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					                                          THE BULLETIN OF
                                                  Baldwin City, Kansas
Vol. XXIV, No. 2                                       November, 2011

     Railfest 2011
   Railfest 2011 (Sept. 3-4-5) celebrated the 60th birth-
days of MKT 142 and NYC 8255, and the 80th birthday
of KCS RPO Car 30.
   A new twist was added to this year’s event. A large
tent was erected (similar to the DOWT loading tent, and
over the same spot) to house sales of railroad memora-
bilia. Thanks to arrangements made by Bob Turner, nu-
merous vendors sold lanterns, timetables, books, maga-
zines and other collectible railroadiana Sunday the 4th.
	 Ernie	Griffin	operated	his	G-scale	model	train.
   Roger and Dee Clark serenaded passengers with their
live railroad music.
   Rides were offered on Tom Wheeler’s motor car,
Dean Hall’s pump car, and aboard our locomotive cab. THE STAR OF THE SHOW – Thomas the Tank Engine
   The Three Sisters Inn of Baldwin operated a food at the 2011 DOWT! See more photos on pages 4-6.
concession.                       (Continued on page 2)
                                                    DOWT 2011 – A Photo Essay
                                                       Jake and Misty Jak- who visited DOWT this
                                                    levich, Grain Valley, MO, year. The photo essay on
                                                    who won two free Day Out pages 4, 5 & 6 tell the
                                                    With Thomas tickets from complete story.
                                                    our booth at
                                                    the Great Train
                                                    Expo of March
                                                    19-20 (Page
                                                    4, May 2011
                                                    came and rode
                                                    Thomas Fri-
                                                    day, June 3!
                                                    lations to the
HERB CRAWFORD, right, and Eldon Denney being J a k l e v i c h
interviewed by a Lawrence Journal-World reporter, family! They THOMAS ‘DRIVER’ Dave Holland
center, for their Sunday newspaper edition 9/4/11. were part of keeps Thomas shined up for each day
Picture taken aboard KCS RPO 30 during the Baldwin- the 12,322 to- of DOWT, and says that Thomas is a
Norwood run, Sept. 3, 2011 of Railfest Weekend.     tal passengers “really useful engine!”
Page 2                                          Midland Mileposts                                       November, 2011

  Railfest 2011
(Cont. from page 1)
   And, of course, our friends with
The Kansas City Railway Mail
Clerks took their positions on-board
KCS RPO 30. Charles Pitcher and
Adrian Hertog operated a Kansas
Operation Lifesaver booth on-board
KCS 30.
   Some 745 passengers rode over
the three-day event, a whopping
214 passenger increase over 2010!
Even the Lawrence and Baldwin
City newspapers published great ar-
ticles about the event.

                                       PRESENTERS ADRIAN HERTOG and Charles Pitcher at the KS Opera-
                                       tion Lifesaver booth, riding Kansas City Southern Railway Post Office Car
                                       No. 30 traveling between Baldwin City and Ottawa, KS. Taken 9/3/11 dur-
                                       ing Midland Railway’s Labor Day weekend “Railfest” event.

                                       Lucky Thomas Fans Win Train Sets
                                          Two very lucky fans of Thomas
                                       the Tank Engine each won a Kan-
                                       sas Operation Lifesaver model train
                                          Midland Railway of Baldwin
                                       City, KS, held its 10th annual Day
                                       Out With Thomas event June 3-4-5;
                                       10-11-12. Alison Schueman of Fort
                                       Riley,	 KS,	 won	 a	 train	 set	 the	 first	
                                       weekend; Ethan McCall of Green-
NYC 8255 AND MKT 142 run               wood, MO, won the second week-
around the train on the passing        end. Presenter Charles Pitcher
track at Ottawa Junction one day       shipped the train set to Alison, then
during Railfest, Labor Day Week-       personally presented the other train           DAY OUT WITH THOMAS 2011
end, September 3-4-5, 2011             set to Ethan on June 22. Charles               Winner! Little Ethan McCall of
                                       says little Ethan was so excited he            Greenwood, MO, gleefully accepts
   Annual Meeting                      could hardly contain himself!                  his Kansas Operation Lifesaver

       Date                               Helping Charles at the Kansas               model train set from presenter
                                       Operation Lifesaver booth during               Charles Pitcher on 6/22/11. The
   During the September 24                                                            other winner was Alison Schueman
 Board meeting, a tentative            DOWT were Kenneth Walters, Alan                (not pictured) of Fort Riley, KS.
 decision was made to hold the         Bixler, Darlene Osterhaus and Shari
                                       Westfall. In addition, Bob Hruska              ciates our partnership with Kansas
 2012 Annual Meeting on Sat-
                                       manned our ever-popular informa-               Operation Lifesaver and its Execu-
 urday, Mar. 3. Watch for fur-
                                       tion table.                                    tive Director, Mrs. Darlene Oster-
 ther details.
                                          Midland Railway greatly appre-              haus.
November, 2011                                  Midland Mileposts                                       Page 3

Halloween Night Trains of Terror Were a Scream!
    Norwood was converted into a meat processing
plant known as the Norwood Meat Company during
our Halloween Terror Fest.
   Thank you to the Baldwin Theatre group for their
                                          continued co-
                                          along      with
                                          Midland      for
                                          making this an-
                                          other success-
                                          ful scary Hal-
                                          loween event.
                                            Also thank
                                          you to Allen
                                          Kinsley and his
                                          wife for their     Pendleton Market in Lawrewnce donated pumpkins
interior design skills that transformed the depot, and for and straw bales.
their	donation	of	festive	fall	flowers	and	gourds.           1,507 riders participated in the four-night event.

An Operation Lifesaver Moment
By	Ernie	Griffin
   On Sunday, Oct. 16, a pickup traveling westbound on
Woodson (County Line Road) had to swerve to avoid
hitting the 11 a.m. Maple Leaf train.
   The train was traveling about 5 mph and Mike Beem,
engineer, was blowing the horn for the crossing. The
truck driver took evasive action to avoid a collision, but
did end up in the nearby ditch. Fortunately there were
no injuries, and a farm combine was used to pull the
truck out of the ditch.
   Remember, “Any Time is Train Time.”
Page 4                                       Midland Mileposts                                November, 2011

                                                        CHILDREN ARE EITHER happy or scared to meet this
                                                        man, but here is a child delighted to be photographed
                                                        with Sir Topham Hatt during one of his many appear-
                                                        ances during DOWT.

MKT 5, using one of two       MIDLAND TRAIN STAFF                                    HEY, QUIT CLOWNING
new step-boxes espe-          makes sure passengers                                  around – this is serious
cially constructed for that   board cars safely and                                  business! Not at DOWT,
car.                          have an enjoyable trip.   TERRY ROBERTS takes          where on-board clowns
                                                        care of the fireman’s seat   are a delight to both young
                                                        on MKT 142.                  and old alike.

THE CROWD GATHER at the DOWT Live Petting Zoo,
where children could view baby farm animals, and oth-   EVEN THE SCALE MODEL of Thomas the Tank En-
er exotic creatures.                                    gine fascinates our young visitors.
November, 2011                                   Midland Mileposts                                            Page 5

TEMPORARY TATTOOS are certainly “in vogue” at
DOWT. Here a “Thomas Tattoo” is applied to several

                                                             SCOTT THOMAS at the
                                                             controls of MKT 142 dur-
                                                             ing the 2011 DOWT.

                                                                                          MARTY THE MAGICIAN
                                                                                          is always a crowd favor-
                                                                                          ite at our DOWT events.
                                                                                          Here, he performs his stu-
                                                                                          pendous feats of magic to
                                                                                          an enthusiastic crowd!
                               WITH HIS HAND ON
                               the throttle, Ernie Griffin
                               operates his scale model
                               Thomas the Tank Engine
                               train set, while Tom Ham-
                               ilton performs mainte-        “THE BIG RED DOG”,
                               nance-of-way duties.          one of several moon-walk
                                                             inflatables at DOWT.

                                                                                          “HERE COMES THOMAS!”
                                                                                          announces Tom Wheeler.
                                                                                          Tom’s deep voice is a famil-
MARVIN SUDDUTH HELPS                                                                      iar sound at all our DOWT
direct passengers to board     BALDWIN CITY FIRE CHIEF Allen Craig (seated) and           events, announcing train
the DOWT train, in the big     his staff enjoy showing off their big, red fire truck to   departures and other im-
blue-and-white loading tent.   young Thomas fans.                                         portant information.
Page 6                                          Midland Mileposts                                November, 2011

                                                             CHARLES PITCHER, Darlene Osterhaus, Executive
                                                             Director Kansas Operation Lifesaver State Coordina-
ALAN BIXLER HELPS operate the Kansas Operation               tor, and Shari Westfall, KDOT, work the Kansas Opera-
Lifesaver booth during DOWT.                                 tion Lifesaver booth at DOWT on June 10, 2011

Ice Cream Social – A First Time Success
   Over the Independence Day holiday weekend, Mid-
land ran two Ice Cream Social trains on July 2 and 3.
This	was	the	first	time	we	have	held	this	event.
   The Norwood shelter was adorned in a red-white-
blue 4th of July motif and patriotic music played in the
   Thanks to generous donations from Sylas & Mad-
dy’s Homemade Ice Cream and Hy-Vee Grocery, both
in Lawrence, and Saucy Diane (for ice cream toppings)
and Dollar General Store, both in Baldwin City, we
were able to provide free ice cream to a total of 119 rid-
ers on our 2:00 p.m. Norwood trains.
   The Planning Committee wants to expand the event
for July, 2012 to make it bigger and better – watch for
further details!

                                Photos by Allen Kinsley
November, 2011                                     Midland Mileposts                                                   Page 7

Easter Egg Hunt Trains
are a Children’s Delight
Photographs by Allen Kinsley
   Saturday, April 23, started as a cool cloudy day, but
nontheless an exciting one for 974 passengers who rode
Midland’s 8th annual Easter Egg Hunt Trains. In fact,
the weather cleared that afternoon, making for a beauti-
ful day!
   The Planning Committee and other volunteers worked
hard to make sure everything went well, including the
distribution	 of	 hundreds	 of	 candy-filled	 Easter	 eggs.	
Trains operated at 10 a.m., 12 Noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
   A big “Thank you” to all of the train crews, volun-
teers and Christyne Hays, who portrayed none other
than Peter Cottontail, the Easter Bunny!
   Total ridership at this year’s event was a 36 passen-
ger increase over 2010!
                                                                Fueling the Midland
                                                               Information provided by         comotives and MOW ma-
                                                               Cole Crockett                   chines. Fuel has averaged
                                                                  All of us who drive cars     $3.55/gallon for unleaded
                                                               have been very conscious        and $3.40/gallon for #1
                                                               of	 the	 fluctuating	 price-    off-road diesel.
                                                               per-gallon of gasoline this        In 2010, the total cost
                                                               past year. We love seeing       was around $10K, averag-
                                                               the price go down; and, of      ing $2.65 for unleaded and
                                                               course, dislike when gas        $2.52 for diesel.
                                                               prices rise!                       We buy fuel on an as-
                                                                  Midland Railway feels        needed basis, typically
                                                               the same way when it            about every six weeks.
                                                               purchases diesel fuel for
                                                               its locomotives, mainte-          WELCOME
                                                               nance-of-way machines
                                                               and tractors.
                                                                                                We welcome new mem-
                                                                  Cole Crockett orders
                                                                                                bers, approved during
                                                               fuel for the locomotives         second half of 2011.
                                                               from Capital City Oil, a
    Website Information                                        diesel supplier in Topeka,
                                                               KS. They provide all of
                                                                                                Bill Deramus, Corporate
                                                                                                Overland Park, KS (Jun. 2011)
     Need current Midland information right away? Its avail-   our lubrication needs for          Andy Norris, Family
  able at Midland Railway’s website,       the railroad, from fuel and      Baldwin City, KS (Aug. 2011)
  	 You	can	find	current	special	events,	ticket	prices	and	    engine oil to grease and            Devin Zell, Family
  schedules,	membership	application	and	roster	photos	of	      hydraulic	fluid.                  Lawrence, KS (Sept. 2011)
  our	equipment.	You	can	even	locate	it	on	Facebook	and	          In 2011, Midland spent         Russell Martin, Assoc.
  Twitter!                                                     approximately $18,000            Leavenworth, KS (Sept. 2011)
     To submit information for the website, or if you have     on petroleum products,
  a question, contact Allen Kinsley at akinsley.midlandry@                                      Warren M. Scholl, Sust.
                                                               including unleaded gaso-        Shawnee Mission, KS (Sept. 2011)                                                   line, and diesel fuel for lo-
Page 8                                        Midland Mileposts                                 November, 2011

Ballast - Our Track’s Foundation                                                       Excessive Heat
                                                                                       Reduces Riders,
By Cole Crockett
   Rock ballast is ordered                                                             Forces Train
by the job. Typically it is                                                            Cancellations
delivered to us via dump
                                                                                        Rarely since our inau-
truck in either 15-ton or                                                           gural train trip in 1987 has
18-ton quantities, depend-                                                          Midland Railway been
ing on the driver.                                                                  forced to cancel its tourist
   The size of ballast we                                                           train service due to what
use is 1½-in limestone                                                              Mother Nature’s wrath
rock, which is smaller                                                              throws at us.
than the 2½ or 3-inch                                                                   However, typical of rail-
granite rock Class 1 rail-                                                          roading, our trains have
roads use.                  OUR TRACK IS LOOKING BETTER all the time!               indeed been stopped by
   This year we have or- Here is new ballast, facing north from Woodson Road        high	 water,	 flood	 damage	
dered just under 450 tons (County Line), toward Tauy Creek Bridge.                  and washouts, fallen trees,
of rock. Last year we pur- it up from the quarry, it we spread it with the bal-     and even heavy rain or
chased about 800 tons, but costs about $10.50 per last	cars	by	either	“flood-       snow. Now we have added
there were more bridge ton.                           ing” the track or side-       excessive heat to that list.
projects requiring rock.      When it’s trucked in, dumping the rock.                   The summer of 2011
   Ballast delivered to us we spread the rock with      The quarry is Hunt          will go down in history as
via truck costs about $12 the backhoe and shovels. Martin Materials located         one of the hottest summers
per ton and when we pick When it’s picked up by us, in Ottawa.                      across America’s Midwest
                                                                                    and Southern Plains states
Boy Scout Train Camps Insert Plenty of Ties                                         that have been experi-
                                                                                    enced in many years! It
                                                                                    was so hot, in fact, Mid-
                                                                                    land chose to suspend its
                                                                                    operation Thursday, July
                                                                                    21, and Saturday-Sunday,
                                                                                    July 23-24. Even the 2
                                                                                    p.m. Norwood trip August
                                                                                    7 was annulled due to ex-
                                                                                    cessive high temperatures.
                                                                                        If it will make you feel
                                                                                    any cooler, one of our
                                                                                    Santa Claus Specials was
                                                                                    annulled December 2,
                                                                                    2006, because of a major
THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT, FELLOWS! Mike Pratt and Blair Adams (in safety vest)             Yes, Mother Nature can
direct Boy Scouts in the proper method of inserting crossties. Taken at the 10/8/11 throw Midland her worst,
camp, it was so warm some of the boys took off their shirts!                        but we always seem to
                                                                                    be able to “weather the
By Mike Beem and Cole Crockett                                                      storm”!
   The 2011 Midland Railway Train Camps were a success.
                                                                                                          depot was
   We had 696 troops attending our three spring and three fall camps from Kansas, The original BaldwinElm street,
                                                                                    on the north side of
Missouri and Oklahoma. Camp attendance varied from a high of approximately 140 east side of tracks, at Vliet St.
scouts and leaders to a low of 84.                                                  in the Railroad Addition.– 1873
   About 200 ties have been installed during this year’s Train Camps.               Directory Map.
November, 2011                                 Midland Mileposts                                           Page 9

                              Membership Ne ws
   Midland Railway recognizes special events that have Rock Island and Santa Fe railroads, but retired from
happened in the lives of some of our members.            the Midwest City, OK, Water Department. He had also
   Tom Wheeler and his wife, Mary, celebrated their                                     served our country in the
50th wedding anniversary the weekend of June 18-19.                                     United States Air Force.
A 1950’s “Movie Party” was held Saturday, June 18, at                                   John volunteered not only
the Ritz Charles in Overland Park, and a 5 p.m. “Hot                                    for Midland Railway but
Dog” train was operated from Baldwin to Ottawa with                                     also the Oklahoma Na-
85 guests Sunday, June 19. Congratulations to Tom and                                   tional Railway Historical
Mary – may you enjoy many more years together!                                          Society and Oklahoma
   Congratulations also go to Christyne Hays (Doug                                      Railway Museum. He
Hays’ daughter), who graduated from Lee’s Summit                                        was awarded Presenter-
West High School, Lee’s Summit, MO. Her 2011 grad-                                      of-the-Year three times
uating class commencement exercises were held May                                       with Oklahoma Opera-
15, and her graduation party was held at Midland Rail-                                  tion Lifesaver. He is sur-
way in Baldwin. Christyne plans to attend Longview                                      vived by his wife, sons
College in Kansas City.                                                                 and daughters and their
   Another member, Brian L. Davidson, graduated                                         respective spouses and
from William Jewell College in Liberty, MO, on May                                      children. He will be great-
14 and plans to open his own photography business and                                   ly missed by his friends at
be an events photographer for a local winery! Congrat-           John Ansell            Midland.
uations to our recent graduates!                            In other news, Charles Pitcher, Bob Hruska and
   Member Mike Pratt has resigned as General Man- Janice Deitrich worked the Midland display booth at
ager due to health reasons. The service Mike Pratt pro- Kansas Sampler Festival the weekend of May 7-8 in
vided to this organization cannot be properly applauded Leavenworth, KS.
here, as Mike has been a valuable asset for many years.
He has decided that other personal issues, to include
his health care and family, are currently more pressing.
Doug Hays, Director of Operations, will assume ad-
ditional General Manager duties in the interim. Mat-
ters involving the operation of the railroad should be
directed to Doug until further notice.
   Welcome Allen Kinsley as our new Marketing Di-
rector, replacing Bob Hruska. Kudos to Bob for his
18 years of dedicated service to Midland. One of Bob’s
most recent projects was to engage the services of
Whistletix. This company will be used as our on-line
ticket broker.
   Tom Wheeler stepped down as Special Events Co-
ordinator at the September Board of Directors meeting. BOB HRUSKA speaking with visitors to the Midland
Ernie Griffin will replace Tom effective January 1, Railway booth during the Kansas Sampler Festival,
2012. Members of our Special Events committee in- Leavenworth, KS, 5/7/11
clude Tom Wheeler, Allen Kinsley, Doug Hays, Charles Finally, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to our train crew
Pitcher,	Ernie	Griffin	and	Bob	Hruska.                   caller this year, Susie Pratt (Mike Pratt’s wife), who
   In sadder news, Tom Wheeler’s mother passed away called operating members and made sure that each train
in May.                                                  was	fully	staffed	by	qualified	engineers	and	conductors.	
   Member John Ansell, 70, Midwest City, OK, passed Hers is a very important job, indeed, and for that we
away August 8, 2011. John at one time worked for the sincerely appreciate her work!
Page 10                                          Midland Mileposts                                  November, 2011

Pitcher Makes Midland Presentation
   On June 27, Charles Pitcher and                                               tive engineer in the steam era, and
his wife, Patty, were guests of the                                              ran the 800-series engines.
Kansas City Railway Mail Clerks                                                     Then Railway Mail Clerk member
annual reunion luncheon held in In-                                              Charles Stephens, who worked KCS
dependence, MO, and Charles was                                                  RPO cars from Kansas City to Tex-
their guest speaker.                                                             arkana during the 1960s, presented
   The topic, of course, was Midland                                             Charles two brass RPO emergency
Railway and KCS RPO No. 30. In                                                   lamps he had “liberated” from one
brief, Charles explained the history                                             of the last KCS RPO cars ever op-
                                                                                 erated - to also display on KCS 30.
                                                                                 Note: these items were displayed
                                                                                 with great pride at the 2011 Railfest
                                                                                 weekend, to honor our friends - The
                                                                                 Kansas City Railway Mail Clerks.

                                          AFTER HIS PRESENTATION to the          Getting to Baldwin
                                          Kansas City Railway Mail Clerks re-
                                          union 6/27/11, Charles Pitcher ac-     May Be More Difficult
                                          cepts a builder’s plate from Kansas       A number of Midland members
                                          City Southern steam locomotive         live in the greater Kansas City met-
                                          No. 804 (4-6-2 ALCO, March, 1912)      ropolitan area and frequently “com-
                                          from George Corben. The plate was      mute” to Baldwin City to volunteer
CHARLES PITCHER poses with                displayed on KCS RPO 30.               for various positions on the railroad.
George Corben, President of Kansas        and the KC Railway Mail Clerks            According to a June 4, 2011, ar-
City Railway Mail Clerks at their June    join forces at each annual Labor       ticle from the Kansas City Star,
27, 2011, Annual Reunion, Ryan’s          Day holiday Railfest weekend to        planned highway improvements in
Restaurant, Independence, MO.             “ride on-board, visit with our pas-    -clude a $263 million interchange
of how KCS 30 was acquired by he          sengers and demonstrate something      rebuilding at I-435/I-35/K-10; $102
and Allen Maty; how Midland Rail-         unique from a by-gone era - the job    million for rebuilding US 69/I-35
way came to be; and how Midland           of sorting US mail aboard a fast       interchange; and $26 million for an
                                          moving passenger train!”               I-35 interchange at Homestead Lane,
                                             Charles invited all the clerks to   Gardner, all in Johnson County.
News We Can Use
    If you have an article or editorial
                                          once again “sort mail aboard KCS
                                          30” at this year’s Railfest, Septem-
                                                                                    Other area projects will be $192
                                                                                 million for the South Lawrence,
you would like published, please send     ber 3-4-5. He furnished everyone       KS,	Trafficway	and	$68	million	for	
it to Charles Pitcher, Editor of MILE-    in attendance a Midland Champion       K-7/I-70 interchange in Wyandotte
POSTS, at his e-mail: charlespitch-       newspaper and brochure. Then,          County. or to Loren Litteer,       each KC Railway Mail Clerk in at-      	 One	of	the	most	significant	high-
Publisher,,      tendance stood and introduced him-     way construction delays occurred
or via U.S. Mail c/o Midland Rail-        self and reminisced about his RPO      on, of all weekends, Maple Leaf
way, P.O. Box 5, Baldwin City, KS         career.                                Festival weekend, October 15-16,
66006-0005. Attn: MILEPOSTS.                 At the conclusion of the meeting,   by closing westbound I-435 between
    In an effort to cover our events      George Corben, president of the        US 69 and I-35.
in a more timely manner, plans are        group, presented Charles the actual       These major highway projects
underway to publish MILEPOSTS             builder’s plate from KCS steam lo-     will continue over the next few
as Summer and Winter editions in          comotive No. 804 (4-6-2 ALCO,          years – so Midland members, plan
2012.                                     Schenectady, NY, H Class, March        your detours now, but don’t let this
    The Editor and Publisher wishes       1912, #50625), to be displayed on      road construction discourage you
to thank all the contributors that        KCS 30. George’s great uncle Dal-      from volunteering at Baldwin City,
made this issue possible!                 las C. Holler was a KCS locomo-        KS. We really need you!!
November, 2011                                    Midland Mileposts                                           Page 11

Locomotive and Car Repairs
    Thanks to Tom Hamilton and            and placed back in service.
Dick Bell, co-coordinators, along         Locomotive MLR 460: Long dor-
with many helpers, the Mechanical         mant GE 44-ton locomotive even
Department reports numerous proj-         had some attention. The brake rod
ects have been worked on or com-          assembly was put on truck making
pleted this past season.                  it ready to be put under the engine!
Locomotive NYC 8255: A radiator           CB&Q Coach/Baggage 7301:
water leak was repaired including         Midland has anticipated the return to
pipes and hoses, and a burned bat-        service of this much-needed car for
tery terminal was replaced. Electri-      several years, and our Mechanical
cal relays and contact switches were      Department is making great prog-
rebuilt. Two batteries were repaired      ress. Brake head springs, bushings
and reinstalled.                          and brake beams were installed in
Locomotive MKT 142: An elec-              preparation to completion of truck
trical problem was corrected after                                                ALLEN MATY MAKES repairs to
finding	 a	 defective	 voltage	 regula-                                           one of our coaches in preparation for
tor and loose electrical connections.                                             2011 Day Out With Thomas event.
Also had to replace both #10 and                                                  steps were repaired. Tom Wheeler
#11 cylinder assemblies with rebuilt                                              reported that Mike Pratt fabricated
ones (work completed by Midwest                                                   the steps with Greg Murray mak-
Locomotive). A new deck plate was                                                 ing other repairs; Dick Bell, Allen
fabricated for front short hood end.                                              Kinsley and Mike Pratt installed
On August 21, a wheel derailed forc-                                              them one hot summer day, and Tom
ing the cancellation of the 2 p.m.                                                Wheeler did the spray painting. Fi-
train, but it was rerailed the next                                               nally, Tom wishes to thank every
day with little or no damage.                                                     one who helped get this caboose
Locomotive MLR 524: A split water                                                 back in service.
line coupling was replaced. Worked
on radiator shutters. Installed three
rebuilt injectors. Changed oil and
filters,	cleaned	engine	compartment,	

                                          NEWLY REPAIRED. The NE cor-
                                          ner steps of ATSF caboose 999060
                                          were rebuilt during the summer and
                                          is now back in service.
                                          assemblies for later installation un-
                                          der the car.
                                          Caboose MKT #5 and Coaches 801
                                          & 803 had their hand brakes tested.
                                          Work has continued on repairing the
                                          air brakes on caboose GN #32. Eight
                                          new brake shoes were applied to the
                                          Halloween Spook Car. Also, some
                                          touch-up painting was done to cars
TOM WHEELER PAINTING yellow               801, 803, CNW 441 and MLR (RI)
safety stripes on one of our coaches      2507 in preparation for DOWT.         IVAN VOORHEES MAKES repairs
in preparation for 2011 Day Out With      Caboose ATSF 999060: The pre- to one of our coaches before the
Thomas event.                             viously damaged northeast corner DOWT event.
Page 12                                        Midland Mileposts                                   November, 2011

    “ENS” Signs – What Are They?
   Loren Litteer presented an inter- the railroads which use it to focus        please visit the National Operation
esting railroad question to the edi- maintenance efforts, but also to mo-       Lifesaver website at or
tor of MILEPOSTS: “What are the torists seeking to notify railroads of          Kansas Operation Lifesaver website
blue signs attached on                               problems.                  at
posts at all highway-                                  By the late 1980s,
railway grade cross-                                 an FRA evaluation              Have a Railroad Question?
ings, and what are                                   deemed the program           Got a question about railroading?
they for?”                                           a success. According       Send your question by letter or e-mail
   Known as Emer-                                    to the evaluation, the     to Charles Pitcher, Editor, MILE-
gency	 Notification	                                 toll-free number was       POSTS, P.O. Box 5, Baldwin City,
Systems (ENS) signs,                                 accepted and used by       KS 66006 (charlespitcher@comcast.
they are usually at-                                 the public, and when       net). Both your question and the an-
tached below or near                                 railroads	were	notified	   swer will be published in a future is-
the crossbuck sign at                                about reported cross-      sue of Midland’s MILEPOSTS.
all highway-railway                                  ing problems, they
grade crossings. Ba-                                 responded. The evalu-      Rules, Safety and
sically, the signs say                               ation further indicated    Brakeman Training
“Report       Crossing                               that the program was
Emergency or Prob-                                   of relatively low cost,    Classes Held
lems” to a posted                                    and did not place an       Information by Doug Hays,
1-800 number, and in-                                undue burden on the        Director Road Operations
clude both a crossing                                participants, and, as it      As with any railroad, safety is al-
identity code number                                 led to timely correc-      ways a number one priority. Indus-
and name of street or                                tion of problems, the      try-approved training is the guideline
highway.                  ‘EMERGENCY NOTIFICA­ program did in fact              Midland follows during instruction
   In 1983, Texas es- TION SYSTEM” ENS sign improve grade cross-                classes offered to its members.
tablished	the	first	toll- posted with crossbuck at ing safety.                     This spring, classes were held
free call-in program College Street, Baldwin By the late 1990s,                 April 9 and 10 to review Midland’s
for the public to no- City, KS.                      NTSB recommended           rules and safety instructions, our
tify a state call center of problems that railroads develop and imple-          new Timetable No. 5 and General
at highway-rail crossings. The call- ment, without delay, a 24-hour toll-       Code of Operating Rules (GCOR),
in system requested that a sign be free	 emergency	 notification	 tele-         as well as locomotive operation and
posted at the crossing with the cross- phone system for use by the public       switching.
ing’s unique identifying number, as in promptly reporting emergencies              Taught by Doug Hays, they had
well as a toll-free 1-800 telephone at all highway-railway grade cross-         a total of 51 participating members.
number.                                ings. Thus, the purpose of the rail-     Doug says it is important to under-
   At the urging of the Federal Rail- road ENS is to enhance highway            stand the rules and how they apply
road Administration (FRA) and Na- and rail safety by providing the              and function.
tional Transportation Safety Board motoring public the means to con-               Then on May 21, Bryan Sanders
(NTSB), our nation’s major rail- veniently	 and	 efficiently	 notify	 the	      conducted a “hands-on” Brakeman
roads have adopted similar systems proper public and railroad authori-          Training Class in Baldwin to intro-
for their crossings.                   ties of problems at crossings. (Ex-      duce new members to our operating
   The pilot projects resulted in suc- cerpted from “Pilot Programs for         practices and to also provide a re-
cessfully operating ENS programs. Emergency	Notification	Systems	at	            fresher course for veteran members.
The ENS system has likely resulted Highway-Rail Grade Crossings” by                For Spring, 2012, Midland plans
in the prevention of numerous ac- Federal Railroad Administration,              to expand its hands-on training to in-
cidents, injuries and fatalities. The May 2006).                                clude MOW machines to spur more
ENS program has also provided             To learn more about highway-          interest in our track maintenance de-
valuable information, not only to railway grade crossing safety issues,         partment.
November, 2011                                 Midland Mileposts                                           Page 13

        Inside and Outside the Baldwin Depot
   The Baldwin City depot has taken on a new look this
season. Most obviously are the new roof shingles which
were installed on the depot and shelterhouse during the
week of August 1.
   Loren Litteer contacted Dr. Roger Boyd, president
of the Santa Fe Trail Historical Society, to report storm
damage to the roof that included blowing away some
shingles. Dr. Boyd replied that he was aware of the
damage and they would take care of it.
   When the new brown roof raised questions, since the
depot historically has had a red roof, he contacted Dr.
Boyd again to thank the SFTHS for the new roof and

                                                            NEW DISPLAY. Currently on display in the Baldwin de-
                                                            pot Gift Shop are photographs of our “2010 Railway
                                                            Trestle Renovation Project” and “Midland Events” de-
                                                            picting current activities such as DOWT, Boy Scouts,
                                                            Railfest, etc. Pay the Gift Shop a visit and see the new
                                                            display yourself!
                                                            Midland’s visitors.
BEAUTIFUL NEW ROOF! Midland’s Baldwin City depot               The shop is operated by Loren Litteer, who has the
sports a renovated roof, completed in August, 2011. This    shop open every Saturday, Sunday and holiday (includ-
should protect the old depot for many years to come.        ing DOWT) throughout the operating season.
to ask about the color                                         “I spend more time during the week searching out
change. Dr. Boyd ex-                                        new items, ordering, pricing, inventorying and stocking
plained that the Society                                    the showcases and shelves,” Loren said. “It is especial-
wanted to use the only                                      ly important that the shop give as good an impression as
local	 roofing	 contrac-                                    possible by offering the best variety of railroad memo-
tor, who could not get                                      rabilia, toys, t-shirts, caps, books, DVDs and snacks at
the same red asphalt                                        the lowest prices possible.”
roof shingles anymore.                                         In the beginning, older railroaders were interested
   SFTHS paid for the                                       in steam train items. Today, those have been replaced
new brown shingles                                          by	those	too	young	to	remember	those	now	fallen-flag	
which adorn both build-                                     railroads, and the merchandise has shifted to more kid-
ings. They also erected                                     friendly toys, books, videos and t-shirts. Special books
a new informational                                         and other items can often be special ordered for cus-
marker sign facing NEW INFORMATION SIGN.                    tomers.
High street, describing Along with Baldwin depot’s             This year, Loren has added new t-shirt designs,
the depot building’s new roof shingles, Santa Fe            books on garden railroading, and used and collectible
history.                   Trail Historical Society has     railroading books, as well as current railfan magazines
   A very important part erected a new information          such as Trains, Classic Trains and Trains 4 Kids.
of our depot building, sign giving a brief history of          Also visit the new “Midland Events” bulletin board
besides	the	ticket	office	 the 1906 Santa Fe Depot.         in the Gift Shop.
and waiting room, is our souvenir gift shop, which pro-        Contact Loren at for further
vides snacks, drinks and railroad-related souvenirs to      information.
Page 14                                         Midland Mileposts                                  November, 2011

                     Other Area Railroad Activities
    Class I railroads in our area were doing some exciting    Later on September 28, the Kansas City Star reported
things	this	year.	Union	Pacific	ran	its	famous	steam	lo- that KCS had given historical preservationists ten months
comotive No. 844 as the “Little Rock Express” tour, be- (or	until	July	30,	2012)	to	find	a	new	home	for	the	old	sta-
ginning May 27. On May 31, the train departed Kansas tion. The Blue Springs Historical Society needs to raise
City’s Union Station and made a whistle stop in Buck-                                     about $20,000 to move the
ner, MO, enroute to Jefferson City - St. Louis - Cape                                     building.
Girardeau - North Little Rock, AR.                                                           KCS has offered to re-
                                                                                          move asbestos and stucco
                                                                                          from the depot and even
                                                                                          donate $5,000 toward the
                                                                                          building’s removal. But, if
                                                                                          the depot is still there af-
                                                                                          ter July 30, KCS will tear
                                                                                          it down! MILEPOSTS will
                                                                                          try	to	report	the	final	out-
                                                                                          come of this historic struc-
                                                                                          ture in our Winter, 2012
                                                           LOOKING PROFESSION­               The Kansas City South-
                                                           AL and dapper, a UP Rail- ern’s 2011 Holiday Ex-
                                                           road conductor stands on press will be at Kansas
                                                           the platform at Buckner, City Union Station De-
WOULDN’T THIS LOOK GREAT on Midland rails?!! MO, during UP’s No. 844
It’s UP 844 pulling into Buckner, MO, leading the Ex- Excursion Adventure.
                                                                                          cember 16-17-18; Grain
cursion Adventure Tour Kansas City to St. Louis, MO,                                      Valley, MO Dec. 19; Hig-
5/31/11                                                    ginsville Dec. 20 and Blue Springs, MO, Dec. 21. To the
                                                           south, the train will be at Joplin, MO, December 9 and
                                                           Pittsburg, KS, on December 10. For a complete schedule,
                                                           visit Express Schedule.
                                                              The October, 2011 issue of Rural Missouri-Coop
                                                           writes	a	fine	article,	“Dining	on	the	Tracks	-	Columbia	
                                                           (MO) Star Dinner Train recalls a bygone era.” Opened in
                                                           July, 2011, the Columbia Star Dinner Train “has offered
                                                           patrons both a gourmet meal and a chance to recapture
                                                           the romance of a bygone era on a relaxing three-hour
                                                           [train] ride [Columbia] to Centralia and back through the
                                                           rural countryside of Boone County, MO.”
UNION PACIFIC steam locomotive No. 844, pulls into            The dinner train uses former Great Northern F units
Buckner, MO, for a scheduled “whistle stop” during (in	Wabash	paint	scheme)	and	former	Southern	Pacific	
UP’s Excursion Adventure Tour, 5/31/11.                    dining cars.
                           ~~~~~                              So, when in Columbia, make plans to have a nice and
    The July 28 Kansas City Star reported that the former relaxing trip aboard the Columbia Star Dinner Train. For
1926 Chicago & Alton/Gateway Western depot (now more information, go to or call
owned by Kansas City Southern) in Blue Springs, MO, 573-474-2223.
was	threatened	to	be	torn	down	the	first	of	August,	2011.	                           ~~~~~
The Blue Springs Historical Society asked for a six-          Ridership record: Amtrak trains carried more than 30
month delay to formulate a plan for the depot, hoping it million passengers in the past 12 months, the most in
could be moved to a smaller piece of land just across the one year since the railroad was created four decades
street from its present location.                          ago (1971-2011). Source: Kansas City Star, 10/14/11.
November, 2011                                      Midland Mileposts                                          Page 15

                                                                 Timetable No. 5
                                                                 Now Available
                                                                    Attention all train op-
                                                                 erating personnel – hope-
                                                                 fully you have been
                                                                 provided with the new
                                                                 Midland Railway System
                                                                 Timetable No. 5, effective
                                                                 Sunday, May 1, 2011. The
                                                                 9 page timetable includes
                                                                 stops along the main line,
                                                                 safety instructions, Codes
                                                                 of Conduct, and a sample
                                                                 Track Warrant.
                                                                 	 Midland	 issued	 its	 first	
                                                                 timetable No. 1 on April 1,
                                                                 1993. Our new Timetable
                                                                 No.	5	was	issued	to	reflect	
                                                                 current personnel assign-
                                                                 ments and revision of lo-
                                                                 cal instructions regarding
                                                                 train speed limits, slow
                                                                 orders, securing trains and
                                                                 the latest instructions pro-
                                                                 hibiting the use of mobile
                                                                 telephones in the cab of a
                                                                 moving locomotive.
Rails Around Missouri Book
   Our own Allen Maty is now a “published photogra-
   Author Michael C. Kelly has written a new railroad
book, Rails Around Missouri - The Show-Me State in
Days Past. Allen submitted some 80 slides from which
the author could choose. For the cover, Kelly picked Al-
len’s photograph of a southbound KCS Southern Belle
pulled by Engine 25 (1942 EMD E-6, 2000 HP), travel-
ing past the Grandview, MO depot.
   Says the author in a May 31, 2011 e-mail of the photo,
“That’s it ... that’s the cover shot!”
   The book will focus on the history of Missouri’s rail-
roads, covering the entire state. Rails Across Missouri is
due out Summer 2012!                                             OCTOBER DECORATIONS added to the fall season
   Allen also was able to publish a personal anecdote in         at the depot this year. This display of pumpkins, mums,
the new book, “The Kings of Cut-Rate”, the history of            bales of hay and dolls were the handiwork of Allen Kin-
Katz Drug Stores. In it, Allen tells the story of his father’s   sley. Mums were also put around the depot and two
kindness in helping a lost little girl by placing her on his     large doll decorations adorned both sides of the front
shoulders,	finding	her	mother	at	a	Katz	Drug	Store.              door. The mantle and other decorations were inside.
Page 16                                           Midland Mileposts                             November, 2011

LL&G Railroad Trivia
   Nov., 1888 – The entire train
heading to Baldwin City fell into
Coal Creek [about 3 miles north
of Baldwin] when the trestle over
the creek gave way and dropped
the entire train into the creek 20
feet below. The train consisted of a
steam locomotive, tender, baggage
car and two passenger coaches and
was headed south to Baldwin City.
No one was killed, but there were
several serious injuries and about 20
others received bumps and bruises.

Midland Milepost
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Midland Railway Historical Association
   Charles Pitcher, Editor & Photos        WORKING ON THE RAILROAD. A railroad crew laying tracks near Bald-
       Produced by Loren K. Litteer        win City sometime between 1895 and 1910. The workers are posed with
   Champion Publishing, Baldwin City, KS   their MOW handcar. Photo by Arthur Bridwell, Baldwin City. From Loren
                                           Litteer collection

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