130    06/11/2012 Development Group, Inc.          VOIP                                            Technology Equip >$1               30,566.25

  P0020131    06/11/2012 Development Group, Inc.          VOIP                                            Technology Equip >$1                5,984.56

Total 141                                                                                                                                   205,621.25

159 Other Enterprise Fund

                Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                  48
Jun 23 2012                                              Redwoods Community College District                                                Page      4

Board Report on Purchase Orders Issued 05/16/12 - 06/15/12

  PO #      Date       Vendor                          Program                                            Description                         Amount

  P0020081    05/25/2012 F A Davis Co                   Customized Training                               Other Books                         1,826.86

  P0020081    05/25/2012 F A Davis Co                   Customized Training                               Other Books                         1,909.55

  P0020089    05/30/2012 Paster Training, Inc           Customized Training                               Other Books                         1,096.42

  B0007473    05/25/2012 Moore Medical                  Customized Training                               Instructional Suppli                  700.00

  P0020074    05/16/2012 CSNP                           Customized Training                               Contract Services                   1,260.00

  P0020108    06/05/2012 North Coast Journal, Inc.      Community Education                               Advertising                           792.00

  P0020087    05/30/2012 Humboldt Senior Resource Ctr   CR Plus                                           Advertising                              75.00

Total 159                                                                                                                                     7,659.83     5,832.97
171 Associated Students Trust Fund

  P0020072    05/16/2012 Mr. Steven M. Bevier           General                                           ASCR Activity                         100.00

Total 171                                                                                                                                       100.00

Grand total all purchase orders                                                                                                             264,582.45 262,555.59

P0020091 02/01/2012              State of California General                                             Building and Maintenance                             320.03

                                                                                                         Revised Total                                     262,875.62

                Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                49
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   50
                                        BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING
                                                                                        July 10, 2012
                                                                                     Agenda Item #3.6


Action is required. The President/Superintendent recommends approval/ratification of the items
listed on the schedule.

  Contract/Agreement/               Current    Contract
                                                           Budget               Background
         MOU                        Budget     Amount
                                                                    Provide materials & repair floor in
                                                                    Dental Lab Sterile Room. Existing
 Floortec North Coast*                $4,600     $4,600        $0   flooring was separating from the
                                                                    foundation causing a hazardous
                                                                    Fencing for Firing Range. Provides a
                                                                    perimeter fence to stop anyone for
 Miller Farms Nursery*               $19,875    $19,875        $0
                                                                    inadvertently getting near the firing
 Health Source at                                                   Community Ed Advanced Pediatric
                                      $4,090     $4,090        $0
 Kidsake**                                                          Advance Life Support classes
 Matson & Vallerga                                                  Plans for ADA compliant ramps on
                                      $3,700     $3,700        $0
 Architects, Inc.*                                                  Del Norte campus
 St. Joseph Health
 System, Six Rivers
 Planned Parenthood,
 Granada                                                            MOUs for health occupations
                                          $0         $0        $0
 Rehabilitation, Jerold                                             student clinical experience
 Phelps Hospital,
 Pacific Rehabilitation,
 Seaview Rehabilitation
 Credential Inc.                                                  Provide electronic transcript
                                      $5,000     $5,000        $0
                                                                  processing for students and alumni.
 Addendum to Sequoia                                              Addendum to extend agreement for
 Personnel Services            $12,000       $12,000          $0 temporary accounting services
                                                                  through August, 2012
 Addendum to                                                      Provides IT planning for the
 ConnectX                      $38,000       $38,000          $0 Academic bldg project. Addendum
 Technologies*                                                    extends agreement until June, 2013.
 US Department of                                                 Upward Bound grant awarded for an
 Education                   $424,200 $424,000                $0 additional 5 years from 9/1/12 to
* Bond funded, so no change to unrestricted general fund budget.
**Grant funded, so no change to unrestricted general fund budget.

Contracts funded within existing budgets.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                     51
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   52
                                     BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                   July 10, 2012
                                                                                Agenda Item #3.7


Action Required. The President/Superintendent recommends the disposition of the listed surplus
property which is of insufficient value to arrange for a sale.

BP/AP 6550, Disposal of Property, requires public notice to sell or auction surplus property.
Unanimous Board approval is required to find that surplus property is of insufficient value to
defray the cost of arranging a sale. Then, the property may be sold privately, donated to a
charitable organization, or disposed of on order of the VP for Administrative Services:

                     Description                Estimated Reason       Sell,
                                                Value     for          Donate or
                                                          surplus      Trash
                     Preschool textbooks        none      Outdated     D
                     CTE miscellaneous           $3,850     Not        S
                     power tools                            needed
                     10 vehicles (can only be           -   Worn out   T
                     Safe                       none        Outdated   T

No change to the budget. Minimal costs will be expended in disposing of items.


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                  53
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   54
                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                  July 10, 2012
                                                                               Agenda Item #3.8


Action is required. Approve the final draw of cash proceeds from local Measure Q bonds.

The District has already executed two previous draws of bond proceeds. After consulting with
our bond consultant at KNN Financial, the District needs to draw down the remaining $7 million
in bond proceeds to fund capital improvement projects. This will be the District’s final draw as
there are no remaining bond proceeds.

Staff evaluated competitive sale versus private placement of the bond draw. The District has not
used private placement in the past. With private placement, bonds are placed with investors
through a financial advisor or investment banker at a quoted interest rate. The District has used
competitive/negotiated sales on previous bond actions. In these sales, a market interest rate is
achieved through lowest bid on the sale date or a market rate negotiated by a financial advisor.
Therefore, the District typically does not know the exact interest rate until the date of sale.

Using the same team as we are using for our League TRAN provides an additional small
discount because bond counsel has recently reviewed District disclosures for the TRAN. A
resolution and other documents will be prepared for the August 2012 Board of Trustees meeting.

Costs of the draw will be covered from bond funds.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012              55
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   56
                              REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT
                                        BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                  July 10, 2012
                                                                               Agenda Item #3.9

TO:                 Board of Trustees


Action required. The President/Superintendent recommends the board accept the listed gifts


Donations to the District Libraries

     Six books donated by Joe Mulleary
     Twelve books donated by Cheryl Voss
     Ninety two books and one DVD donated by anonymous sources
     Twenty eight books donated by Mike Richards
     Seventeen books donated by Gaye Warren
     Three books donated by Carol Mathews
     Twenty three books and two CDs donated by the Association of Women’s Health
     Four books donated by Denessa Cardona
     One book donated by Allison Baumeister
     Fifty one books and two CDs donated by Shereen & Kaleb Cockrum
     Six books donated by Faith Platt
     Four books donated by Solomon DeCamp
     Sixteen books donated by Bob Jarrell
     Three books and two DVDs donated by Greg Toleno
     Two books donated by John Anderson
     One hundred and twenty books donated by Ana Maria Mease
     One book donated by Carol Schach
     Seventy one books donated by Ruth Moon
     One book donated by K Ann Albrech
     Two books donated by Ashley Maniaci
     One book donated by Colleen Dixon
     One book donated by Taylor Hobbs
     Two books donated by Franz Rulofson
     Seventeen books donated by Leslie Leach
     One DVD/CD player donated by Roberta Allen

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                 57
Donations to the District

     One Canon Multifunction Laser Printer/Scanner/FAX donated by Kevin Yokoyama to benefit
      the physical science building
     A custom branding iron donated by Engraving Arts to benefit the CRMC Fine Woodworking
     One craftsman band saw donated by Chris Romero to benefit the CR Woodshop
     One school bus activity center donated by Ashmita Mulvaney to benefit the Child
      Development Center
     Locking safety bars donated by Mark Renner to benefit CR Del Norte Education Center
     Recycled Douglas Fir boards donated by George Burman to benefit the CRMC Fine
      Woodworking Program
     One Smooth Fitness elliptical machine donated by Robert & Cynthia Quinsey to benefit the
      CR weight room



Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012             58
                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                  July 10, 2012
                                                                              Agenda Item #3.10


Approve Resolution #659 in Support of the Community College System Budget Priorities and
the Governor’s November Ballot Initiative.

The 2012-13 budget approved by the Legislature includes revenue projections assuming the
Governor’s November Ballot Initiative is approved by the voters. Should the initiative not pass,
College of the Redwoods’ apportionment budget is slated to be cut nearly $1.6 million.


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012              59
          Resolution #659 in Support of Community College
     System Budget Priorities and the Governor’s November
                        Ballot Initiative
WHEREAS, community colleges have taken extensive cuts to funding over recent years, while
trying to educate the largest high school graduating classes in California history and need
funding to provide the programs and services necessary to increase the number of successful
degree and certificate holders;

WHEREAS, community colleges have been forced to turn away as many as 130,000 potential
students in a single year due to the need to reduce course sections, generally from 5 to 15 percent
annually per district;

WHEREAS, community colleges have carried an estimated 252,000 students over the last five
years (2007-08 to 2011-12) for whom they have not received any apportionment, categorical, or
student support funding;

WHEREAS, community colleges are operating with $996 million (23%) less in total
programmatic support in 2011-12 than in 2007-08, including cuts to both apportionment and
categorical funding;

WHEREAS, community colleges have operated on per-student funding which has been reduced
from $5,659 in 2007-08 to $5,115 in 2011-12, a loss of 9.6% over this five-year period, while the
unfunded cost-of-living (2008-09 to 2011-12) has increased by a compounded 20.5%;

WHEREAS, the changes to the Cal Grant B and Cal Grant Community College Transfer
Entitlement programs which would require a higher grade point average under the Governor’s
proposal, would eliminate an estimated 30% of Cal Grant entitlement recipients; and the
Governor’s proposed caps on grants for those transferring to independent, nonprofit institutions
would primarily affect community college students who are disproportionately African
Americans and Latinos, with an average parental income of $19,184, and who receive the grants
to buy books and assist with necessary living expenses;

WHEREAS, the Legislature has increased fees from $600 annually in 2008-09 to $1,380 for the
2012 -13 school year, while the majority of community college students have incomes so low
that they are eligible for the Board of Governors’ (BOG) Fee Waiver;

WHEREAS, the California community colleges are essential for providing higher education
opportunity for over two million Californians annually;

WHEREAS, the California community colleges are essential for providing students with the
skills to be economically successful in the California economy,

WHEREAS, without the “Temporary Taxes to Fund Education” Initiative, community colleges
and other segments of education in California are likely to have funding curtailed for years;

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012               60
THEREFORE, the Board of Trustees of the Redwoods Community College District supports the
passage of the Governor’s initiative, which has the official title, “Temporary Taxes to Fund
Education. Guaranteed Local Public Safety Funding,” is proposed to be placed on the November
2012 ballot, and will limit the cuts which would otherwise be made to community college and K-
12, while providing budget stability from the temporary increases in sales and personal income
taxes for four years.

THEREFORE, the Board of Trustees of the Redwoods Community College District also:

         Opposes the reduction of general fund moneys for assumed redevelopment revenues until
          increased revenue from the wind-down of redevelopment materializes and other deficits
          are addressed;
         Supports development of an alternative to the proposed deferral buy-down that would
          include a positive trigger with some funds for debt buy-down as well as funds for access
          focused on job training, student success, and veterans’ issues;
         Opposes the apportionment and categorical language in the budget bill which provides
          increased flexibility to the Chancellor’s Office and Board of Governors;
         Opposes cuts to the Cal Grants that disproportionately impact community college
          students, both before and after transfer.
         Opposes cuts to the CalWORKs and child care programs that will limit educational
          opportunity in community colleges for parents transitioning from welfare-to-work.
         Opposes any re-characterization of general obligation bond debt from non-Proposition 98
          to Proposition 98, and will work to support other solutions that mitigate non-Proposition
          98 general fund cuts.

              PASSED AND ADOPTED by the District this 10th day of July, 2012, by the
following vote:



                    ABSENT:                    By: ___________________

                                                       Dr. Colleen Mullery
                                                       President, Board of Trustees

Kathryn G. Lehner
Secretary, Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                 61
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   62
                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                 July 10, 2012
                                                                             Agenda Item #3.11


Action is required. The President/Superintendent recommends ratification of the Memorandum
of Understanding (MOU) between the College of the Redwoods Faculty Organization (CRFO)
and Redwoods Community College District (District).

The MOU (2010-13-04) addresses Accreditation Recommendation 5 concerns to include student
learning outcomes as a component in evaluation of those working directly with students.

The agreement includes an additional $20 added to each associate faculty contract for the
additional assessment obligation.


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012              63

                                      Memorandum of Understanding
                             Redwoods’ Community College District (District)
                         College of the Redwoods’ Faculty Organization (C.R.F.O.)

In the interest of addressing assessment as part of faculty duties, the District and CRFO agree to
the following contract revisions:


3.9       Additional Faculty Responsibilities:

          3.9.1     Student Consultation: A regular part of a faculty member’s assignment is to
                    provide guidance and advice to students throughout the academic year. Student
                    consultation hours are part of a faculty member’s professional responsibility.

          3.9.2     Student Learning Outcomes, Program Learning Outcomes, and Assessment: A
                    regular part of a faculty member’s assignment is to participate in the program
                    development and assessment of student learning outcomes and program learning
                    outcomes. Faculty members are responsible for ensuring that course outlines of
                    record are current and reflect effective practices for outcomes and assessment.

          3.9.3     In addition to his/her regular assignment, a faculty member is expected to engage
                    in at least two college service activities as part of his/her professional
                    responsibilities. Committees/activities approved to meet these requirements are
                    as follows:
                    • List of Committees compiled by the Academic Affairs Office
                    • List of Committees compiled by the Academic Senate
                    • Accreditation committees
                    • Personnel hiring/screening committees
                    • Committees or other assignments established by the Vice Presidents and
                        Campus Vice Presidents
                    • Committees/activities approved by mutual consent of CRFO and the District

3.10      Additional Associate Faculty Responsibilities:

          3.10.1 A regular part of an associate faculty member’s assignment is to provide guidance
                 and advice to students throughout the academic year.

          3.10.2 Student Learning Outcomes, Program Learning Outcomes, and Assessment:
                 While under contract, a regular part of an associate faculty member’s assignment
                 is to participate for up to one hour per contract term in the development and
                 assessment of student learning outcomes and program learning outcomes.
                 Associate Faculty will be compensated a flat rate of $20 for this hour. When the
                 District determines that an outcome or assessment project will require more than
                 one hour of participation during a contract term, compensation will be made

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                   64
                    available through the Stipend & Reassigned Time Committee (SARTCO) request


Teaching/Nonteaching Assignment

                   Currency and depth of knowledge in discipline,
                   Effective teaching and nonteaching performance,
                   Effective course organization (including course syllabi) or nonteaching
                    assignment organization,
                   Development and assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)and Program
                    Learning Outcomes (PLOs),
                   Effective communication skills (written and oral), and
                   Sensitivity to student diversity and special needs.


Teaching/Nonteaching Assignment

                   Currency and depth of knowledge in discipline,
                   Effective teaching and nonteaching performance,
                   Effective organization (including course syllabi) or nonteaching assignment
                   Development and assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Program
                    Learning Outcomes (PLOs),
                   Effective communication skills (written and oral), and
                   Sensitivity to student diversity and special needs.


Teaching/Nonteaching Assignment
Provide an inventory of your activities performed since your last evaluation including:
            Classes taught or work assigned since your last evaluation;
            Revisions of existing courses or programs, new courses or programs developed;
            Participation in Student Learning Outcome (SLO) and Program Learning
              Outcome (PLO) development and assessment
            Other activities related to your teaching/nonteaching assignment, including the
              development and improvement of materials and delivery systems within your

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                65

1). Please write a statement of your contributions to the Department, Institution and Field and list
    any accomplishments or contributions.
2). Please attach copies of all your Staff Development forms (Flex-time) since your last
3). Describe any professional development activities that have contributed to your development
    as a college professor, promoted respectful relationships with peers, staff, students, student
    learning, and/or diversity of ideas on campus.
4). Describe your participation in Student Learning Outcome (SLO) and Program Learning
    Outcome (PLO) development and assessment.
5). Please write a statement about your future goals towards teaching. This information might
    relate to professional improvement, teaching style, learning environment.

This Memorandum of Understanding will expire June 30, 2013, unless otherwise mutually
agreed to by the District and CRFO.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                66
                              REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT
                                     BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                            July 10, 2012
                                                                                        Agenda Item #3.12

                  AUGUST 10-11, 2012

Approve travel for Student Representative Jerred Scheive to attend the Community College League of
California’s Student Trustee Workshop to be held in San Francisco, California (August 10-11, 2012).

The Student Trustee Workshop is designed to help student board members become knowledgeable and
effective in their roles. Workshop topics include student trustee responsibilities, the role of the Board of
Trustees, key policy issues, ethics, protocols, practices, and using influence effectively.

Costs for this travel are approximately $1,000. Funds are available in the Board travel budget to cover
this conference.


   Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                 67
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   68
                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                    July 10, 2012
                                                                                 Agenda Item #4.1


For information only. No action required.

The following is a list of CR District faculty and staff who have recently received special public
honors, training or recognition:

CR-Del Norte Geology Professor Mark Renner prepared and presented a talk in May to Del
Norte County's Office of Emergency Services Area Operational Meeting regarding the geology
and geo-hazard potential of the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Attendees represented 20 separate
agencies including city and county law enforcement, school systems, fire protection districts,
medical (hospital, Red Cross, etc.), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and
others involved in planning for mitigation, response and recovery of disasters including an
eventual Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake.

Career Technical Education Grants Manager Prudence Ratliff co-organized the week-long
Humboldt County Office of Education’s (HCOE) Decade of Difference Middle School Career
Camp on the CR Eureka campus in June. Eighty middle school students participated in hands-on
projects in a variety of CTE programs. The students were also taken on two days of industry field
trips. They toured the following businesses: J. R. Stephens; Sun Valley Floral Farms; Holly
Yashi; The Link; Wing Inflatables; Wildwood Manufacturing; and Internews. The Middle
School Career Camp was a collaboration between CR and the Humboldt County Office of
Education (HCOE) and Humboldt Regional Occupational Programs. Prudence co-coordinated
the camp, using SB 70 CTE Collaborative funds, with Susie Huschle from HCOE/HROP.

CR Eureka Digital Media Instructor Jason Sidell, CR Eureka Drafting Technology
Instructor Jerry Murray, and CR Eureka Manufacturing Technology Professor Mike
Peterson participated in the Humboldt County Office of Education's Decade of Difference
Middle School Career Camp by teaching daily workshops to 80 middle school students during
the week of June 18. The intensive workshops focused on the theme “Ideas at Work.” These CR
faculty worked with local high-school instructors and high-school student interns to develop
lessons in video game design, videography, engineering and product development. Middle
School students learned hands-on skills and were shown a variety of technologies available in the
CR laboratories.
CR Director of Distance Education Geoff Cain and Education and Student Development
Advisor for Distance Education Barry Tucker presented a seminar in June at the Online
Teaching Conference 2012 in San Jose. They showcased the CR department’s online orientation
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012               69
“DE 101,” which is considered unique in the state because it is a free, fully online orientation to
distance learning.

Dental Assisting Program Coordinator Hillary Reed and the dental assisting students were
recently featured in the spring 2012 Eureka Rescue Mission publication entitled “Changed
Lives.” The publication is distributed throughout the local community and features events taking
place at the Mission. Hillary annually coordinates a visit to the Mission during the spring
semester in the DA 163 course, Dental Disease and Oral Health Issues. Each year toothbrushes,
floss, toothpaste and lip balm are given to the residents of the Mission. This includes men,
women and children. Students demonstrate proper oral hygiene techniques to the residents and
hand out brochures on pertinent topics.

CR Eureka Political Science Professor Ryan Emanaker had an article titled “Teaching and
Learning at Community Colleges” published in the July 2012 edition of PS: Political Science and
Politics. It is one of the American Political Science Association's (APSA) most prestigious
journals. The article is a summation of APSA's 2012 Teaching and Learning Conference
workshop track on “Teaching Political Science at Community Colleges.”

CR Eureka Historic Preservation and Restoration Technology Professor Bill Hole
recently finalized an eight-day U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA) train-the-trainer coursework and received authorization as an OSHA
General Industry Trainer. Hole will now be able to train students and award either a 10-hour or
30-hour certification at the end of their coursework.
CR Eureka Special Programs Office Manager Sue Alton recently completed serving six years
on the Eureka City Schools Citizens Bond Oversight Committee, five of which she served as
Chair of the committee.

CR Eureka Biology Professor Jeff Hogue and CR Eureka Math Professor Tami
Matsumoto participated in the Redwood Environmental Education Fair (REEF) on June 1.
REEF is an annual event hosted by the Humboldt County Office of Education giving third-
through eighth-graders opportunities for enriching experiences from a variety of educators. Jeff
and Tami teamed up and presented interactive outside activities to teach botany and mathematics
to enthusiastic middle-school students.

A number of CR Eureka faculty participated in the fifth Humboldt Math Festival at the Bayshore
Mall in April for the 5th time. They included CR Math Professors Tami Matsumoto and Mike
Butler; Math Instructor Amber Buntin; and Physics Professor Erik Kramer. Math Lab
Tutor Nick Hoffman was also involved at the Math Festival.


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                70
                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                July 10, 2012
                                                                             Agenda Item #4.2


For information only. No action required.

The Accreditation Oversight Committee (AOC), co-chaired by Vice President Goswami and
Geology professor Dave Bazard, and numerous faculty and staff members of the various
recommendation response teams are working continuously over the summer to maintain progress
on meeting the ACCJC’s recommendations.

A timeline has been developed for the writing of the progress report due October 15 which
allows for a draft of the full report to be presented during convocation in August. 


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012             71
                                                         Accreditation Oversight Committee Current Status 

                                           Current Status                                                       Immediate Actions                             Long terms Actions
Rec1 Outcomes Assessment , Institutional      Assessment Plans completed (stoplight)                              Develop Curriculum Course                    Create a Teaching Learning Center to facilitate
Dialogue and use of assessment data.          Assessment Fridays and Thursdays (SS) underway                       Inactivation Form.                            assessment and institutional coherence and
                                              Assessment Software implemented; includes delivery mode             Assessment support assistant – this           dialogue
                                               (online) component.                                                  position has been essential for
                                              Curriculum Comm. aligned GE outcomes with course updates             recording and maintaining assessment
                                              GE outcome (Critical Thinking) assessed and discussed (Fall          information. The current part-time
                                               2011)                                                                position ends in June. A continuation
                                              Developed a process and structure to ensure that all                 is required to complete assessment
                                               assessments, particularly Student Learning outcome                   work in the summer and fall.
                                               assessments are completed by the end of Spring 2012 semester.       Update web page
                                               (At least one SLO was assessed in 90% of the courses taught         Write an operating agreement, similar
                                               in spring 2012. At present, 66% of programs have assessed            in format to what the PRC has, as part
                                               at least one PLO).                                                   of the Coordinator summer tasks.
                                              Set aside March 30 (5th Friday), for assessment drop-in help        Develop an assessment flow chart and
                                               session from 9-noon and 1-4.                                         directions specific to our software and
                                              Also set aside drop-in help times with assessment coordinators       processes.
                                               for the remainder of the semester.                                  Reevaluate the instructional and site
                                              Faculty volunteers have been identified to serve as resources        Dean’s roles relative to program and
                                               for those faculty needing help with assessment work.                 assessment.
                                              Courses and faculty identified (and alerted) for Spring 2012        In the absence of a formal
                                               assessment of GE outcome: “Global*/Cultural Context”.                Assessment Committee, the
                                              Calendared and facilitating SLO and PLO outcome meetings to          Assessment Coordinator in
                                               record and discuss results.                                          consultation with the IR director
                                              Faculty who have been doing assessment for a while are               and Rec 1 group will Identify 5-6
                                               completing multiple SLO assessment this spring to demonstrate        institutional goals to focus on in
                                               our capacity to assess multiple SLO’s at any one time                2012-13 (August)
                                              SSLS faculty are assessing multiple SLOS (all SLOs or the
                                               SLOS they’re going to keep in the fall) per course beginning
                                              Academic administrators are tracking SLO assessment
                                               completion for spring and summer courses using the recently
                                               developed SLO Assessment Worksheet.
                                              AOC supported a recommendation for a standing assessment
                                               committee and an assessment coordinator and recommended
                                               formation of an ad hoc committee to draft a proposal of the
                                               assessment committee. Specifically, what are the tasks
                                               performed by this committee, how does this committee
                                               interface with program review, planning, and administration,
                                               and where in the institution is this group housed? Also, what
                                               are the duties of the assessment coordinator? The proposal
                                               should be completed by the beginning of July.
                                              Implemented Assessment Summit - May 15-17. Dialogue
                                               recorded on assessment web site.
                                              It was decided that two-year course and program level

           Friday June 29, 2012                                                                                                                                                                    Page 1 


           Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                                             72
                                                          Accreditation Oversight Committee Current Status 

                                               assessment plans would provide stronger continuous quality
                                               improvement than five-year plans. Detail of the transition
                                               to a 2-year cycle should be completed by the beginning of
                                              Recorded GE Outcome (Global/Cultural) for Spring 2012.
                                              “Mined” older program review documents for course
                                               assessments done ’08-’09.
                                              Established Assessment Coordinator position (for summer),
                                               including specific compensation.
                                              Used Academic Senate process to develop and institute a
                                               college hour for assessment and other dialogue. – An ad hoc
                                               committee has been formed – see Senate Minutes.
                                              A MOU has been negotiated to revise the CRFO/RCCD
                                               Collective Bargaining Agreement to include outcomes
                                               assessment as part of Article XI, with specific reference to
                                               course-level and program-level outcomes assessment and
                                               revised Personal Growth and Self-Evaluation Inventory
                                               (Schedule F-4), Faculty Evaluation Form (Schedule F-2)
                                               and Evaluation Conference Report (Schedule F-5)
                                              The program review templates are being revised to better
                                               tie outcomes assessment data to program review and
                                               planning. (see rec. 2)
                                              The Assessment Coordinator position has been established
                                               for fall, including specific compensation.
                                              A list defining each program, contact person, and administrator
                                               overseeing the program has been developed. This is essential
                                               for both assessment and program review.
                                              All summer courses will be assessed.
                                              Flex and convocation activities are being developed to
                                               continue compliance and dialogue.
                                              Report writing - Working with lead writer on Rec 1

Rec 1 - 2008                                   Assessment Friday Sessions led by IR director – discussions of        Convocation Presentation of by IR in     
                                                institutional data: Graduate Surveys, Basic Skills Data.               use of data.
                                               Director of IR has presented survey and basic skills data during
                                                the Assessment Fridays and presented data at enrollment
                                                management committee and basic skills committed meetings.
                                               Cal-Pass MIS data program has been presented.
Rec 2 Strategic Planning                    Functional Committee Self Evaluations have been completed              Update Technology Plan, Facilities Plan,    All campus entities making important planning
                                            IEC Planning Summit to summarize self evaluation findings and to        and Distance Education Plan to align         decisions (like Program
                                             determine strengths and weakness of current planning and ability        with strategic and Ed master plan).,         Revitalization/Discontinuance, for example)
                                             to integrate plans was held on March 24                                 Final drafts expected in July (?).           systematically and demonstrably review Executive
                                            Rec 1 and AOC provided input on the strategic plan.                    Finalize update of Education Master          Program Review summaries reports before those
                                            Consultants for Program Review and Planning identified and              Plan (July)                                  decisions are made.

           Friday June 29, 2012                                                                                                                                                                     Page 2 


           Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                                                73
                                              Accreditation Oversight Committee Current Status 

                                 scheduled (week of March 26)                                            Web page Updates and Development        Flex/Convocation Activities to inform campus of
                               AOC evaluated strengths and weaknesses of the integrated                 Institutional Effectiveness Year-End     planning model and how elements are integrated.
                                 planning narrative and provided suggestions for improvement to           Report issued from IEC (July)           Long range capital planning
                                 the Director of Planning.                                               Work with Program Review                Financial management process evaluation and
                               FPC and BPC used institutional data and broad-based planning to           Committee to ensure new template is      improvement.
                                 develop rationale for decisions to close 101 Corridor sites (week of     consist with planning needs.            Recommendation 2 Work Group will propose fall
                                 March 19).                                                              Confer with Rec 1 and Director of        Convocation activities centered around planning and
                               The IEC distributed surveys of functional committee membership            Planning regarding planning themes       institution-wide understanding of the aligned and
                                Ensure Strategic Plan included measurable goals and assessment           from the Planning Summit as well as      integrated planning process.
                                 plan                                                                     PRC for themes from PRC executive
                                Completed Strategic Plan (April BOT)                                     summary. These themes required for
                                Functional committee chairs completed a self evaluation survey           evaluation of annual planning goals
                                Integrated Planning committee co-chairs met and developed plans          (to be developed as part of Aug.
                                 for 2012-13 based on committee self assessments and outcomes of          Convocation).
                                 the planning summit.
                               BPC and Student Equity Plan Committee have been included in
                                 the integrated planning model.
                                The functional committees completed the self evaluation process.
                                Integrated Planning committee co-chairs met and developed plans
                                 for 2012-13 based on committee self assessments, outcomes of the
                                 planning summit, and discussions on the planning model. These
                                 plans will be reflected in the planning narrative.
                                The current integrated planning model was revised to include the
                                 assessment process, staffing request process, student equity data,
                                 revised committee scopes, and better clarify the resource request
                                The Director of IR presented the current Institutional Effectiveness
                                 Indicators to the Strategic, Education, and Enrollment
                                 Management Planning groups.
                                All planning committees have reviewed and revised their scopes
                                 and will develop revised operating agreements to reflect the
                                 approved recommendations from the AOC.
                                The Enrollment Management Plan and Basic Skills plans have
                                 been aligned with the Strategic and Education Master plans.
                                Cabinet took IEC, AOC, IPFC input to revise the integrated
                                 planning model.
                                College Council and IEC to review Cabinet revised integrated
                                 planning model.
                                Draft Student Equity Plan completed and in review. Aligned
                                 with Strategic Plan and Ed Master Plan,
                                Draft of updated Planning Narrative that documents all
                                 existing and new planning processes for the 2012-2013
                                 planning cycle is complete and in review. Planning Director,
                                 AOC, and Rec 2 group will evaluate the draft to ensure
                                 alignment of processes and integration of assessment results..

Friday June 29, 2012                                                                                                                                                                 Page 3 


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                                                74
                                                        Accreditation Oversight Committee Current Status 

                                           Development of planning-related Convocation activities (for
                                            Aug) underway
                                           Rec 2 work group is developing responses to bullet points of
                                            the Show-Cause Response Report outline. The group will
                                            work with the lead writer to draft a Rec 2 response.
Rec 3 Course Syllabi and Catalog              MC 100% compliance,                                                  Standardized syllabus template (and
                                              DN 100% compliance, Academic Affairs 100% compliance,                 submission to Deans and Directors)
                                              CTE 3 non compliant syllabi (being taken care of),                    will occur during Fall 2012 semester.
                                              HERO complianc).                                                     Web posting (Instructor Resource
                                              A cover page has been developed that will contain all the             page?) of syllabi template and
                                               required information in a clear and easy to find format.              procedures.
                                               The cover page form (standardized syllabus template) will            Rec 3 work group will develop
                                               be sent out to all teaching faculty in conjunction with their         responses to bullet points of the
                                               contract with explicit instructions prior to each semester.           Show-Cause Response Report
                                               Teaching faculty will be given a specific date to return their        outline. The group will work with
                                               syllabus, and all syllabi will be sent to the appropriate Dean        the lead writer to draft a Rec
                                               (VP or Manager).                                                      3response.
                                              All Associate Faculty will be provided a sample syllabus
                                               along with list of recommended items to be included in the
                                               body of their syllabus. All syllabi will be housed in the
                                               appropriate Dean (VP or Manager) office.
                                              It will be the responsibility of the Dean (VP or Manager) to
                                               check off the incoming syllabi to assure all faculty have
                                               submitted their syllabus (with cover form). Any faculty
                                               who has not submitted their syllabus by the assigned date
                                               will be contacted directly by the appropriate Dean (VP or
                                               Manager). 100% compliance will be required.
                                              Standardized syllabus template used (and submitted) for
                                               summer session courses.
                                              Course syllabi and catalog issues finalized during the June
                                               Deans retreat.
Rec 4 Student Records                         All current admissions records have been imaged.                 Rec 4 work group will develop responses
                                              The college has contracted with Sherlock Records Management      to bullet points of the Show-Cause
                                               (a local Fortuna company) to image Admissions/Records            Response Report outline. The group
                                               student files for students who have attended in the past eight   will work with the lead writer to draft a
                                               years. The remaining Admissions and Records vault files have     Rec 4 response.
                                               been inventoried and moved to Sherlock Records Management
                                               secure, climate-controlled facility.
                                              Sherlock has picked all remaining Admissions and Records
                                               files (past rosters and grade binders) warehoused on campus
                                               and stored them at their secure, climate controlled facility.
                                              The college has also contracted with Sherlock to store
                                               Financial Aid and Human Resource files
                                              Sherlock has been contracted to store and scan microfiche

           Friday June 29, 2012                                                                                                                              Page 4 


           Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                                             75
                                                          Accreditation Oversight Committee Current Status 


Rec 5 Employee Evaluation                      Evaluation list is included as a standing Cabinet agenda item.      Fall 2012 listing of staff and faculty
                                               Deans in coordination with Human Resources have developed           evaluations (already provided by in some
                                                5-year evaluation schedules for faculty                             areas).
                                               A MOU has been negotiated to revise the CRFO/RCCD                   Rec 5 work group will develop responses
                                                Collective Bargaining Agreement to include outcomes                 to bullet points of the Show-Cause
                                                assessment as part of Article XI, with specific reference to        Response Report outline. The group
                                                course-level and program-level outcomes assessment and              will work with the lead writer to draft a
                                                revised Personal Growth and Self-Evaluation Inventory               Rec 5 response.
                                                (Schedule F-4), Faculty Evaluation Form (Schedule F-2)
                                                and Evaluation Conference Report (Schedule F-5)
Rec 6 Strategic Hiring Plan                    An outline for the plan has been drafted by HR and reviewed             HR continues to complete the
                                                by Cabinet and consultant Shirley Kelly The outline was                  narrative sections of the plan
                                                presented to the Board of Trustees at the May meeting.                  1st draft of Strategic Hiring Plan
                                               HR will work with Shirley Kelly on April 30 to draft a final             expected in July.
                                                planning document for review by the governance process                  Rec 6 work group will develop
                                               Shirley Kelly approved plan outline.                                     responses to bullet points of the
                                               Outline shared with the BOT.                                             Show-Cause Response Report
                                                                                                                         outline. The group will work with
                                                                                                                         the lead writer to draft a Rec 6
Rec 7 Professional Development                 A survey on professional development needs and develop                  Web Page update for professional        The committee recommends exploring use of
                                                activities has been conducted. Based on a survey of faculty and          development needs to be completed        vacated space in the old Admin. Building to use as a
                                                staff, the flex committee recommended the following topics for           this summer.                             “center for teaching and assessment” center.
                                                the January 12-13, 2012 program: assessment, planning,                  Post Professional Development
                                                technology and diversity. Surveys will continue to be                    Survey results on PR web site
                                                implemented on an annual basis.                                          (resolve issue of posting large
                                               Flex committee has developed new FAQ’s and updated the                   document).
                                                resource section of their webpage.                                      The current PD calendar is a google
                                                Cabinet reviewed the eight AOC recommended actions                       calendar which can be viewed just
                                                regarding Professional Development. Cabinet agreed to move               for professional development
                                                forward to:                                                              activities. The Webmaster needs to
                                                1.     Cause the District’s Human Resources Department to                incorporate the PD calendar into
                                                       assume responsibility for the leadership of and                   events calendar for the college and
                                                       coordination among all college entities addressing college        post it to the professional
                                                       professional development.                                         development website.
                                                2.     Establish a standing Professional Development                    Rec 7 work group will develop
                                                       Committee, chaired by the Human Resources Director, to            responses to bullet points of the
                                                       assist in the planning, scheduling, and assessment of the         Show-Cause Response Report
                                                       District’s professional development activities. The               outline. The group will work with
                                                       Professional Development Committee will be comprised              the lead writer to draft a Rec 7
                                                       of members of the three faculty/staff development                 response..
                                                       committees/task forces currently existing.
                                                3.     Request professional development funds through the

            Friday June 29, 2012                                                                                                                                                                     Page 5 


            Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                                                76
                                                        Accreditation Oversight Committee Current Status 

                                                   integrated planning process.
                                              4.   Establish a coordinated Professional Development
                                                   Calendar accessible via the College webpage.
                                              5.   Ensure that all scheduled Professional Development
                                                   activities are linked to college mission and strategic plan.
                                             The common meeting time (previously “College Hour”) has
                                              been referred to the Academic Senate for discussion.

                                             Academic Senate and President formed a Convocation
                                              Committee to ensure that appropriate accreditation
                                              /assessment/planning/professional development ideas are
                                              incorporated into the Fall sessions.
                                             Assessed 2011-2012 Professional Development Needs
                                              Assessment survey instrument and revised (by PDC) as
                                             PDC developed standardized assessment tool to be used for
                                              each professional development activity offered.
                                             The Associate Faculty Coordinator will ensure the survey
                                              will be administered after each activity delivered to
                                              associate faculty. Data will be tabulated and undergo a
                                              review by the PDC each Spring and before the same
                                              training is being considered for scheduling again, whichever
                                              comes first.
                                             The PDC conducted a self-assessment survey on 6-6-12.

Rec 8 Board Actions and Communication        The BOT conducted a training retreat on May 18.                        A special trustee will be approved by
                                             June 13/14 BOT retreat with Cindra Smith (retired CCLC                  the BOT
                                              trainer) and Bill McGinnis (current Butte CCD BOT                      Rec 8 work group will develop
                                              member).                                                                responses to bullet points of the
                                             Rec 8 Work Group formed from Standard IV accreditation                  Show-Cause Response Report
                                              work group members                                                      outline. The group will work with
                                                                                                                      the lead writer to draft a Rec 8

          Friday June 29, 2012                                                                                                                                Page 6 


          Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                                                 77
                                                             Accreditation Oversight Committee Current Status 


Report Writing Schedule                           Completed:                                                      Proposed:
                                                                                                                       Recommendation                                    Drafts released to          AOC Discussion
                                                                                                                                                                         AOC / Work

                                                                                                                       Rec 1 (2008 & 2011)                               July 2                      July 11

                                                                                                                       Rec 2                                             July 8                      July 16

                                                                                                                       Rec 3, 4, 5 & Eligibility Req 10                  July 15                     July 23

                                                                                                                       Rec 6 & 7                                         July 19                     July 29

                                                                                                                       Rec 8 (outline to writer on July 29)              August 5                    August 13

                                                                                                                       1st Comprehensive Draft Released to All - August 20.

Standard 1                                        Rec 1 work group has completed a 10th draft of the standard      Enrollment Management Decisions –
                                                   evidence and feels it is in good shape for now. Items will be      linkage to PR and plans
                                                   added periodically throughout the summer, but there is not a      Institutional Effectiveness Yearend
                                                   need for regular work group meetings. Work group members           report issued from IEC (July)
                                                   will continue to meet with the Recommendation 2 group.
Standard II                                       IR programmers include check box for delivery mode on new             Need to have course delivery mode as       When developing an assessment plan, it should be
                                                   online assessment forms. Other “mode” alerts underway.                 a field in all IR data sets and             noted if multiple delivery methods are included and
                                                  The common meeting time (previously “College Hour”) has                assessment reporting forms.                 how they will be compared.
                                                   been referred to the Academic Senate for discussion.                  Articulation Officer – This is a major
                                                                                                                          deficit that needs resolution by the
                                                                                                                          fall. Updating of assist and other
                                                                                                                          articulation agreements are not getting

Standard III                                      BPC Needs Ranking – Linkage to PR and plans                      Measure Q prioritization – linkage to
                                                  FPC Ranking – Linkage to PR and plans                              plans
                                                                                                                    Tech Needs Ranking – linkage to PR and
                                                                                                                    Furniture/Equip Rankings – linkage to
                                                                                                                      PR and plans
                                                                                                                     Conduct TCO (total cost of ownership)
Standard IV                                       Cabinet accepted the AOC recommendation to revise the            College’s internal website be updated
                                                   website.                                                           and its navigation improved to

               Friday June 29, 2012                                                                                                                                                                      Page 7 


               Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                                              78
                                              Accreditation Oversight Committee Current Status 

                                   Cabinet asked the AOC identify 5-6 institutions the             provide institutional access to
                                    administration may use as a benchmark to compare our site to.   important planning and governance

Friday June 29, 2012                                                                                                                    Page 8 


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                                             79
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   80
                             REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT
                                  BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                     July 10, 2012
                                                                                  Agenda Item #4.3



  The President/Superintendent recommends approval of the attached Education Master Plan
  goals and objectives. The Education Master Plan is a living document and will be evaluated
  and updated on an annual basis.


  The Education Master Plan Committee was convened in September 2011 to update the 2009-
  2012 Education Master Plan in response to changing environmental conditions. The Education
  Master Plan Committee met seven times between September 2011 and May 2012.

  The committee reviewed summary notes from the service area advisory committee meetings,
  an external scan presented by Director of Institutional Research Dr. Angelina Hill, program
  review master executive summaries for the past two years, and preliminary institutional
  effectiveness data being incorporated into a refined Institutional Effectiveness Scorecard.

  The committee developed education master plan goals and measurable objectives in alignment
  with the college’s strategic plan and the mission of the college. After institutional review, the
  committee met to incorporate input and feedback from the college community.


  Requests for resources will go through the regular budget development process. Expenditures
  will be staggered across a five-year implementation cycle dependent upon budget

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                81
                                         2012 – 2017 Education Master Plan Goals and Objectives for College of the Redwoods 
    Goal 1 Ensure Student Success 
    College of the Redwoods will employ programs, services, and organizational structures to meet the needs of learners and 
    ensure student success.   
    Objectives                    Desired Outcomes                           Potential Action Plans and Initiatives                   Indicators (and targets)
    1.1 Provide structured        Students will identify their educational   Implement technology and advising processes to           By Spring 2017 all full-time students will
        academic pathways         goals, and all students with an            enable students to develop student education plans.      have a student education plan in place
                                  identified degree or certificate goal                                                               in their first semester.
                                  will develop a student educational
                                  plan in their first semester.
    1.2 Improve support for       College practices and procedures           Improve First Year Experience Program.                   Perceived student engagement (NSSE
       students                   support students.                                                                                   or SSI survey) among students in their
                                                                             Implement an early alert system to identify and assist   first year of college
                                                                             at-risk students.
                                                                                                                                      Perceived effectiveness of online
                                                                             Implement online tutoring.                               tutoring
                                                                             Redirect staff resources to support demonstrated
                                                                             student outcomes.
                                  All students go through appropriate        Develop mandatory student orientations for face-to-      By 2017 all full-time students will have a
                                  matriculation processes.                   face students and on-line students                       student education plan in place.
    1.3 Focus basic skills        More students will complete                Develop innovative approaches to basic skills            The percentage of incoming students
        education.                remediation within one year of             education based upon best practices.                     achieving Basic Skills competencies
                                  admission.                                                                                          within one year will rise to the peer
                                                                             Investigate the California Acceleration Project,         group and/or statewide average.
    1.4 Increase degree           The college will increase the number       Aggregate student education plan data will inform        All programs will have published course
        and certificate           of degrees and certificates awarded.       course schedule development.                             rotations.
                                                                             Degree audit will be utilized to inform and advise       Degrees and certificates awarded.
                                  The college will increase the number       Develop appropriate methods to recruit, orient, and      CTE students receive advising that
                                  of career and technical degrees and        advise students in CTE programs.                         supports goal identification and
                                  certificates awarded                                                                                completion.
    1.5 Professional              College will provide training, support     Professional improvement activities will be              Faculty and staff participating in college
         development              and mentoring opportunities for            documented and the impact on the improvement of          training in instructional improvement.
         programs will be         instructional improvement and              educational effectiveness will be assessed.
                                  innovation.                                                                                         Professional development participation
         focused on                                                                                                                   documented in faculty performance
         improvement of                                                                                                               evaluations.
         effectiveness                                                                                                                Funding allocated for professional
                                                                                                                                      development related to improved
               Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                             82                                       educational effectiveness.
                                                                        Develop alternative ways to provide professional      Part-time faculty trained.
                                                                        development and mentoring to part-time faculty to
                                                                        ensure all new associate faculty receive an
                                                                        orientation to the college, to institution-wide
                                                                        assessment and to their respective departments’
                                                                        assessments plans and processes.
    1.6 Improve success         The college embraces equity and         Surveys and public forums will be held to determine   Student Equity Plan measures.
         among                  diversity with effective policies and   needs and interests of special populations.
         underrepresented       practices.                                                                                    Participation rate among
                                                                        Strengthen and augment services to enhance access     underrepresented groups will increase
                                                                        and success for underrepresented populations.         by 2% per year to match the district’s
                                                                                                                              population distribution.

             Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                         83

    Goal 2 Develop programs and services to meet community needs 
    College of the Redwoods will provide, in partnership with the community, training and education to contribute to the 
    economic vitality and lifelong learning needs of the community.   
    Objectives                   Desired Outcomes                         Potential Action Plans and Initiatives                   Indicators (and targets)
    2.1 Enhance                  Workshops and classes meet the           Survey community needs
        community                workforce development and lifelong                                                                Community education enrollments and
        education program.       learning needs of the community.         Develop trainings in areas where certified               revenue will grow by 10% per year.
                                                                          employees are needed by local employers.
    2.2 Enhance incumbent        Workshops meet the training needs of     Evaluate and offer certifications needed to support      Business Training Center program
        worker and contract      business and industry.                   local incumbent workers and industries.                  revenue will grow by 10% per year.
                                                                          Develop technology systems to provide bundled            Number of incumbent workers trained will
                                                                          education and training for smaller communities.          grow by 10% per year.

                                                                          Create continuing education training opportunities
                                                                          to meet the region’s needs.
    2.3. Develop not-for-        Collaboration between curricular and     Develop internal articulation processes and              Number of programs that are articulated
        credit programs          co-curricular education to meet the      agreements between credit and non-credit or not-         between credit and not-for-credit.
                                 training and education needs of the      for-credit instruction.                                  Number of programs/courses that can
                                 community.                                                                                        flexibly move in response to the college’s
                                                                                                                                   enrollment cap.
    2.4 CTE Programs             Career and technical programs are        Work with regional partners and the Centers of           Number of TLUs allocated for training in
        respond to               prioritized to meet workforce training   Excellence to analyze real-time labor market data.       strong or growing occupations
        community training       needs.
        needs                                                             Align activities with state and federal initiatives to   Number of TLUs de-allocated from
                                                                          support workforce training.                              obsolete programs.

                                                                          Discontinue obsolete programs and build programs         Number of programs added to support
                                                                          in emerging industries.                                  emerging industries and number of
                                                                                                                                   obsolete programs terminated
    2.5 Develop non-credit       The college will create non-credit       Assess needs and identify priorities for ESL, GED,       Non-credit FTES
        programs.                programs to meet the lifelong learning   short-term vocational training, job readiness, and
                                 needs of the community.                  CR Plus.                                                 Fiscal sustainability of non-credit
                                                                          Collaborate with faculty to develop needed

              Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                            84
    Goal 3  Practice Continuous Quality Improvement 
    College of the Redwoods will continually assess student learning and institutional performance and practices to improve upon 
    the programs and services we offer.                                    
    Objectives                    Desired Outcomes                         Potential Action Plans and Initiatives                Indicators (and targets)
    3.1 Improve tools for         Standard reports are available to the    The college will improve query reporting tools        Availability of web-based reporting tools.
        assessment                college community
    3.2 Student learning will     Faculty will ensure that all curricula   Incorporate assessment results and appropriate        All courses and programs will be updated
        be a visible priority     and programs demonstrate robust          program effectiveness data into program review        at least once every five years.
        in all practices and      assessment activities and continued      template and process.
        structures.               improvement.                                                                                   Program revitalization and discontinuation
                                                                           Faculty will update all curricula and programs on a   process will be implemented in 2012-13.
                                                                           regular basis.

                                                                           The College will implement a program revitalization
                                                                           and discontinuation procedure.
    3.3 Student learning          Degrees and certificates are current,    Update all curricula and programs.                    Employer satisfaction for CTE programs.
        outcomes and              relevant, and recognized by the
        assessment are            Chancellor’s Office.                     Submit all certificates of 12 or more units to the    Institutional Key Performance Indicators
        ongoing,                                                           Chancellor’s Office for approval.
        systematic, and           Certificates that are required for                                                             Number of courses updated through the
        used for continuous       external accreditation, but are not      Faculty and staff responsible for assessing student   assessment process
        quality                   recognized by the Chancellor’s Office    learning outcomes will be provided with training
        improvement               will be tracked through Admissions       and orientation to assessment techniques and          Updates to certificates of 12 or more units
                                  and Records.                             procedures.                                           will be sent to the Chancellor’s Office
                                                                                                                                 each spring.
                                  Faculty and staff regularly conduct
                                                                           Develop a means for retrieving course outline of      Availability of reports
                                  authentic assessment of student
                                                                           record information in CR’s database.
                                  learning outcomes.
    3.4 Systematically use        Data provided by the program review      Schedule institutional flex days for assessment       Demonstrated quality improvement
        data to inform            committee and assessment                 activities.                                           initiatives resulting from institutional
        decision making.          committee will be used to inform                                                               dialogue.
                                  planning processes.                      Utilize standardized data sets from IR.               Institutional data sets are evaluated and
                                                                                                                                 updated regularly
                                                                           Institutional dialogue on appropriate use of data     All planning activities will link to
                                                                           and data informed decision making.                    measureable objectives or outcomes
    3.5 Provide continual         Faculty and staff employ best            Units and departments will participate in all         All course and program outcomes are
        and inclusive             practices in assessment.                 assessment and program review related activities.     assessed during a two-year cycle.
        opportunities                                                      Online training is made available to faculty and      Participation in program review.
        regarding                                                          staff.
               Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                           Refresher training will be provided on assessment.
                                                                                           85                                    Staff and faculty participation in
                                                                                                                                 assessment related training and activities.
    3.6 Increase number of       Faculty and staff will participate on   The district will recommend faculty and staff to        Number of employees participating on
        institutional            accreditation visit teams.              participate on ACCJC and other accreditation            ACCJC and other accreditation visit
        employees who                                                    visiting teams.                                         teams.
        have accreditation
        experience                                                       Employees and the district will make every effort to
                                                                         participate on ACCJC and other accreditation
                                                                         team visits

                                                                         Encourage and support participation in                  Participation in ACCJC/WASC trainings.
                                                                         ACCJC/WASC trainings

                                                                         Employees participating in visiting teams will lead a   Number of employees who participate in
                                                                         flex day session on lessons learned.                    sessions.

              Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                          86
    Goal 4 Maintain Technological Relevance  
    College of the Redwoods will support the learning environment through appropriate technology and facilities.  
    Objectives                     Desired Outcomes                             Potential Action Plans and Initiatives                    Indicators (and targets)
    4.1.Provide lab                Students acquire skills relevant to          Update lab inventories, consult with advisory             Job placement for CR program
        equipment and              current industry and workforce               committees and document needs in district-wide            completers.
        technology to              standards                                    program review.
        effectively support
        instructional needs                                                     Lab repair and upgrade plan will be comprehensive         Budget plans related to technology
                                                                                and fiscally sustainable.                                 replacement and upgrade cycle
                                                                                Develop relationships with regional industry              Job placement for CR program
                                                                                leaders to ensure technology is current.                  completers.

                                                                                Work with the foundation to develop industry
                                                                                financial support of program needs (donations or
                                                                                purchases of equipment, etc.
                                                                                Consider total cost of ownership for specialized          All specialized equipment purchases
                                                                                equipment                                                 include an extended warranty when
    4.2 Update the                 Faculty will have appropriate tools          Assess computer platform and software needs.              Updated comprehensive technology plan
        comprehensive              available                                    Update replacement schedule                               Average age of computers and supporting
        technology                                                                                                                        infrastructure
        replacement plan           Students will have access to tools           Update software acquisition plan                          Currency of software in instructional labs
                                   they need.                                                                                             and classrooms
                                                                                Explore the possibility of utilizing mobile devices to    Data on effectiveness of mobile devices in
                                                                                enhance instruction.                                      supporting learning
    4.3 Enhance distance                                                        Assess student readiness for eLearning                    Improved retention and success in
        education or               Students are successful in eLearning         Assess DE/technology readiness and provide                eLearning courses.
        eLearning                  courses and programs                         appropriate orientations for students.
                                                                                Consider specific initiatives related to fully online     Increased FTES in fully online and hybrid
                                                                                and hybrid programs                                       programs.
                                                                                Evaluate and assess online course functionality.
    4.4 Effectively utilize        Faculty and staff will effectively utilize   Increase opportunities for faculty participation in       Percentage increase in faculty completing
        technology in              technology in teaching to improve            distance education and technology staff training on       technology orientation training.
        teaching                   educational effectiveness.                   technology and trends

                                                                                New full-time and part-time faculty will participate in   Percentage increase in faculty engaged in
                                                                                orientation on the use of technology in teaching          eLearning and other technology tools in
                                                                                Explore alternatives to ITV for instructional delivery

                                                                                Staff and faculty training on use of technology
                                                                                Upgrade all classrooms to “smart classrooms”, as          Number of “smart” classrooms
                                                                                appropriate.                                              Number of course sections where faculty
                Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                               87
                                                                                                                                          integrate “smart” features into instruction.
    Goal 5 Increase Student Participation in Campus Activities
      College of the Redwoods will support student success by engaging students in the college environment.
    Objectives                   Desired Outcomes                           Potential Action Plans and Initiatives                 Indicators (and targets)
    5.1 Improve student          Students demonstrate increased             Develop separate approaches to increase                Full-time and part-time student
        engagement among         engagement.                                engagement of full and part time students              persistence.
        all students.                                                                                                              Perceived student engagement (NSSE or
                                                                            Involve students and student leaders to plan and       SSI survey).
                                                                            implement more co-curricular activities

                                                                            Implement student mentoring program.

    5.2 Develop a vibrant        Students have gathering spaces for         Design upgrades to the student center.
        student center.          collaborative work and other activities.                                                          Student survey.
                                                                            Explore opportunities for other gathering or student
                                                                            activity spaces at all campus and centers.
    5.3 Increase student         Increased development of community         Develop cooperative work experience programs           Number of students participating in
        engagement in the        projects through clubs and                 based upon best practices.                             cooperative work experience programs.
        community                organizations
                                                                            Promote the opportunity for enrolling in Work          Number of employers hosting CR
                                 Increased enrollment in work               Experience credits                                     students for work experience
                                 experience programs
                                                                            Explore the potential for service learning
                                                                                                                                   Perceived student engagement (NSSE or
                                                                            Use marquees in the cafeteria and around campus        SSI survey).
                                                                            to publicize upcoming campus community events.

    5.4 Faculty and staff        The community will be aware of CR          Publicize CR employees’ involvement with student       Faculty and staff support curricular and
        will model positive      faculty and staff engagement in the        clubs, organizations and college-wide projects         co-curricular activities.
        engagement in the        community.
        college community

              Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                             88
                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                   July 10, 2012
                                                                                Agenda Item #4.4


For information only. No action required.

In an effort to make monitoring of key performance indicators more efficient and effective, staff
have been working on the development of both an Institutional Effectiveness Scorecard and a

The Scorecard, when completed, will offer a comparative summary of the trend in CR statistics
relative to benchmark data. The Dashboard will be a one-page graphic visual intended to quickly
identify those key performance indicators needing priority attention.


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012               89
                                                                 Institutional Effectiveness Scorecard

 Student Success              We put students first, ensuring that student learning and advancement are pivotal to all we do.

                                             2008‐2009              2009‐2010               2010—2011               Benchmark
Fall to Fall Persistence: Full-time               57%                     53%                    55%
                           Part-time              46%                     43%                    42%
                     ARCC Cohort                  60%                     56%                    56%                      61%
Retention                                         89%                     89%                    89%                      85%
Basic Skills Course Success                       58%                     57%                    55%                      57%
Basic Skills Improvement                          52%                     48%                    53%                      55%
Course Success                                    69%                     68%                    69%                      69%
Degree Completions                                374                      418                   482
Certificate Completions                           182                      182                   170
Graduation Rate (FTFT in 150%)                   8.9%                     12.6%                12.0%                      18%
Transfer to 4-year                                553                      612                   842

Access      We value all members of our community and strive to create a diverse, nurturing, honest, and open environment.

                                              2008‐2009            2009‐2010               2010—2011                Benchmark
Headcount                                        10,195                   10,762                9,600
FTES                                             5,592                    5,967                 5,386
Basic Skills Students Served                     1,806                    1,907                 1,774
High School Yield                                 28%                      31%                   27%                      23%

CR Experience             We strive to create a supportive, problem-solving culture, and we recognize the proven usefulness of an
interest-based approach (IBA) for achieving trust, cooperation and effective problem solving.

                                              2008‐2009            2009‐2010              2010—2011                 Benchmark
Student Satisfaction: Instruction                                          5.83                                           5.59
                 Support Services                                          5.38                                           5.26
Graduate Satisfaction                                                                              4.32
Employee Satisfaction                                                      3.27
        Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                            90
                                                                     Institutional Effectiveness Scorecard
Learning Enhancement                        We are continuously engaged in assessment efforts across academic and student services in an
effort to improve student learning.

                                                            2010‐2011                                 2011‐2012

At least 1 SLO assessed in new tool
                             Courses                          11%                      61% overall (90% of Courses Spring 2012 )
             Degrees/Certifications                           10%                                          66%
                    Student Services                          100%                                         100%
     All SLOs assessed in new tool
                             Courses                          1%                                           10%
                     Student Services                         100%                                         100%
Gen. Ed. Outcomes Assessed                                   33.33%                                        66.7%

Institutional Productivity

                                                2008‐2009             2009‐2010              2010—2011                 Target
% Full (class sections)                             66%                     72%                    79%
Reserves as % of unrestricted fund                 12.6%                    5.4%                   8.3%             5% minimum
Student-Faculty Ratio                               28.15                   28.56                  30.39
Cost/FTES                                          $2123                    $2061                  $2097
FTES:                      Resident                 5419                    5799                   5202                  4972
                      Non-resident                   173                     168                    183

Community Outreach                      The College partners with the community to contribute to the economic vitality and lifelong
learning needs of its service area.

                                                2008‐2009             2009‐2010              2010—2011
Community Satisfaction                                                                      Data Forthcoming
Contract Training Clients                                                                   Data Forthcoming

Community Events Supported                                                                          84

        Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                              91
                                                              Institutional Effectiveness Scorecard


Student Success                                                      Access
Fall to Fall Persistence. Percentage of first-time students
                                                                     Headcount. The number of unique (unduplicated) stu-
who enroll in the fall term and who returned and enrolled
                                                                     dents who are enrolled at Census. A single student who
in the subsequent fall term. Full-Time – enrolled at first
                                                                     enrolls in several courses is counted only once.
term census in 12 or more units. Part-Time – enrolled at
first term census in fewer than twelve units. ARCC Co-               Full-time Equivalent Students. One FTES represents
hort – enrolled at first term census in 6 or more units.             the number of class (contact) hours participated by a full
Includes CR students who enroll in any Community Col-                -time student over the course of a year. One FTES rep-
lege in the CCC District, resulting in higher percentages.           resents 525 contact hours.
Retention. The percentage of student enrolled on Census              Basic Skills Students Served. The number of unique
Day who remained enrolled in that course through the                 (unduplicated) students who are enrolled in Basic Skills
last day and received any grade other than a W. Bench-               English, Math, or ESL courses.
mark provides the Statewide 2010 – 2011 retention rate
for the California Community Colleges.                               High School Yield. Percentage of graduates from a
Basic Skills Success. Students to complete a credit Basic            representative set of high schools in CR’s service areas
Skills course with a passing final grade of A, B, C or P.            who enrolled at CR in the subsequent fall term. Bench-
                                                                     mark provides the percentage of all high school gradu-
Benchmark provides the 2010-2011 ARCC Basic Skills
                                                                     ates in California who enrolled at a California Commu-
Course Completion Indicators.
                                                                     nity College. Data is from 2009, which is the most re-
Basic Skills Improvement. Students who successfully
                                                                     cent year available.
completed the initial basic skills course (were followed
across three academic years (including the year and term
of the initial course). The outcome of interest was that
group of students who successfully completed a higher-               CR Experience
level course in the same discipline within three academic
                                                                     Student Satisfaction. The following questions from the
years of completing the first basic skills course. Bench-
                                                                     2009 administration of the Student Satisfaction Invento-
mark provides the 2010-2011 ARCC Basic Skills Im-
                                                                     ry (SSI) were used. Ratings were given using a scale
provement Indicator.
                                                                     where 1 = not at all satisfied, 4 = neutral, 7 = very satis-
Course Success. The percentage of students enrolled in a
                                                                     fied). Instruction question: The quality of instruction I
course on Census Day who complete the course with a
                                                                     receive in most of my classes is excellent. Student Ser-
successful grade (A, B, C, P, CR). Benchmark provides
                                                                     vices question: Academic support services adequately
the Statewide 2010 – 2011 success rate for the California
                                                                     meet the needs of students. Benchmark provides the
Community Colleges.
                                                                     2009 average satisfaction ratings from a National com-
Degree & Certificate Completion.
                                                                     parison group of Community Colleges provided by Noel
The number of students receiving a degree or certificate
in the specified year.
                                                                      Graduate Satisfaction. The following question from
Graduation Rate (FTFT in 150%)
                                                                     the 2010-2011 Graduate Survey was used. Ratings were
The percent of first-time, full-time degree-seeking stu-
                                                                     given using a scale where 1 = very dissatisfied, 3 = neu-
dents, tracked as a freshmen cohort, who graduate in 150
                                                                     tral, 5 = very satisfied. “How satisfied are you that your
percent of the normal program completion time. Bench-
                                                                     education experience at CR measured up to your expec-
mark provides CR’s peer group median comparison
identified by IPEDS: Percent of first-time, full-time de-
                                                                     Employee Satisfaction. The following question from
gree-seeking students who receive a degree or certificate
                                                                     the 2010 Employee Satisfaction Survey. Ratings were
in 150 percent of the normal completion time.
                                                                     given using a scale where 1 = not at all satisfied, 3 =
Transfer to 4-year. The number of students who transfer
                                                                     neutral, 5 = very satisfied. “Rate your overall satisfaction
to a 4-year institution in the specified year.
                                                                     with your employment here so far.”
     Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                          92
                                                             Institutional Effectiveness Scorecard


Learning Enhancement                                                Institutional Productivity
                                                                    % Full (class sections). Class enrollment divided by
                                                                    class capacity. Commonly referred to as fill rate.
SLO assessment. A student learning outcome (SLO)
for a course, degree/cert, or student service area is con-          Reserves as % of unrestricted fund. Ending Fund
                                                                    Balance as a percentage of Total Unrestricted General
sidered to have been assessed if an assessment report
                                                                    Fund Expenditures reported annually to the Chancellor’s
has been submitted into the new online assessment tool
                                                                    Office on the CCFS 311 Report.
for that SLO during the assessment cycle. Percent of
courses assessed only takes into consideration courses              Student-Faculty Ratio. Full-time equivalent students
that were offered during the academic year.                         divided by full-time equivalent faculty (FTES/FTEF).
General education outcomes are systematically evaluat-              Cost/FTES. Instructional cost per full-time equivalent
ed within GE courses, but evidence is also gathered in              student. Based on cost per TLU.
relevant degree/cert programs.
                                                                    Resident and Non-Resident FTES. California resi-
                                                                    dency status is used to categorize full-time equivalent
                                                                    resident and non-resident students.

Community Outreach

Community Satisfaction. To be measured by surveying
members of the community.

Contract Training Clients.

Community Events supported. The number of commu-
nity events offered on the campus, tracked through pro-
cess of acquiring a permit.

    Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                          93
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   94
                              REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT
                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                  July 10, 2012
                                                                               Agenda Item #4.5


For information only: re-numbering of three digit policies and procedures in sections 500 and
800 to align with the Community College League four digit format

In an effort to simplify the process of searching policy and procedure for specific content,
College Council took action at their 5/7/12 and 6/04/12 meetings to re-number the three digit
policies and procedures noted on the attached page. The content of the policies and procedures
was not updated; the only change was to renumber the policies and procedures to fit within the
Community College League four digit system.

The re-numbering of the policies and procedures on the attached page was approved by College
Council on 5/7/12 and 6/04/12.



Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012              95
Three Digit BP and AP revision recommendationf for Old section 500 
                                                                     CCLC Template?
Old Number                               Title                                                             Recommendation                           Notes
BP 503             Examinations and Grading                               No          Re‐Number BP 4221
AR 503.01          Grading Regulations and Procedures                     No          Re‐Number AP 4221
AR 503.03          Regulations Re: Academic Standing                      Yes         Re‐Number AP 4250
AR 503.04          Course Repetitions                                     Yes         Re‐Number AP 4225
BP 504             Testing and Counseling                                 No          Re‐Number BP 5111
BP 507             Academic Recognition                                   No          Re‐Number BP 4223
BP 508             Graduating Requirements                                Yes         Re‐Number BP 5560
AR 508.02          Evaluation of Military Experience                      No          Re‐Number AP 5014
BP 509             Controversial Issues                                   No          Re‐Number BP 3052
BP 510/804         Smoking                                                No          Re‐Number BP 3570
AR 510.01/804.01   Smoking on Campus                                      Yes         Re‐Number AP 3570
BP 511             Alcohol and Illegal Drugs                              Yes         Re‐Number BP 3560
BP 512             Care of College Property                               No          Re‐Number BP 6516
BP 514                                                                    No          Re‐Number BP 3261
                   Student Participation in College Governance
BP 515             Privacy of Students                                    No          Re‐Number BP 5041
BP 516             Locker Search                                          No          Re‐Number BP 5501
BP 519             Solitation of Funds                                    No          Re‐Number BP 3431
BP 523             Student Health Services                                Yes         Re‐Number BP 5200
BP 524             Free Expression by Students                            Yes         Re‐Number BP 3900
BP 525             Tutorial Services                                      No          Re‐Number BP 4041
AR 525.01          Tutorial Services                                      No          Re‐Number AP 4041
BP 528             Student Complaints                                     Yes         Re‐Number BP 5530
BP 535             Transfer Center                                        Yes         Re‐Number BP 5120
BP 536             Student Services Programs Policy                       No          Re‐Number BP 5001
AR 536.01          Student Services Programs Regulation                   No          Re‐Number AP 5001
BP 537             Student Equity                                         Yes         Re‐Number BP 5300
BP 538/821         Children on Campus                                     No          Re‐Number BP 3502
AR 538.01/821.01   Supervision of Children on Campus                      No          Re‐Number AP 3502
BP 540                                                                    No          Re‐Number BP 5032
                   Requests to Impose Mandatory Student Fees
AR 540.01          Mandatory Student Fee Elections                        No          Re‐Number AP 5032

BP 801             Public Records                                         Yes         Re‐Number BP 3300 Public Records
BP 803             Accident Reporting                                     No          Re‐Number BP 5206
BP 804             Smoking                                                No          Re‐Number BP 3570
AR 804.01          Smoking on Campus                                      Yes         Re‐Number AP 3570 Smoking on Campus
BP 805             Parking and Traffic Regulations                        Yes         Re‐Number BP 6750 Parking
AR 805.01          Parking and Traffic Regulations                        Yes         Re‐Number AP 6750 Parking
BP 806             Insurance                                              Yes         Re‐Number  BP 6540 Insurance
BP 808             Lowering the Flag to Half Mast                         No          Re‐Number BP 3051
AR 809.01          Equal Opportunity, Nondiscrimination and               Yes         Re‐Number AP 3420 Equal Opportunity, Nondiscrimination 
                   Diversity Implementation                                           and Diversity Implementation
AR 809.02          Sexual Harassment                                      Yes         Re‐Number AP 3430 Sexual  Harassment
AR 809.03          Procedures for: Complaints of Unlawful                 Yes         Re‐Number AP 3435 Procedures for: Complaints of Unlawful 
                   Discrimination (Including Title IX Complaints)                     Discrimination (Including Title IX complaints) Affirmative 
                   Affirmative Action Complaints                                      Action Complaints

      Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                                                     96
                              REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT
                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                            July 10, 2012
                                                                         Agenda Item #4.6


Adopt proposed Board Policy 7310 “Nepotism”

The proposed Board Policy, BP 7310 “Nepotism” is a new Policy. A copy of BP 7310
“Nepotism” is attached.

The proposed Board Policy was approved by College Council on 4/23/12.



Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012              97
REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT                                                     BP 7310
Board of Trustees Policy


The Redwoods Community College District policy is to hire, promote, and transfer employees
on the basis of the employment needs of the District, on individual merit, to promote diversity
and excellence, and to avoid favoritism or discrimination in making such decisions. Spouses or
other relatives may be employed within the same department or District facility. However, under
these specific circumstances, the District may find it necessary to transfer or re-assign persons
employed in the same department as relatives, spouses, or domestic partners:

     1) where the immediate family member is in a position to recommend or influence
        personnel decisions; and

     2) where such placement creates an adverse impact on supervision, safety, security, or
        involves other potential conflicts of interest.

References: Government Code Sections 1090 et seq. and 12920 et seq.

Adopted by Board of Trustees: xx/xx/xxx
New policy

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012               98
                              REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT
                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                             July 10, 2012
                                                                          Agenda Item #4.7

SUBJECT:            FIRST READ: BP 4235 “Credit by Examination”

First reading of BP 4235 “Credit by Examination”

The proposed Board Policy, BP 4235 “Credit by Examination” is former Board Policy No. 526.
A copy of BP 4235 “Credit by Examination” is attached.

The proposed Board Policy was approved by College Council on 6/04/12.



Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012              99
     REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT                                             BP 4235
     Board Policy

                                     CREDIT BY EXAMINATION

     Credit may be earned by students who satisfactorily pass authorized examinations. The
     President/Superintendent shall ensure that administrative procedures are established to
     implement this policy.

     Adopted by Board of Trustees: XX/XX/XXXX
     Former Board of Trustees Policy No. 526 Credit by Examination
     Adopted by Board of Trustees: August 15, 1977
     Amended: May 6, 1996

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                     100
                              REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT
                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                             July 10, 2012
                                                                          Agenda Item #4.8

SUBJECT:            FOR INFORMATION ONLY AP 4235 “Credit by Examination”

For information only AP 4235 “Credit by Examination”

The proposed Administrative Procedure, AP 4235 is former Redwoods CCD Policy # 526.01 A
copy of AP 4235 “Credit by Examination” is attached.

The proposed Administrative procedure was approved by College Council on 6/04/12.



Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012              101
     REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT                                            AP 4235
     Administrative Procedure

                                    CREDIT BY EXAMINATION

     Credit by Examination may be obtained by one of the following methods:

     1. External credit by examination

              Advanced Placement Examination (AP)
              International Baccalaureate Examination (IB)
              College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

     2. Tech Prep High School to College Articulation (Articulation) credit by examination

     General Provisions for Credit by Examination:

              College of the Redwoods faculty in the appropriate discipline will determine the
               course(s) eligible for credit by examination.
              Courses eligible for credit by examination are approved by the Curriculum
              A maximum of nine units earned from credit by examination may apply to the
               Associate degree.
              The units granted by examination will be the same as the units the student would
               have earned by successful completion of the course.
              The student’s academic record shall clearly indicate that the credit was earned by
               examination. No grade will be given.
              Units earned under this policy are not considered part of the student's official
               program and will not be used for registration certification for the Social Security
               Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs, financial aid eligibility,
               athletic eligibility, dorm residency, or similar programs.
              Credits acquired by Articulation shall not be counted in determining the 15
               semester units required in residence or the 12 units required in residence in the
               major for an Associate degree from College of the Redwoods.
              Requests for credit by examination cannot be made under the following
                       a. for a course in which the student has previously received a letter grade
                            other than "W";
                       b. for a course that is a prerequisite for one the student has already taken;
                       c. for a course in which the student is currently enrolled;
                       d. in instances where credit has already been granted for the class, totally
                            or partially, or from another examination; or
                       e. for a course to be used in the academic renewal process.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                   102
              Each transfer institution determines whether they will accept and how they will
               apply credit by exam units.

     External credit by examination – AP, IB & CLEP

              The required score necessary for achievement of credit by examination shall be
               determined by College of the Redwoods faculty in the appropriate discipline and
               approved by the Curriculum Committee.
              A list of approved examinations, required minimum score, units earned, and
               course equivalency/GE requirement will be maintained by the Curriculum
               Committee and published in the college catalog.

     Tech Prep High School to College Articulation

     The nature and content of the examination shall be determined solely by College of the
     Redwoods faculty who normally teach the course in the discipline for which credit is to
     be granted.

     If College of the Redwoods credit is requested, the appropriate referring institutional
     program faculty member must submit a credit by examination petition to the Tech Prep
     coordinator. An explanation of the Articulation credit by examination process, forms,
     and a list of all eligible courses is maintained on the tech prep web site

               Eligibility to Receive Credit by Examination Based on Articulation:

                        The student must be currently registered in the college and in good
                        The course must be approved for articulation by discipline faculty.
                        The course must be listed in the college catalog.
                        To receive credit by examination based on the Articulation agreement, the
                         student must have successfully completed the appropriate high school
                         course(s) and successfully completed the appropriate examination.
                        The student may attempt each examination only once.

               Articulation Oversight Process

                        The appropriate deans will create and update the list of courses that have
                         current articulation agreements.
                        The Curriculum Committee shall annually review the list of courses that
                         have articulation agreements for currency and compliance with curricular

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                    103
                        Changes to the course outline, instructional methodologies, course
                         content, student learning outcomes, or faculty by either institution require

     Approved: XX-XX-XXXX
     Former Administrative Regulation No. 526.01Credit by Examination Approved: August 15, 1977
     Revised: 5/6/96; 6/4/02; 3/7/06

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                     104
                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                       July 10, 2012
                                                                                    Agenda Item #5.1

No Action is required: for information only.
This report reflects Trustee approved bond project budgets and actual expenditures through May
31, 2012.

In November 2004, voters of Humboldt, Mendocino, and Del Norte Counties approved
$40,320,000 in Proposition 39 general obligation bonds. Due to concerns over potential seismic
hazards on the Eureka campus, the state has awarded the district $45,543,053 in state facility
bond funds for the construction of new buildings—i.e., $16,348,170 Student
Services/Administration/Theater; $29,194,883 Academic building. In order to secure state
funding, the District agreed to utilize $6,566,793 in local bond funds to match a portion of the
state funded projects (The District will match $0.13 for each $1.00 received from the state).
Project budgets totaling $81,745,400 have been developed to facilitate completion of Trustee
approved state and local funded projects. At the January 3, 2012 meeting, the Board of Trustees
voted to allocate the remaining $10+ million Measure Q balance to capital projects identified
through integrated planning. As those projects are initiated they will be added to the Bond
Project Status Report. As budgets for existing and planned projects change, budgets for projects
yet to be initiated will be adjusted so that the total of all project budgets balance to total available
bond funds.
The attached Bond Project Status Report reflects only current projects. $19,726,784 of Measure
Q funds has been utilized to accomplish completed projects. A list of completed measure Q
funded projects is attached.

Capital construction projects are funded with local bond (measure Q) and state funds.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                 105
                                                                                                                                                                Construction/In Progress

                                                                                                              Working Drawings
                                                                                          Preliminary Plans

                                                                                                                                                Bids & Awards

                                                                                                                                 DSA Approval


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Project     Current     Actual to Date
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Budget      Month        05/31/2012
             Current Measure Q Projects
Old Library Seismic Retrofit and Repurpose                                                                                                                                                                        1,040,800                    147,797
Woodshop Dust Collector                                                                                                                                                                                             295,252                      8,000
Emergency Generators                                                                                                                                                                                                297,000                     15,809
New S.S./Admin/Theatre (Measure Q Match)                                                                                                                                                                          3,217,581    793,769       2,531,777
New Academic Complex (Measure Q Match)                                                                                                                                                                            3,349,212      1,404         794,393
Site Improvements to Support New Construction                                                                                                                                                                     1,014,185      1,450         229,807
Modernization & Engineering for Projects                                                                                                                                                                          1,369,580                    726,842
Fire Technology Equipment & Apparatus Storage                                                                                                                                                                        40,000                      4,438
Firing Range Upgrade                                                                                                                                                                                                350,000      2,894           2,894
Security, Marquee Upgrades and Fire Alarm                                                                                                                                                                           300,000                     13,066
Career and Technical Ed Computer Lab Upgrades                                                                                                                                                                       250,000                          0
Mendocino Coast
Science Wing Modernization                                                                                                                                                                                         475,000         600         448,805
Del Norte
Science Wing Modernization                                                                                                                                                                                         500,000                      46,523
Portable Lease/Purchase                                                                                                                                                                                             24,000                      16,000
Garberville Instructional Site
Garberville Instructional Site Purchase/Retrofit                                                                                                                                                                  1,567,786    105,230         726,128

District Projects
Technology Infrastructure Upgrades                                                                                                                                                                                1,100,167      7,218       1,053,335
Voice Over IP (VOIP) to Replace PBX & Phones                                                                                                                                                                        350,000                      6,625
District-wide ADA and Safety Compliance                                                                                                                                                                             855,000        225           1,367
Document Imaging and Secure Storage                                                                                                                                                                                 80,000      2,643           2,643

Completed Measure Q Projects                                                                                                                                                                                 19,726,784                     19,726,784
Subtotal Local Bond Projects                                                                                                                                                                               $ 36,202,347        915,433      26,503,034

            Current State Funded Projects
New S.S./Admin/Theatre (State Funded Portion)                                                                                                                                                              $ 16,348,170         502,222     15,701,071
New Academic Complex (State Funded Portion)                                                                                                                                                                  29,194,883       1,271,768     10,994,889
Subtotal State Projects                                                                                                                                                                                    $ 45,543,053       1,773,990     26,695,960
Total Local Bond and State Project Budget &Costs                                                                                                                                                           $ 81,745,400       2,689,423     53,198,994

At the June 5, 2012 meeting, the BOT approved an $88k increase in the                                                                                                                            Voter Approved Measure Q Total             40,320,000
Garberville budget. The revised budget will be reflected in the August report.                                                                                                                                     Interest to Date          3,209,609
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Total of Committed Q Budgets            (36,202,347)
" " Denotes new project since last report                                                                                                                                                          Available for Capital Projects           7,327,262

            Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                                                 106

PROJECT NAME                                               DISTRICT ACTUALS
General (District Project Administration)                            $263,666
New - Furnishings and Equipment                                      $404,952
DSA/CGS Consulting                                                    $39,274
Eureka Main Campus
Gym Floor/Bleachers Replacement                                       $779,693
Repair Pool                                                          $132,695
Lower Locker Rooms Renovation                                         $960,758
Renovate/Repair Buildings - Eureka                                     $13,812
Upgrade - Eureka Classrooms                                            $32,548
Upgrade - Wastewater Treatment                                         $71,255
Student Union Seismic Upgrade/Remodel, Preliminary Plans               $46,360
Modernize Health Technology Building                                $3,115,217
Modernize Physical Science Building                                   $126,628
Modernize Life Science Building                                        $53,279
Modernize Labs/Classrooms/Theater                                     $160,299
Modernize Student Services/Admin Building                              $87,346
LRC Mezzanine Structure                                               $213,713
Library Building Seismic Upgrade/Remodel                                $4,093
Student Union Building (plans for new Union)                        $1,023,018
Parking Lot Rehabilitation                                          $2,306,496
Firing Range                                                            $2,011
Spray Booth Water Bath                                                  $6,962
Mendocino Coast
Renovate/Repair Buildings - Mendocino                                   $4,186
Modernize Main Building: Mendocino                                  $5,553,504
Fine Wordworking Building                                               $2,830
Del Norte
Relocated Del Norte Classrooms                                         $79,525
Modernize Main/Art Building: Del Norte                              $3,524,625
101 Corridor
Culinary Kitchen - Arcata Instructional Site                         $176,433
Jefferson School- Investigation/Feasability                           $41,607
Budget Transfers to Other Funds
Construction Technology Program Funding                              $400,000
Block Grant Match- PE Lighting Retrofit                              $100,000
Total Completed and/or Closed Local Bond Fund Projects             $19,726,784

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012           107
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   108
                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                      July 10, 2012
                                                                                   Agenda Item #6.1

                    NEXT 120 DAYS

Action is required. The President is requesting authority from the Board to suspend work on
some or all construction projects due to the state’s failure to provide timely payments on
construction projects.

For state funded construction projects, the contractor bills the District for work completed.
Then, the District pays the contractor and requests reimbursement from the State. Recently, state
reimbursements have not been forthcoming in a timely manner and all indications are that the
State must issue additional bonds to cover its current receivables. It is unclear how long it may
take for the State to cover its obligations to the District. The District’s available cash is limited,
and therefore the District cannot continue to advance funds indefinitely without assurance of
reimbursement by the State.

The President needs the authority to act on short notice to issue stop work orders to protect the
District’s cash balances, subject to Board ratification. This authority would be limited to a 120
day window. The General Contractor has been informed of the possibility of the suspension of

No budget change will occur by providing this authority to the President. However, issuing a
stop work order may incur costs to stand down, to weatherize, then to remobilize at some future

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                109
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   110
                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                  July 10, 2012
                                                                               Agenda Item #6.2


Action required. The President/Superintendent recommends the Board of Trustees ratify the
change orders as listed on the attached schedule.

The Board previously authorized the President/Superintendent to approve change orders up to
$50,000 within the contingency budget to avoid construction delays for capital projects.

Attached is a report of change orders for Board approval or ratification. The report now includes
a section to track change orders for the Southern Humboldt Instructional Site (Garberville).

Budget implications as noted on the attached schedule.


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012              111
                                                        Redwoods Community College District Board of Trustees
                                                                     Change Order Report

                                                                     July 2012 Change Order List
         Contingency beginning balance (Local)                                                                                                  $         88,000
         Previously approved change orders                                                                                                                18,894
         Available balance                                                                                                                                69,106

         Change Orders:

         Total change orders:                                                                                                                                  -

         Available contingency after change orders                                                                                              $         69,106

                                             MENDOCINO SCIENCE WING MODERNIZATION PROJECT
         Contingency beginning balance (Local)                                                                                                  $       117,000
         Previously approved change orders                                                                                                              111,863
         Available balance                                                                                                                                2,923

         Change Orders:

         Total change orders:                                                                                                                                  -

         Available contingency after change orders                                                                                              $           2,923

                                                              SCIENCE/HUMANITIES BUILDINGS PROJECT
         Contingency beginning balance (State)                                                                                                  $    1,233,000
         Previously approved change orders                                                                                                             637,984
         Available balance                                                                                                                             595,016

         Change Orders:
                       1. Due to a discrepancy between the plans and the structural plans, a portion of the roof would not line up
                       to the exterior wall. The change order adds angle iron to allow roof framing to attach to the exterior wall,
                       per structural engineer.
                       2. Plans called for steel beams at recessed entranceways, but were omitted on structural plan. Structural
                       engineer required light gauge steel headers for recessed entrances. (Resulted in savings)
                       3. Recent campuswide power failure highlighted the need for battery backups to power phones during an
                       outage. Additional UPS's were installed to power the phones/network temporarily during a power failure
                       which in turn required a new electrical circuit to power the additional UPS's.

         Total change orders:                                                                                                                             25,906

         Available contingency after change orders                                                                                              $       569,110

                                                                                                                             LOCAL                  STATE
         Contingency beginning balance (with additional $25,000)                                                           $   921,977          $     671,500
         Previously approved change orders                                                                                     858,384                671,499
         Available balance                                                                                                      98,875                      1
         Change Orders:
                  Plans changed from cubicles to offices with walls, and this change order provides additional cable runs,
               44 wall outlets, etc. needed in each room. Without these data drops, certain offices would not have a data       13,702
                  outlet in the room.
         Total change orders:                                                                                                   13,702                         -
         Available contingency after change orders and budget transfers                                                    $    85,173          $                  1

                          Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                             112
7/3/2012 10:22 AM                                                                        1                                            Change orders report July 10 12.xls Sheet1
                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                 July 10, 2012
                                                                              Agenda Item #6.3


Information only: No action is required.

A handout update on the employee benefits trust and cash flows will be presented at the meeting.

No budget change.


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012             113
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   114
                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                    July 10, 2012
                                                                                 Agenda Item #6.4


Information only: No action is required.

On February 7, 2012, the Board of Trustees instructed staff to solicit a Request For
Qualifications (RFQ) for collection services to collect on the District’s $1.4 million past due
accounts receivable. The RFQ is being prepared.
The District’s audited financial statements disclose $2.5 million in accounts receivable at June
30, 2011. About $1.4 million is delinquent and past due 120+ days, so the potential dollar
impact is significant.
To date the District has not charged delinquent account holders for collection costs. California
Government Code 16583.1 allows the District to charge a reasonable fee, not to exceed the
actual costs incurred by the department, to recover the collection costs on past due accounts. Not
assessing collection costs to account holders will be problematic. First, the District will pay the
collection agency fee which will impact our ability to maintain our 5.0% fund balance target.
Second, the collection agency expense will appear as a “bottom of the 50% Law” expense. For
example, if an agency collected $300,000 in a year, and charged a 33% fee, the District would
show $100,000 in collection expenses.
After discussions with legal counsel, the District plans to assess collection costs to delinquent
holders. Staff is also in discussions with our auditors about options for accounting for these
collection costs and revenues to potentially minimize the impact on 50% Law compliance. If a
satisfactory resolution cannot be reached with District auditors, then it will be exceedingly
difficult to collect on this large delinquent receivable without impacting our compliance efforts.

No budget change.

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012               115
Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012   116
                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                 July 10, 2012
                                                                              Agenda Item #6.5


Action is required. The President/Superintendent recommends that the Board of Trustees
approve the monthly Financial Status Report for year-to-date activity through May 31, 2012.

This report is for 92% of the 2011-12 fiscal year. Total unrestricted revenue received and/or
accrued year-to-date as a percentage of the current budget is 91.2% and is in track to realize
100% of the budgeted amount by fiscal year-end. The non-resident tuition budget is being
adjusted down at this time to reflect lower actual receipts. The Other Revenue category shows
only 57.7% received, but is expected to be credited by year-end.

Total expenditures as percentage of current budget are 94.7% and are on track to realize 100% of
the budgeted amount or slightly higher by fiscal year-end. Adjustments to actuals at year-end
will lower some expense categories by a small amount.

This report reflects the activity for fund 10 through May 2012. With eleven months reporting,
the overall budget trend is on track.


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012              117
Unrestricted General Fund

                                                                                                                                  A                    B           B/A
     REVENUES, EXPENDITURES                                                                                                                          May         Current           Prior Yr
   AND CHANGE IN FUND BALANCE                                                                                                                        92%         Actual to         Actual to
                                                                          Object                Prior Month                     Current           Year-to-date    Budget            Budget
                                                                          Range                   Budget    Adjustments         Budget              Actual       Percent           Percent
  Federal Sources                                                      8100-8199 $                      158,705                       158,705 $       142,280        89.7%
  State Sources
      SB 361 State Support                                             200 / 8611                  15,957,016                     15,957,016       14,627,265        91.7%
      CA State Lottery                                                 000 / 8681                     565,227                        565,227          518,124        91.7%
      Other Revenue                                                    8600-8699                      137,348                        137,348          126,992        92.5%
  Local Sources
      SB 361 Enrollment Fees                                             8874                        1,240,914                     1,240,914        1,209,931        97.5%
      SB 361 Property Taxes                                            8811-8818                     8,553,295                     8,553,295        7,840,520        91.7%
      Non-Resident Tuition                                               8880                          803,732        (5,075)        798,657          798,657       100.0%
      Other Revenue                                                    8890-8899                       788,915                       788,915          455,154        57.7%
                                           Total Revenue                                           28,205,153         (5,075)     28,200,078       25,718,923        91.2%                78.1%
  Academic Salaries                                                    1000-1999                   12,119,404                     12,119,404       12,307,575       101.6%                97.8%
  Other Staff Salaries                                                 2000-2999                    6,244,702                      6,244,702        5,728,879        91.7%                90.4%
  Employee Benefits                                                    3000-3999                    6,661,744                      6,661,744        6,196,294        93.0%                93.2%
  Supplies                                                             4000-4999                      465,329                        465,329          417,296        89.7%                82.9%
  Services                                                             5000-5999                    3,341,469                      3,341,469        2,685,575        80.4%                98.4%
  Capital Outlay                                                       6000-6999                      135,335                        135,335           93,055        68.8%                72.4%
                                    Total Expenditures                                             28,967,983              0      28,967,983       27,428,674        94.7%                94.2%
EXCESS REVENUES (EXPENDITURES)                                                                         (762,830)      (5,075)       (767,905)      (1,709,751)

  Transfers In                                                         8981-8989                        385,473                      385,473                0         0.0%                0.0%
  Transfers Out                                                        7200-7399                       (443,507)                    (443,507)        (443,507)      100.0%               50.3%
  Student Financial Aid                                                7500-7699                       (103,024)                    (103,024)        (101,830)       98.8%              100.0%
  Reserve for Unallocated Expenditures                                 7900-7999                              0                            0                0         0.0%                0.0%
  Other Sources (Uses)                                                   8999                                 0                            0                0         0.0%                0.0%
                        Total Other Sources (Uses)                                                     (161,058)           0        (161,058)        (545,337)
FUND BALANCE INCREASE (DECREASE)                                                                       (923,888)      (5,075)       (928,963)      (2,255,088)

  Beginning Balance                                                      9790                        2,389,219                     2,389,219        2,389,219
  Prior Year Adjustments                                               9791-9792
                     Adjusted Beginning Balance                                                      2,389,219             0       2,389,219        2,389,219
ENDING FUND BALANCE                                                                        $         1,465,331        (5,075)      1,460,256 $        134,131
       Fund Balance Percent                                                                                                            5.01%

       Net Fund Balance                                                                                                            1,460,256
       Net Fund Balance Percent                                                                                                        5.01%
       Excess Reserve Over 5% Minimum                                                                                                (15,470)

            Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                                                       118
    I:\Committees\BOT\2012-13\2012-07-10\Monthly Financial Report\Monthly May July Financial Report Template.xlsx                                                            6/27/2012 10:02 AM
                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                               July 10, 2012
                                                                            Agenda Item #8.1


The President/Superintendent recommends approval of the Student Equity Plan.

The Student Equity Plan was developed by a task force appointed by the Administration and the
academic senate. The task force members are: Deanna Herrera-Thomas, Anita Janis, Lisa
Liken, Crystal Morse, Sheila Hall and Tony Sartori. The Student Equity Plan has been prepared
to comply with the Student Equity Mandate of the State of California and adheres to Title 5,
Division 6, Chapter 5, Sub-chapter 4 of the California Administrative Code 54220. Upon
approval by the Board of Trustees, the summary of this plan will be forwarded to the
Chancellor’s office. BP 537 (BP/AP 5300 under development) requires that the college have a
Student Equity Plan. The Executive Summary of the Student Equity Plan 2012-17 and the table
of contents are attached.


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012            119

Student Equity Plan 2012‐17 

The primary objective of College of the Redwoods, explicitly stated in the first sentence of the College 
Philosophy (Appendix A), is the success of each student.  This commitment is extended to all students, 
especially those from historically underrepresented groups such as ethnic minorities, women and 
persons with disabilities, according to the College’s Mission Statement (Appendix B).  These ideas are 
further reinforced by Administrative Procedure AP 5300 and Board Policy BP 5300 Student Equity 
(Appendix C, D) which support the Student Equity Plans of 1999, 2005 (Appendix E, G), and the College 
of the Redwoods Strategic Plan of 2012 (Appendix F), which underscores this objective and applies it to 
the underrepresented student as delineated by the Strategic Driver I: Access, “Increasing access 
achieves a number of benefits including an increase in enrollment and diversity.”  The 2012 Student 
Equity Plan focuses on both access and outcomes related to student success.  

College programs such as EOPS and DSPS are specially‐funded efforts to improve goal attainment of 
students.  However, student success requires an institution‐wide commitment, and the responsibility for 
fulfilling its promises to students belongs to every member of the Board of Trustees, the highest levels 
of academic governance, the highest levels of administration, and the faculty and the staff of the 

Revisiting the goals of the adopted Student Equity Plan of 2005 offers College of the Redwoods an 
opportunity to examine the 2010‐11 statistics that measure the recruitment and subsequent success of 
underrepresented students in completing degrees and certificates or in transferring to a university and 
to compare those findings with the outcome measures from 20071 (The Student Equity Plan of 2012 will 
highlight where these statistics are absent and will make recommendations for future tracking and 

The following report demonstrates that ethnic groups enrolled at College of the Redwoods are 
represented in differing proportions to the relative populations within Del Norte, Humboldt and 
Mendocino Counties.  

The Eureka and Del Norte campuses of the College of the Redwoods serve a larger percentage of the 
ethnic minority population than is present in their surrounding counties. Mendocino serves about the 
same percentage, with 74 percent of Caucasian students served in a county that is 73 percent Caucasian.  
With a rising population of ethnic minorities who appear likely to attend the College of the Redwoods, it 
is expected that the College will experience a notable change in the ethnic composition of the student 
body, especially with an increase in population groups that have been underrepresented in higher 

    Data was made available

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                              120

The 2010 Census revealed the Hispanic population is the fastest growing population in Humboldt (10%), 
Mendocino (25%) and Del Norte (18%) counties.  The Eureka campus reflects the county population 
percentage, the Mendocino Center is less at 17% and the Del Norte Center reveals the greatest 
difference in representation at 11%. 

Humboldt County’s population includes 50% females, 10% Hispanic, 1% Blacks and 6% American Indians 
or Alaskan Natives. At the Eureka Campus 49% females, 9% Hispanic, 3% Blacks, 6% American Indians or 
Alaskan Natives, 5% Asian/Pacific Islanders and 11% persons with disabilities. 

Del Norte County’s population includes 45% females, 18% Hispanic, 4% Blacks, 8% American Indians or 
Alaskan Natives, and 4% Asian/Pacific Islander.  At CR’s Del Norte Campus there are 66% females, 9% 
Hispanic, 1% Black, 11% American Indians or Alaskan Natives, and 7% Asian/Pacific Islanders and 13% 
persons with disabilities. 

Mendocino County has 50% females, 25% Hispanic, 1% Blacks, 1% American Indian or Alaskan Natives 
(Census 2012).  The Mendocino Campus student body includes 66% females, 19% Hispanic, 1% Blacks, 
3% American Indian or Alaskan Natives, 3% Asian/Pacific Islander and 19% persons with disabilities. 


A.  Target Groups and Equity Indicators 

The College intends to conduct research‐based activities which will have a positive impact on access and 
success for all students.  There are a few groups where special emphasis will be made.  A review of the 
data indicates a lack of representation in achievement across several academic indicators.  The reviews 
of the research data on the five key indicators reveal a need to focus on target groups that are 
underrepresented as specified below:    

Access:  Black students, Hispanic, Disabled and American Indian/Alaskan Native students  

Course Completion: Black, American Indian/Alaskan Native and Hispanic Students  

ESOL/Basic Skills: Black, American Indian/Alaskan Native and Hispanic Students  

Degree and Certificate Programs: All students with relative emphasis placed on the achievement rates 
of underrepresented students  

Transfers: All students with relative emphasis placed on the completion rates of underrepresented 

Retention:  Asian Pacific Islander, Disabled, American Indian/Alaskan Native and Hispanic students. 

B.  Goals Addressing Indicators 


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                                          121
District‐wide goals have been developed for the Student Equity Plan as well as for each of the five 
student equity indicator areas and two additional indicators that were developed and ratified by the 
Academic Senate and then adopted by the College’s Board of Trustees in 2005. This plan includes an 
additional indicator.  These goals include: 


Access (I) 

Indicator:  A comparison of the percentage of each group that is enrolled to the percentage of each 
group in the adult population within the community served.  It is noteworthy that every population 
except the Caucasian (which declined from 67% to 66%) has increased by one percentage point from 
2009‐2010 to the present. 


         Increase the District‐wide Hispanic student enrollment, which in 2010‐2011 was at 9%, by 2% 
          per year to reach at least 12% by year 2015.  The 2010 Census revealed the Hispanic population 
          is the fastest growing population in Humboldt (10%), Mendocino (25%) and Del Norte (18%) 
          Counties.  The Student Equity Plan indicates the need for relative matching of growth in 
          enrollment for Hispanic students to the relative growth of respective county populations.  

         The comparison between the three counties’ Black populations shows Humboldt at 1%, 
          Mendocino at 1% and Del Norte at 4%.  Enrollment data indicates the Eureka Campus has 4%, 
          and both Mendocino and Del Norte have 1% Black students.  Across the District, this population 
          is relatively small and not significantly increasing.  However, in Mendocino and Del Norte 
          Counties there is a discrepancy between population data as reflected in enrollment at the 

         Increase Hispanic population 1% per year to reach 24% by the year 2017 at the Mendocino 

         Increase the percentage of Black student enrollment in Mendocino and Del Norte Counties by 
          .5% (average between the two counties) per year to reach at least 3% by the year 2015. 

         Identify barriers to access for American Indian or Alaskan Native populations. 

         Increase the percentage of American Indian Alaskan Natives at the Mendocino Center by 1% for 
          two years to reach 5% by the year 2014. 

         Identify any barriers to success for students with disabilities.  



Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                      122
Course Completion (II) 


Indicator:  Course Completion is determined by computing the ratio of the number of credit courses 
that students by population group successfully completed by the end of the term compared to the 
number of courses in which students in those groups were enrolled on the census day of the term. 

Course completion rates for students district‐wide have remained relatively stable at 69% since 2006.   
However, attention should be paid to the underrepresented populations specified below.   


To reverse the trend of decreasing course completions in the Hispanic, Black American Indian/Alaskan 
Native, and Pacific Islander populations the college aims to: 

         Increase the course completions of African American Students 5% per year for five years to 
          reach 69% by 2017. 

         Increase the course completions of Hispanic students 2% per year for five years to reach 69% by 

         Increase the course completions of American Indian/Alaskan Natives 2% per year for five years 
          to reach 69% by 2017. 

         Increase the course completions of Pacific Islander students 1% per year for five years to reach 


Degree and Certificate Completion (III) 

Indicator:  Completion is determined by comparing the number of students in the targeted groups who 
have received degrees and certificates in the past three years to the completion rates of the non‐target 
group of students with the same informed articulation goal. Target group completion will be considered 
sufficient if it equals or exceeds the three‐year averaged ratio of enrolled targeted students to enrolled 
non‐targeted students in the District. The completion rates for the total student population hovers at 
6.1% in 150% time or three years. 



Due to the relatively small percent of students who are completing degrees and certificates in three 
years, the goal for this indicator is more expansive. 


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                    123
1. Achieve greater rates of completion for equity and other populations by at least 1% (or more) per 
year over the next five years with the target of 6.1% or more for all equity groups. Vocational certificate 
(Career and Technical Education) completion is greater for all populations however; the following 
activities are not specific to degree completion due to the decreases found in African American, Native 
American/Alaskan Native, disabled and Hispanic populations.   

         Examine course completion data by the end of the Spring 2013 semester to determine the ratio 
          of underrepresented students to Caucasian students (Black students/non‐Blacks, Hispanic/non‐ 
          Hispanics, Disabled‐non Disabled, Native American/non Native American) and to set appropriate 
          goals for those groups, so that the target ratios will be equal to or exceed that number.       

         Continue to monitor the ethnic and gender distribution of degree and certificate recipients to 
          ensure it is comparable to that of the total student population who enrolled for the first time 
          three years earlier. 


ESOL/Basic Skills Completion (IV) 

Indicator:  The number of students who complete a degree‐applicable course in the Basic Skills 
discipline within two semesters of having completed the final ESOL or Basic Skills course in the 


    1. Reverse declining trends in success completion rates in Basic Skills in all equity groups. There has 
       been a 10% decline in Caucasian student success rates since the 2005 SEP report (2003 data).  
       The decline in success rates has been greatest for Black, Hispanic, and Pacific Islander students. 

    2. Identify ESOL students in the application process and track success rates in all Basic Skills courses. 

    3. Track students enrolled in ESOL courses and analyze the data on persistence to determine if 
       there is a difference in the distribution of the total number of completers.  Develop goals as they 
       relate to these data. 

    4. Continue to develop ESOL specific coursework aimed at the success of the ESOL population. 

    5. Offer pre‐collegiate ESOL courses at the Mendocino and Del Norte Centers as well as the Eureka 

    6. Increase the percentage of Black student basic skills completion by 6% for the next five years to 
       reach 55% by 2017. 

    7. Increase the percentage of Hispanic student basic skills completion by 2% per year for the next 
       five years to reach 55% by 2017. 

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                    124
    8. Increase the percentage of Asian Pacific Islander student basic skills completion by 1.5% for the 
       next five years to reach 55% by 2017. 

    9. Increase the percentage of Native American/Alaskan Native student basic skills completion by 1.5 
       % in the next five years to reach 55% by 2017. 

    10. Continue to track females enrolled in Basic Skills courses to monitor recent trends in success gaps 
        in BSI courses.  


Transfers (V) 

Indicator:  This indicator is defined as the ratio of  the number of students by population group who 
complete a minimum of 12 units and have attempted a transfer‐level course in mathematics or English 
to the number of students in that group who actually transfer after one or more (up to six) years.  


There has been a dramatic drop in overall transfer percentages across all populations since 2003.  There 
are also large discrepancies between equity populations and non‐equity populations. 

Transfer rates for eligible students are at 40% for the Caucasian population in 2005‐2006 and there are 
differential percentages for equity populations with the total population percent at about 37%. Goals 
are based on bringing all populations lower than 40% up to 40% parity. 

         Increase female percentage of transfer by 1% every year for the next five years to reach 40% by 

         Increase Black student percentage of transfer 1.5% per year for five years to reach 40% by 2017. 

         Increase American Indian Alaskan Native transfer 4.5% every year for the next five years to 
          reach 40% by 2017. 

         Increase Asian Pacific Islander percentage of transfer 2% every year for the next five years to 
          reach 40% by 2017 

         Increase Hispanic percentage of transfer 2% for the next five years to reach 40% by 2017. 

         Increase Female percentage of transfer 1% for the next five years to reach 40% by 2017. 

Retention (VI) 

Indicator: The combined number of students who remain in a course with a grade of F or better. 
Retention will be assessed by the number of retained students divided over the total number of 
students enrolled at census.    

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                     125


Course Retention 

         Maintain and increase Latino retention by 1% in one year to reach 88% by 2013. 

         Increase the Disabled Student population retention by 1% in one year to reach 88% in 2013. 


Vocational Course Retention 

         Monitor Asian Pacific Islander retention percentages closely to determine factors that 
          contribute to decline in retention. 

         Increase Asian Pacific Islander retention by 2% per year to reach 92% by 2015. 

         Monitor Disabled Student retention percentages closely to determine factors that contribute to 
          the decline in retention. 

         Increase Disabled Student retention by 2% every year to reach 92% by 2015. 

         Monitor Native American retention percentages closely to determine factors impeding 

         Increase Native American retention by 2% every year to reach 92% by 2014. 

         Monitor Latino retention percentages closely to determine factors that contribute to the decline 
          in retention. 


The College of the Redwoods Student Equity Plan includes three additional equity indicators to ensure 
that the College is able to measure the extent to which it fulfills the ideals expressed in its Statement of 


Campus Climate (VII) 

Indicator: Campus climate will be assessed by analyzing the recruitment efforts and retention data 
related to the hiring of faculty and staff from underrepresented groups. 


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                    126
         Increase the number of qualified faculty hires from ethnic minority groups and increase the 
          retention rates of these individuals.  

         Implement appropriate instrumentation (questionnaires or surveys) designed to measure 
          campus climate and conduct data collection regarding this important issue. 

         Integrate campus climate accountability measures into program development and review to 
          measure the relative success of newly developed programs across disaggregated student groups 
          in accordance with populations described by The System Office and the Board of Governors (fall 
          2002) and Academic Senate for California Community Colleges. 


Overall Implementation (VIII) 

Indicator: To continually monitor, update, and implement the recommendations of the Student Equity 


C.  Summary of Activities 

College of the Redwoods has actively engaged in District‐wide efforts to improve student access and 
success rates in a variety of ways.  The development of the Student Equity Plan underscores these 
efforts and their foundational philosophy.  The Plan is written with the absolute intention of making a 
substantive District‐wide impact on the access and success rate of underrepresented students with 
activities clearly delineated and attainable.  Accountability is a necessary component of the plan, so that 
the relative success of different programs and activities will be measured by specified outcome data on 
an annual basis.  One activity includes integrating student equity population success into Program 


1.  Access:  Recruitment strategies will be employed and continually reviewed in order to reach out to 
underrepresented populations.  CR will continue to work in collaboration with Humboldt State 
University to recruit from underrepresented population pools.  Outreach events targeting 
underrepresented populations will be reinstated and continued annually.  Access for Hispanics and 
Native American youth will be enhanced by their participation in the Academy of the Redwoods, an 
Early College High School initiative launched in 2004. 


2.  Course Completion: A number of activities designed to increase the success rate of under‐prepared 
students are already provided at College of the Redwoods.  Specific outcome data will be collected to 
determine the efficacy of these programs with the tracking of students by ethnicity, gender and 
disability.  Staff and faculty development activities will be provided to increase cross‐cultural awareness 

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                   127
and competency.  An ESOL program will be designed and integrated into the existing programs to 
increase the success rates of ESOL students (Appendix H).  Multicultural dimensions will be incorporated 
into general education program courses through a 3‐unit diversity and common ground requirement 
and/or similar requirements within the broader General Education courses offered. Such curricula will 
help all students recognize the importance of cross‐cultural competency.  Research clearly indicates that 
multicultural curriculum development increases the completion rates for all students.   


3.  Degree and Certificate Completion: All students will be encouraged to complete certificates and/or 
associate degrees, and those who do not complete their educational goals will be provided with an exit 
survey to provide the College with better data for future program development. 


4.  ESOL/Basic Skills Completion:  The number of students from 2005 in the ESOL course provided by 
College of the Redwoods was too small (N=18) to create meaningful descriptive analyses.  Raw numbers 
indicate that of these eighteen students six earned an F or D with one student achieving an A and twelve 
receiving a C or better.  The data to evaluate whether students complete English 1A after completing 
English 150 by ethnicity in 2005 was also spurious as the total N of targeted students enrolled in English 
1A was extremely small.  Extensive work has been conducted since 2005 to create meaningful reports 
although the number of students remains small.  The overall findings demonstrate consistent trends in 
ESOL/Basic Skills Completion over time, across cohorts and when analyzed in relation to other indicators 
(College of the Redwoods IR report 2012).  Additional data will be monitored and reported on annually 
to ascertain the reliability and validity of these trends.  ESOL data reveal positive trends in Access, 
Course Completion and Basic Skills Completion within ESOL cohorts. However, Basic Skills completion 
has revealed overall downward trends, impacting some equity groups in greater amounts   


5.  Transfer:  Transfer data reveal that College of the Redwoods students are more likely to transfer to 
California State Universities or to other California Community Colleges than to University of California or 
private institutions.  Additional data will be collected in order to evaluate the meaning and cause of this 
trend.  If students are unaware of scholarships available at the University of California and at private 
institutions, then activities will be developed to better disseminate that information. 


6. Retention: Retention data reveal that underrepresented students fare better in non‐vocational course 
retention than in vocational course retention.  The reasons for these trends are unknown. Activities will 
include those that support students in degree and certificate programs and will meet goals to continue 
to monitor retention rates closely in groups showing declines in retention rates and for those that show 
decrements in retention. 


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                   128
7.  Campus Climate:  The Human Resources department will make available yearly data regarding the 
hiring and retention of underrepresented populations in faculty positions.  The Professional 
Development Committee will promote training opportunities and workshops to heighten the awareness 
of faculty and staff regarding diversity related issues.  A Multicultural and Diversity Center will be 
developed to house research and instructional support for faculty, staff and administrators regarding 
issues related to cultural awareness. The Center will also make available information regarding events, 
both within and beyond the immediate geographical area. A Multicultural Student Center will be 
created and supplied with educational materials, computers and seating areas to promote a supportive 
environment for students.  Student Equity will be a more visible component of the Program Review 
Process already existing at the College.  Questions about access and success of students will be 
incorporated into the documents to be completed as each of the programs reviews its courses, services 
and programs.  Integration of existing programs benefiting all students will be reviewed in terms of their 
relative impacts on underrepresented groups by specific populations. 


8.  Systematic Implementation of the Student Equity Committee Plan:   Establish standing committee to 
implement, update, and reevaluate the Student Equity Plan that reflects the highest levels of 
governance as recommended in the Student Equity Plan guidelines.  This committee will be comprised 
of the following persons: the CR President/Superintendent; the Vice President of Instruction; the Vice 
President of Student Development; one additional member appointed by the College Council; a Senator 
chosen from the Faculty Senate;  a Multicultural and Diversity Committee representative; a 
representative from the Institutional Research Office; and one Dean of Instruction.  This committee will 
invite an ASCR student representative. This committee will provide direction to the program, will 
identify internal and external funding sources, and assess progress towards achieving specified goals and 
implementing activities. The Student Equity Committee Chair will report on the progress of the Student 
Equity Plan to the College Council, the Faculty Senate and the Board of Trustees annually.  Each 
governance body receiving the report will make recommendations to the Student Equity Committee 
regarding enhancing the implementation and forward progress of the plan.  The chairperson of this 
committee will be appointed by the CR President/Superintendent. Responsibility for implementing the 
Student Equity Plan will be shared across campus departments and units but will be overseen by the 
Student Equity Plan Committee.  The 2012 Student Equity Plan will be made available on the College of 
the Redwoods website in order to assure accessibility for reporting and accountability.  Data on equity 
indicators provided from Program Reviews will be made available to the committee in order to support 
data driven practices. 


D. Resources 


The implementation of the Student Equity Plan relies on the commitment of the institution to apply 
resources to the programs and activities delineated by the Plan.  Programs such as an ESOL program and 

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                  129
the Multicultural and Diversity Center will require energy as well as the intentional application of 
funding towards their development.  There are also activities that may require a reconfiguration of 
existing programs; these will be funded by existing resources.   Grant and other funding sources will be 
pursued to support activities. 


E. District Contact 

Dr.  Kathy Lehner, President/Superintendent  

College of the Redwoods, 7351 Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka, CA 95501‐9300 

Phone: (707) 476‐4170, Email: kathy‐ 


F. Philosophy Statement 


College of the Redwoods takes seriously its responsibility to the citizenry of the counties it serves.  The 
College has an ongoing commitment that every student will be given an equal opportunity to reach his 
or her goal in an atmosphere of academic and institutional respect.  Increasing access and opportunities 
for success of historically underserved groups is an important goal of the Student Equity Plan (SEP) as 
the College recognizes the importance of institutionalizing student equality by creating specific goals 
and activities that will address the outcomes of specified indicators of success.  Furthermore, the College 
demonstrates this philosophy in measurable terms so that program development and services provided 
are developed based upon sound research. 


The extent to which student equity is achieved is a critical indicator of the success of the Redwoods 
Community College District. The success of all students is a reflection of the receptivity and 
responsiveness of the institution to the counties it serves.  College of the Redwoods demonstrates its 
values in the allocation of resources and in the strength of its efforts to institute and continually review 
and apply the 2012 Student Equity Plan.  


G.  Principles of the Plan 

Revisiting the Student Equity Plans of 1996 and 2005 reveals the guiding principles of those plans as they 
were first written.  These are the foundations on which the current plan rests today.  The principles 
focus on assessing and changing the “institutional culture,” developing a “sense of community” among 
administration, faculty, staff, and students, and building a College that embraces diversity and fairness in 

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                    130
order to provide students with what they need:  access to and support of a successful and positive 
college experience.  The principles of the 1996 and 2005 plans are as follows: 


    1. To review and improve the coordination of planning, programming, and funding in order to 
       maximize the efficiency,  effectiveness, and integration of resources designed to improve the 
       success rate of all students, especially that of underrepresented students. 


               a. To achieve equity for historically underrepresented students, we must focus on 
                  enrollment, retention, degrees/certificates earned, and transfer outcomes, so that the 
                  outcomes for such students are equal to or greater than that of the general population 
                  served by the College. 


    2. To acknowledge that real change cannot be made in a negative social and political environment, 
       the college must honestly assess its institutional culture, philosophy, and campus climate.  The 
       evaluation will aid the College in fostering positive change through open collaborative processes, 
       content‐focused reviews, and action plan and implementation driven by data. 


               a. The “institutional culture” or “campus climate” of the College will be assessed by 
                  examining every norm or practice to determine if it constitutes an institutional barrier to 
                  student equity or if it can, with some change, more effectively foster student success. 

               b. The major component of the campus climate concept is a review of the retention of 
                  faculty, staff and students from underrepresented groups and the perception of 
                  students, staff and faculty from underrepresented groups of the institution. 

               c. Relationships between student perceptions/decisions and their educational experience 
                  and career choices include the following factors: 


                               Faculty composition and philosophy 

                               Student/faculty interaction 

                               Curriculum content and pedagogical approaches 

                               Availability of academic support services 

                               The quality of student life 

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                         131
                               The extent of interaction among students 

                               The campus image in the eyes of the community 

                               Students’ expectations of the campus prior to enrollment vs. their actual 
                                experience once enrolled 

                               Campus leaders’ philosophy and the effectiveness of policy implementation. 


    3. To maintain and foster the following values, as articulated in Campus Life:  In Search of 
       Community, developed by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, the College 
       will strive to be: 

               a. a just community where sacredness of the person and diversity are honored; 

               b. a challenging and supportive environment: 

               c. an educationally purposeful community where students, faculty, staff, and 
                  administration work together to enhance learning; 

               d. an open community where freedom of expression is protected and civility is affirmed; 

               e. a responsible community where individuals accept their obligations to the College; 

               f.   a caring community where each individual is supported and service to others is 
                    acknowledged; and 

               g. a collaborative community where both traditions and change are widely shared. 


    4. The support for underrepresented groups yields economic and social gains for the Redwoods 
       Community College District campus, centers and surrounding communities.  This underscores the 
       districts adherence to mandates set forth by the Office of the Chancellor and the participation in 
       realizing the mission of the California Community College system. 


H.  Existing Activities 


The Redwoods Community College District has been actively engaged in supporting the academic goals 
of students since its founding.  A number of existing activities are designed to benefit all students and 
some are specifically funded to support the underrepresented student. 

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                       132

The existing programs and services that support all students are:  


     1. Student Advising   

     2. Student Health Center 

     3. Transfer Center 

     4. Career Center 

     5. Learning Resource Center 

     6. Academic Support Center 

     7. Initiatives to increase the success rates of students on academic probation and dismissal status. 

     8. The institution of learning communities and linked courses, and an additional community 
        designed for first‐year students 

     9. (CalSOAP)  

     10. Orientation Activities through Advising 

     11. Child Development Center (Child Care) 

     12. Implementation of a more directive and intrusive assessment and matriculation process for all 
         new students 

     13. Early College High School/Academy of the Redwoods 

     14. Veterans Resource Center 

     15. Institutional Research 

     16. CalWorks 


Existing programs/activities that specifically serve the underrepresented student populations: 

     1. EOPS (serving special and underrepresented populations) 

     2. DSPS 

     3. Student Support Services Grant (Del Norte) 

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                   133
     4. Recruitment efforts and outreach to special populations not defined by student equity 
        indicators:   homeless, former foster youth, formerly incarcerated 

     5. Faculty Senate Multicultural and Diversity Committee 


Programs and services no longer funded or supported for underrepresented student populations: 


          1. Specific ESOL course offerings in Del Norte 

          2. Regularly Scheduled Native American Studies course offerings at the Eureka campus 

          3. Multicultural and Diversity Center (previously housed at the Eureka Learning Resource 

          4. Trainings for faculty regarding hiring practices and underrepresented student populations 
             (Chancellor’s Office funding was made available in 2010 through the offices of Human 
             Resources and it is unknown if this funding remains available) 


Programs and services to begin in the fall of 2012 consistent with activities included in the 2012 SEP.   


         1. ESOL Pilot Project offered at the Eureka site with specific outreach programming. 

         2. BSI funded translation of application forms to targeted ESOL population groups. 

         3. First Year Experience (FYE) project targeted to serve first year, basic skills students.    

         4. Student Equity dimensions will be included into Program Review process.  

         5. Educational Plans designed with student collaboration.         


I.  Campus‐Based Research 




Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                      134
The District Institutional Research office provided the data for the analysis of the student equity 
indicators.  The population terms were provided by the Office of the Chancellor.  Existing data regarding 
existing programs were mined from a variety of sources.  The main sources are as follows: 


Sources include: 



College of the Redwoods Colleague Data Base 

Chancellor’s Office Data Mart Transfer Velocity Report 

U.S. Census Bureau, State and County Quick Facts 


The indicators for student equity were determined by the Office of the Chancellor and they include:  
Access, Retention, Degree/Certificate Completion, ESOL/Basic Skills completion, and Transfer.  Course 
Completion is added to report on the 2005 SEP indicator. Projective goals for the indicator areas for the 
underrepresented student groups were arrived at by determining the highest (or overall) indicator 
percentage of any given population or of the total population on each indicator.   


A review of the data indicates a lack of information about underrepresented student enrollment at each 
of the branch campuses. This is of particular concern in the case of the African American population as 
the census data by county varies widely across the College’s tri‐county service area and it is unknown 
whether each College campus successfully recruits students relative to the specific population numbers. 


Interpretations of the data regarding ESOL and Basic Skills completion may be spurious because the 
numbers used in the tabulations are so small that analysis of the data may be vulnerable to error. 
However, the College of the Redwoods Institutional Research website presents corresponding data 
collected from significantly greater subject numbers over a longer period of time that indicate the 
trends of disparity in success between equity populations are consistent with the Basic Skills analysis. 
Transfer to public institutions by ethnicity also involves small subject numbers that render findings 
vulnerable to error (See Tables 50 & 51).  This underscores the importance of the College’s commitment 
to track, analyze and keep current data concerning the five indicators for student equity defined by the 
California Community Colleges Office of the Chancellor.  Further, this underscores the relative small 
numbers of students representing their respective populations.  This is also the case for the graduation 
rates by ethnicity.   

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                   135

Research Data 


The data pages (Section III: Data Tables) provide the numerical information in table form used in the 
creation of the Student Equity Plan and the subsequent development of goals and activities.   


Goals and Activities 


Goals and activities have been delineated for each of the five indicators determined by the Office of the 
Chancellor as well as three additional goals determined by the Student Equity Task Force of 2004. These 
additions include the Course Completion and Campus Climate indicators as well as the implementation 
of the Student Equity Plan and Activities, which were chosen by the Task Force because of their promise 
of significantly increasing the likelihood of reaching the goals respective to each. Implementation is 
outlined in the guidelines determined by the Academic Senate of California Community Colleges.  A 
number of programs have been developed to enhance the learning outcomes for all students and the 
present plan fully supports these efforts while promoting the review of these activities in their specific 
service to underrepresented students. It is at this time unknown if there are differential success rates of 
various programs regarding specific student sub‐groups. Specific activities already in place, and those 
that can be augmented to maximize their potential, will be noted. 


The remainder of the Student Equity Plan will address each indicator for student equity, followed by 
data regarding that indicator displayed in graph form, followed by a summary of goals salient to those 
data.   Activities regarding the specific goals will be indicated in Section III as will the individuals and 
units responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of the identified activities. In 
conclusion, possible funding sources to support the activities will be outlined. 



Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                     136



I. INTRODUCTION  1                   

      A. Overview  1                 

      B. Definition of Indicators  3                         


II. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                                                                                  

      A. Target Group and Equity Indicators  5   

      B. Goals Addressing Indicators  5   

      C. Summary of Activities  8 

      D. Systematic Implementation and Planning  11                                  

      E. Resources  11   

      F. District Contact  11                    

      G. Philosophy Statement  12 

      H. Principles of the Plan  12                          

      I.    Existing Activities  13              

     J.     Campus‐Based Research 14                         



     A. Indicator I: Access  16   

     B. Indicator II: Course Completion  24                              

     C. Indicator III: Degree and Certificate Completion  31                                     

     D. Indicator IV: ESOL/Basic Skills Completion   39 

     E. Indicator V Transfer  53  

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                           137
     F. Indicator VI: Retention  59                        

     G. Indicator VII: Campus Climate  62                             

     H. Indicator VIII: Systematic Implementation             

           of the Student Equity Plan  66   


IV. IMPLEMENTATION  67                          

References   70 

Student Equity Plan Implementation Grid 2012  71 

Summary of Recommendations and Funding Sources  84 




Appendix A: CR Philosophy   85 

Appendix B: District Mission  86 

Appendix C: Board Policy #537: Student Equity  87 

Appendix D: Administrative Procedure #537: Student Equity  88 

Appendix E:  Student Equity Plan 1996  87                             

Appendix F:  Strategic Plan 2012 108                                                                                 

Appendix G:  Student Equity Plan 2005 109 

Appendix H:  Proposal to Strengthen Academic and Community Program  

                       for English for Speakers of Other Languages  183 





Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                        138
                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                     July 10, 2012
                                                                  Agenda Item #8.2


For information only

Update on the Del Norte Center.


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012           139
CRDN Board Report                                                                     July 2012


The summer Astronomy class went well and was enjoyed by the students. The rest of our
summer classes have now all begun.

The ASB is planning to put together a CR float for the Crescent City 4th of July parade. This
year ASB purchased extra giveaways so we would be able to share with spectators along the
entire route after running out of items halfway through last year’s parade. Banners from the
center’s student clubs will be displayed on the vehicle and float as well.

Phi Theta Kappa is planning a Saturday, July 21st carwash at the Crescent City Pizza Hut on the
corner of Highway 101 and Northcrest. All funds raised will go to the PTK scholarship account.

Faculty & Staff:

President Lehner visited CRDN on Tuesday, June 12th. The faculty and staff put together a
potluck lunch for everyone. Following lunch each area provided the president with a brief
orientation to their space and the work they do there. The campus personnel is eagerly looking
forward to more visits. The President’s next scheduled visit is Thursday, July 12.

Our maintenance and custodial staff have been tackling various summer projects (painting and
carpet cleaning) to get the campus ready for the coming academic year.

The Experience Works Program has placed a new part-time trainee with the front office. Mary
Ann Hale is paid by the Experience Works Program as we train her to use various software that
is used in putting our community education offerings together as well as the students’ Stall Street


Klamath River Early College of the Redwoods (KRECR) has opened up a new north location
right in Crescent City (adjacent to the Wellness Center) on the corner of Washington and
Northcrest. They have been promoting the charter school’s new site and have received more
than 50 applications from prospective students. They have also recently interviewed prospective
new teachers and are excitedly looking forward to the beginning of the new school year. It is
likely that more KRECR (high school) students will enroll at CRDN in the fall because of the
close proximity of the two entities.

Hoopa Career Technical Education Program (HCATEP) Director Jolene Gates met with Julia
Peterson, Pat Girczyc, Roxanne Metz and Anita Janis to discuss short-term training options that
can be made available in Hoopa to help meet the goals of the extended Perkins grant the Hoopa
Valley Tribe receives.

Respectfully submitted,
Anita Janis – CR Del Norte Center Dean 

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012               140
                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                     July 10, 2012
                                                                  Agenda Item #8.3


For information only

Update on the Mendocino Coast Center


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012           141
                                    CRMC June 2012 Board Report
                                       Submitted by Geisce Ly

     1. “MAKEPEACE” Play: One of our rooms served as the rehearsal space for the world
        premiere of MAKEPEACE in June and July at the Matheson Theatre in Mendocino. A
        portion of the ticket sales will go towards our student scholarship fund. This remarkable
        new play is directed by one of our associate faculty, Steven Siler. MAKEPEACE is a
        political/family drama about an executive who has spent his professional life working as
        a consultant for a major war profiteer called the Makepeace Risk Management
        Corporation. His job made him rich. He’s a family man who rarely sees his family
        because he works abroad, usually in third world war zones. His family and marriage
        explode one night in 2007 when the blow back from his actions in Iraq shatters their
        version of the American Dream. All bets are off for Martin Foley and his family when the
        devil finally demands his due.

     2. Community Education Classes: We are working to finalize three new community
        education classes to be offered this Fall semester.
           a. The first class is titled “Nonprofit Leadership: Running an Effective Nonprofit
               Organization” and will be taught by Catherine Marshall. This class will be geared
               to the needs of those staff, board members and volunteers tasked with running a
               successful nonprofit. The training will be provided through hands on exercises,
               facilitative discussions and participant focused problem-solving.
           b. The second class is titled “Occupy Your Body: Principles of Natural Healing,
               Part II” and will be taught by Karin Uphoff. This course will build understanding
               for the principles of natural healing to take care of one’s health. Students will
               become familiar with their basic physiology and how to incorporate natural
               healing lifestyle changes that foster long-term wellness.
           c. The third class will focus on the integration of personal organizing, feng shui and
               time management. Maggie Watson and Dyana Sangraal will be the two

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012               142
                             REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT
                                  BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                                                                    July 10, 2012
                                                                                 Agenda Item #9.1


The President/Superintendent recommends approval of the personnel items as presented on the attached

The personnel actions listed are being submitted for your review and approval.

There are 2080 working hours in a year. The following is a summary of the requests for temporary
    - 15 General fund positions for 2012-13
            o 3 for permanent employees on leave
            o 1 for special projects/programs
            o 3 temporary assignments as needed
            o 8 for instructional support
    - 3 Enterprise program funded positions for bookstore assistance
    - 1 Grant funded position for special projects/programs
    - 4 Categorical program funded positions
            o 1 for special projects/programs
            o 3 for instructional support

Salaries and benefits are included in the identified budgets.


Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012               143
Employment of Classified Staff
1.  Janet Susmilch, Early Childhood Education Associate, Child Development Center -
    .788 FTE, Range 114, Step 2, 1640 hrs/yr, $15.62/hr (Child Development Center special
    funds), effective August 16, 2012

Employment of Manager
2.  None

Employment of Administrator
3.  None

Employment of Faculty
4.  None

Employee Change of Status
5. Roberta Farrar, Professor, Nursing (LVN Program) to Professor, Nursing (RN
   Program) - Pursuant to transfer criteria in Article X of the CRFO collective bargaining
   agreement, Class 3, Step 15, $87,373 annual (general funds), start date August 1, 2012
6. Crystal Morse, Veterans Affairs Specialist – Range 115, Step 1, $2,733.47/month (grant
   funds), position continued as contingent on grant funds, position increased to full-time
   effective July 1, 2012
7. Cindy Anderson, Student Services Specialist I – EOPS to Administrative Office
   Assistant II – Math, Science & Engineering – Pursuant to transfer criteria in Article XI of
   the CSEA collective bargaining agreement, Range 111, Step 7, $2717.87/month (general
   funds), effective July 16, 2012

Unpaid Leave of Absence
8.  None

Out-of-Class Changes
9.   Juana Tabares, Student Development Advisor – Range 118, Step 4 plus 5% out-of-class
    $19.75/hr (general funds), effective July 13, 2012 – upon return of Student Development
    Advising Coordinator

Partial Leave of Absence
10. None

Leave Replacement Faculty
11. None

39-month Re-Employment list
12. None

Pre-Retirement Workload Reduction
13. None

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012             144
New Associate Faculty Appointments
14. None

Voluntary Services
    Volunteers                      Supervisors
15. Lucy Ingrey                     Ruth Moon
16. Wendy Choate                    Jamie Peterson
17. Tina Wahlund                    Joe Hash
18. Stella Peterson                 Dolly Davis

Requests for Temporary Assistance – These positions shall not exceed the maximum days
allowable by law and shall not exceed the 2012-2013 budget allocations. The Board
approval is for the position. Names, if available, have also been identified. Personnel in
these positions may change.

19.    Administration of Justice – PRE2B - $25.00/hour (general funds), 40 hours from July 1,
       2012 – June 30, 2013 – FOS Instructor
20.    Administration of Justice – PRE3B - $35.00/hour (general funds), 100 hours from July 1,
       2012 – June 30, 2013 – LEDS Instructor
21.    Administration of Justice – PRE3A - $30.00/hour (general funds), 180 hours from July 1,
       2012 – June 30, 2013 – FOS Instructor
22.    Admissions Assistant III - $13.00/hour (general funds), 1040 hours from July 1, 2012 –
       June 30,2013 – half-time coverage for permanent employee on part-time leave
23.    Associated Student Body – Drivers - $12.50/hour (general funds), August 15, 2012 –
       May 15, 2013 – transport students to various campus life events
24.    Art Department – Instructional Aide III - $10.51/hour (general funds), 142 hours from
       August 25, 12 – May 10, 2013 – piano accompanist
25.    Art Department – Model - $9.10/hour (general funds), 248 hours from August 25, 2012
       -May 10, 2013
26.    Business Technology – Coordinator – PRE2B - $25.00/hour (grant funds), 380 hours
       from July 1, 2012 – March 20, 2013 – coordinate cooperative work experience program
27.    Del Norte Campus – Bookstore Clerk - $9.50 - $9.75/hour (self-supporting), 440 hours
       from July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013
28.    Del Norte Campus – Bookstore Assistant - $13.00 - $13.50/hour (self-supporting), 440
       hours from July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013
29.    Eureka Campus – Bookstore Clerk - $8.53 - $8.78/hour (self-supporting), 4800 hours
       from July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 – additional assistance prior to each semester -
       Cassandra Alton, Hance Bolanos, Millicent Harmon, Gara Miner
30.    Financial Aid – Clerical Assistant 3A - $10.24/hour (categorical funds), 1500 hours from
       July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 – increase in applications and implement doc imaging –
       Kirsten Green
31.    Foster Care Program – Trainers PRE1B - $15.00/hour (categorical funds), 800 hours
        from July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 – to teach specific curriculum to participants
32.    Foster Care Program – Trainers PRE3A - $30.00/hour (categorical funds), 400 hours
       from July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013
33.    Foster Care Program – Instructional Aides - $8.00/hour (categorical funds), 960 hours
       from July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 – Trainer support

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012              145
34.    Health Occupations – Dentist – PREVB - $60.00/hour (general funds), 294 hours from
       October 15, 2012 – May 1, 2013 – for student clinical training
35.    Health Occupations – Dental Hygienist – PREIVA - $40.00/hour (general funds), 175
       hours from October 15, 2012 – May 1, 2013 – for student clinical training
36.    Math, Science and Engineering – PRE 1B - $15.00/hour (general funds), 150 hours from
       July 9 – July 9, 2012 – help students in “Math Jam” classes for basic skills courses
37.    Office of Instruction – Academic Affairs Specialist – PRE1B - $15.00/hour (general
       funds), 160 hours from July 1, 2012 – September 1, 2012 – to cover for permanent
       employee on leave – Mandy McNay
38.    Residential Life – General Maintenance Assistant - $9.17/hour (general funds), 974
       hours from May 29, 2012 - June 30, 2012 – as needed
39.    Residential Life – General Maintenance Assistant - $9.17/hour (general funds), 487
       hours from July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 – as needed
40.    Security – Public Safety Officer - $12.13/hour (general funds), 160 hours from July 1,
       2012 – June 30, 2013 – to cover vacant shifts – William Cleveland, Peter Din, Pam
       Dinsmore, Gary Holloway, Travis Mendes, Mark Sigsworth
41.    Student Services – Assessment Advisor - $20.00/hour (general funds), 400 hours from
       July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 – cover for permanent employee on leave – Maira Rodriguez

42. Amber Cavanaugh, Student Services Specialist III. Last date of employment July 11,
43. Lauren Hartman, ECE Assistant II. Last date of employment July 31, 2012

44. None

45. NSF STEM Grant
     a.    Paul Kinsey              $1,000
     b.    Bert Hafar               $3,500
     c.    Steve Brown              $4,481

46.    Assessment Coordinator
       a.     Erik Kramer           9 TLU’s/semester

Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012             146
                                                                            Open Positions Spreadsheet

                                                                                                                                         CLOSING/  FIRST 
REQ        SITE   POSITION                                           DEPT                       JUSTIFICATION      SALARY RANGE             REVIEW

                  POSTED (Accepting Applications)
13‐042    EKA     Accounting Manager                                   BS                        Replacement    $65,856‐$95,400/annual    July 13, 2012      FT
12‐176   MENDO    Instructional Support Specialist I                  DSPS                       Replacement     $14.18 ‐ $19.75/hour     July 17,2012      384
          EKA     Instructional Support Specialist I               Indus Tech                    Replacement     $14.18 ‐ $19.75/hour     July 20, 2012     684
          EKA     Early Childhood Education Associate                 CDC                        Replacement     $15.62 ‐ $21.76/hour    August 3, 2012     1230

                  CLOSED (Review, Selection & Interview Process)
12‐032     EKA    Assistant Professor, Nursing                       HOCC                        Replacement    $47,600‐$76,123/annual   May 18, 2012        FT
13‐043     EKA    Administrative Office Assistant II                  CTE                        Replacement    $28,116‐$39,156/annual   July 6, 2012       2080
12‐184     EKA    Systems Operator                                     IT                        Replacement    $39,516‐$55,032/annual   July 6, 2012       2080

                  BOARD APPROVAL (Pending)

      Board of Trustees - July 10, 2012                                                147

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