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    Kuznetsov Denis Alexandrovich
    Moscow, Geroev Panfilovtsev 1/5, apt. 77
    Private cellular: +7-903-761-7445
    Skype: re_action_

    Searching for new opportunities in Web/CAD services development area
    Web related project management

    8+ year experience in WEB/CAD services development

             Support, development and optimization of highloaded websites, with up to 2000 requests per second
             Drupal based web sites and VBulletin based forums for online gaming community with more then 10 000 000
           Game management tools for games with more then 80 000 online players and 200 game masters
           Time management and reporting system (based on Mysql, PHP, own platform) support and development
           Dynamic IP generation system integrated with CAD IP generation flows (based on Mysql, PERL, own platform)
      support and development
           Collaboration website for organization of more than 400 persons with Bug tracking, WIKI engine, discussion
      forums and SCM integration (PostgreSQL, PHP, PERL, GForge platform based) support and development
           Organization internal/external ticketing system (based on Mysql, PHP, own platform) support and development
           Organization wide CMS (Content Management System) creation, rollout and support
           Varity of organization websites (based on PHP, Mysql, own and 3d party platforms) creation, support and
           E-commerce internet solution (base on PHP, Mysql, own platform) creation, support and development
           Large number of technologies/software/languages used, including but not limited to Mysql, PHP, PERL, MySQL,
      PostgreSQL, XML/XSL, etc.

    2+ year experience in WEB/CAD projects management

           Organization representative in Agile/Oracle PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) migration project
           Organization representative in Matrix One PLM integration project
           Organization representative in Remedy CRM system integration project
           Organization product delivery systems integration with Matrix One Design Sync SCM (Source Control
      Management) solution project owner
           Organization CRM and products delivery systems redesign project owner
           Dynamic IP (Intellectual Property, here SRAM/ROM/Flash memory blocks) generation and delivery system
      redesign project owner
           Time, resources and risks planning and management for team of 6+ people
           Full projects lifecycle support (Planning, Execution, Rollout and Closure)

    Employment history
    " Games" (, Russia, Moscow
    (Leading player in online-communication and entertainment spheres including E-Mail, IM and Online Games)

    01/2012 - present time Head of technology team (Marketing Department)

             Organization of technology team from the scratch
             Definition of architecture and technologies used by the team
             Support and development of marketing metrics system
             Support and development of marketing special projects
             Department representative in global organization services development
             Department technical representative for the external partners

    08/2011 - 01/2012

             Definition of used technologies, platforms and solutions
             Department integration with global company services (Authorization, Billing, Metrics, etc.)
             Working with external partners to collect/provide requirements for product integration
             6+ persons team management

    07/2009 - 08/2011 Senior Web Developer

             Support and development of websites of games operated by company, including (but not limited)
             Development of online games management tools (Game master tools)
             Development of metrics collection system
             Integration of game servers and Web services

    "Freescale Semiconductor, Inc." (, Russia, Zelenograd
    (One of the world biggest semiconductor manufacturing companies)

    01/2006 - 07/2009 L&M department web team leader

             Resources, time, risk planning and management for team of 4 people
             Working in close collaboration with customers on requirements and feedback collection
             Organization representative in migration/integration with Oracle, Matrix One and Remedy solutions

    06/2005 - 01/2006 Automation CAD engineer

             Support and development of WEB based solutions for organization of about 400 employees and contractors all
        around the world, including:
    o                  Organization wide product delivery systems: two systems designed to help our internal customers
          search, choose and obtain IP (Intellectual Property) blocks developed by L&M organization
    o                  Time management system: system to automate weekly reports procedure
    o                  Dynamic IP generation foundry: WEB service closely integrated with IP generation flows. System was
          created to automate IP requesting, generation and delivering procedures
    o                  Ticketing systems: CRM system for the internal customers
    o                  Collaboration services: project based collaboration website based on GForge ( site

    JSC "Silicon MDT" ( Russia, Zelenograd
    (Mikromasch, Certe trademarks. Company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing microelectromechanical systems
    and devices.)

    11/2003 - 06/2005 web-developer

             Development and support of the following websites:
             Support of the internal logistic and accounting control system
             Redesign of the corporate CMS (Content Management System)
             Improvement of the SEO (Search Engines Optimization) parameters

    JSC "Avesta +" Russia, Zelenograd
    (BPA, business automation, PC wholesale and retail trade)

    10/2003 - 06/2004 Programmer
             Participation in "In-process measurement of the oil-well building automation system" development (based on MS
        SQL server, MS Visual Basic, MS Access)
             Organization website support and development (based on Mysql, PHP and MS Visual Basic remote client)

    "IFC Gazresurs" Ltd. ( Russia, Moscow
    (General supplier of JSC "Kuzpolymermash".)

    06/2003 - 11/2003 Web-developer

             Support and upgrade of:
             Websites security audit and consulting

    CBOSS association ( Russia, Moscow
    (The largest Russian software developer and a leader of Russian IT for telecom)

    01/2002 - 04/2002 Software testing

             Bulling system web interfaces testing
             Online customer's profiles interface testing
             Online interface for tasks/time management system testing

    Remote education department of MIET (Moscow Institute Of Electronic Technology) Russia, Moscow
    (Remote education automation)

    10/2000 - 03/2001 HTML markup

             HTML Markup
             HTML layout cleanup and improvement

    Technical experience

             Currently used technologies:
    o                  Apache/Nginx as web servers
    o                  MySQL, PostgreSQL as SQL Databases
    o                  Memcache, Redis as No-SQL solutions
    o                  PHP as server site programming language
    o                  Windows 7/Linux Ubuntu as operation systems
    o                  SVN as SCM (Source Control Management) systems
    o                  HTML, CSS, JavaScript as client side markup/programming
    o                  SOAP, HESSIAN as interserver data exchange protocols
             Technologies used at previous work:
    o                  AJAX as technology for creation of dynamic users interface
    o                  Windows 98-Vista, Red Hat Linux (Enterprise), Solaris as operation systems
    o                  CVS, Matrix One Design as SCM (Source Control Management) systems
    o                  XML/XSL as format for temporary data storage and exchange/as XML representation method
    o                  Born shell (sh), TCShell, Windows batch shell as programming languages
    o                  MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access as database engines
    o                  MS Visual Basic, Borland Delphi as programming language

    2007 - Oracle/Agile PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system training
    2007 - Matrix One IPGear PLM system training
    2007 - Remedy RCMS bugs tracking system training
    1999 - 2004 MIET(TU) - Moscow State Institute of Electronic Technology, Technical University (
    Profession: Programmer, Automated systems software (220400)
    Education level: Computer science engineer, Master Degree

Russian - native speaker
English - fluent, work in English speaking company, number of business trips to US including 3 month relocation to Austin,

Other information
Birth date: 28.07.1982
Family status: Married
Open for relocation
Ready for business trips

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