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					    Earthquakes, fires, floods, landslides, heavy snow, high winds and an
occasional tornado have all helped California earn the title the “Disney Land of
Disasters”. Disasters are occurring more often and are creating unprecedented
amounts of debris. In addition, more large, even complex developments are
being built in disaster-prone areas.

    As a result of the increasing amounts of debris, the Governor’s Office of
Emergency Services (OES) is encouraging local and state governments to plan
and prepare for a disastrous event by developing a “Debris Management Plan”.       Debris Management Plan

                                                                                     What should your debris
                                                                                    management plan include?
               Debris Management Interim Plans                                     Mission Statement - A clear,
                                                                                   concise statement that states
 A debris management plan needs to address both short-term and long-term actions   the plan purpose, assumptions
 and responsibilities as a result of a disaster.
                                                                                   and tasks to be done.
 Short-term Activities
                                                                                   Concept of Operations - A
 • Establish debris removal priorities
                                                                                   clear statement describing
 • Debris clearance from roads for emergency vehicles, law enforcement,
                                                                                   how debris removal activities
     resumption of critical services and damage assessment personnel               will be conducted.
 First response:                                                                   Organization - A structure to
 • First priority:                                                                 control and coordinate debris
     o Hospitals                                                                   removal.
     o Police                                                                      Responsibilities - Assign
     o Fire/rescue stations                                                        specific tasks for debris
     o Airports and seaports                                                       management responsibilities.
     o Residential areas                                                           Actions - Ensure regulatory
 • Second priority:                                                                compliances, regulations,
     o Schools                                                                     ordinances, establish working
     o Municipal buildings and shelter                                             area and debris estimation
     o Water and wastewater treatment plants                                       procedures, develop forms,
     o Power generation units                                                      standard operating
     o Residential areas                                                           procedures, public notices and
 • Prioritize key routes                                                           announcements, develop list
 • Identify temporary debris sites (if necessary)                                  of available contractors and
 • Activate appropriate stand-by contracts                                         sample contracts, award stand-
     o Time and Materials contract used for first 70 hours (must have FEMA
                                                                                   by contracts and select and
          waiver to exceed this amount)
                                                                                   assess debris sites.
     o Maintain close communications
 • Coordinate and track resources
                                                                                   Appendices - Establish
     o Know where your resources are located at all times                          contact lists, pre-selected
     o Prepare to accommodate changing priorities                                  debris sites, capacities of
                                                                                   existing landfills,
                                                                                   requirements, etc.

                                                                                                 August 2002
  Debris Management Plan
Debris Management Interim Plans - Continued
Long-term Activities
• Collection and hauling of various debris types:
   o Transportation
   o Traffic control
   o Construction & demolition
   o Wood debris & yard waste
   o Household waste (damaged personal goods)
   o Hazardous Household Waste
   o Contaminated Waste (bio-hazards, radioactive materials, chemicals, etc.)
                                                                                         Additional Resources
• Storage of the debris
   o Where                                                                                Disaster Plan,
   o Alternate sites                                                                      California Integrated
   o Reducing debris volume                                                               Waste Management
   o Final disposal                                                                       Board (CIWMB)
• Managing appropriate debris contracts                                                   Debris Management
• Debris Monitoring                                                                       Guide, FEMA
   o Enforce curbside debris separation                                                   Debris Removal Flyer
   o Debris site visits                                                                   Private Property
   o Familiarity of contracts                                                             Debris Removal
   o Time and Materials
   o Unit Price
                                                                                              Web Sites
   o Lump Sum
   o Proper load compaction (for trucks)
   o Monitor all contractor operations                                            
   o Illegal dumping                                                               
   o Closing temporary debris management sites                               
• Locating, leasing, opening, operating debris management sites
• Compliance with environmental and historic regulations
• Documentation of all actions, costs, including labor, equipment, materials,
   rental equipment, property leases, inspections, monitoring costs, contracts, etc.

                                                                                                FOR MORE
                                                                                       INFORMATION ON DEBRIS
                                                                                       MANAGEMENT CONTACT:

                                 Remember!!!                                           Northern California
                                                                                       Charles Rabamad
                                                                                       Public Assistance
     Local and state emergency managers are encouraged to develop a Debris             (916) 845-8205
     Management Plan for their communities in anticipation of potential disaster           - or -
     events.                                                                           Melinda Stehr
     The primary purpose of the Plan is to define roles of essential agencies and      Technical Assistance Programs
     personnel necessary to execute debris clearance, removal and disposal             (916) 845-8274
                                                                                       Southern California
     The Plan provides a process to assess the magnitude and type of debris            Moustafa Abou-Taleb
     resulting from an event.                                                          Public Assistance
                                                                                       (626) 683-6747

         Regulations:      44 CFR, Section 206.224
                           Stafford Act, Sections 403 & 407