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									                                                                    Cloud Computing


              Desktop Virtualization


                                           As we approach the half-distance
                                           mark in 2010, here is an in-depth
                                           look at 10 promising technologies with
                                           perspectives on what the future holds for
        Business Intelligence              them. Read on to find out >>

                                                    Managed Services
                                                                            Document Management

Cover Story_Opening.indd 24                                                              6/29/2010 7:04:06 PM
                              Server Virtualization
                                                      26 | Cloud Computing
                                                      Seeking Fortune

                                Datacenter            29 | mAnAged SeRviCeS
                                                      Remote Control

                                                      34 | deSktop viRtuAlizAtion
                                                      getting Real, Albeit Slowly

                                                      37 | dAtACenteR
                                                      Breaking Free

                                                      40 | BuSineSS intelligenCe
                                                      Cloud Calling

                                                      43 | SeRveR viRtuAlizAtion
                                                      virtual existence, visible earnings

                                                      46 | StoRAge
                                                      Separate, Shrink & Store

                                                      50 | SeCuRity
                                                      Beyond Security

                                                      53 | netwoRking

                                                      56 | doCument mAnAgement
                                                      distinguish, manage, Search


Cover Story_Opening.indd 25                                                                 6/29/2010 7:04:15 PM
                                                   Remote Infrastructure Management is
                                                      turning out as a formidable and cost
                                                  effective business model for enterprises
                                                                        By Yogesh Gupta Illustration by Unnikrishnan AV

                     he IndIa Managed Services   Services Research Practice, IdC India.      pay-so-you-grow pricing models, along
                  market growing at 25 percent   These figures mean a colossal market        with the traditional SLa-based fixed
                  CaGR is expected to touch      for solution providers to ride the wave.    pricing and resource-based pricing
                  $2.2 billion by 2010 accord-   eric Samuel, Research analyst, IT Ser-      strategies. We believe that the current
                  ing to IdC India 2010. “The    vices, Springboard Research reasons,        $1.6 billion managed services business
        contribution of RIM (Remote Infra-       “as customer preference for IT change       in India will grow by over 20 percent
        structure Management) would be 16-18     from Opex to Capex, vendors are tar-        during 2010-11,” says Vohra.
        percent of the overall market,” says     geting the managed services market             “The customer’s focus is now swiftly
        Kamal Vohra, Manager, Software and       with attractive outcome based and           changing from hardware utilization,

                                                                                            juLy 01, 2010   InDIAn ChAnnelwoRlD   29

Managed Services.indd 29                                                                                                    6/29/2010 3:07:11 PM
        n speCIAl RepoRT | mAnAgeD seRvICes

        procurement and financing capabilities             RIse oF RIm                                        The boom in the organized retail
        to architecture flexibility, device and            With complexity of managing IT op-              and banking sector is driven by cost-
        labour productivity, hence evolution               erations amongst Indian enterprises             effective technology. “If this is imple-
        in technologies, changes in customer               amplifying on a daily basis. “Corporate         mented efficiently, it puts the control
        behavior and demand patterns, and de-              houses are increasingly viewing RIM             back on the CFO’s table. RIM is market
        velopment in the vendor and offshore               as an alternative to in-house manage-           reality and gels well with economic
        supply environment have propelled                  ment of IT.                                     scenario, where CFOs are compelled to
        the increasing demand for RIM,” says               “allied digital pitches RIM to CIOs in          reduce OPeX cost,” says Kamal Vahi,
        comments George Paul, executive                    complete offshore or hybrid models to           director, Compton Computers.
        Vice-President, hCL Infosystems.                   make valuable business decisions due               according to Samuel, “early RIM
           Saying that managed services help               to our comprehensive service capabil-           adopters are witnessing a reduction of
        give a quick and rational jumpstart                ity in RIM,” says Samuel.                       almost 25 percent to 35 percent in their
        to their growing enterprise business                  Shah at allied digital feels this will       operational IT budgets.”
        needs, Paresh Shah, VP, Technologies,              really take off in India. “There will              “In the domestic market, custom-
        allied digital says, “The specific trend           be a huge demand for refreshed infra-           ers are increasingly moving towards
        in terms of customer segments is that              structure, scalability and comprehen-           umbrella contracts wherein they out-
        organizations with younger manage-                 sive industry-standard infrastructure           source all their activities to a single
        ment in the CFO/CeO positions are                  solutions. all of these require cost-           service provider who not only supports
        becoming early adopters to outsource               effectiveness, better governance and            their hardware infrastructure but also
        their infrastructure services.”                    SLa-driven operations.”                         software/application infrastructure.
           avinash Pitale, Co-Founder and ex-                 Cost-effectiveness will become key              “Verticals like insurance, airlines,
        ecutive director, Omnitech InfoSolu-               and organizations will need a secure            microfinance, share brokers are in-
        tions says, “The biggest factor pushing            way to manage their networks, sys-              creasingly experimenting RIM to
        the managed services market has been               tems, and applications, as well as their        reduce their cost of operation while
        advances in telecommunications and                 intellectual property. “RIM will gain           improving the SLas with their internal
        Internet; many of the processes can                importance while they stay focused on           customers,” says Pitale .
        now be automated over the Web, some-               their primary business,” adds Vohra at
        thing that was not possible before.”               IdC India.                                      RIm FoR InDIA InC: Yes oR no?
                                                                                                           hCL Infinet, a networking arm and 100
                                                                                                           percent subsidiary of hCL Infosystems
                           TowARDs ToTAl soluTIons                                                         Ltd offers complete end-to-end net-
                                                                                                           work management solution and RIM

              o capitalize on burgeoning market           institution with a dozen certified IT security   is a part of network solutions. “a CIO
              interest, managed service provid-           experts on staff.                                likes to have IT assets managed which
              ers must differentiate themselves           n Sell the total value of service. Emphasize     are spread out across multiple loca-
        by demonstrating their ability to improve         both savings and improved IT / business          tions, on a proactive basis rather than
        business results and deliver total solutions,     performance in your marketing and sales          on reactive basis,” says Paul. “With the
        providing a single hand to shake to negoti-       activities. Vendors deliver more effective       adoption of RIM, organizations now
        ate and manage the relationship. Managed          marketing and sales messages when they           perceive IT as a growth enabler and
        services vendors must:                            lead with statements about the total busi-       innovation center rather than a mere
        n Offer bundles of services that solve busi-      ness value of managed services - both to         profit/cost center,” says Samuel at
        ness problems. Buyers want to work with a         the business decision-maker and to the IT        Springboard Research. “however, In-
        single reliable, capable vendor. There is still   decision-maker - and close with IT value to      dian organizations are reluctant to out-
        a healthy market for simple applications and      streamline and optimize management and           source their entire IT infrastructure
        network management as a way to augment            operations activities.                           to third-party vendors. nevertheless,
        specific, well-defined deficiencies in the IT     n Act as a strategic partner by helping          openness towards hybrid (combination
        capabilities of a potential customer. Pro-        clients migrate from IT to business tech-        of RIM and on-side managed services)
        viding network connectivity, applications         nology (BT). Enabling IT professionals to        model is growing,” he adds.
        configuration and management, and data            concentrate on transforming the business            according to IdC India, challenges
        center services in flexible bundles that aug-     while giving them sage advice about how to       facing CIOs are privacy concerns, in-
        ment a customer’s capabilities will be table      implement and execute changes will earn          creased dependency on a third party
        stakes in this market.                            you the right to revisit your clients and dis-   service provider and fear of IT staff
        n Lead with services that extend and aug-         cuss their progress and their future plans.      losing their jobs.
        ment customer capabilities. Offer services        This creates a virtuous cycle where you are         “The high cost of providing services
        that augment the skills of your customers.        improving your long-term opportunities to        using traditional models, Capex in-
        IT professionals are wary of vendors of-          satisfy your customer’s needs and grow           volved in procuring tools, building and
        fering to do everything for them because          your revenue.                                    retaining the skills of these tools, dif-
        they worry about their jobs. Don’t try to sell        Source : By Henry Dewing, Principal          ficulty to provide follow-the-sun model
        managed security services to a financial                       Analyst, Forrester Research         in a cost-effective manner are key

        30    InDIAn ChAnnelwoRlD juLy 01, 2010

Managed Services.indd 30                                                                                                                    6/29/2010 3:07:12 PM
        n speCIAl RepoRT | mAnAgeD seRvICes

        challenges compelling CIOs to explore       services has been observed in the mar-    Shah at allied.
        adopting RIM,” says Pitale.                 ket. “hence, channel partners should
          In addition, with vendors portraying      focus on these services and tie up with   vIRTuAlIsATIon To DRIve RIm
        cost advantage as the primary benefit,      the right vendor providing services on    adoption of RIM is being led by infra-
        they are losing grounds from CIOs           specific engagements, in the security,    structure managed services. neverthe-
        looking for high-end technical and          server, networking and enterprise stor-   less, network management services,
        delivery support. “as CIOs battle with      age segments,” says Vohra.                database management services, and
        legacy systems at disperse locations,          Quality of service delivered will      datacenter services are all set to con-
        RIM does not sound a good solution.         play a major role for success of a        tribute to this growth. “also, new ser-
        a hybrid delivery model is a better fit,”   vendor in the RIM space, say indus-       vices such as those around cloud and
        says Samuel.                                try analysts. “With a majority of the     virtualization will enable RIM to have
                                                    firms requiring more than 99 percent      deeper grounds,” says Samuel.
        FoR soluTIon pRovIDeRs                      uptime SLas, and with evidence               In 2010, virtualization will continue
        hCL Infinet deals directly with             available of Indian firms penalizing      to extend further into the enterprise
        customers. “We are witnessing pro-          vendors in case of default, channel       with desktop, sever virtualization and
        activeness from the SMB segment in          engagement will hold the key for the      application virtualization set for rapid
        acquiring new technologies and busi-        vendor,” says Samuel.                     growth. “RIM still plays a key role in
        ness applications be it e-mail security,       Prior to pitching for a new deal,      monitoring and managing the virtual-
        intrusion detection, virtual private        vendors and business partners should      ized environment,” says Paul at hCL.
        networking, storage, desktop or remote
        management. SMBs are becoming
        more comfortable with suppliers who                               Partners                  The cost
        are continuously monitoring their
        IT or communications operations
                                                                          have the                  of Internet
        remotely,” says Paul. Simultaneously,                      opportunity to             here is high
        the sales/technical team delivers the                      upscale con-               compared to
        uniquely designed managed services                         tracts by add-             places where
        solution by hCL Infinet.                                   ing devices                managed
           Omnitech’s RIMS is a one-stop shop
        to cater to all IT infrastructure needs.
                                                                   for monitor-               services have
        “We are focusing on managed services
                                                      ing. The capabilities in RIM            high acceptance. cloud
        based on hybrid approach with 60 to 70        enhances the status in                  computing will fire demand
        percent support offered through nOC           front of new customers.                 for RIM.
        as RIMS and balance as critical sup-
                                                      AvinAsh pitAle, co-found-               kAmAl vAhi, dIRecToR,
        port through onsite.                          eR, oMInTech InfosoluTIons              coMPTon coMPuTeRs
           as a matter of optimization, we con-
        tinue to increase RIMs component and
        reduce dependency over the physical
        resources over the period of maturity,”     understand prospects in totality to          according to allied digital, key
        adds Pitale.                                consult the customer as to which infor-   trends are automated RIM and inte-
           according to Vahi at Compton, the        mation is mission critical and needs to   grated services offerings, infrastruc-
        IT Channel has a huge opportunity to        be maintained at the client site, while   ture-as-a-service services. “Cloud will
        bundle a RIM pack with sale of every        it makes more sense in having the non-    be a driving factor too,” says Shah.
        IT product like, Laptops/ desktops/         mission critical information managed         “application management is the
        Printers/ Routers/ Switches and Serv-       remotely,” he adds.                       new trend to drive RIM. after 3G gets
        ers. Besides a good margin of about            arup Roy, Senior Research ana-         popular, we can expect more applica-
        20 to 25 percent on RIM pack sale, the      lyst, Gartner India says, “Solution       tions on mobile platforms and hence a
        cross sales opportunity is enormous,        providers need to get their process in    huge opportunity in managing mobile
        he informs.                                 place including six sigma practices       devices,” says Pitale. new technologies
           “Partners have various opportunities     to emerge successful in this matured      like utility computing, convergence,
        to upscale current contracts by add-        technology space.”                        and virtualization, are bringing more
        ing additional devices for monitoring.         “In remote desktop management,         momentum to the market. Specialized
        The shear capabilities in RIMS shall        database management and eRPs, it          point services based on technologies
        enhance the status in front of new cus-     is very cost-effective and more effi-     such as unified communications, secu-
        tomers,” says Pitale.                       cient to take a RIM offering for SMBs.    rity, BI are helping to increase demand,”
                                                    There are specialized offerings pack-     says Vohra at IdC. “RIM is an evolution
        venDoR – pARTneR eCosYsTem                  aged recently in the SMB space for        of contract. Vendors try to revolutionize
        In recent months, an increased trac-        desktop management as PC-as-a-ser-        the market through RIM which may not
        tion towards high-value professional        vice and Platform-as-a-service,” says     pays-off, says Samuel. n

        32    InDIAn ChAnnelwoRlD juLy 01, 2010

Managed Services.indd 32                                                                                                       6/29/2010 3:07:19 PM

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